Bree 3 – A Trip To The Mountains


This is the third of the eight related stories involving my wife Bree and their friends. They are all in sequence and should be read in this order;
The first story is actually a prequel involving my then long-term college girlfriend, Kate, (Bree 1 – Kate) which lead to Bree 2 – Girlfriend’s Big Surprise, this (Bree – 3), the third story with Bree being the main participant; The fourth story is the sequel: Bree 4 – Wife’s Accidental Encounter With The Donkey, followed by Bree 5 – Bree and Suzanne Go To The Mountains and then the sequel Bree 6 – The Awakenings, Bree 7 – Shannon’s Encounter with Jake the Donkey, Bree 8 – The Reunion (a stand alone story but references people in Bree 1 – 6).

As a reminder, you are encouraged to read these stories in succession so you will gain an understanding of how these events began and unfolded over time.

Bree 3

Note: Names and years have been changed to prevent deduction of actual identities!

Surprisingly it was my ex-long-term girlfriend/almost fiancée Kate that, unknowingly to me, set me up on a date with Briana (Bree for short) when we were both students during our last semester of college. They both lived in the same sorority house attending Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in San Marcos. Kate and Bree shared adjoining rooms with a connecting bath and were very close friends, along with another very close friend, Shannon, who was Bree’s roommate.

Kate had briefly initially introduced me to Bree a couple of years before but our class schedules, degree paths, studies and work prevented much of any socializing. Whenever I did see Bree around campus there was always a gaggle of friends surrounding her so no chance of having a conversation with her and the horde always hanging around and I did not want to have the appearance of being intruding, but Briana always smiled and waved at me when she saw me The admiration got only bigger when she appeared twice in the Girls On Campus Calendar. At times we did make lingering eye contact several times at a distance and a big smile always appeared when she saw me.

Bree was five feet eight, stunning dark cinnamon redhead, bright sparkling emerald green eyes, dark skin complexion, very firm high set full large breasts that had a very pronounced European up-tilt to them as befitting her Irish-Nordic ancestry, small nipples and small areolas. When I first introduced to Bree, I thought (and so did many people) that her breasts were surgically enhanced due to the size, shape and firmness, but they were not, just blessed with great Irish-Nordic genes! And from her college calendar shoot she had a flat muscular abdomen with a pronounced ripped definition and was darkly suntanned very well. Bree outshone any swimsuit or lingerie model!

I’m tall (6’4’’) & lanky, formerly on the collegiate rodeo circuit at the time and one of the photographers for various campus organizations, majoring in photojournalism and then going to graduate school for the same.

During our last semester of college prior to entering grad school, my by-then ex-girlfriend/lover/almost fiance but still best friend Kate had persuaded me to come with her to Cheatem Street Warehouse where Robert Earl Keen was playing. As we mingled in the close confines of the dancehall Kate saw Bree and pulled me over to her. Kate had her quirky lopsided grinning smile being beamed at me with a twinkle in her eye when she told me that just us three would be together so we can have some long overdue socializing.

It was just a little while that it seemed I was being included in Bree’s conversation as if I was an old friend! I knew that Kate and Bree had been very close friends for some time, and I was pleasantly surprised that Bree seemed to know a lot about me. Briefly, I wondered why Kate and Bree and I had not socialized together before, then I quickly remembered Kate’s educational drive in her Premed degree plan in obtaining her MD/PhD that took up most of her time and we had really not gone out to many parties or socialized while we were together or with other couples due to her driven study habits. This in turn assisted my own studies as we most often were together at my off-campus house and we just hit the books. As it was, Kate was graduating college in only three years with honors. Kate’s decision to go to an out-of-state medical school to obtain her advanced degrees is what ended any further discussion of marriage and split us up during our last semester prior to graduate school. I always knew that Kate had a dream of being a doctor since she entered high school and I was not going to deny or affect her dream in any way, even if that meant losing her…

As we chatted in the jam-packed dance hall, someone brushed up behind Bree inadvertently spilling her beer all over me! Bree bought me a beer to make up for it and I wound up buying her one over her objections that she stilled owed me and was still embarrassed about it.

