Broken Kingdom


Chapter 01: Temptation

“Whaaaat?” Thane groaned as he got up to check his phone. It was bombarded with texts, a rarity in itself. He just unlocked the phone to check his messages when a smiley face covered the entire screen. The pixelated face, accompanied by a mild scream, ripped the sleep from his eyes. “The fuck?”

The screen was littered with texts from his childhood friend Jacob, mostly about his conquests while his parents were out of town. It had been ages since Thane last saw him, a permanent home usually doesn’t go hand in hand with traveling jobs. It was the one thing that they shared, constant travel since birth coupled with the ever changing school districts left no room for friends. The few months that they had together was the only thing that kept Thane, possibly even Jacob, sane. Even though they lived miles apart, they kept in communication. It was the only other absolute truth in Thane life, death and fact that Jacob was the one true friend he had.

Good for you J, good for you, he thought as replied quickly with several texts of his own, most asking for pictures.

Thane scratched his stomach as another yawn came out. Ever since he had the house to himself, he was able to be truly free. No longer did he need to succumb to society’s ideals about wearing clothes to bed, he was the man of the house and he was the one that set the rules. Although it did make it hard to distinguish the clean clothes from the dirty ones. Barely missing the corner of the bed, Thane bent down to pick up a wrinkled up t-shirt off the ground. As soon as he brought it to his nose, dust from the carpet invaded his nostrils and brought upon the sneezing epidemic. The corner that was avoided seconds before had an intimate moment with Thane’s left toe.

“Fuck!” The jolt of pain stole the last remaining remnants of sleep he had left. He grabbed the stained t-shirt and walked his way to the bathroom. After a quick brush and a half-hearted face wash he saw that his eyes changed color slightly, again. “What’s up you?” Thane spoke to himself, occasionally questioning as well, as he inspected his eyes from every angle.

In the recent past, the exact date a blur, his eyes changed color overnight. One day he was an average run of the mill brown adolescent with equally brown eyes and the next he was a green-eyed specimen that stayed in the sun too long. Day by day the color grew lighter but surprisingly there was no pain. Being a descendent of a long line of people who only went to the doctor in case of emergencies, Thane didn’t deem it necessary to get it checked out. From his point of view, if it didn’t hurt it mean anything and it did make his eyes that much more pleasing to look at.

“Were they brown?” Thane had a habit of questioning himself out loud when alone, sometimes to the point of quick starting an anxiety attack. The self-interrogation only increased in frequency as his memory slowly acting in his favor. He found that he was forgetting things more and more, sometimes having lapses in memories. Some memories were just blank while others were so blurry and faded that it barely passed the requirements to be considered a memory.

The only thing that Thane knew for certain was that the color of his eyes had been getting lighter but that was it, the memory of their original color was getting harder and harder to pull up. As he sank further and further into deep thought, he saw two other toothbrushes, severely dried and unused for months. It took a few moments of careful inspection before he realized that they belonged to his parents. Unfortunately that memory was a double-edged sword, although it gave him the information he wanted it also brought back several memories that were buried deep within the unconscious.

The car crash, the frantic hospital visit, the cold bodies lying on even colder steel tables. Everything came rushing back, they carried such a force that the mind’s defenses were nothing but child’s play for them. There was nothing to do but ride the wave of emotion out.

Throw em out already, they ain’t coming back. Thane shook his head of the memory and left the room, rather quickly. It had been a little over four months since his parents tragically passed but he still was experiencing the residual trauma from the event. Self-medicating only helped so much, after a drunken incident involving several painkillers and a trip to the emergency room he thought otherwise.

Going to his private medical store, a kitchen drawer in this case, he downed two aspirins and a Prozac just in case. Even though sleep had bid him adieu, his eyes were still tired from the mere three hours of sleep. He still saw flashes of his parents when he closed his eyes, sometimes smiling and sometimes motionless in the dark room where he had to identify their bodies. Until his medication was refilled he had to get used to seeing dead people every time he saw a dark spot.

