Brothers: Aaron and Paul


My name is Aaron, and I am 21. I’m pretty athletic, about 6′, and am proud I have a pretty large cock. I have to say right off that I am straight. I respect guys that are gay, and that’s OK and all, it just isn’t for me. I’ve had a couple of girlfriends, and am not a virgin or anything. But that said, I guess some sorta strange things have happened between me and my brother Paul, which doesn’t seem strange to me really, it’s just all in fun, but other people would probably say it is strange.

Me and Paul have separate rooms at home but my aunt has this house on the beach that she lets our family use as a vacation spot sometimes. And in that house, there aren’t enough bedrooms so Paul and I share a room, each with our own bed. It’s a lot of fun to spend time down at the beach house, and I like it a lot.

So, three years ago we were down there one summer, and you know as a guy, a teen guy, we jack off. Right? All guys do it, at least all normal guys, it’s perfectly normal and I think even necessary. I think if a guy doesn’t do it, the sperm builds up and drives you crazy. Well, when Paul and I would go to bed in our room at the beach house, sometimes I would jack off, real quietly, in my own bed. I would think of all the bikini babes I saw during the day, and it felt good and I slept a lot better afterwards.

Well, I thought I was being super quiet but Paul sure as hell knew what I was doing. He is a year older than me, and I knew he masturbated too but in the bathroom usually. Anyway, I had done this for several nights when one night I started doing it and I hear Paul roll over in his bed and say, “Aaron, you sure do take a long time to cum.”

I was sort of embarrassed, of course. I thought I was being super quiet, but here he had been listening to me all along. So I say, “Fuck, Paul, I didn’t know you knew I was doing this. And what do you mean?”

Paul sits up in bed and says, “Well, I masturbate all the time and I have control; I can cum super fast if I want, or if I want I let it drag out. All depends on what I feel like. But if I am doing it in bed with my brother right next to me, I sure as hell would do it quick.”

“Yeah, right. I didn’t know I was bothering you, but hell, how fast do you think you can cum?”

Paul says, “If I want to I can usually come in a minute or so.”

“No, you can’t. No one comes that fast,” I just didn’t believe him.

“You don’t believe me? Fine, let me show you.” Paul lowers his underwear which he wears to bed and pulls out his cock. It’s already half hard, and it is as big as mine, which is pretty big. So he starts playing with it.

“Time me,” he says.

“Just show me,” I say.

So Paul starts rubbing himself. He leans back against the wall, spreads his legs really wide and shows his cock and balls to me, and I am thinking, yeah, this guy is pretty well endowed. His cock is rock hard and he starts stroking Giresun Escort it, paying special attention to the head with each stroke.

I watch closely because his technique is a little different than mine. He strokes, but then he spends time just with his fingers on the head of his cock, rubbing fast, with two fingers on that sensitive spot just under the head. He is alternating back and forth, just doing it harder and harder as I watch him.

And sure enough, in just over a minute after he starts, he sorta stops breathing for a moment then lets out a low moan and his cock pulses, jerking up and down as he spurts cum all over his stomach. He produces a huge amount of the white sticky stuff, more than I usually do. I was so impressed, I mean, seeing my brother do it, and so fast, and produce so much. Then I realize that during this whole show, I have been stroking myself slowly.

I blushed, deeply, because I am thinking omg I am getting off on watching my brother jack off in front of me. But then it seemed natural because I had been bating and aroused for a while anyway, before he did it. And he had a good body, a great cock and was good at it. I could appreciates what he had done, you know?

So yeah, I am sorta impressed with him but I think, I am not going to let him get one up on me, no way. So I say, “I can do it that fast. No problem. Just watch me.”

I was cheating a little bit because I had been stroking and was pretty aroused, halfway there, you know? So I lean back and start doing it, and it is really, really weird to have my naked brother sitting across the room watching me but somehow the fact he was made it even more arousing, like it was doing something secret and forbidden. And so I was ready to cum in no time and had this orgasm that was better than I had in ages, and spurted all sorts of stuff over myself.

When I was done, Paul says “Yeah, that’s OK. Can you do it again? Cum twice?”

Now, I had never thought about that. I sort of thought it wasn’t possible. Remember, I was pretty young at this time and wasn’t exactly an expert. But I was still aroused and actually wondered, hey maybe I could.

“I don’t know. I never tried. Do you cum more than once?”

“All the time. It’s harder but it is also better sometimes. Wanna try?”

“Uh, sure,” I am thinking this is really weird, and we are talking in whispers so as not to wake our parents in the next room.

“Want me to show you how I do it?” Paul asks.

“Sure,” I say, thinking he is going to cum again. But he doesn’t. Before I know it he has moved over to my bed and taken hold of my cock and started stroking it. I almost leaped out of my skin, but didn’t, I just sat there and let him touch me.