Bree mentioned she has seen me taking photographs around campus and at social events and knew I was on the rodeo team and had seen me compete quite a few times, and of course, in talking with Kate. She inquired that whenever we had seen each other, instead of just smiling and waving at each other from a distance, why I had not come up and talked to her. I explained she was always surrounded by a horde of friends and I did not want to appear to be intruding. Bree then remarked that there were many times when she wished someone had broken her free from the hordes, like me…

Man, What A Thrill!
This gorgeous very popular girl knew about me!
She saw me blush and it seemed her bright green emerald eyes twinkled when she saw my blush.

I did catch Bree looking surreptitiously at my wet thin button-down white dress shirt that clearly outlined my chest and matted chest hair. When she realized I knew she was looking covertly, she turned 10 shades of red and started stammering.
Bree, one of the most popular girls on campus was embarrassed!
Who would have thought!

We wound up talking the rest of the evening.
As we talked, it became quite evident Bree knew more about me than just casual conversation between two girlfriends!

Numerous times I watch Bree gently rebuff her numerous friends and breakaway from groups that tried to use her as a nucleus to form around so we could continue talking by ourselves. We were both surprised when closing time was announced. We decided to go get a bite to eat at IHOP (International House of Pancakes) and late that night/early morning I escorted Bree and Kate back to their sorority house. With the three of us standing close together on the porch, Kate gave me a somewhat unchastely kiss goodnight with Bree broadly grinning at us, then Kate told Bree “to go ahead” and then she quickly gave Bree a light kiss on her lips and then Kate went inside…

I was confused and it must have shown!
Kate had just told Bree to “go ahead”, then kissed her, went inside and shut the door behind her, leaving Bree lingering on the porch with me. Bree looked at me with amusement seeing my confusion and came closer. As Bree lightly trailed one hand down my chest she said what a fantastic time she had, just the three of us, and regretted we had not started doing this a longtime ago. Then Bree surprised me by asking me out!

I stammered and said

“What about Kate?
You both are best friends, and you know how serious we were about each other and she is still my best friend…”

Bree stood there with an incredulous look on her face and then stated

“Kate told me you were dense at times and this must be one of them!
Kate arranged this evening for you and I.
She cares that much for you…”

Bree reached up and gave me a lingering kiss on the corner of the mouth, then with a bemused look and a green twinkle in her eyes, said she would call me tomorrow!

My amicable ex-girlfriend/best friend Kate had not only given Bree her approval to date me but had actually setup this encounter! After just a few short weeks after Cheatem Street Warehouse we were quite serious and we got married while we were in our last semester of graduate school. Kate served as Maid of Honor!

As our careers took off, my job took me on trips fairly frequently and Bree mentioned she was lonely and got tired of coming home from work to the big empty ranch house and the large ranch our parents have given us upon our wedding. We had a few hundred head of cattle; couple gelded horses and just bought a donkey named Jake to keep the coyotes away from the calves, however Jake seemed to become more of a pet than a guard donkey. With our financial planning and investments, we figured if we had outside careers besides the ranch operations, by the time we were forty we could settle down to just operating the ranch.

Our friendship with Kate and her husband Rick deepened to where we were now more than best of friends after getting reacquainted at a university fundraiser a couple of years back after not seeing each other for about a year due to our careers. Rick was a good friend of mine during college and we were both on the collegiate rodeo team at the same time. You can prove an old adage wrong as I did by not only still being friends with an ex-girlfriend, but also having you and your wife being best friends with an ex-girlfriend and her husband!

I would say that being best friends with Kate and Rick is an understatement we were more like family. Plus considering that Kate and I had discussed marriage ourselves but then the out-of-state medical school offer had come thru for Kate with it’s 80 plus hour weeks for her for up to five years.

Kate and Rick, lived near Fredericksburg, had inherited a large family ranch with a small Arabian breeding stable, and also bred prize-winning miniature horses and ponies. Kate had also surprised everyone after graduating from college by entering medical school. Now, even though Kate had been a wild child, she was also extremely smart. She graduated college with honors in three years and got her M.D./Ph.D degree in four years – half the time it usually takes, moved back to Texas and established a very successful psychiatry, marriage counseling and couples sexual therapy practice in Austin.

Privately, she liked to jokingly remind me that it was “My Fault” that she wound up practicing couples sexual therapy! I myself thought it was because Kate was slightly hypersexual along with the things we did when were together (see Bree 1) and she undertook this path to learn more about her own sexuality.

