Brie Larson & her crew guy.


Brie Larson & her crew guy.Brie Larson has a hard time following her controversy, men on set would shun her, why help this woman? She clearly couldn’t care what we think, so what do I owe her nothing?Well that’s the attitude, I on the other hand couldn’t help but hold onto my infatuation with her, we often small talk, glance at one another across the set and smirk.Her long legs and slim figure drove me wild at work every day, she knew it, flaunted it and loved it.‘So what can I do?’ I turned to see Brie Standing there wiping her neck down with a towel.“Well you could try smiling every once in a while” I sarcastically replied, she chuckled, bites down on her bottom rip and looks up through her eyebrows, all our conversations so far had been as awkward, sexually tense.“whiskey delivered to my room madam” I exclaimed in a posh guys voice, before immediately regretting it.All good I got a second laugh.“You got it honey” she spoke in a soft voice as she steadily strut away, grazing two finger across my back with her exit.I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I continued working, looking up to see that magnificent ass and the long legs prance away.Brie turns back and catches me, then carry’s on with a cheeky smile.00:30 that night.Then I heard the sound, three knocks on the door to my hotel suite, surely not?I walked up to the peep hole, and unbelievably she stood there, suspiciously, as if nobody was supposed to know.I opened the door, “uhh, special delivery”She wore a cropped top, her belly button showing, cut off at the shoulders and open hanging on both sides. Looking down a pair of cotton shorts, short enough to expose the bottom crease of her ass cheeks, her long legs led down to bare feet, she had knocked on my door in pyjamas, bottle of whiskey in hand and I was shocked by the possibilities.Without saying any more I let her through the door, we stood opposite one another in the narrow entrance to my room and I took the bottle in my hands, quickly observing the label I looked up to see her face so close to mine, practically touching beside the 6” in height I had on her.I could taste her breath and the sweet warmth from it, without hesitating I grabbed the front of her top bunching it together in my hands.To my amazement Gaziosmanpaşa Escort I had exposed both of her bare nipples, she had arrived without a bra, now I hoped she was bare beneath the shorts.Brie released a gasp, and without saying a word I began to walk her towards the bed, both of her perfectly shaped tits still exposed, I placed the bottle on the bedside.“Can we have some fun daddy?” Speechless we reached the edge of the bed I put my hand softly around her neck and lowered her head down onto the mattress, bunching her ankles together with my free hand and releasing her neck I raised her feet above my head as I stood at the bedside.Taking the centre of her small cotton shorts in my hand I pulled them up her long beautiful legs for what seemed like forever, revealing her bare ass and a section of her pussy bulging out between the top of her thighs.A faint high pitched moan, accompanied with a chuckle came from her mouth, hidden behind her legs and feet pointed at the ceiling.I lifted her ankles higher, her ass left the comfort of the mattress as I suspended her to inspect what I was dealing with.“I want to taste every part of this”One of Brie feet was pulled free, as my hand caressed the sole of one, my fingers interlocking with her toes as if we were holding hands, I continued in amazement, looking down on her perfectly waxed, bald and flawless pussy.Brie took her free foot and ran her big toe down my nose, onto my lip and then into my mouth as she released an airy gasp, my first taste of Brie got my cock rock solid , I could feel it bulge as she slid out of her loose top.Completely nude on my bed, I pushed her legs apart and dropped to my knees.Bries vagina was a perfect, smooth, bald and hairless slit, completely sealed.I moved in and kissed it with a open mouth, not penetrating the slit, just licking and kissing the skin like a dog.Brie moaned and arched her back as I took my first dip, my tongue protruding her flaps at the bottom of the slit, running all the way up from the hole to her clit.