Brenda on the Road

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In the last segment, “Brenda’s Revenge”, Brenda punished her Dad for what he had done to her and then left to make her way in the world.

Brenda and Tai

I was delicately putting rouge on my pink nipples and I could never do it without thinking about the older guy who had paid for my boob job three months prior. He wanted to do it for me just so that I would pay him some attention. I let him do it and then I left. I was getting real good at getting what I wanted from a guy, giving little or nothing in return, and then splitting.

It had been almost a year since I had left home and I was doing okay for myself. I had made my way to California on the money I had taken from my Dad and the I had taken a few jobs at fast food places. Of course there I learned that the managers were more interested in teaching me to cook then they were in serving up food. They paid me minimum wage and thought they got to fuck me as a bonus. I gave a couple of them hand jobs to keep them from firing me. Talk about fast service there.

But one day I saw an ad for ‘exotic dancer’ and just knew I had found my calling. I had been dancing now for almost nine months and I had moved from club to club in the area. I had been at the place I was now for almost three months and I was making more money than I could dream of. Having the boob job didn’t hurt there. “The bigger the tits, the bigger the tips” is what we said in the entertainment trade and it was definitely true. So I was glad when my last sugar daddy offered to move me out a couple of inches and up two cup sizes.

I finished putting rouge on my left one and started on the other. Part of the challenge with this game was that one had to put makeup on parts of the body that would normally be covered. The doctor who did my boobs had injected my nipples so that they were constantly erect. It was kinda painful when I wore clothes but it stopped the problem of my nipples getting soft at the wrong time. Now I looked like I was in a constant state of excitement.

Once I was done I slipped the cups up from the bra I had fastened underneath them. It was this black leather thing and the cups hardly covered my nipples. It didn’t offer much support, but I didn’t need any since the operation had made my young breast harder and firmer.

I stood up in front of the mirror and adjusted the tiny black bottom I had on. The thing hardly covered my slit in the front and the small strap went up my backside and hid nothing. Luckily I had had most of my pubic hair removed with a laser. That was another gift from a friend. He wasn’t going to get any anyway but after they zapped my tender parts with a laser he certainly was not going to touch me there. I had them leave a little band of blond hair and I kept that closely trimmed.

I took stock of myself in the mirror as I put on my thigh high boots. Not a bad looking little package. Kinda short but all most of them saw were my titties anyway. I had done okay as a dancer on my own, but the real money started coming in when I took on a partner. Her name was Tai and she was late. We were scheduled to go on in ten adana escort minutes and she had not showed up yet.

Just as I thought that she came breezing into the dressing room we shared with the rest of the dancers. Tai was anything but short. She must have been 5’10 but next to me she looked taller. She had a well-proportioned figure and the most beautiful legs. The guys went crazy over them. She also had the most pleasant disposition of anyone I had ever known. In the two months we had worked together she had become my best and only friend.

“Where have you been?” I scolded. “We are on in ten minutes and you will never get dressed in time.”

She smiled at me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. “Not to worry, my little one. I have come prepared.”

With that she whipped off the raincoat she was wearing to reveal her scantily clad body in her working clothes. This consisted of an outfit similar to mine but it somehow seemed smaller on her larger frame.

“You were out on the street in that! Tai what if you had gotten arrested or something,” I said.

“Well the body search wouldn’t have taken long, don’t you think?” she said and added one of her tinkling laughs.

“I think they would have taken turns searching you in that until you had paw prints all over you.”

Just then Roscoe stuck his head in the door. He was our stage manager and he came to get us when we were up. First, he always took a long look in the dressing room to see if he could see any of us naked. He could just walk outside and we would be naked on stage in a matter of minutes. Men! Who could understand them?

“Tai. Brenda. Three minutes,” He cried and then left.

“Time to saddle up, Brenda,” Tai said and took a collar and leash from her bag. I put it around my neck, she attached the leash to it, and we went out to earn our living.

It was Saturday night at the Dixie Wreck Men’s Club and the place was packed with yowling, hopefully money-laden, men. When the announcer announced us the place reached pandemonium level. Most of the clientele had seen our act before and apparently could not get enough of it as they kept coming back and kept throwing money.

I got down on my hands and knees and Tai tightened the leash as we made our entrance. She paraded me around like her pet continually yanking on the leash as though I constantly needed discipline. For my part I would try to rub against her like a cat in heat and she would either ignore me or push me away with her foot.

Seemingly taking real notice of me for the first time she also eyed this inclined rack that had been set up on the stage. It was nothing more than a padded board with a ring at the top with a set of hand cuffs hook to the ring. It was at an angle where one could lay on it and be neither upright nor lying down. Tai lead me over to it and roughly kicked me to encourage me to stand upright and lay on the board. Tai secured my hands to the cuffs while I pleaded with her not to. The guys in the crowd started throwing money as though this would encourage Tai to treat me rougher.