Why’s that wall blue? A quick flip of the light switch revealed the true color of the Giresun Escort kitchen walls, they were in fact blue. The only problem was that this was a surprise to Thane, despite living in the same house for more than two years he couldn’t remember the color of his own kitchen, the room where he spent most his time. I gotta chill with the Xanax. Taking his dad’s Xanax was a stupid idea, at least now that he was facing the side effects it was.

Clothes littered the entire house, the hallways and even the doors. Photo frames hung on the walls, each a different size but all sharing one commonality, no pictures. Thankfully he remembered taking down all the pictures a few days after the accident, staring at photos of dead people wasn’t exactly helping his recovery. What he did with the photos however was a blur, the memory cut off right after he gathered all the photos in a neat pile.

Shit, oh fuck no. Can’t be losing my mind now, come on. Thoughts of Alzheimer’s flooded his mind as he sat on the living room sofa, at least what was left of it. Emotional pain can sometimes bring out physical results, the torn up sofa was proof. The only piece remaining was the loveseat, the beige leather faded years ago but his dad just wouldn’t put the sofa to rest. He had a personal attachment that nobody in the family could understand.

As he lay brooding about the possible medical conditions he may have, his eyes glanced at the mirror on the other side of the room. Fuck my life, tall, fit and decent skin but shit memory. Great combination right there.

“Yea?” The phone call broke Thane out of his despair.

Luke, Thane’s uncle, was on the other end of the phone calling about the rent again. Stealing half the life insurance money apparently wasn’t enough, he had to keep bleeding his nephew as well.

“I got it, you’ll get the money by tonight tomorrow latest.” Thane rubbed his eyes as they begged for sleep. A grain of sand stuck within the corner of his right eye refused to vacate the premises while his uncle hollered at him on the other end. “Yea my bad, I forgot. You got it by tomorrow.”

The house was tied to every single memory of his parents but since the brother’s bought the house together, the survivor took all. With Luke hell bent on selling and Thane stubbornly resisting, the two came to a conclusion. Thane would pay rent at the end of every month, rent that Luke would decide. Luke kept reminding Thane of his circumstances and that late payments could end up getting the house sold, after all it was prime real estate.

“HOLY FUCK, I TOLD YOU I’LL FUCKING TAKE CARE OF IT!” He didn’t need to hear anymore, Anxiety was at its peak already, there was no need to risk an attack.

Thane hung up the phone before even listening to his uncle’s response, he walked over to the makeshift medicine drawer inside his kitchen and took an aspirin, followed by two more just in case. Fuck.

Even though he swore that he would stop medicating just yesterday, he was at it again. To make matters worse, the fridge was barren. A third world country would probably have more food than that fridge, there was nothing but a quart of spoiled milk and a slice of moldy bread. Yea, it keeps getting better.

He was well beyond his limit as it took everything just to keep the anger silenced. He wore nothing but faded black shorts and a wrinkled up t-shirt that had been worn one too many times. He put on some slippers to complete the outfit and walked to the nearest supermarket, dragging his feet every step of the way.

Things were just about looking up when he encountered a near empty store since he couldn’t handle loud noises. The only thing that hurt more than the flashbacks and nightmares were the headaches. Once they came around, blowing one’s head off with a sawed off didn’t seem so crazy. Not wanting to waste his luck, Thane walked directly to the canned food aisle and picked up some heat-n-serve chicken soup followed up a handful of chips. As he grabbed his favorite sour cream and onion brand he felt a sting in his finger, enough for him to curse, loudly. Within seconds he was under everyone’s radar as all the customers in the isle gave him stares of disappointment. He quickly had the spotlight as customers of all ages, children all the way up to retirees, gawked at him like he was on display.

Fucking great. Thane quickly grabbed the chips and a few bottles of ginger ale before heading to the checkout line. He still felt the stares but tried his best to compose himself. The only way to get out of an embarrassing situation, which he knew of, was to stop reacting. The less one reacted the less people cared. The theory proved true as the viewers quickly shifted their attention to another entertainer, once he was clear of the unwanted stares, Thane drew a breath of relief.

