Breeding Holly


Thanks Ms. Holly, for being my muse and lover.

Holly asked the aesthetician, “how much longer?” Getting her lashes done was a long and tedious process. Nothing for her to do, other than to lie there with her eyes closed, perfectly still. Even chatting could disturb the process so there wasn’t much of that. That left her alone with her thoughts.

Her thoughts settled to Eddie….

They’d met online several weeks ago. Eddie was 20 years her senior but oh did she find him sexy, in thatdaddy kind of way.

They met on an adult social site where horny people and kinks abound. Holly had her own kinks. She had a little bit of a daddy fetish and the thought of a man putting his seed in her womb, of it settling there, a growing baby bump, and milky breasts were prime masturbation fantasies.

She longed to be possessed, to be owned, to submit to a strong confident man who would seduce her, take her sexually, drain her of her own cum, and fill her with his.

There was a wrinkle however… Holly was married.

Holly had been with her husband for a couple of decades. He, like Eddie, was significantly older than she was. Unlike Eddie, Holly’s husband had medical issues that plagued their sexual relationship. He tried. A few years back, Holly and her husband entered the swinger’s community, and Holly had enjoyed being sexed by another man. But as her husband’s medical issues grew, it became an issue for him to satisfy his swinging partner, and that fun diversion of their otherwise vanilla sex life dwindled into obscurity.

Because of that experience, Holly was changed. She longed for a commanding intimacy that her husband could no longer provide. She tried talking to him about it and they tried, but her wants and needs and desires exceeded his ability to satisfy her. Her husband’s medical issues had caused them to seek separate bedrooms as well. She loved him. She’d been with them for two decades. He had children from his other marriage and those became her children. They never had their own, which tied into her need to be bred.

At least, being in her own bedroom gave Holly the opportunity to frequently orgasm to some great fantasies.

Last year, Holly had her first slip. It wasn’t much more than a little too much to drink and a little too much flirting with a co-worker at a company event. They found a way to be away from the rest of the crowd off in a quiet corner of the office. There was a little kissing, and a little grab ass but it amounted to nothing more than that, and some embarrassment the following Monday morning when she returned to work, sober.

Holly had confessed to one of her female coworkers at work, who herself was known to be a little bit of a slut. The two became fast friends, and her coworker turned her on to this adult social site where Holly could feed her fantasies.

‘What harm could little online play do?’ Holly had asked herself, and for the most part, her online experience was a series of email exchanges with various men with the same kinks. Nothing ever came of that, other than a few good orgasms.

Then she met Eddie. He was different than other guys on the site. Most guys were good for about half a dozen messages before they’d turn vulgar and turn her off.

She discovered Eddie through his erotica, that he published on the site. His descriptions of sex were everything she desired. There was skill and seduction in his words. After reading a few of his stories, she followed him through his profile. He took notice and messaged her. It wasn’t long before he was writing vignettes for her describing how he would seduce her, sensually torture her, mark her as his, suckle her breasts, finger and lick her pussy, nourish himself on her cum, before putting himself in her and claiming her womb as his.

They’d been talking for a few weeks now, and she expressed her urges to meet him. To her surprise, Eddie bought an airline ticket, and he was in town at a hotel close by.

Something else that she really liked about Eddie was that he could help her separate fantasy from reality. It was obvious to her that most of the guys she had met online were only about one thing, their own pleasure. Eddie had asked her if she’d ever had an affair before. She told him of her history swinging, her dalliance with a coworker in the closet, but none of that rose to the level of a true affair, of cheating on her husband.

Eddie explored Holly’s feelings with her. Here he was, in town, having flown here from 1,500 miles away. Most men in this situation wouldn’t give two shits about Holly, or her feelings. But after their discussion, Holly had decided that she couldn’t see Eddie, that she needed to take a pause, and re-examine her decisions. Eddie had done the chivalrous thing and accepted her decision. They’d stopped texting. It’d been over 24 hours and this was Eddie’s last day in town before he would fly back home.

The last 24 hours had been agony for Holly. The fact that Eddie had been her friend, and allowed uşak escort her to explore her thoughts, her feelings, her doubts, the fact that he didn’t try to push her into something that she might not be ready for made her want him all the more.

