British Becci #6

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British Becci #6I’d been having vivid and wild sexy dreams all night. All of them were about me being forcefully fucked against my will by a stranger. When I say against my will, it was, but only up to a point. After that point was reached it was me who wanted the pleasure of being forcefully fucked and I didn’t care what stranger did it to me as long as he put his cock in my box and left his cum deep inside.I was slowly but surely becoming a ‘cum slut’.There was a tap on my bedroom door which hauled me up from my slumbers. I shouted a sleepy “Come in” and watched David, my brother, enter my bedroom. He was carrying a large mug of tea. He put it down on the bedside table and sat on the edge of the bed. I had to shift my position in my bed to give him room to sit down. ” I thought after last night you might need a little pampering today, Sis. Hence the mug of tea.”My mind raced back to last night and as my mind cleared and the fog lifted, I remembered most of what had happened in detail. “I was fucked by a total stranger,” I said, “and you watched him fuck me.””That was after I’d fucked you. He’d been playing with your tits for quite some time while I was fucking you. I know you had your eyes closed but I thought you knew it was a stranger playing with you and that’s why you had such a heavy orgasm. Seeing him playing with your tits while I was fucking your pussy made me cum mega! After I had shot my load into you, he pushed me out of the way and took my place and fucked you. You were like a wild a****l as he fucked you. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it? “” I don’t know what to think,” I said. “I don’t know if it was his skill at fucking that made me cum so many times or the fact that I was being forcefully fucked by a stranger. Whichever it was, I must have climaxed five or six times. Each one different. Each one better than the last. Each one more satisfying.”I lifted myself onto one elbow and reached for my mug of tea. The duvet slipped down and exposed my tits as I stretched. I didn’t care. After what I had done over the last few days showing my tits to my brother seemed a triviality. David eyed my size 32B tits with admiration. This would have been the fourth or fifth time he had seen them in the last few days. I saw his hand go down to his crotch where he pulled on his jeans, probably to make himself more comfortable and give his swelling cock more room to expand. I sipped my tea.My reminiscence of last night had made my nipples swell and protrude and my areola had darkened slightly. It was a sexy scene for David to enjoy! His eyes were enjoying the treat my breast offered and that was obviously making his cock come to life.”Have you got anything planned for today?” I asked David.”Not really,” he replied. After yesterday afternoon and evening I think anything we do today will be a bit of a letdown.” He was, of course, referring to our afternoon with Sharon and then the evening at Sunset Point. “Have you got anything planned?” he asked.”Not really, ” I replied. I think I will have a long soak in the bath and then take the rest of the day as it comes.” I finished my tea and handed David my empty mug. David rose from the bed and headed for the door. As he opened the door I added, “I might go dogging, of course.”David stopped dead in his tracks. He turned and looked at me. His eyes wandered up and down my body before asking, “Really?””Who knows,” I said with a little teasing laugh.”Well, if you do decide to go dogging don’t go alone. Take me with you as a chaperone and guardian angel,” David said. “And who knows, I might find a girl to fuck while I’m there.”David left my bedroom and went downstairs carrying the empty mug. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I ran the bath and poured half a bottle of bubble bath into the water. This was going to be luxury! I tested the temperature of the water with my toes and when I found it was just right, I emerged my entire body into the foam and water. I slid down the bath and let the warm water lap over my entire body. Only my head and neck were above water. I closed my eyes and relaxed.My mind started to wander back to last night again and the fuck I’d had with the stranger. The more I thought of being fucked by a stranger the more I liked the idea and the more worked up I was becoming. After all, a stranger made me orgasm several times during a single fuck. I wondered what would happen if I was fucked by more than one stranger – one after another after another. How many orgasms would I have then?The more I thought of it the harder my nipples became and the more excited I became. My right hand moved down my body to my pussy and my finger started to caress my lips. My other hand found my breast and started to play with my tits. My right hand explored my labia and vulva until it found my magic button which was already dilated and eager for some attention. My fingers rubbed my clitoris in small circular movements. Despite being in the warm water I could feel my pussy making and releasing love juices in anticipation of pleasures to come.I continued to think of a stranger fucking me whilst I rubbed my clitoris and played with my nipples and areola. My