The only thing going on in his mind was getting home as quickly as he could and silence his sorrows with food, loads of food. It was then the age old saying that the more Giresun Escort Bayan one hurries the slower he becomes came to life. There only one register open and that too helmed by a woman whose hands shook more than a vibrator. There were eight other people in front of him who all had shopping carts loaded. They all exchanged sighs and hisses as well as the occasional under the breath curse. Nobody wanted to bad mouth a senior citizen, not for working at least but they couldn’t keep quiet either.

Thane could tell the man getting helped at the moment was in a hurry, his foot was tapping the floor almost as if it was trying to break through. It was obvious he had plenty of words to share with the woman but out of respect of her old age he kept quiet. If not her someone in the near future was about to get a lecture. As she scanned the final item that totaled a little over 90 bucks he quickly gave her a hundred dollar bill and told her to keep the change. It just wasn’t worth the trouble to wait for nine dollars and some change. The man grabbed the cart and ran out before she even had a chance to respond, an act that led almost the entire line to praise and bless the stranger.

The next customer however was unique, a fishnet shirt with a pink bra and black leggings were sort of uncommon at a supermarket, let alone a Monday. The day, or the place for the matter, didn’t make a difference to his dick as it was ready and willing to report for duty in a matter of seconds. The woman didn’t have a care in the world as majority of the men gawked at her, even the ones that were with their wives. She seemed to love the attention it seemed as Thane picked up of a few half-hearted smiles that were quickly shot down as if to hide the fact she was happy about it.

The tits on her was big, bigger than Thane had ever seen in real life. Never getting past the kissing phase with his girlfriend, very short term girlfriend, hindered him from even knowing a woman’s body. Everything he knew was learned from watching porn, countless hours of it in fact. The more he gawked at her the harder his dick became, after a few moments all the blood was rushing down there as it became the body’s primary concern. His heart raced while his dick throbbed. Thane didn’t even know what his mind was saying as it was silenced by his ever increasing lust.

Fuck if only she would look this way. Can’t fap if you don’t show me the face. The gods must have been on his side since she looked directly at him as soon as he completed his thought. The face matched the body perfectly, she was a goddess, an extremely sexy goddess. A sane mind would wonder about the chances of her looking at one’s direction out of nowhere but, Thane’s was far from sane, light years away from it one could say. All he could think about was bending her over the counter and fucking her, he didn’t care if others saw.

“I’m so glad I ran out of groceries today.” a voice behind Thane whispered.

Without taking his eyes off her tits he whispered back to the stranger, “Same.” Thane was glad, it was the most memorable day he had in the recent past. All he could think about was doing lewd things with the woman alas, it was only imagination. He knew he couldn’t have her so he did what any normal male would do, throw her in the spank bank. He would have a field day once he got home, all he needed was imagination and his hand. Fuck if only she looked one more time, he thought, almost as a request to the forces of the universe. Once again the woman looked in his direction for a few seconds and went back to waiting to get checked out.

Thane wasn’t that consumed in lust to not notice the occurrence. He was knowledgeable enough to know that nobody was that lucky. There was no way an event that one thought of would occur twice in a row, the chances of that happening was next to impossible. Since he was still mostly consumed by lust, his ego stepped in and reasoned that she may have an interest in him. He was just about ready to act on his impulses and approach the woman when a surge of pain shot through the lower part of his brain. Soon his entire head was filled with a familiar pain. Shit not now.

Thane searched within his pocket for some pain killers he stashed for emergencies only to find lint. Fuck, whatever just ride it out. The headaches were all too common as he frequently found himself in positions that required him to wait for the medication. He sighed deeply and tried to ease his mind into a meditative state, he could never accomplish this but it’s the effort that counts. Thane began to scrunch his eyebrows together as the pain began to escalate, something that never happened before.

Within seconds the pain doubled. Fuck! It was like a battlefield in his brain. No other method came to mind besides deep breathing but even that didn’t work. Thane started to catch the attention of more than a few customers and he saw the stares. He once again had the spotlight but this time he felt looks of concern. Escort Giresun It was either wait for the pain to completely consume him or rush home to down the bottle of painkillers. Going with the practical choice he dashed out the store.