We visited Kate and Rick frequently and also occasionally stayed there to care of their stock and their Great Dane, Trojan, while they were out of town for extended lengths at horse shows and they did the same for us.

Bree and I also enjoyed going to the dog shows and she liked the larger breeds and really liked the Great Danes, she thought they looked so regal and enjoyed their playful nature. Kate and Rick had a Great Dane who acted as a member of their family and it probably was this that convinced us to get one as well.

A year ago we wound up getting a Dane and called him Duke (aren’t all Great Danes called Duke?) from the same person that Kate & Rick got Trojan. The lady we got him from specialized in size and disposition of her Danes, only raised a select few herself and consistently placed at the Westminster Dog Show the last 15 years. Kate was insistent that we bring Duke with us each time we came to visit so our dogs could be accustomed to each other and be playmates. One time on a visit, when Duke had reached full size, we were sitting by the pool and Kate looked at me with that twinkle in her eye I had known for so long and remarked to me what a “Big Boy” he turned out to be, much bigger than their own, that Bree must have a handful handling him!

It suddenly dawned on me what Kate had insinuated causing me to snort my drink thru my nose and everyone started laughing. Good thing my red face disguised the blush that I knew had developed with that remark. It instantly had flashed me back to when Kate and I were together and the things that had occurred, then another more recent memory surfaced – of a story recently told to Bree and I while we spent a week at the beach with some other old college friends (see Bree 2 – Girlfriend’s Big Surprise!).

As I rose to get cleaned up, I silently glared at Kate when the others could not see.
Kate gave me that slow sly grin of hers and winked at me…!

Duke and Bree quickly grew attached to each other and anyone could clearly see that Duke was “her” dog.

Recently, the stress of both our jobs decided that we both needed to get away for a vacation that did not include the usual annual family clan gathering in Colorado.

Both of our parents were very well-to-do and my parents have a lodge near Silverton, CO that was “off the grid” but did have a propane powered refrigerator, and a solar powered electrical system to power the well and water supply system. We trailered our horses as well so we could ride them in the mountains.

Two days remained of our two-week vacation and we went on a late afternoon walk with Duke. It was early summer but the temperature still got pretty cool at the heights we were located. We noted the clouds were building up but before we could get back to the cabin we got caught in a downpour.

Bree said she was going to jump into the shower to warm up and for me to light the fire and join her, after I towel Duke off. Well, I admit I did a pretty quick job of toweling Duke off while anticipating what awaited me in the shower. This shower was one of the large modern walk in ones with clear glass panels with a 45 degree bend in one panel to keep water from splashing out that you walked around to enter the shower area.

Bree looked stunning with her tall nude, suntan contrasted lithe athletic body and firm large high set breasts glistening in the shower with the sunlight cascading thru the broad windows of the house and then thru the clear glass shower panels. Bree liked to wear around our pool at the ranch, when she wore a swimsuit at all if we did not have company – Brazilian cut low rise bikinis that left the side of her hips entirely bare except for where the slender strings crossed to tie the two small bottom pieces, as well as leaving bare the front of the legs, with string micro triangle sliding tops that just barely covered her nipples and areolas.

She looked like a goddess standing under the waterfall showerhead with the sunlight streaming thru the clear glass shower panels, reflecting off her glistening toned body, her tanned and untanned contrasts of her breasts and body. Her small tight firm muscular curvaceous ass looked like tiny glaring white moons contrasted against her darkly tanned body, then the tiny twin white spotlights of the very small untanned nipple areas of her large firm up-swept breasts.

Bree and I started fooling around in the shower when Duke poked his head around the walk- in-shower and Bree saw that I did a pretty poor job of toweling Duke dry and stopped any further proceedings. Bree walked out of the shower, dried off and put on a short silk semi-sheer La Perla robe that just barely reached the curve of her small firm cheek bottoms when she was standing straight. Due to size and cut of the robe, quite a bit of large firm cleavage was also exposed. Bree had purchased this robe for our honeymoon and after several years still never failed to excite me, not to mention Bree worked out for at least an hour and a half running and lifting weights five days a week.

Bree started to towel Duke off and it was a pretty erotic sight. Bree was bent over slightly with her rear to me, (still in the shower), legs slightly spread, and the short robe had ridden halfway up her firm parted muscular buttocks.

