Brie and Gabby


Note to readers: This is a standalone story, although it does build on a collaboration Erin Page and I wrote entitled Key West — Holiday Extravaganza, plus an earlier story of my own Gabrielle. This is also a parallel story to Erin’s Bridgie. I owe a big thank you to Erin for suggesting several major revisions to this story. Her creativity and candor have been invaluable. She is a wonderful partner. All characters and situations are complete fiction, a product of either my fertile imagination or Erin’s. Any similarity to actual people and situations is purely a coincidence. All constructive criticism is welcome. This is also my entry to the Literotica 2021 Winter Holidays Story Contest.

_ _ _ _ _

The band returned to Massachusetts in a private jet hired by the resort. During our week long engagement at The Sun and Shade Resort in Key West we had used a replacement drummer named Brianne. She was coming up to New England to stay with me over the next two weeks, maybe longer.

During the week, my love life had suddenly become complicated. First, I had two ongoing friends with benefits relationships that might become testy. I didn’t know how Debbie and Terry were going to react to having another woman around the house. Debbie usually came over and had sex with me on Sunday nights, Terry had Thursday nights. They knew about each other, but I never mentioned the other.

Second, my relationship with my dear friend and band leader Gabby had undergone a transformation over the past week. We have been friends since I moved here ten years ago. As we spent more time together over the years, we became quite close, although it was always platonic. Back in September we became occasional lovers. While we were in Key West, we became so much more.

On a couple of occasions during the past week, Gabby came out and said she wanted to be married to me. That was worrisome. My first marriage was an absolute disaster. We were both unsuited to one another. The only thing we had was amazing sex. Once the divorce was finalized, I swore off on marriage forever. I loved Gabby dearly, but I wasn’t going to be married to her. Complicating things further, we had shared a bed throughout our time in Florida and we brought others to our bed. We had both explored the swinging lifestyle and I think we really enjoyed it.

Gabby is originally from France. Her English was usually very good, but she speaks with an accent. Occasionally, her phrasing is a little off, but I find it to be adorable. It also helps that I had minored in French at university.

Finally, there was Brie. She was our replacement drummer in Key West when our regular percussionist, Rob, refused to go for religious reasons. Brie and I had hit it off right from the start. We had some incredible sex starting with the first night. She shared the bed with Gabby and me. She was brilliant, educated, and beautiful. Originally from Jamaica, her Oxford education resulted in a very refined British accent. She was in her early thirties, a significant age contrast with most of the band. Gabby, Bridget, and I were in our early fifties. Tom was in his mid-forties.

I was pretty sure Brie was planning on sleeping in my bed with me while she was here. Was she? I realized I had probably made a huge assumption. Here was a situation I had to figure out quickly.

On the flight north I struggled to work all these relationships out in my mind. By the time we touched down, I still didn’t have much of a plan. This did not bode well.

When the airport limousine dropped us off at my house I showed Brie around the place. It isn’t a large house, but it is comfortable for me. Foremost in my mind was dealing with Brie’s sleeping arrangements. After I gave her the house tour we sat in the kitchen. I got out a notepad to create a ‘to do’ list. We made a grocery list, plus a list of additional warm clothes Brie would need.

A nor’easter was forecast to begin Tuesday evening. I thought Brie might enjoy cross country skiing. A stop at the sporting goods store was added to the list.

I finally got up my nerve to broach the subject of sleeping arrangements, “Brie, am I being too presumptive?”

“Presumptive about what?”

“That you want to share my bed with me while you’re here.”

Brie’s head cocked and she looked at me curiously. She got a far way look in her eyes. Her fingers went involuntarily to her sternum and traced the line of a scar underneath hidden by her blouse. The scar was the result of open heart surgery as a child. She was overly self-conscious about it. Gabby had helped her make great strides in overcoming her insecurity, but that was less than a week ago. I just ruined that. Her self-consciousness was one of the reasons she was so selective over the years in partners. Shit, this isn’t what I had intended. I was making her uncomfortable.

I fumbled for words in a less than convincing tone. “Brie, I was … I’m just … I was hoping you would. Brie, I just didn’t want to presume what Escort you wanted is all.”

“Yeah, sure,” she said, eyes filling with tears.

