Bringing Out the Woman


Teresa poured herself another glass of Shiraz. It was her fourth. Between her second and third, she had confided in me that she was 42 and had never had sex in her life. Needless to say, it made me rock hard in no seconds flat.

I didn’t know how to respond to the news. I said the first thing that came to mind. I told her that I found it surprising given the fact that she was a very attractive woman. No lie, Teresa has closet beauty. She’s the kind of woman that is gorgeous, but her gorgeousness gets lost underneath bad haircuts, unstylish glasses, and the baggy clothes she insists on wearing.

I sensed that she had already made up her mind to let me be the first, but I also sensed that she was afraid too. Maybe it was the fear of pain from penetration. Or maybe it was the fear of being used and thrown away. Possibly, she even feared that she would perform poorly and thus lose my interest. The look in her eyes said it all. There was lust but there was also apprehension.

“I don’t know what it is with you. I feel comfortable around you. It feels good being with you,” she allowed.

“Listen Teresa, I think I know where this is headed. I want you to know that this is your moment and that I have no intention to force myself on you if you should change your mind. I want you to know that when I think of making love to you, I smile inside in anticipation of the bliss. I also want you to know that we can take it slow. You set the pace okay?”

Teresa smiled and it was like a summer day.

“You look like you need a hug,” I said.

She opened her arms and we embraced. She smelled like flowers and her hair — Finesse — one of my favorite shampoos.

The hug led to me running my hands slowly and softly up and down her back. We hugged for a long time. I kissed her hair and her cheek. I kissed her ear. I nibbled on her ear lobes. It was all very slow. Almost surreal. Her breath quickened. I kissed her lips. Gently, never rushing. I kissed her underneath her eyes. I kissed her eyelids. I kissed her forehead. I let her kiss me back. They were awkward kisses. They were desperate kisses. We kissed for half an hour. We kissed each other’s hands and I smelled her wrists. She wore Prescriptives perfume which is a favorite of mine. I lifted her arm and breathed deeply her underarm. The smell of a woman’s musk always drives me crazy. Her legs got weaker and weaker, and I found myself having to support her and keep her standing.

I wrapped my arms around her, and began kneading her buttocks through her linen dress. She tensed and froze. I realized my mistake and to reassure her I whispered in her ear.

“I’m sorry. I was being selfish. This is about you and what you want, not me. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I hate being afraid of something I want so much,” she whisper-moaned. There was a thin film of perspiration on her forehead and her eyes were half-closed as if she was drunken from lust.

She responded again, gripping my shoulders, my back, and the back of my head. Our lips mashed.

“I almanbahis adresi liked it when you massaged my bum, could you do it some more?”

I obliged and tenderized her buttocks with love and care. I would massage her cheeks and spread them at the same time. In the process I was hoping this would cause her lips to rub together and moisten. Her greed for sexual fulfillment spiraled as she ever so subtly humped my leg with her crotch. The most sexual part was knowing the happiness and bliss she was in store for, and that I would initiate it and be the one to take her into that world.

By this time, Teresa was becoming more and more vocal. Her low moans and pre-orgasm exhaling fueled my lust, but I had to hold back for fear of driving her away a second time. A second time might be the last time.

I took off my shirt and let her take in the sight of my naked upper torso. I work out regularly, so I was proud of my body and how good it looked. She kissed my nipples, my shoulders, and my neck. She had probably seen it in a porno, but I was flattered that she wanted to please me. I took hold of her hands and put them around my neck. Next, I looked in her eyes and reached around to unzip her dress. I held her eyes in mine, sending her my thoughts. My only wish was her pleasure and I wanted her to sense that.

The dress feel to the floor, she stepped out it, kicking it backwards. She had large, full breasts which filled her white bra. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say that she was a 36DD. She had a flat belly. She wore soft, white cotton panties. Once again, we embraced and continued our kisses. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I took her hand and kissed it again.

I guided her down onto the sofa and kissed her chest. My lips tugged at the edges of her bra and kissed breast flesh through cotton. I spent more time where I imagined her nipples to be. She began to mewl, and the smell of her sex overpowered me. Slowly I got one nipple to appear and then soon after the second one. Finally I pushed the bra down to her stomach. Her breasts were beautiful and full. I imagined a time when women walked proudly displaying their nakedness. Teresa with her full breasts jutting out, would have been a powerful priestess once upon a time. They were pendulous and her nipple buds rosy and pointed. I fell in love with her body and worshipped it, lavishing each breast will hundreds of kisses. In that moment, everything other than her breasts ceased to matter. My tongue sought the small bumps that surrounded each nipple, like cobblestones around a fountain in Paris, gently playing over the ripples and causing a thousand other ripples to course through her body.

Over and over again, she uttered incoherence, “fh…k, osh…t…huuh.”

I spent a lifetime on her breasts. I wanted to consume them as they had consumed me.

At last I kissed my way downwards. An enormous dark spot covered her panties where her crotch was. I kissed the spot and felt the coolness of wet. My tongue pushed at the cotton where almanbahis adres her vulva was, dividing it, and pulling at it too.

I sensed Teresa tensing again despite being close to the edge. I radiated love and tenderness.