I had a clear view of her denuded pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen and slightly parted from our fooling around, and tantalizing glimpses of her nether region as she forcefully toweled Duke. Bree just had a small, narrow trimmed triangle of cinnamon colored pubic hair above her pussy, everything around her genitalia and anal areas had been lasered away, courtesy of one of her best friends who owns a laser hair clinic. The view got even better as the toweling continued as the motions caused the belt of the silk robe to loosen and the robe widely parted open allowing me to see Bree’s sun tan contrasted firm heavy breasts sway with her toweling efforts.

A half hour later all three of us were sitting on the floor in front of a roaring fire. Underneath us was a large padded fake polar bear skin rug. When sitting on the floor, Duke had his usual spot with his head in her lap. Bree had on her robe and I had mine (though not like Bree’s!). I had gotten champagne; strawberries and whipped crème that we enjoyed (Duke like strawberries and the whipped crème too).
The fire was warm and Bree and I loosened our robes.

As I hand fed Bree the berries and crème, Bree had leaned back from her sitting position with her arms behind her to enjoy the radiant heat from the fire on the front of her body and also to enjoy my appreciative distractions viewing her partially reclined and mostly nude body, the robe was now completely unbelted, the edges loose and dangling along the back sides of her exposed breasts revealing her large full pert breasts tilted upwards, her long lean taut muscular torso – her legs slightly parted…

Duke had his long thick tongue lolling out and looked happy. I guess if I had my head in my wife’s lap with her wearing nothing but a short openly parted robe and she was scratching my ears, and eating berries and cream then I’d be happy too!

I guess I was distracted from the view because as I was reaching over to feed her a berry, it slipped from my fingers and dropped onto her leg, Duke reached his tongue out and got it, and then did another couple of swipes to get the remaining cream.
Bree did a slight shiver feeling his tongue on her bare leg.

“Oh Escort My Gosh!” Bree stated

“Now that’s the kind of tongue you need!”


“With a tongue that long I couldn’t talk” I told her.

“Yes honey, but think what else you could do with it!” Bree grinned.

“You mean lick my own dick?” I quipped.

Bree hit at me “That wasn’t what I meant” she said.

Bree hit me just as I was fixing to give her a particularly large strawberry covered with a lot of whipped crème, it fell from my fingers and it hit below her navel and slid downward, Bree giggled and shivered as it slid downward from the cold sensation of the crème and the contrast of the radiant warmth from the fire on her body.

Duke’s eye had tracked the falling berry and did what any other canine would do to go after a treat; he forcefully pushed his large head between the juncture of her legs spreading them as he did so and swiped his long tongue after the crème and the elusive berry.

Bree went stock still and then Duke continued swiping his long tongue licking the crème off and trying to get at the berry that evidently was on the rug directly below Bree’s pussy.

“Make him stop”

Bree said with a quivering voice…

Bree’s body was quivering and her small nipples had gone to instant diamond hardness…

Now have you ever tried to get a 190-pound Great Dane to stop doing something that he was obviously intent on getting?

I tried anyway by pulling on his collar but that just seemed to make him bury his head deeper in Bree’s parted legs. Duke could not be budged and his licking did not stop either…

“Bree, I can’t get him to move” I said

“Well how about me” Bree stuttered

“He won’t stop licking and he is licking me… you know…down there….”

With Bree’s stuttering, which I have come to know she does when she is embarrassed or is not in control of a situation; I reappraised what was going on:

Bree was still reclining back on her arms, her legs now involuntarily spread from Duke’s massive head forcing its way between the juncture of her legs to lick the crème and get at the berry. Bree’s breathing had increased and became rapid – her exposed gorgeous tan contrasted chest heaving her hard nipple up-turned breasts upwards with every breath. The berry-covered crème must have slid down the length of her pussy before dropping to the rug and was now trapped in cleft of her curvaceous pretty ass

“Doesn’t it feel good?” I asked

I hoped Bree did not notice the gleam in my eye that I was sure was present.

“Oh yeah it feels good” she protested “But…but it’s Duke”

“Right now he looks like a horny male eating the hot pussy of a gorgeous woman,” I said.

“Well still you…OHHHHH!”