She turned abruptly and walked in the living room. When I got there she was staring at the Christmas tree with her hands on her hips when I caught up to her. I saw her shoulders shake. She was sobbing.

“Brie, that came out all wrong.”

“How was it supposed to come out?”

“I thought that I should be a gentleman and not assume that you…”

“That I what?!”

I was feeling like a shithead. “I was thinking that I shouldn’t assume you wanted to be with me.”

“What? That I came up here because I wanted to see snow? Damn it Rich! I came here because I want to be with you. And yes, I want to sleep with you and continue to have sex with you. It sounds like you don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“I think it’s a wonderful idea.” I took a deep breath, “Brie, I’m sorry. I guess, I was starting to feel like maybe I overstepped my bounds. Can I touch you?”

“Of course you can touch me.” Yet again she looked wounded by my question.

I stepped over and put my hands on her hips. “Brie, I feel really blessed to have you as a friend and a lover.

She turned around and threw her arms around me then buried her face in my chest.

She looked up at me with tears streaming down her face. “It’s a culture thing isn’t it? I should know this. Culture is my specialty.”

“I suppose. Maybe a leftover from the age of chivalry. I was just trying to be a gentleman.”

“My God Rich! Really? We’re not in jolly old England. Screw that.” Brie eyes went wide, “How about my race? Oh my God! How hard is it going to be for you to be seen with a Black woman?”

“Not hard at all. That doesn’t bother me. I mean we’ve got some racists up here, but I don’t care what they think. This afternoon, we’re going to go to the store together and I don’t give a damn how people react. I’m proud to be your friend and lover. I’m sorry.”

She pulled my face down and gently kissed me. “You’re forgiven.” She looked at the tree. “So how do we go about making love under the Christmas tree? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of room under there.”

“That’s kind of a saying. We won’t actually be under the tree. More like here in front of it.”

“So right here in front of the tree? Won’t it be chilly?”

“We have the fireplace insert which puts out some nice heat. Plus, we’ll get some blankets.”

“Like those?”

I nodded. There were several blankets folded on the back of the couch. Brie grabbed them and spread them out on the floor.

She returned her hands behind my neck. “I think you need to undress me so we can make love under the tree.”

I turned on the insert and pulled her sweater over her head. I didn’t realize that she wore nothing underneath. That was a nice surprise. Her breasts are slightly larger than average, sitting high on her chest. Her upturned nipples against her dark areolas are heavenly. I ignored her scar and focused on her erect nubs. I leaned down and took one into my mouth.

Brie moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. “You need to get me naked.”

I unsnapped her jeans and pulled them over her hips. She knelt in front of me and removed my trousers.

She giggled, “It’s chilly in here.”

We climbed between the blankets. Brie pushed me onto my back and straddled my chest. She pulled the blanket over us. I could feel her little landing strip of pubes on my stomach plus a bit of moisture.

She kissed me, “I know we need to run to the grocer, but I need you. All that talk this morning during the interview had me so hot. I wanted to have sex with you right there.”

I smiled, “Me too.”

“There’s something about all that sex talk that invigorates the mind.”


I rolled her over and slipped down between her silky thighs. I slid my tongue up her slit and flicked her clit.

Brie’s fingers gripped my hair, “I was going to suggest just some quick sex, but never mind. You can do that all day if you want.”

“I want.”

It may not have been all day, but I spent a long time running my tongue along all those luscious folds of womanhood. Her taste alone was enough to keep me licking. I was able to maintain Brie in an orgasmic state for quite a while stimulating her nipples, clit, and g-spot. When she put her hand over her clit, I kept going on the other two parts. I find it so amazing to bring a woman to an orgasm and then keep her there.

Finally I decided to join in the fun and placed myself between her legs. Her hands gripped my hips as I slowly pressed into her pulsating warmth. I placed her ankles on my shoulders for maximum penetration as I kept up a slow, luxurious thrusting. Gazing into her ‘orgasm face’ was delightful — eyes wide, mouth in an ‘O’. Her breath coming in pants. I soon joined her in orgasmic bliss, shooting my seed deep into her.

I rolled us over so that Brie was on top of me.

She pulled Escort Bayan a blanket to cover us. “That was a very nice welcome. I think you mentioned some practical things we need to do. Go to the grocer.”

“Did I? Let’s just stay here for a while. I like this a lot more.”