passion was rising and, in my mind, I saw several strangers standing close by, watching me being fucked. They were all masturbating, but some were reaching their climax more quickly than others, and they ejaculated their semen from deep within their balls into an open void. In my mind I saw the creamy thick liquid squirt from their cocks and go to waste as it hit the floor. My tongue was licking my lips as every shower of cum hit the floor.My climax started to rip through my body as my imaginary stranger dumped his cum inside me. In my sexual fantasy another stranger took his place, inserted his cock deep into my cunt and started fucking me.I was thrashing about in the water as one climax was superseded by another. I was breathing hard and my heart was thumping in my chest. As my final climax started to subside, I let out an involuntary moan from my throat. My body relaxed and I once again settled down into the bath water, contented and happy. I was savoring my post-orgasm glow with a wry smile on my face.Eventually I managed to compose myself enough to get out of the bath and dry myself with the towel. I left the bathroom to head for my bedroom rubbing my hair with the towel. It was a beautiful day outside again – we were experiencing a prolonged period of dry, warm weather. As I approached my bedroom window to look at the world outside I was still drying my hair, rubbing it with the towel.As I looked out a movement caught my eye and as I turned to have a better look I saw Mr. Johnson, our next door neighbor, looking up at my window. Apart from the towel in my hand I was still completely naked. Mr. Johnson had seen me topless before so I thought I would give him another thrill. I dropped the towel on the floor, picked up a hairbrush, and started to brush my hair whilst looking directly at Mr. Johnson. I was making sure he was having a good view of my breasts. Just to make sure he could see me I waved to him and blew a kiss back. Mr. Johnson turned away, looked at his house for a few seconds before turning back to return the wave. So, I was right, he can easily see me! I carried on brushing my hair staring at Mr. Johnson and watching him continually looking around at his house to ensure his wife wasn’t watching before turning back to look at me.I decided to up the ante a little, so I put the hairbrush down and placed my hands, one on each breast. I started to massage them while my tongue started wetting my lips. I let my nipples show between my fingers as I massaged my tits for the benefit of Mr. Johnson. My mouth partly open, my tongue darting along my lips. It was a free show for Mr. Johnson. I hope he appreciated it!Mr. Johnson continued to watch me and his looking back at his house became less and less frequent. I think that was his downfall. He didn’t see Mrs. Johnson coming down the garden with a drink of orange squash for him. By the time Mr. Johnson was aware of her presence it was too late. She had seen me performing my little routine for her husband and Mr. Johnson was in for a verbal battering – probably for years to come! My treat for Mr. Johnson had come to an abrupt and sudden end.I dressed in panties, white skimpy shorts and a bikini top. Sandals completed my outfit.I went downstairs and found David in the kitchen reading the morning newspaper and sipping on a large mug of coffee. I pulled up a seat at the table and told him, in great detail, about Mr. Johnson and how Mrs. Johnson had admonishing him all the way back to the house.David found it rather amusing that a ‘seventy something’ year old should be having a scolding for something a 21 year old had done to him and in which he had no control. “Did it give you any gratification or satisfaction?” he asked looking me in the eyes.”It was fun, ” I replied, “but I do confess, I did feel sorry for him when his wife caught him.””Were you fingering yourself at the time?” David asked.”No. I was actually drying my hair, but I did think, as Mr. Johnson watching me was turning tokat escort me on, that I might have a little play later.”With that David rose from the table and came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulder. He bent down a little and whispered in my ear, “I bet you’re ready now though.” I felt his hot breath on my neck as his hands slowly moved from my shoulders and cupped my breasts, squeezing them gently. He kissed the bone of my clavicle, he kisses the hollow beneath the bone, the first swell of my chest. I moaned with pleasure.David was right. I was beginning to feel like some sex right there and then. Despite already having masturbated earlier in the bathtub I was ready for another sex session.As I thought about it, it came to mind that again it might have been because Mr. Johnson was a relative stranger that made me feel so sexy. Was it the ‘stranger’ part that excited me or was it that I was becoming a sex freak?David’s hands continued to play with my breasts making my nipples grow and my pussy to dampen. He suddenly stopped caressing my breasts and with a very slow and teasing movement pulled both ties of my bikini top until the piece of thin material fell away releasing my breasts. His hands resumed their position on my breasts teasing and flirting with my stiffened nipples making my pussy even