Paul starts stroking me and he goes down to the base of my cock and gets some of the semen from where I had just ejaculated, and spreads it up over my cock. That Giresun Escort Bayan worked really, really well as a lube and felt really good. Good and weird, because it was my older brother doing my cock, but I had to admit it felt amazing having someone else touch me. It was the first time I had let someone else touch me there except for the doctor once or twice and that one teacher.

So he is stroking me, and the slippery cum all over my cock makes it feel great and I can actually feel it building up again. I close my eyes so I don’t know it is Paul rubbing me, and just concentrate on feeling good. He really knew how to rub me too, and pretty soon I was sort of wriggling my hips and moaning a bit. I sat on my hands because I didn’t know what to do with them. It felt really vulnerable to let him just touch and rub me like that, which was also something that made it really hot.

I didn’t cum nearly as fast. It built up slowly, and at times I thought it wasn’t going to work but the need was in me so strong I wouldn’t give up and suddenly it all hit me at once and I shuddered, cumming and spurting all over Paul’s hand. It was the most amazing orgasm, maybe because it was harder to make happen, or maybe because it was Paul doing it to me, or I don’t know what. But it felt fantastic.

Afterward, I just slumped back exhausted, and was like, wow.

Paul goes back to his bed and we go to sleep after that. I think Paul was sort of stuck up, convinced he was the best at bating and had showed me something like being a big brother and teaching his little bro all about life. I didn’t mind, though I thought he was sort of full of himself.

So a couple of nights later, as we are in bed, I roll over and say to him “Paul, you want me to make you cum tonight, like you did me?”

He rolls over and looks at me, and says, “Sure. If you think you can.”

Challenge accepted… “Sure, I know I can.”

I go over to his bed and pull down his pants. His cock and balls are exposed before me and I take them in hand. The last couple days I had been trying things, checking to see what felt best and making sure I knew what to do so when I got my hands on him I could show him he wasn’t the only one that could ‘bate, you know?

So I take him and spit in my hand to lube a little. He protested at me using spit but I called him a chicken and he shutup, letting me take his cock and slide up and down. It felt so weird to have his cock in my hand, but sort of fun, too. The spit really helped, I think, because I could see him react right away, leaning back and closing his eyes, just as I had the other night.

So I am stroking him and then I reach down and cup his balls in one hand while still doing his cock in the other and I move them around gently while I am massaging the tip of his cock and he is making these noises like he is going to cum soon.

But my spit Escort Giresun was dry really quick, and so I lean down to spit right on his cock, except I just figure, what the hell and open my mouth to let the spit just go all around and lube him good. I wasn’t thinking about blowing him, but when his cock went in my mouth and tongue slid under, he tensed, and then thrust into me sort against his will. He grunted like it felt amazing good.

So his cock sinks down deep inside my mouth. It felt like it was going to go down my throat and choke me but I didn’t want to embarrass myself; I wanted him to think I knew what I was doing. So I held my gag back, and just let his cock slide out and then back in again. And before you know it, I am sucking him off, my hands playing with his balls, and my mouth around his cock.

It didn’t take long. He was rocking and moaning like I had never heard him, and even reach behind my head and grabbed my hair. I just kept my tongue and lips wrapped around him, doing what I knew would feel good. Maybe a minute later his cock pulses and out comes this hot semen, right into my mouth. It was sooo gross! I tried to jerk back and get his cock out of my mouth but he had his hand on my head and was pushing me down on him while he came inside me.

Finally he lets go, and I let his cock fall out of my mouth and I spit this foul tasting slime from my mouth, all over his stomach and cock and balls and legs. I couldn’t wait to get it out.

I guess I did pretty well though, because he was really impressed. He said that felt the best of anything he had ever done, even if it was with his little bro. I was pissed about his cumming inside my mouth, and said, hey, you gotta do me now. I mean, I wanted to get even and dump my load down his throat like he had done to me.

He gets it, that it was only fair, so he sucks me off, playing with my balls just like I did with him, and I see what he means about it being incredible. My legs are spread wide and I’m feeling it build up inside of me, and suddenly it just hits me, this shuddering climax that feels so good, and I start to cum right into his mouth, like he did to me. Except I wasn’t holding his head and he pulls back, and my cock is just hanging out there, flapping and jerking, spurting stuff around on the sheets. I was pissed off, but also impressed cause Paul really knew how give a blow job.

After that time, we would do each other whenever we were alone and felt like it. After a while, Paul got a girlfriend and it wasn’t too long after that I did too, but we never did stop bating each other. We would try different stuff to see what it felt like, and really got to know different ways how to make it feel good in really unusual ways. Paul would say that while he would rather do it with a girl, none of the girls ever really did him as well as I did, which I was sort of proud of.

So, that’s how me and my brother Paul got to where we jerk each other off. It’s not like, we are in love or anything its just we know how better than anything, and we are just more available. It isn’t always easy to get a girl alone and willing to help you cum, you know? So my bro and I still do it.

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