_ _ _ _ _

Our normal Saturday gig at the Brew Pub usually starts around 8 and runs until midnight with a half hour break in the middle. Playing three and a half hours’ worth of music every week has made us a pretty tight musical group. We have come to instinctively feed off each other and know what each other is going to do. Just a nod from Tom or Gabby is enough of a signal to know what they are thinking.

The name of our band is Gabrielle. Gabby is our lead singer and sometimes keyboardist. Tom is the lead guitarist. Bridget plays bass and sings back up. I play rhythm guitar and take the occasional lead vocal, but mostly sing back up.

We usually show up about 45 minutes early and make sure the set-up is right. I thought we might need some extra time so Brie and I drove over about 90 minutes early. I set up my guitars and pedal board, then checked out the P.A. system. I hauled the drums in from my car and set those up like Rob likes it.

There were already a lot of customers enjoying themselves and I thought I would provide some mood music while we waited for our mates. I began picking out some of the chord progressions I have been working on. It provided some nice ambiance for the early evening. I know a lot of the regulars. Several folks came over and I introduced Brie to them.

Someone asked us to sing something so I asked Brie if she knew several different pieces. We settled on “California Dreamin'” made famous by the Mamas and Papas. When we got to the end of the first verse Bridget had shown up. She stepped in and sang with us. We sounded great and we got a nice round of applause. Then we sang John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas” together. The three of us nailed it.

Bridget’s life and her marriage had undergone significant change while in Key West and she did not seem to be her usually bubbly self. She seemed overjoyed to be back together with us.

I was thinking that we couldn’t get rid of Rob, but Brie could certainly sing harmonies with us. When Gabby arrived I mentioned it to her and she thought it was a great idea. I dug out an extra mike and mike stand and set up Brie on a new channel on the mixing board.

We normally have a band meeting about thirty minutes before we begin. Everyone was there but Rob. He showed up about five minutes late. I could tell Gabby was a bit annoyed. She ran through the set and said that Brie would sing harmony. Rob took a bit of an attitude toward the newcomer.

I said, “Rob, what difference does it make to you whether we have three singers or four?”

“Well, we didn’t practice that way.”

Gabby gave him the ‘angry eye’ look, “Robert, we performed that way twice this past week with several rehearsals. It will not hurt you.”

Because the stage is small I stand in the back next to the drum kit. Tom and Bridgie are usually on either side of Gabby who has her keyboard front and center. We had placed Brie next to Bridgie.

We started off with “Jingle Bell Rock,” a piece we have been playing for years. About half way through, something didn’t feel right. Then it dawned on me, Rob was slowing down and speeding up ever so slightly. Drummers can make or break your band. Some like to get very creative, some are not. One thing all drummers must do is keep a steady beat. The rest of the band builds on that.

When the song was done I leaned over, “Yo Rob, what’s going on? The beat feels funny.”

“It’s fine.”

“No you’re either speeding up or slowing down.”

“You’re nuts!”

On the next piece, “Friday, I’m in Love,” it was more of the same. This time Gabby turned around and asked me if it felt right. I told her that Rob wasn’t keeping a steady beat.

By the end of the third song, Tom walked over, “Rob, what the fuck? You’re playing like shit tonight.”

“It’s not me. All of you are off just a little.”

Gabby went to the microphone, “Pardon, mes amis. We need to take a very short break. We’ll start again in ten minutes.”

Gabby walked over to the drum kit, “Robert, I think you are trying to sabotage this gig.”

Rob was getting pissed, “Why would I do that?”

Gabby was staying calm, “I have not a clue, but you are playing like the shit tonight. Everyone knows it.”

“I don’t need to take this shit from you or anyone else. See how good you are without a drummer.”

Rob got up and threw his drumsticks against the back wall.

Gabby turned to me, “Can we move the microphone for Brianne?”

We didn’t have a boom mike like we had in Florida, but this mike stand had a short extension. I just moved the mike stand so that it wouldn’t be in her way.

I gave Gabby a thumbs up and Brie sat down at the drum kit.

From the back of the room I heard Bayan Escort a loud, “What the fuck!” It was Rob. He started yelling and Tony the Bouncer helped him find the door.

The rest of the set went well, although we weren’t in the top form that we were in while down in Key West. Down there we were in the zone. Everything seemed to go right.