Holly knew what she wanted. She wanted to give herself to this man, have him use her, have him breed her, and the longer she laid here, in this treatment, the more her pussy ached.

Finally… It was over. Holly quickly signed the credit card form, giving her aesthetician a nice tip, before heading out the door to her car. No sooner did she get to her car, she fingered herself to orgasm, to thoughts of a man she’d never met before, but knew intimately, making her surrender herself to him.

‘Fuck!, Just do it!’ That carnal voice inside her head was yelling at her. Eddie had suggested that she watch a series called’Big Mouth’ on Netflix, where hormone monsters plagued the thoughts and lives of sixth-graders experiencing the turbulence of puberty. She could almost hear Mya Rudolph’s voice in her head, urging her to meet him and let the chips fall where they may.

Holly began bargaining with yourself.’What harm could just meeting him do?’ She knew exactly what harm it could do. Nevertheless, she picked up her phone and texted Eddie.

Are you still in town?

Yes, came the reply.

Can I come by? I just wanted to meet you before you left town.

Sure. When you get here, text me and I’ll meet you in the lobby.

😊See you in 20, Holly texted.

Holly started her car and headed to Eddie’s hotel.

‘Holy crap!’ Eddie thought to himself. His plane wasn’t taking off till almost 6 PM. He had secured a 4 PM check out. It was a little after noon, and Eddie hadn’t even showered or shaved yet. He quickly did both, making sure to shave his balls as well. He then put on a little cologne, before dressing in some black cargo pants and a black knit shirt.

Eddie checked the time of Holly’s last text and realized he had about five minutes till her arrival. He took the elevator to the lobby and went to the bar and ordered himself a glass of wine. He took a seat on a sofa in the lobby where he could watch the front door for Holly’s entrance. A few minutes later he recognized her, from the pictures she had sent.

As Holly came through the door, she saw Eddie standing there and an ache went straight to her core. She crossed to his warm embrace and drank in his scent.

They sat on the sofa and Eddie offered Holly a glass of wine.

“Just some water would be nice,” Holly said in a cute southern drawl. Eddie got up and went to the bar and returned with a glass of ice water.

They sat together on the sofa facing each other.

“I was in town, running errands, and just had to meet you,” Holly said.

“I’m glad you decided to,” replied Eddie.

“This was a totally last-minute decision. I hadn’t really planned this. Look at me I’m just dressed in jeans and this old sweater. I must look awful.”

“Are you kidding, you’re gorgeous,” Eddie replied, and Holly blushed.

Small talk was punctuated by long stares into Holly’s eyes. Her eyes were a gorgeous shade of Jade, with hints of Hazel. The lights of the chandelier above the lobby provided a gentle twinkle. Her freshly done lashes were perfect and Eddie was hypnotized.

Eddie had decided a little over 24 hours ago that he had done the right thing. Even if it meant that he flew back to California having never met this statuesque beauty, Eddie had resigned himself to the fact that she just wasn’t ready, and might never be, and he was not one to take advantage. Even on his way to the lobby to wait for her, Eddie had decided that this meeting would be nothing more than just that, a meeting, a chance to see each other in person, perhaps a glass of wine together before he’d walk her back out to her car and send her away with a friendly kiss on the cheek. Now as he stared into those gorgeous hypnotic Jade eyes, Eddie’s balls started to tingle.

“What?” Holly asked, after a particularly long stare.

“Do you know how much I want to kiss you right now?” Eddie leaned in and asked quietly.

Holly thought for a minute. As the thought of Eddie’s question moistened her cunt, her heart fluttered, and her hormone monster made her flush.’Fuuuuuck!’ She thought to herself.’God, I want this.’

“What’s stopping you?” As soon as the words left her mouth, another release of wet dew soaked her panties.

Eddie drew closer. He stared into those lustful eyes as he brushed back her hair, toyed with her earlobe, her earring, trailed his fingers lightly down her neck then lifted the angle of her jaw and leaned in to kiss her.

His kiss was soft against her lips, then he kissed her again, this time parting her lips and reaching out with his tongue. She readily accepted him and moaned into his open mouth as his kisses deepened. Holly withered, wanting his un-given embrace.

After a few seconds, uşak escort bayan Eddie disengaged. That’s as much as I dare do, here in the lobby,” he said.