As Duke shoved further causing Bree to jump a little, his huge head forcefully spreading her legs slightly wider apart

“But…but it feels good…”

I was splitting my sides.
My cock had also gotten very hard…

“I guess you should enjoy it till he gets tired of it then”

I softly whispered to Bree to remember Kate’s philosophy?
“If It Feels Good, Then Do It”
“If you are mentally and physically comfortable with an idea and it does not harm you or a willing partner then, why not?
Go For It!”

I couldn’t tell if Bree was paying attention to what I said or not!’
I noticed that before I even started talking she had started to slowly spread her legs farther apart as I caressed her back and leg and now Bree had her legs splayed widely apart so her pussy was totally exposed, she leaned back against me and tilted her pussy mound up into the greedily licking tongue. Now Duke was able to really go to town, evidently he must have gotten interested in something else after the crème was licked up and caught Bree’s scent from arousal from our early encounter in the shower and now from the inadvertent licking of her pussy. Bree noted the long tongue was hot and raspy, but not particularly wet — it felt wonderful!

Her pussy lips had flowered wide-open to the energetic tongue lashing, her labia lips were already engorged and swollen, better, I could see that Bree’s clit was rock hard and clearly protruding out, visibly palpitating repeatedly from the effects of the stimulating tongue. Then Bree jumped as I saw the tip of his tongue seem to go in her about two inches then lick up to her clit. Bree moaned loudly when he did this and angled her pussy further up. She apparently was in for the long haul. I decided that since Bree was a little tongue-tied right now that I would suck on her nipples. As Bree felt my hot mouth on her small taut nipple, she slowly moved a hand to grasp my cock – she let out a little gasp and quickly glanced at me when she felt how hard and throbbing it was. Bree let out a low deep moan from Duke lapping at her pussy and lapping his tongue into her tight vaginal opening and me at her nipples, and then Bree came in a loud explosive orgasm.

“You want me to make him stop now hon?” I asked.

“Forget it…it feels real good now” she replied
“Just don’t spread this around!”

As Bree spoke this she increased the jacking of my almost ten-inch thick throbbing cock.
My cock felt almost painful being this hard!

“Yeah –yeah-yeah…” Bree moaned, trembling violently

I knew how good Bree’s pussy tasted and I guess she tasted pretty good to Duke. He now had his nose buried deep in her. His tongue must have been lapping a good four inches in her now, probing far deeper than any man’s tongue had ever gone – Bree was getting fucked by his tongue! As I watched she lifted her trim firm ass higher. Bree begged me to fuck her then. I told her that I wasn’t about to make the Duke mad until he was finished.

Bree was rapidly jacking my cock now.
I realized if she kept this up and watching her and Duke, I was quickly going to cum all over her.

Bree had turned a little on her side and had slightly cocked one leg up; Duke had moved around to get a better angle to lap her pussy. Duke’s hindquarters were now toward her head. I was sucking a nipple when I heard Bree gasp and utter “Holy Shit!” I looked up to see her staring at the huge, and I mean huge hard cock that was quivering beneath him. Her mouth had fallen open in unabashed shock and awe as she caught sight of the immensely long and immensely thick tapered, red cock protruding from its sheath like a huge bludgeon.
I am fairly large myself at almost ten inches with more than decent girth but this had me beat!

It looked almost as fat as a Coke bottle and from what was exposed and what I could see was still sheathed I estimated it was probably just past eleven inches long from the tip to the slight bulge that was the beginning of his knot, then another 21/2 inches to the base of his knot, so altogether about a little more than thirteen inches in total length!

Looking at Bree’s enraptured look it was clear her inhibitions had melted away in the intense heat of her desire and I could see her mind reeled with lashings of lust as she gazed at the cock in profile. I couldn’t resist pushing how far she may go…

“Looks like he wants something else” I said

“He must have the biggest case of blue balls anyone ever had, it has to be painful, it is for all guy’s… until they get some relief” I added.

Bree’s eyes were glued to his cock and balls, fascinated. She knew she had caused Duke to have a huge erection and she rationalized she was obliged to give him some relief. Her past boyfriends had even told her the same thing! By their descriptions and the way they popped off so quickly when she gave them hand jobs she knew it was pleasurable agony till they did pop off.