During the break, Tom and I sat on the PA speakers. Tom has been playing professionally for years and is an excellent musician. His instincts are impeccable.

I asked, “What do you think is going on? Things still aren’t right.”

“I think a bit of a letdown. Dude, look at this place compared to where we just were. There must have been five, six hundred people crammed into that place. The excitement. The tits hanging out all over the place. Naked women dancing everywhere. Gabby being fucking incredible. Crowd surfing naked. It was a full blown concert. There we were performing. Here we’re just playing. I think we have a serious energy low.”

“So what do we do to get it back?”

“Hard to say. We were feeding off the crowd and they were feeding off of us. Major feedback loop. The loop kept getting tighter and tighter. I think that’s the difference between a concert and a gig. Here we put out the energy and nothing bounces back.”

Gabby walked over, “Here are my two favorite guitarists. What do you think is wrong tonight?”

Tom repeated what he told me.

Gabby nodded, “Oui. How do we get the energy back?”

I put my hand on her shoulder, “Well you can’t get naked on us, but maybe you start moving around a little. Forget the keyboard. Just interact with the people.”

“But no keyboard?”

Tom said, “Gabby, plenty of bands don’t have keys. Where the set list?”

Tom started rewriting the list. “Let’s just stick with guitar, bass, and drum songs. Just be Gabby and interact with the people. You’re so fucking good at that. Just keep your shirt on. This isn’t Key West. I don’t want you getting arrested.”

So that’s what we did. We moved the keyboard off to the side to give Gabby more room. As we did that our three female colleagues disappeared for several minutes.

I saw Gabby and waved to her, “I added an extension to your microphone so you can move around more.” I glanced at her chest. “Did you take off your bra?”

Gabby smiled, “We all did. Bridget thought it might help get our groove. It has helped my nipples.”

“Well, it’s a good look. As Tom said, just keep your shirt on.”

The second set went off much better. The crowd started to respond to Gabby. The woman has this charisma and charm when she sets her mind to it. The rest of the band settled in and just watched Gabby. Her microphone was corded so she was limited in how far she could move from the stage. We had never purchased a wireless mike before, but I knew what we were going to ask Santa for.

The set featured a bunch of Christmas songs and the crowd started getting into it. Toward the end of the set, Gabby called us into a huddle.

“We need to be spontaneous. Do you remember ‘Christmas is Coming’? I think Payolas? We did it a couple of years ago.”

Brie said she wasn’t familiar, but the rest of us knew it.

Tom gave a whoop. “Let’s do it. Brie just keep it straight four-four time.”

Gabby counted four and we started in. I moved to the front next to Bridgie.

When we got to the chorus Gabby was belting it out: “Christmas is coming, it’s been a long year,

I wish you were here, I wish you were here.”

Bridgie and I sang backup into the same mike doing our best Paul McCartney/George Harrison imitation. Brie caught on quickly and joined us in singing backup. The crowd was suddenly into it and I could feel the spark. I looked over at Tom and I knew he felt it too. Bridgie was grinning from ear to ear.

We ended the piece and Gabby pulled us together again. “Let’s blow the dust off another one. How about Blondie’s ‘Dreaming’?”

Brie knew that one. Somehow Gabby’s spontaneity had gotten us out of the funk. Gabby was moving from one end to the other. We had everyone’s attention and the place was rocking. When we ended the crowd was cheering for an encore. We don’t always do an encore, but it is usually a sign that we’ve played well.

Gabby pulled us together. “Could we do Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’?”

Bass plays a big part in that and I looked at Bridgie. “Do you remember it?”

“Shit yeah!”

Gabby threw her arms around my head and gave me quite a passionate kiss, “You have the lead. We’ll do the harmony.”

Brie started out with just the bass drum. Tom nailed the lead guitar intro.

I sang, “Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise.”

Gabby, Bridgie, and Brie sounded amazing with me. When we got to the bridge and one of the most famous bass lines in music, Bridgie became a force of nature. She stepped out into the crowd with that bass guitar that is nearly as big as she is and she nailed it. She stepped back to the stage and Tom moved next to her for the guitar solo. He knocked it out of the park. Gabby was dancing this provocative dance twirling and playing her tambourine. She came over to me and held a mike between us, both of us singing into the same mike.

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