They talked for a few more minutes, then, Holly said, “I guess I should go,” knowing that that was the last thing she wanted to do.

Eddie stood, and reached down and gave her his hand, and she stood alongside him.

“Not yet,” he said. He looked up and pointed to a mezzanine above the lobby. “There’s a small restaurant up there. That’s where they serve breakfast. I think they’re closed now. Let’s take a walk up there so I can kiss you again.” Then he headed for the escalator with Holly in tow.

When they reached the top of the escalator, they turned toward the restaurant, only to see staff setting out new tablecloths in anticipation of the next service.

Eddie turned around and looked behind him. There was a long hall that led to an attached conference center. There was a classic car show in town and although the hall was relatively deserted, an occasional patron appeared at the other end, having left the conference center.

“Let’s take a walk down there and see what’s going on.”

Eddie and Holly, hand in hand, walked down the hallway, letting the patron pass them. They were alone by themselves as they walked, and Holly enjoyed the squeeze of Eddie’s hand in hers.

Two thirds of the way down the hall to the conference center was a small round reception area to the right, bound by floor-to-ceiling windows. It was empty. Eddie headed off in that direction and Holly kept pace. The area had an outside balcony, and inside there were several benches in front of the semi-circle of windows. They went to the furthest bench and sat. From this location, they could see the occasional patrons of the car show come and go from the conference hall. The area that they were in was unused for this event and they drew little attention from the passersby.

Eddie kissed Holly again. This was a deep wet kiss, and Eddie embraced her. Holly melted into him. As they kissed, Eddie brought his hand to her jawline, then her throat, and again she moaned. His hand trailed down the front of her sweater, brushing her covered cleavage.

Holly’s pussy was dripping wet.

Suddenly there was a small commotion as a mother and two small children noisily started heading their way. Eddie and Holly separated slightly as they came into view, trying to appear as if they were just casually chatting.

The children’s mom, realizing what she was interrupting, guided her children to the door leading to the outside balcony. The kids were only too happy to be out in the sunshine, looking out over the city.

And Eddie kissed Holly again.

The children’s giggles and screams, just outside the windows where they were sitting, made Eddie feel uneasy. A few minutes later, mom and children came back inside and headed back toward the conference center and disappeared.

Eddie and Holly continued to kiss, his hand running up the inside of her thigh, against her jeans. Holly spread her legs slightly and Eddie placed his hand firmly over her denim covered sex, pressing his fingers into her as they kissed. Holly’s hips undulated in small thrusts as he kissed her neck.

More patrons walking by, and Eddie stopped, much to Holly’s dismay. He looked around and saw a recessed elevator door off across the room where they were. From that angle, no one would be able to see them unless they walked directly into the reception area where they were sitting.

“Let’s go over there,” Eddie said, and Holly reached out grabbing his hand and eagerly followed.

Off to the side of the elevator was a door with a sign that said,Staff Only. Eddie pushed on the door, and it easily opened, and he dragged Holly through it. Once inside, there was another door that was locked. It had a sign that saidKitchen. This left Eddie and Holly alone in a small alcove, away from prying eyes.

He pinned Holly up against the wall and kissed her deeply, his hands roving under her sweater to her bra covered breasts. Holly returned Eddie’s kisses, pulling him into her.

Eddie pulled up Holly’s sweater and scooped her left breast from its resting place. He looked up into her eyes as he kissed her flesh. His tongue bathing her areola in saliva, brushing against her nipple making it grow erect. As he latched on, Holly’s pussy became a dripping fountain of her nectar. She could feel her nipple harden in his mouth as he kneaded and orally ravaged her breast. Holly gasped and reached out and brought her hand to the back of Eddie’s head and encouraged him to feed from her. With her other hand she reached down and stroked his cock through his pants. She wanted nothing more than to feel his hardness inside her.

Eddie released Holly’s breast and kissed her again and she felt lightheaded. He found the waistband of her jeans and snaked his hand down the front, into her panties, resting on her mons, his escort uşak fingers toying with her vulva and clitoris. Holly’s hands came to his shoulders wrapping around him, pulling him into her as he fingered her to orgasm.

Eddie pulled his hand from her pants and licked her off his moist fingers, before sharing her taste in a tender kiss.