Giving him a hand job was only a little naughty and similar to what Duke had given her. And, she could not deny it – she was more aroused than she had ever been before and knew it would be tremendously exciting to have that huge hot throbbing cock shaft in her stroking fist, much, much bigger and hotter than any she had ever jacked off, not that there had been that many…

Bree tentatively reached under Duke.
I almost shot my load then as she grasped the huge red cock.
Duke started to slowly hump her hand like he was fucking, slowly Bree smiled.
I thought that a male was a male even if it was a dog!
Duke seemed to sense something and he moved closer.
The huge cock was right above her face.
Bree stroked it and looked at it with a distant look in her eyes.

I had to move aside then.

Duke was crowding me from my wife, or was my wife crowding me???

Bree was beyond any civilized thinking now as the Duke kept driving his tongue relentlessly into her tilted up pussy. When I moved aside she had put the hand she was stroking my cock with on Duke’s cock to join her other hand.

With one hand before the other one there was still way plenty of cock left over, and she could not even close her hands even half way around the cock. She took one of her hands off and again reached for my cock, then Bree started languidly jacking both of our cocks while she pushed her pussy onto his nose harder.

I watched as Bree skimmed her hand up and down, lightly at first and then tightening her grip started to jack energetically. His cock hammered in her grip as Duke fucked his cock through her stroking fist.

His cock seemed to get even bigger to both of us. Surprisingly – I watched as Bree moved partially under Duke!

I watched as Bree slid her tongue across her sensual lower lip and her mouth parted slightly, clearly she had abandoned to wholly unrestrained passion now, all of her inhibitions gone. I knew it would not be long before he started shooting precum and Bree was going to get the surprise of her life if she did not get out from under him…

Just as I completed the thought, a long powerful hot jet squirted onto her heaving hard nipple breasts.

“OH!” Bree gasped.

But she did not relinquish her grip or her jacking as she continued to jerk his cock as she kept it levered down – aimed at her heaving breasts as it continued to squirt powerful jets of hot precum, coating her breasts, her hard nipples dripping milky liquid and running between her cleavage down the flat plane of her taut muscular stomach.

A look of awe came over Bree’s face. I knew she had jacked off a few of her past boyfriends, she had told me so, she was not serious enough with them to go all the way, just one other guy besides me, but never had she seen a man shoot out such a great amount as this.

Bree whispered “he sure came a lot and he is still hard”

I explained to Bree that was still just precum, he still has not orgasmed, you can tell because his knot has not really developed yet and nowhere near the full size it could be.

I should have realized, from the way she was looking at it, that she was thinking of doing something else with it. I didn’t get it till I saw she had a wild look in her eyes, Bree had this incredible look of primal lust that literally shouted:


Bree was seething with lust, inspired by the naughty thing she had allowed to be done to her, and that she had done. Naughty it might be – but what a fucking thrill it had been! The dark knowledge as exciting as the acts themselves had been.

My sweet wife had aroused some primitive deep-seated single-minded desire that could only be met and fulfilled by wanton abandonment to pure sexual fulfillment!


Bree reached and pulled me between her legs. She wanted to fuck and I didn’t want her getting mad. Her pussy was wet and openly parted for me, her swollen engorged pussy lips open like the petals of a flower, gleaming pink with moisture, her body had developed a slight glistening perspiration sheen and I slowly pushed my almost ten inch cock all the way into her tight love tunnel, meeting tightly clinging resistance all the way as she repeatedly humped her tight pussy onto it.

I always had difficulty entering Bree’s vagina due to her tightness. Her gynecologist had told her she had an unusual tight vaginal entrance as well as a narrow vaginal sheath. We had learned to do extensive foreplay and keep a bottle of Bad-Dragon Cum Lube around just in case, but this time…her unbridled passion had her urgently humping her pussy onto my cock!

In the years we have been married I don’t think that she was ever as hot as she was then. When I finally lay exhausted fifteen minutes later I knew that Bree still wanted more, she still had that “look” about her. She kept looking at Duke and then back at me and asked

“Do you think that Duke would lick me again?”

I replied, “let’s find out”

Bree called Duke over as I placed a pillow under Bree’s lovely ass and Duke dived right in.

It was less than a minute it seemed that Bree started to squirm and fluttering her hips up and down, Bree reached up and started caressing Duke’s sheath and then grasped his cock as it started to get hard and he started making humping motions.

Bree asked in a small voice

“Do you think we could get him to rub his cock against my clit?
Would it bother you?
I am still so damn horny, I do not want to get up to get a dildo because that will break the mood… do you think we can?” she asked. In a low husky lust-filled voice

I told her that was between her and Duke….