wetter and my throat to release another involuntary moan of pleasure. He continued kissing and gently nibbling my neck. “Stand up for me, Sis,” he whispered in my right ear. “I want you over the kitchen table.”As if I was a robot I did as I was asked and stood for him. As I tried to turn to face him, he held me tight around the waist preventing me from turning. His right hand went around my waist to the top button of my shorts which he unfastened one handed, with skill and dexterity. He then moved down to the next button and the next and finally the last one. He undid them all with the same confidence and speed that he had undone the first. He was obviously quite adept at unbuttoning female buttons!He pushed my shorts down and his hand went under my panties and onto my lower tummy close to my vulva. He was still kissing my neck and running his tongue up to my ear. His hot breath and his tongue licking my earlobe was euphoric. The heat within me was rising and I reached behind me and felt his cock trying to push their way out of his shorts. I placed my hand over his cock and rubbed it gently up and down. At I did this he started to push his body into mine and I could clearly feel the outline of his cock pressing into my bum. I could easily tell that he was not wearing any underpants.I was fumbling to undo his fly buttons so that I could get to his cock. Zip flies are so much easier and quicker! David came to my rescue. With just one hand he undid them, and his shorts dropped to the floor where he kicked them away. His cock was now free of all constraints and I pushed my bottom back towards it, wanting to feel its hardness and heat against my bum. I went to remove my panties but when David realized what I was trying to do he put his hand on my hand and simply said, “No, Sis.” With that, he pushed my head and chest down onto the kitchen table, opened my legs a little wider by pushing them apart with his foot, took his cock and inserted it between my pants leg and my bum.He started moving back and forth. He was fucking my panties and he was enjoying it. His moans and breathing were getting louder and his cock was leaving pre cum trails as it passed over the skin of my bottom.It was a surreal feeling. Here I was offering my pussy to my brother to fuck and all he wanted to do was fuck my panties – while I was wearing them! His panting was becoming more strained with each thrust forward. His fucking motion was making my pussy wet. I tried, but failed, to get my hand inside the front of my panties to rub myself. It was then that I noticed a movement at the window.Unable to move due to David’s weight on my body I tried to tell David that we were being watched. But that was useless – he was too occupied fucking my panties and his moans just drowned out my voice. I stared at the window waiting to see if I could see more movement and more importantly who it was watching us.It was then that I felt David’s body stiffen. His thrusting got wilder and I knew he was about to shoot his load of cum into my panties. As he let out a loud moan from his throat, I felt his cum splashing and squirting onto my panty covered bottom. Spurt after spurt of warm cum bathed my bottom and David’s cock was spreading the cum all over!As David was enjoying his minute of pleasure, my eyes were transfixed on the window, and that was when I recognized the face that had been watching us. It was Mr. Johnson, our 70-year-old next door neighbor! He had been watching all the time!I was still bent, face down, on the table as David’s cock began to lose its strength and size. Fucking my panties while I wore them must have been another one of his fetishes. My panties and bum were soaking with David’s cum as he withdrew his cock.”We were being watched,” I said quietly to David.”Yes I know,” he replied. “The old man from next door has been watching us from the outset. I found it very stimulating to have someone else look at your body while I was fucking you.””More like fucking my panties,” I retorted, as I stood up straight and looked directly at Mr. Johnson through the window. Mr. Johnson returned the stare as he ogled my body, especially my tits.”Yea, OK,” David replied laughing as he looked around the floor for his shorts.I decided to let Mr. Johnson have a good look at my body while I took my wet and cum filled panties off. I ripped a few sheets of kitchen towel off the roll and wiped my bum of cum before throwing the tissue away in the waste bin.David was now dressed in his shorts. I was completely naked. What David did next came as a shock for me and Mr. Johnson. He opened the back door and shouted for Mr. Johnson to come in for a cup of coffee. The invitation came like a bolt from the blue. It was the last thing I expected David to do!I heard Mr. Johnson give a little cough and I watched as he passed the window and approach the back door. “Come in,” invited David. “I’m sure my little sister will make you a cup of coffee. Would you like that Mr. Johnson?” he asked as Mr. Johnson’s foot crossed the threshold.”Yes, thank you,” Mr. Johnson replied, removing his flat cap as he entered the kitchen. As he saw me standing there, as naked as the day I was born, he touched his forelock like an old-fashioned mark of respect, that could have