As they kissed, they heard someone approaching. It was a woman with a small child heading to the elevator, the child giggling begging mommy to let her push the button.

Eddie and Holly were silent, and he held his hand against the unlocked door as they approached. They stayed there silent to the ding of an opening elevator door, then closing, carrying away their intrusion.

Holly adjusted her bra and straightened her sweater, and they left the small alcove hand in hand and headed back down the hall toward the lobby.

“Everything, everything about you, everything you did to me, was perfect. Thank you,” Holly said as they approached the escalators.

Eddie walked past the escalator, Holly in tow, and headed to a nearby elevator.

“I’m not done with you yet,” Eddie’s dominant side boiled to the surface. Holly felt flushed again as Eddie dragged her inside and the elevator door closed. He pushed the button for the 10th floor then pushed Holly up against the wall and kissed her deeply, his hand running up the inside of her thigh and cupping her hot moist jeans.

Holly just submitted and a calm trust overtook her as they kissed.

When they reached the 10th floor, he placed his arm around Holly’s waist and guided her down the hall to his room. Once inside, Eddie pushed Holly up against the wall, brought his hand to her throat, and kissed her deeply.

He disengaged from her lips and used his hand to push her head to the side. He plied her neck with hot wet kisses from its base to her ear and in a commanding whisper said: “take off everything then kneel next to the bed, hands on your knees.”

Then he released her, and Holly complied in silence. As she knelt there, an inner peace descended over her. She wanted nothing more than to totally submit to this man.

Eddie proceeded to the other side of the room and stripped himself of his clothing. He sat in the large lounge chair in front of a window overlooking Holly’s city.

“Come over here baby girl and kneel down in front of me, eyes down.”

At the sound of that term,baby girl, Holly’s cunt quivered and released a fresh measure of her dew. Without a word, Holly slowly stood and carried out Eddie’s command. She knelt in front of this man naked in front of her, knowing that he would soon claim her body just as he had already claimed her soul.

“Make love to this cock that’s going to breed you baby girl.”

‘Fuuuuuuuck! Did he just say he’s going to breed me?’ Holly’s brain was running wild, and her pussy was dripping wet and aching to be fucked, as she gingerly picked up Eddie’s cock.

“Look at me. I want to see those pretty eyes as I watch you suck my cock.”

Holly locked her gaze to Eddie’s as she slowly and softly kissed his crown. She slathered the ridge of his crown with her tongue, while one hand slowly worked his shaft. Eddie firmed almost immediately.

Holly plied Eddie’s shaft with soft wet kisses as she descended toward his manscaped balls. She took each orb, in turn, into her mouth, lashing it with her tongue, bathing it in saliva, all the while continuing to stroke his member with her hand.

She ran her tongue back up the underside of his cock and was pleased to see a pearl of pre-cum that she had milked from the slit. She stared into Eddie’s eyes as she ran the tip of her tongue along his slit scooping up his pre-cum up then running her tongue along her upper lip and sensually savoring its taste.

Holly began kissing Eddie’s crown again with soft wet kisses, each a little more enveloping, until her lips encased his crown.

Now it was Eddie’s turn to moan.

Holly slowly thrust Eddie in and out of her mouth, her tongue never stopping its circular caresses. Holly used one hand to milk his shaft, will the other caressed his balls. Her eyes never left his stare, even as his eyes would close in ecstasy.

Eddie reached down and lifted Holly’s mouth off his cock. He placed his thumb in her mouth and she eagerly accepted him, sucking on him, whirling around him with her tongue. Eddie used his thumb in her mouth, his fingers under her chin, and guided her up off the floor and to his lips for as kiss.

As they were kissing, he put his hands on her waist and drew her in to straddle him.

Eddie’s hard cock rested against his abdomen. Holly began grinding on it, splaying her labia as she rode up and down along his shaft. They continued to kiss.

Holly rose up slightly and reached back and grabbed Eddie’s cock and guided it to her entrance, then she slowly impaled herself upon his rod.

Holly gasped into Eddie’s open mouth as her labia kissed his crown and swallowed his shaft. Holly set up a steady rhythm, raising herself, before burying him deep inside her hot, tight, wet, cunt.

Eddie disengaged from her lips and latched onto her breast and sucked hard. He reached around and grabbed her ass on both sides and guided her rhythm as she fucked him.

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