She adana escort bayan stood back and studied me for a minute and then walked over and undid my bra in front and ripped it from under my body. My breasts poked up as I breathed hard laying on my back on the incline. My nipples stood like little red pencil erasers on my big mounds on creamy colored skin.

Tai looked me over again and then reached down and undid my bottoms. Yanking these off uncovered my mound. She then reached down and undid my boots and threw them aside leaving me totally nude and tied up. As though this were not enough she got a pillow from the props and slipped it under my back so that my mound stood higher than the rest of me. The audience had a side view of my young body in its helpless state and they were loving it.

Then Tai did a slow strip to the music that was playing. Here breasts were smaller then mind and perfectly formed. When she took off her bottoms her beautiful shaved pussy was there for all to see. Taking off her boots and showing her long legs brought another onslaught of paper money thrown onto the stage.

While she had worked up the crowd with her strip tease they all knew what came next and they were crazy for it. Tai went to the props and brought back a long red candle and lit it. She held it upright as she walked over to me and I started pleading with her not to do it. She let a pool of wax build up in the top of the candle and then spilled it onto my chest. I let out a yelp like I had been scalded but in reality it hurt just a little. The trick was in holding it high enough up above me so that it could mostly cool on the way down. Tai knew how to do it well. What little pain there was I had learned to love. My yelps were fake but the writhing around I did was more real.

She dumped more of it, this time landing it on my rounded heaving breast. The red wax made a splotch that was in sharp contrast with my cream colored skin. I yell and begged her to stop and of course she didn’t. She continued painting my body with the wax-both breasts, my tummy, my thighs. I struggled and started crying like a baby.

When she had used up most of the candle she blew it out. She came over and kissed me full on the mouth, something that I had learned to like a lot. We swirled tongues together and kissed like lovers. She then moved her hands up and down my body as though to soothe it. Then she nibbled on my neck and worked her way down to where she was crouched beside me, her body between me and the audience.

With a knowing look at the audience she wet her index finger in her mouth and traced it down my tummy and had it disappear from view behind her body. In reality it found its way over my mound and to the soft folds of my pussy. While we weren’t suppose to have ‘real’ sex on the stage that didn’t stop Tai. Her damp finger moved aside my soft outer lips and found the damp inner ones. I gave out a cry when she stuck it in me that had nothing to do with acting.

While she slowly finger fucked me out of the audience’s view she nibbled on escort adana my body until she found a patch of wax. She would then grip it with her lips and peel if ever so slowly from my body. At this point my mind was down between my thighs where her finger was worming its way up my tight hot channel with increasing regularity.

While the audience could not see what was going on they suspected or hoped she was really finger fucking me right there on stage. The stagehands back stage had a much better view and they all were gathered to watch Tai’s hand give me pleasure. I looked back at them and smiled as I squirmed around on the board.

Tai continued to rip the wax from my body as her thumb found my engorged clit. I groaned as she strummed it with her damp thumb. My heavy breathing was making my tits rise and fall with a life of their own. The crowd was going nuts and throwing money but at this point I didn’t care. I didn’t care that a bunch of unwashed stagehands were getting the medical view of my wet little pussy. Everything seemed to get far away and the only thing was Tai’s delightful fingers in my sweet pussy.

My body raised up until only my head and heels were touching the board I was tied to and then I slammed back onto it as the first wave of orgasm hit me. I yelled like my life was ending as it surely could have at that point. Again and again my back would arch and I would buck up on the board and the slam back causing my swollen breast to jiggle. Tai just kept strumming my clit getting the maximum mileage from my orgasm.

After what seemed like a long time I quieted down. Tai withdrew her hand and placed the fingers in her mouth and sucked them. Then she lay on top of me and she rubbed her naked body on me while we kissed deeply. She finally got up and undid my handcuffs. We walked hand in hand to the edge of the stage and took a bow, first forwards and then with our backs turned to the crowd. They loved it.

Backstage we were naked in the dressing room hugging each other and happy that we had put on a good performance. One of the stagehands came in with a basket of money that they had cleared off of the stage and gave it to us, but not without taking a good look at our naked bodies.

“Great job tonight, Brenda,” Tai said in her laughing voice.

“Yeah you were wonderful,” I told her giving her a hug. “Are you sure there isn’t something I can do for you, if you know what I mean?”

“Why Brenda I think you are making a pass at me.”

“Well you know,” I stammered. “You have been making me come twice a night for two months now and I worry that you are not getting relief.”

“Oh don’t worry about me. I am kinda a sexual camel. I can go for weeks without getting taken care of. But then look out!

“Well if you need help with that just let me know and I will do anything yo want. You sure there isn’t anything else I can do for you? You have been so good to me and you don’t even take your full share of the money.”

Tai answered,” When I need you to do something for me I will let you know. Until then, you can take me out to dinner. I am starved. Servicing you gives me an appetite.”

She made me blush with that one. But we got dressed and I took her to an all night diner. We ate and laughed until the wee hours. I had never been happier. Why did I know it wouldn’t last?

To Be Continued…

Next segment “Rob’s Return”

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