been a scene from a Jane Austin book.Mr. Johnson was looking at my body. His eyes covered every square inch of it. He’d seen my tits before from my bedroom window but now he was having a close look at my tits and his first look at my pussy. Strangely enough I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. I was enjoying the staring eyes of my old neighbor.”Would you like some milk and sugar with your coffee?” I asked as I walked towards the coffee percolator.”I … I … I … don’t want to be any trouble Miss Becci,” he stuttered, not removing his eyes from my body.”It’s no trouble at all,” David said. “Is it Sis?””No, of course not Mr. Johnson,” I replied.”Just some milk then please, Miss Becci,” Mr. Johnson replied.I smiled at him calling me Miss Becci. It reminded me of a love story that Barbara Cartland would write, where the hero was always tall, dark and handsome and the heroine was always a poor girl who had suffered in life from birth until the hero of the story arrived on the scene. I wondered if Mr. Johnson was regarding himself the hero! My knight in shining armor, rescuing me from the evil clutches of my brother!”I have a few things to do, so I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Becci, ” David said as he went to leave the kitchen and go upstairs, “and believe me, Mr. Johnson, she has very capable hands,” he added with a laugh. As he went through the door David glanced at me and gave me a wink.I handed Mr. Johnson his mug of coffee. He was still staring at my body, as if he had never seen a naked woman before. Who knows? Perhaps he hasn’t, I thought to myself.”Do you like what you see, Mr. Johnson?” I asked.”Oh! goodness yes, Miss Becci!” he stuttered quietly, looking guilty. “I think you are the most beautiful lady I have ever seen.””How many women have you seen naked, that you could class as beautiful?” I asked.”You are the only one, Miss Becci.””Just Becci will do,” I replied. “There’s no need to call me Miss Becci.””OK, Miss Becci,” he replied.I smiled when he called me Miss Becci again, which in turn made Mr. Johnson smile. His eyes were still transfixed on my naked body. I gazed at him and notice that for a ‘seventy something’ man he still had a good mop of hair and his eyes were crystal clear and not cloudy or dulled by age. He was a slender man and he stood upright.”What about Mrs. Johnson? Surely you’ve seen her naked?” I asked.”Goodness gracious, no!” he replied. “She always turns the light off when she goes to bed.””What about when you make love? Surely you must see her trabzon escort naked then?””No miss! She wouldn’t allow it. We always made love in the dark and we only ever did it in the one position – that was me on top of her, missionary style.” He sighed a little and then added in a rather quieter voice, “And that only happened on high days and holidays.”I wondered what Mr. Johnson must have made of what he had just witnessed. Me, naked and bent double over the kitchen table and David fucking my panties!I started to feel sorry for the old man standing in front of me. He had probably had fifty years of marriage and had never seen his wife naked. He had probably only fucked her three or four times a year for half a century! What a waste of a life, I thought to myself.Mr. Johnson had, by now, finished his coffee and he put his mug down on the table gently. “Thank you, Miss Becci. The coffee was very nice. Most appreciated. I shall now go back to my gardening. Thank you for everything.”As he turned to go, I called to him, “Mr. Johnson. Would you like a feel of my tits before you go?””No thank you,” he replied without even turning around. “You see, Miss Becci, once I feel them then I will never have the pleasure again of dreaming about how they feel – I will know how they feel. I would prefer to have dream after dream about you and, of course, the occasional glimpse through your bedroom window.”With that, Mr. Johnson left the house leaving me feeling rather sad and despondent thinking about what he had told me. Mr. Johnson had touched a part of my heart that I didn’t know existed. I ran upstairs to my bedroom, threw myself on my bed and had a little cry. This world can be so cruel sometimes.After I had dried the tears away from my eyes, I looked out of my bedroom window and watched as Mr. Johnson weeded his vegetable garden. He looked happy enough as he bent down and plucked the weeds from around his crop of lettuce plants. His eyes were concentrating on the next offending weed until for some unknown reason he glanced in my direction. His eyes sparkled as he saw me standing at the window. He gave a quick glance towards his house before returning his gaze to me. He lifted his hand and gave me a quick wave. His face broke out into a sunshiny smile that brought a smile to my lips. I returned the wave which he welcomed with a grin before returning his concentration and his eyes to his gardening.I decided to go to the beach for a walk and a sunbathe so hunted through my drawers for a bikini, a white crochet trim tassel hem dress that I bought last year but hadn’t had the weather to wear, and my sandals. I perched my designer sunglasses on my head. I threw, into a shoulder bag, a beach towel, a bottle of suntan lotion and a bottle of mineral water. Within