“Fuck fuck fuck”Perfect, I was so glad she was a girl who liked her cunt ate.By my third run up the now soaking wet warm and sweet slit, my mouth was completely mashed into her pussy.I Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan couldn’t get enough in at once, opening wide and sucking back on her whole pussy as I held the flaps apart with my fingers.Time to change it up, I moved down to give the hole some attention, swirling my tongue around the tight hot hole the moaning got louder and just like that, the first of many orgasms.A small amount of liquid, like a gleek, spirt into my mouth as her body tenses.Standing to my feet, wiping the juices from my cheeks I produced my throbbing cock before Brie, as she stared in at it I started to jerk my cock directly at her.Bries feet cast my hand away, as she placed them around my shaft.Bries delicate feet pumped back and forth. Starring into my eyes she gathered her saliva and spat in the direction of my cock, with a good amount right on target, the other half stringing down her chin, and began stringing down her body, between her tits.That was enough for me, I took Bries ankles and bent them all the way up to her head with no warning, looking down to line up my cock I caught my first glimpse of what I want planned on saving till last, Bries tiny skin coloured asshole.I couldn’t resist, sliding my hands down to the back of her thighs I began eating her asshole.“You’re fucking filth” she exclaimed.“Eat my fucking ass daddy” she said with a roar of relief.And that I did, with its amazing musky taste, the tip of my tongue began to fuck Bries asshole.“No, I’ll save this for later” with a priceless expression stood back up to line up my cock.The first thrust made her eyes bulge wide open, and gasp with a open mouth.Her pussy was so tight that my foreskin has pulled right back over the head and then some as I began to groan, it felt as if she had never fucked.I thrust Bries tight cunt as she moaned and squirmed beneath me, her eyes rolling back as she took the full length of my cock forcing its way as deep into her as possible.“Ahh Daddy. Ahh” Maybe a sign that things are going well? Looking down at my cock thrusting her, I was fixated by how much of her pussy pulled away with my cock, as if suction sealed her hole to my shaft.I could feel the walnut shaped g spot brush against Escort Gaziosmanpaşa the rim of my bellend with every stroke and knew she was about to cum.“Ahh Daddy fuck”I withdrew and lifted that perfect ass in my hands, taking everything Brie squirted from her cunt into my mouth, down my chin and onto my body.Four large squirts came from her, each one with a glorious moan forced by her intense orgasm.I took my hands away, dropping her onto the bed, she began to contort and curl up, tears in her eyes from the sheer pleasure.I wasn’t done.A firm slap to her ass, and I was turning her over, I sat with my back on the headboard and guided her over to crouch on my lap.The quivering movie star seemed a shell of herself as she continued to rattle, and I guided her In to sit with my still throbbing hard cock inside of her cunt.This time it slid in without a problem, and I took her body close to mine, sat behind her.So deep inside her I began using my hand to play with Bries nipples, the other I used to finger her dribbling mouth.Brie moans were softer, my fingers were covered in her juices, I smiled and bit down hard on the neck.“You’ve been such a good girl for daddy you know that right?”“Mhmmm” came from her stuffed mouth.“I’m going to make you cum again before you leave you understand”“Yes daddy please” muttered Brie as her mouth was being fingered.Removing my wet fingers from Bries mouth I had no choice but to suck them dry myself, seemed like the only option for me.Her fresh bite already began to bruise as I got done and moved her body forward.“Rock you’re hips on Daddy’s cock now”She obeyed.My freshly cleaned fingers went between her ass cheeks as she rode me reverse, and all I wanted was to push my middle finger inside her asshole.So I did.A loud moan, followed by another as I inserted a second finger.Brie had a second wind of energy, as she rocked her smooth, skinny body back and forth on my cock.Brie begins to scream as she has her final orgasm, and I follow suit.In an unbelievable ending, I shoot what feels like the largest load of cum I’ve ever felt into her cunt.I take both finger from her asshole, roll her to one side, and stand over her.The young actress shakes like a leaf.I take a handful of Bries hair, move her face to the head of my cock.“Time to clean up princess”She comply, opening her mouth and taking my cock, sucking what’s left of both of our cum off of it.From the bathroom door, I collect my phone.Looking back at the actress she is completely unaware of what I’m doing.I stop the video, and go to clean myself up.

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