Just as he ran out the parking lot, he was met by a sedan going 30 miles an hour. The vehicle managed to swerve out the way but still managed to clip him with the side mirror. In an adrenaline filled dazed, Thane barely felt the impact, let alone the bruise. The elbow wasted no time to turn purple, engulfing half the outer forearm with it. The only thing on thane’s mind was getting rid of the ever increasing headache. As he neared the sidewalk he felt a tingling sensation around the edges of his eyes, quickly followed by deteriorated vision.

With his vision blurred, Thane doubled his efforts to reach his house. All he could think about was not wanting to die, that and the blood seeping onto his shirt. He didn’t know where the blood was coming from as most of his senses were shutting down, all he knew was that the stream was getting bigger by the second. With the little energy left in his system, Thane put his legs in full gear and sprinted to his house, which thankfully was very near.

As he got to the porch he fiddled with the key, his vision was about a fraction of what it was originally. It was like putting string through the hole of a needle as his hands refused to listen to the orders they were sent. Soon Thane lost all control of them, effectively dropping the keys onto the floor. He soon followed as his vision turned black.

“Mhmm.” Thane groaned as he got up from his bed. He scratched his head trying to remember what happened and soon he got his wish. Everything came flooding back, everything up to the bloody shirt. “Fuck!”

Thane jumped out of bed looking to see where he was. It didn’t take long for him to realize it was his own room. A quick look down showed that he wasn’t in old clothes however, he was in white heart shaped boxers. Still scratching his head, Thane wandered out of the room to find his bloody shirt in the laundry basket. Not just his shirt but every piece of dirty laundry he had accumulated in his room. To make matters worse the washing machine already had a load inside.

The fall must’ve been hard since Thane still was having trouble piecing everything together. A quick walk to the kitchen however changed the need to. What stood in front of him was the goddess, the same sultry woman from the supermarket. She was making pancakes while he just stared at the sight. Thane knew he was surely dreaming. He had to be since there was no other way the succubus, who could have any man she wanted for the matter, followed him home and made him breakfast. That was ignoring the fact that he must’ve cleaned and washed his clothes. There was no way Thane, a virgin, was so good in bed that she decided to move in.

The dream theory was the only one that made sense but it had more holes than the Titanic. Having exhausted all other options, he decided to use primitive means of investigation, simply asking. “Hey uhh what happened last night, or today or whenever?”

The woman paid no attention, she didn’t even bother to look in his direction while he asked. She remained focus on cooking the pancakes, a response that rubbed him the wrong way. He still kept calm however, there was no reason to blow a fuse without knowing all the facts. He coughed purposely to gain her attention but yet again it yielded no results.

“Hey can you fill me on the details? Kinda lost here.” He began to tap his foot as frustration was talking hold. After a few more unanswered questions, Thane had enough. No matter how hot she was, she couldn’t treat him like this, not in his own house.

“Stop fucking cooking!” he ordered. Instantly the woman stopped what she was doing and faced him. The woman bore the same eyes as Thane, except they had no depth, emerald green with nothing inside. It was something out of a science fiction movie, like a doll of sorts.

“Now, what happened?” Just like before there was no response, she just stared at him. His patience was running low, drastically low. “Oh my god, enough with the fucking games. Just tell me what the fuck happened.” There was a sense of assertiveness to his voice, causing her to finally respond. He couldn’t believe what he heard however, it had to be a prank. The woman apparently followed him home, cleaned and treated him before washing his clothes and tidying up the house.

After she was done spouting the events that took place after he fainted, she remained still as if waiting for another order. It didn’t take long for Thane to realize that she responded to orders, whatever happened to her caused her to only respond to orders. “Go back to what you were doing.” He commanded and she obeyed.

While she resumed cooking, he tried to recollect the events for himself. Her testimony helped to jump started his mind and get the memories back, they all seemed normal with the exclusion of one. Just before the headache, Thane remembered the woman looking at him. As her eyes met his, there was a spark, although dull it was there. Her eyes flashed and took on the emerald color, just before the headache started. No, fuck that, fuck that shit.

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