ten minutes of deciding to go to the beach I had said goodbye to David and was driving the short distance to the local stretch of sand.I found a parking space easily. For such a nice day there were few cars in the car park so the beach and sand dunes would be relatively deserted. To reach the beach I had to walk across a wooden boardwalk which ran from the car park, through the sand dunes, and finished close to the sandy beach. As I reached the end of the boardwalk I looked left and right along the expanse of golden sand but couldn’t decide which way to go. My mind was made up when I heard some voices to the left of me and I saw a family playing beach cricket. I turned to the right and started walking – I was seeking peace and solitude.After about half a mile I saw a gap in the sand dunes to my right. I wandered over and found a sun trap in the form of a sand basin – surrounded by high sand dunes and only one easy entrance. This is going to be my private sunbathing area for the next few hours I thought to myself. I spread out the beach towel, stripped down to my scanty bikini, opened the suntan lotion and smoothed it over most of my body. As I sat on the towel applying the suntan lotion, I jiggled my bum to make a comfortable ‘seat’ in the sand. A quick drink of mineral water and I laid back to soak up the golden sun rays. It was heaven! My thoughts went over the happening since I came home from university. It didn’t take long though before the sun on my eyelids made me sleepy and I fell asleep listening to the song of the breeze as it caressed the tall sand dune grasses.Something woke me. I could hear voices, quite close – in fact, very close! I felt something cold making its way up my leg toward my inner thighs. I sat up in a single motion and saw three young men looking down at me. One was holding a beach parasol and it was the metal tip of the parasol that I could feel on my inner thigh. I put my hand on my leg to stop it encroaching further.”What a delight,” the parasol man said. “Such a lovely camel toe for my parasol to explore.” As he said this, I felt him pushing the parasol tip against my hand trying to move it further up my thigh.”What do you think you’re doing?” I asked him indignantly, pushing his parasol away from me.”What’ s a man supposed to do?” he asked. “I come for a nice walk along the beach with my friends and I find a beautiful washed up mermaid asleep on the beach. A mermaid so attractive and with such a figure that it necessitated extra exploration. Are you a mermaid that maybe needs some light relief?” As he asked this the point of his parasol was back on my thigh making gentle movements and his eyes were transfixed on my crotch and my camel toe.All three men were dressed in swimming trunks. Each wore sunglasses. Apart from the parasol there was nothing else. My eyes explored all three. Each had a slight erection tenting their swimming trunks. All had a tanned muscular body. Every one of them was, in my eyes, fuckable!”Do you think you could spare us some of that water?” the parasol man asked looking at the bottle laying by my side.”Certainly,” I answered as I threw the bottle at him. He caught it one handed and passed it to one of his friends who opened the bottle and drank some before passing the bottle to the third man.”Thank you, kind mermaid.””I’m not a mermaid,” I responded, “and you know it!””Very true. If you were, I wouldn’t have been able to stroke your thigh with my tip,” he said smiling. “Anyway, do mermaids have camel toes as nice as yours? Do they even have camel toes?” he asked.I blushed immediately and looked away from him.The water bottle was passed back to parasol man who took a drink, replaced the cap, and handed the bottle back to me. “Thank you. Not only are you a beautiful lady you are also a kind lady and I have decided that such a beautiful lady needs protection. We shall remain with you as your guardians ensuring you are not m*****ed or hindered.””I can assure you I can look after myself perfectly well thank you,” I said, as I resumed my laying position on the beach towel. To award myself some privacy I put my sunglasses on – that way they wouldn’t see which one I was looking at.”I’m sure you can, ” he acknowledged, “but we have nothing else to do this afternoon so we might as well remain here with you and admire your beauty as walk along the beach poking stranded jellyfish with my parasol.””Suit yourself,” I answered turning my head away from them.It wasn’t long before I felt the cold tip of the parasol back on my inner thigh. I admit that the coldness was quite stimulating on my sun warmed flesh and it did send a tingle up my leg. He etched a pattern on my inner thigh as he gradually went higher and higher until he brushed my vulva with the parasol tip. I let out a low involuntary moan as it touched me and my legs, against my will, slightly parted. The parasol tip was now directly on my pussy lips, which, according to him, were clearly visible as camel toe through my bikini bottoms. A slow, gentle caressing movement by the tip made me start to get wet and wanting more. My legs opened further as I released another moan from my throat. The parasol tip was now caressing my pussy lips through my bikini bottoms and I could feel more and more