“I want to show you something and then you won’t be afraid,” I reassured her.

Standing back, I loosened my belt and let my trousers fall to the floor. Since I don’t wear underwear, she saw my penis right away. Her face lit up.

“It’s so beautiful, and…”

“It’s okay. I know. You can say it,” I said.

“…and small. It’s like a boy’s penis. It reminds me of my brother’s penis when we were small.”

I began stroking it. She was fascinated.

“Can I touch it?”

I nodded. Slowly, her face inches away from my penis. She touched the tip and my penis flexed involuntarily. She withdrew her hand right away and covered her mouth giggling slightly.

She tried again, more aggressively this time, wrapping her hand around my dick and stroking the head with her thumb. She opened her hand and held my penis in the center of her palm. She pet it and kissed it. Soon, she stuck her tongue out and licked the tip. Soon, that wasn’t enough. She took the tip in her mouth and a thin, strand of saliva mixed with pre-cum stuck to her tongue. She swallowed it and smiled. Soon, she had all four inches in her mouth and sucked it hungrily.

I positioned her flat on the sofa and removed her panties. The adoration I felt for her breasts, I now felt double, as I stared at her pussy. Despite being a virgin, her pussy was bare. I smiled my approval. She had full earthy lips. They were crinkled and glistened with love juice. They puckered outwards, so I was able to see the welcoming pink cuntal flesh inside. Unable to resist I began licking at her pussy.

“No, don’t,” she protested.

“Why not?”

“It’s dirty.”

I kissed her lips, tongues intertwining.

“It’s not dirty, please let me,” I begged.

She nodded and soon fell under the spell of my tongue. She writhed in ecstasy, her body restless with sexual energy. I had her legs pinned in my powerful arms and my mouth locked on her pussy. The only thing she could do was play with herself. With one hand, she pinched her breasts. With her other hand, she sucked her own fingers. I alternated between sucking on her lips and digging with my tongue. I unfolded the lips and explored every crevice. Next, I lifted her legs higher and concentrated on the small island between her pussy and her rectum.

“I need to be fucked,” she said softly in my ear. It was as she was afraid of the word “fuck” and that it was dirty to her.

“Are you sure?”

“Please, please…”

“Please what?”

“FUCKKKK MEE!” she cried.

I positioned myself between her legs and found her womanhood. It was so tight, even wet. I felt so much joy giving joy. I watched her face. Her eyes were scrunched up and her hair was a mess. Little beads of sweat formed on her upper chest and breasts. I licked almanbahis adres it off while I continued alternating long strokes with a series of short strokes. I held her arms behind her head and made love to her armpits. When I sensed her body tensing, I slowed the pace. I heard the frustration in her moaning, and then I’d quicken the pace. It went on this way for almost an hour. I knew what she didn’t know, and could not know. Prolonging release, I was causing her impending orgasm to swell to celestial heights. She became primal, fucking me back when I slowed down. I tried to kiss her lips, but her head thrashed about too wildly.

“Boyd, please…” she pleaded, just short of a demand.

“Let me cum,” she begged through tears. I kissed away the saltiness, and realized that the wall had fallen. That’s when I began to seriously pound her pussy. At the end of each stroke, I would flex and lift my upper back slightly for maximum depth and impact. The slapping sounds made me harder to the delight of Teresa.

With my cheek to hers, I sensed the ripples and gauged how close she was. Near the end, I was slamming into her with everything I had. I was far from coming, when Teresa had her first real orgasm. Her whole body shook and spasmed. Her orgasm multiplied and drove her to the point of abandonment. Her nails dug into my back. It was painful, but I continued plunging.

“Fuck, fuck, I can’t get enough of your cock,” she cried. The tears were streaming down her face in earnest now.

As she came down from her second orgasm, I quickened my pace. She came again and within seconds, I came too filling her tummy with lovely sperm.

We didn’t move. I collapsed and lay on top of her, so in the moment.

“That was incredible. I feel like a complete woman.”

“Sex will do that to you.”

“I should have done this sooner. I was always so afraid. Of being torn or ravaged. I couldn’t understand how something big like a cock could fit. I know it’s silly, I mean women have babies and babies are huge, but…your penis, it’s beautiful. It’s like a flower. I felt safe in your powerful arms, but at the same time, I felt such pleasure without pain. It was like sex with a man and a boy at the same time. You’ve made me a woman, finally.”

“You are a woman. You are an incredibly beautiful, sexual woman. I hope you’re ready.”

She furrowed her eyebrows for a moment. She got it when I turned her over and entered her pussy from behind.


We made love well into the afternoon of the next day. When she left my apartment, Teresa positively glowed. She radiated confidence and raw sexuality. We made love constantly in those days. A year later I moved out here to California. Since that time, I see her every couple of months. She turned her life around and sprinted up the corporate ladder. No more bad haircuts. She told me how once she made lesbian love to her hairstylist. No more nerdy glasses and dowdy clothes. Now, it’s only Prada and Manolo Blahniks. She flies out for a day first-class, buys me dinner at a fancy restaurant, and fucks my brains out. She admits that she’s had many dicks since then, some bigger, some monstrous. She also admits that she can never get enough of how my penis feels inside her.

“It’s like making love to your first love.”

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