Brotherly Love

Big Tits

I was eighteen years old but still a virgin, waiting for Mr. Right to come along. My brother Billy is two years older than me and engaged to a lovely young girl from a well to do family.

Billy and Sarah were planning to be married in September. Invitations had been sent out to the 250 guests and Sarah had invited me to be in her bridal party.

We were home alone; Mom and Dad had gone to visit old Mrs., Kershaw in the hospital.

I was laying on my bed listening to my Tragically Hip CD wearing only a tee shirt and panties. As my bedroom door was closed I felt safe.

I did not hear the door open over the sound of the music, looking up I suddenly saw my brother standing in the open door looking at me. He has a strange look in his eyes, one I had never seen before.

“What do you want Billy?” I asked extremely conscious I was only partially dressed.

Billy did not answer but walked over the bed staring at my panty-covered bum. I watched in shock as he begins to unfasten his jeans.

“What are you doing?” I asked him nervously.

“I’m going to fuck you.” Billy calmly answered.

“Are you crazy, I am your sister!” I protested.

Billy disregarded what I said and continued to remove his blue jeans. Standing above me in his shorts I could see the tent his erection made in his underwear. Casually he pulled his shorts down allowing his hard cock to spring out.

I was amazed by the size of him. I had given a couple of guys hand jobs but they were only about 6″, my brother’s cock must have been close to 10!

With his cock waving menacingly he bent over me and rolling me onto my back he yanked my panties down my legs uncovering my mousy brown bush of tangled pubic hair.

“Nice.” He said as he forced my legs apart.

“Billy, for God’s sake don’t do this! I am your sister!” I pleaded.

I knew it was useless to beg as he lowered himself between my open legs. Giresun Escort

The pain was sharp when my brother pierced my maidenhead; his cockhead spread my labia and forced its way into my cervix.

“Oh please Billy, it hurts!” I cried out.

He showed me no compassion, his cock sliding into me until he had completely entered my body. I was afraid to move, the pain was so intense.

Having deflowered me he began to fuck. Slowly he withdrew his cock partially only to drive it back into me. My brother was getting the “feel” of my pussy.

“Oh God Michelle, you are so tight!” he moaned as he increased the tempo of his strokes. I found myself automatically producing lubricant for his cock to rape me.

“Don’t do this, it’s wrong!” I uselessly pleaded one more time. I could see by the look on my brother’s face he was determined to plant his seed in me. My body went limp for him to use.

Billy’s cock did not excite me; I felt nothing as he vented his lust using my womb as a receptacle for his sperm. At the moment of ejaculation he clamped his mouth over mine and attempted to force his tongue between my lips. Repulsed I struggled and shook my mouth away from his as I felt myself being inseminated.

“Well Michelle, it looks like you are pregnant!” Doc Ryan proclaimed.

I felt so humiliated lying there with my feet in the stirrups while the doctor announced I was about to be an unmarried mother.

“You should have no problem with the delivery.” Ryan assured me.

What would he say if he knew the child I was carrying was my own brother’s? I could tell no one, my father was in poor health and learning I was about to have an incestuous child might kill him. Our religion ruled out abortion.

“Who is the father?” my mother wanted to know.

“I don’t know Mom, I got drunk at a party and some guy I don’t know took advantage of me.” I lied.

My Giresun Escort Bayan family and friends ostracized me. Nobody wanted anything to do with the drunken slut who got herself knocked up. Of course I was eliminated from Sarah’s bridesmaids. She couldn’t have me going down the aisle with a swollen belly.

I didn’t want to give Billy the satisfaction of knowing it was his baby I was carrying but by the smile on his face I knew he knew. Of all my family a friends he was the only one left I could turn to.

We were alone in my room. “I guess that’s my bun in your oven?” Billy smirked.

“Well you have really fucked up my life!” I told him.

“We might as well make the best of it.” Billy agreed.

“What do you mean?” I asked not imagining what he was about to suggest.

“Since you are pregnant we might as well keep on fucking!” he proposed.

I was horrified at his suggestion, “What about Sarah?”

“She doesn’t need to know it will be our secret.” He offered.

I was about to tell him where to go but then I thought about his proposal.

I could hold my grudge with Billy and have no friends or I could form an alliance with him. He had already taken my virginity and impregnated me, what more could he do?

“Will you and Sarah adopt our baby?” I asked him.

“What?” he asked puzzled.

“You and Sarah adopt the baby when it is born, that’s the deal!” I demanded.

“OK.” He begrudgingly agreed.

This time it was me who was going to be in control. “Get undressed.” I ordered as I started removing my jeans and shirt.

I was damned to hell. Here I was willingly entering an incestuous relationship with my own brother. Why had God made me attractive to my brother and put his baby inside of me? What was to be was to be.

I stood temptingly before my brother in panties and bra. I knew he still lusted for me even Escort Giresun though he had already impregnated me; he liked fucking my tight pussy. I unfasten my bra and removed it and then slid my panties down over my hips revealing my completely naked body to him.

“Let’s do it so we both enjoy it this time.” I cautioned him.

He mounted and entered me much more tenderly this time. With my legs wide open and my maidenhead already breached his cock slid into me smoothly and without too much discomfort. I locked my legs around him.

“Welcome home brother!” I greeted him staring into his eyes.

I could see in his eyes that I took him to a place where Sarah was unable to take him, with his cock buried in his sister he was in that forbidden land where “nice people” did not trespass. My pelvic muscles contracted on Billy’s cock.

“Oh God Sis, you feel so good!” he moaned.

“I know.” I replied as I begin to gyrate my pussy grinding his meat in me.

“Oooooooooooohh!” he groaned.

This time we both fucked with passion, fueling each other’s sensations. My pussy skillfully stimulated my brother’s cock in me while his strokes were leading me to a well-deserved orgasm.

“Fuck me Billy, make me come!” I pleaded as I felt him unlocking my climax.

His long, powerful plunges were bringing me to the edge. “Oh yes, yes, that is what I want!” I moaned as he took control of my orgasm.

I had had orgasms before of course, induced by masturbation, but nothing like what was to crash through my body. My body begins to tremble uncontrollably as the rapture welled-up around my brother’s cock. Things happened so quickly and wonderfully all I could do was grip my brother’s arms and be taken to a place where the sky was a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors and my head spun as if I were in some giant centrifuge. “Oh my God!” I squealed as I took another load of my brother’s sperm in me.

We continued fucking regularly even after Billy’s wedding right up until it was time for me to deliver, I went to the hospital with my brother’s cum in me.

True to our arrangement Billy and Sarah adopted my son. Everyone remarks on how much little Brad resembles his “uncle”.

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