pressure being applied by parasol man.I felt movement either side of me and knew that the other two had taken a sitting position – one on each side of me. I opened my eyes and looked for parasol man. He was still standing in front of me, one hand holding the parasol the other holding his enlarged cock through his swimming trunks.It was just then that I felt a hand on my breast. First it was on my left tit, but it was quickly followed by a hand on my right tit. I was numb with pleasurable feelings. I couldn’t move. Couldn’t protest! I didn’t want to move, and I certainly didn’t want to protest! I was enjoying myself. Enjoying the feel of the men on my bikini covered nipples and the metal tip on my pussy lips. I glanced at the two men sitting either side of me – each one had a hand on one of my tits, their fingertips massaging my nipple and my areola. My nipples responded by growing and my pussy responded by dampening and leaving a damp patch on my bikini bottoms. The parasol tip continued to rub my pussy lips through my bikini bottoms.Offering uşak escort no resistance to what was happening must have acted as a green flag to the men. I felt a hand going under my bikini top and grasping my tit. My bikini top was pushed upward off my right breast and was closely followed by the freedom of my left tit. Two hands massaged and played with my nipples, making them enlarged and eager for more touches.The man with the parasol now knelt between my legs – the parasol thrown to one side. I felt his hand on both sides of my bikini bottom as he gently tried to pull them down. Without thinking about it I assisted his efforts by lifting my bum off the sand. I felt my bikini bottoms as they were pulled off past my feet. I was now on remote control. My sexual desires had overtaken any common sense and I would now allow these three men to do with me as they wanted. My pussy was on fire and now desperate for some attention.The attention came by way of the parasol man’s tongue. As he lay flat on the sand between my legs, I felt his fingers separate my lips. My legs opened further to allow him enough room for his head between my legs. A quick lick of his tongue along my lips sent a magical shiver through my body. My clitoris was already swollen and ready.I was entering my sexual heaven. My Utopia!I felt two tongues on my nipples. Each nipple was being licked and flicked by the men’s tongues. The tongues danced a merry pattern around my areola and over my nipples which stood erect as if demanding more attention. My areolas darkened with excitement. Little goose bumps formed on my breasts, not because of cold but caused by excitement. I started to moan with pleasure which spurred on all three men. My body started to writhe with pleasure and anticipation.I held parasol man’s head between my legs as he sucked my clitoris into his mouth and ran his tongue over it, teasing it all the time. My pussy was wet from my juices and his saliva. I felt him moving and when I opened my eyes, I saw that he was removing his trunks. I caught a glimpse of his cock – huge and swollen with a purple-red head. Veins ran down the length of it and his scrotum hung with two large balls inside. I ran my tongue over my own lips in anticipation of what was soon going to be inside my cunt making me happy. He resumed his position between my legs and started licking and sucking me again.By now the other two men had removed their swimming trunks so I now had a choice of three cocks to enjoy and play with. As I lay there, I moved my hands away from parasol man’s head and reached out to my sides searching for the two cocks, one on either side of me. I found them both easily. They were both large and swollen and they both twitched as I ran my thumb over the top of their glans and spread some of their pre cum around and over the heads.Now that I had removed my hands from the head of parasol man he was free to move, which is exactly what he did. I felt him kneeling between my legs as he slowly inched his cock closer to my fuckhole. I could feel the head brushing my labia and the opening to my cunt, but he was having difficulty in penetrating because of his position and the way he was kneeling. To help him I lifted my ass a little and as he cupped my buttocks, and inched closer still, I felt his cock sliding into my waiting cunt. I groaned as his dick went in stretching the walls of my fuckbox. It was much fatter and bigger than I thought and at one time I wondered if it would fit at all but eventually it did manage to nestle deep within me.As I was being fucked by parasol man I was walking the two guys either side of me. They were both fucking my hand and writhing as they played and sucked on my tits. One of the guys stopped playing with my tits and kneeled next to my head. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his cock standing to attention, almost demanding reaction from me. I lifted my hand and grabbed it and as I turned my head towards him, I guided his cock into my waiting mouth. I licked and sucked his head like a c***d would suck a lollipop. I took it deep into my throat – so deep that at one time I thought I would gag. I managed to stifle it.Parasol man was humping me like a wild a****l. His cock was banging away at my pussy and because it was so big, and he was in so far, I felt it touch my cervix several times. That was when I had my first climax. It wasn’t one of the mega ones, but it was a fulfilling one none the less. The butterflies that danced in my vagina fluttered through the lower part of my body causing me to buck and thresh as the orgasm hit me. My nipples tingled as if a mild electric shock had been applied, my stomach muscles tightened, and my pussy walls closed and tightened around his cock. This seemed to excite his even more and as he watched me sucking his mate’s cock his thrusting got wilder and wilder. Suddenly his body stiffened, his thrusting became more urgent and I felt his cum squirt deep into my pussy. Squirt after squirt after squirt. I felt each one as they washed my cervix and filled my pussy with cum.My second orgasm came just after the guy whose cock I was sucking came in my mouth. His hot sticky goo filled my mouth and throat seconds after parasol guy filled my cunt with his juices. This orgasm was a lot more powerful than the first. Starting at my toes and, like a tidal wave, it washed up my body to my head making every part of my body shiver and squirm with a pleasantness only an orgasm can give.As parasol man rolled off me, his cock gradually shrinking back to its normal size, the guy who had just cum in my mouth slumped onto the sand, panting. I turned my attention to the guy who had not yet cum. I turned my head and looked at him. “Your turn to fuck me now,” I said as my hand pulled gently on his cock enticing him to roll over onto my body.He lifted his right leg over my right leg, followed by his left leg until he was nestled between my thighs. As his cock poked at my opening, he kissed me passionately on the mouth. I responded with my tongue seeking his tongue. As our saliva mixed, I wondered if he could taste any of his friend’s cum. There must have been some still lurking somewhere in my mouth.The thought of him tasting his friend’s cum gave me my third orgasm! More intense that the previous two, my body bucked and squirmed as the tingling sensation started in my fingers and toes and travelled throughout my body until they met each other deep inside the pit of my stomach.As my orgasm subsided I gathered my senses I reached down and placed the stranger’s cock at the opening of my fuckbox. My legs clamped around his waist, my ankles crossed, and my heels pushed his bum which forced his cock into my wet and waiting cunt. His cock, like his tongue, was now mixing with another man’s cum.He started fucking me hard and deep – just as I like it. His speed and the groans coming from his throat indicated that he was desperate to release his cum into me. The walls of my pussy tightened and held his cock in place as he continued to grind away at my pussy. Deep down inside me I could feel my next orgasm building and this was going to be the most intense of them all.Each forward thrust of his cock acted like a piston in my vagina – each thrust building upon the last – each building to give me an orgasm of a magnitude I have only felt a few times in my life. He was sweating and groaning as he plunged deep into me and with each plunge I pushed my cunt back toward him.The rumblings started within me and as I approached my orgasm I sank my teeth into his shoulder and ran my fingernails down his back. My bucking and moaning were now independent of volition and would remain like that until my orgasm had been reached. The man was delirious with his sexual wants and desires and plunged his cock back and forth in my pussy as hard as he could.”Cum in me,” I snarled at the man. “Fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone before!”My verbal encouragement was the catalyst for his balls to tighten and, as he lifted his head towards the sky, his cream cum juice started exploding out of the end of his cock mixing with the cum juice of parasol man deep in my pussy. As his cum hit the deep walls of my pussy so my orgasm exploded within me! Explosion after explosion of mini thunderbolts deep inside me and then the squirt of water from my pussy. The squirt, which saturated me and the guy, came just as he was performing the last few involuntary thrusts of his cock and the last of his cum was being sucked up from his balls. My bucking and lurching started to subside, but I was still panting like a wild a****l.We remained locked together for a short while until his cock went flaccid. That was when I released my leg hold on him and allowed him to roll off me.As he rolled away, I caught a glimpse of the bloody scratch marks I had etched onto his back with my tiger like nails. His back was going to be sore tomorrow. His two friends gave him a hand each and pulled him to a standing position. I closed my eyes, completely happy that not only was my body sexually satisfied and drained but that I had satisfied three stranger I had met on the beach that very afternoon.When I got home I found a note from David saying that he had returned to the city to prepare for his job interview. He had added a post script which simply said, “Love you, Sis.”I smiled as I made my way upstairs to the shower. This holiday was going to be the best holiday ever! Life was good.

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