Bree made a sound with her lips and Duke looked up at her. I told her that if she got on her hands and knees, that he would get the idea. When he got into position over her, to grasp his cock and hold it against pussy and clit while he was humping.

I don’t remember ever seeing Bree react so fast.

In a flash she was on her hands and knee’s, wagging her small sexy curvaceous tight ass at Duke.

He looked at her and then went to her…

Normally a dog has to hop upon the back of whatever he was fucking but Duke was so large he just walked over the top of my wife. Bree with her five feet, eight inch height when in the kneeling position was just right for Duke. Duke stood well over three feet tall when on all fours. If he stood on his hind leg’s he would be taller than me.

His large cock had stiffened up more as he gave Bree’s exposed pussy and ass some long licks and as he moved over her he began making humping motions in the air, his cock coming closer until it started sliding between the small twin muscular moons of her firm parted ass cheeks. Bree let out a low slow moan enjoying the sensation. I told Bree that she had better guide him or else it might go into a place she was not prepared for…

Bree spread her knees apart, leaned forward with her chest and head down with her ass up in the air. As she looked underneath, she reached back to capture the fully erect slowly thrusting cock and held it for a few moments feeling it slid between the parted moons of her firm muscular ass then started to guide it down to the parted swollen folds of her pussy.

Before she even got it close to her pussy, Duke started squirting precum like a fire hose against her ass and then directly against her denuded pussy and clit.

Bree gave a surprised “OH!” when she felt powerful jets of hot fluid repeatedly squirt against her sensitive erogenous areas.

I watched copious amounts of precum squirt against her pussy; in-between her openly parted cuntal labia lips directly into her exposed open furrow, and pouring off her spread cheeks and exposed tight anus and pussy in rivulets.

When Bree felt a hot jet spray directly against her hard exposed clit, I could tell she almost came right then (she loves to feel the jets in our hot tub) as a low guttural moan escaped from between her parted lips then she managed to press the cock between her swollen parted labia folds…

And then suddenly the hottest wildest thing Bree had ever felt in life started.
With a sudden hiss she cried out as the squirting hot red tip (red rocket) brushed along her swollen engorged openly parted labia lips and then hit her swollen protruding clit. She pressed his throbbing cock in place as Duke began to slowly hump, precum still squirting out in hot jets. Bree pressed the thrusting sliding throbbing cock firmly against her pussy in the middle of the narrow open furrow of her swollen openly parted cuntal labia lips, her swollen parted lips clutching either sides of the massive shaft as the shaft slid back and forth against her furrow, up and over her protruding clit then reaching her navel before being withdrawn for another thrust, Bree let out a low moan with each thrust.
Precum squirted powerfully, hitting her firm breasts and dripping off her taut nipples.

As Duke increased his pace, Bree had more and more difficulty pressing the thrusting cock against her clit with more of the slippery precum covering her hands, not realizing or caring that she actually did not have a firm hold on the massive slippery cock but was rather pressing it against her…then Bree gave a loud UNNGGHHH! as she lost control and the tip impaled her tight pussy! Bree tried to pull away but Duke’s legs were preventing her from moving.


I whispered to Bree
‘let it go deeper so you can feel it better…’

Hotly, she huskily tried to respond but kept tripping over her tongue…

Bree grunted as if in discomfort while the Duke’s cock seemed to just batter at her tight vaginal entrance without much penetration due to the massive girth of his cock and her abnormally tight entrance and tight vaginal sheath. I watched mixed emotions rapidly cross her face as Bree experienced a thrilling sensation of starting to be stuffed to the brim with a cock that was massive and thundering inside her – fully aware that only a couple of inches had entered. I leaned in to kiss her deeply but kept my eyes open and gently caressed a hard nippled swaying breast. She whimpered and gasped between Escort Bayan our locked lips, her tongue thrusting hungrily against mine, I watched her face calming as Bree spread her knees further apart and the massive cock entered her a little more. She jerked back, fucking herself on an inch or two of cock as she deeply moaned into our locked lips

‘So, So Fucking HOT! So Fucking HUGE!’

Duke kept humping away.

Duke seemed not to care if she was ready for him or not.

He just wanted to fuck his massive shaft deeper into Bree’s very tightly constricted love tunnel.

Our lips unsealed and I moved down to see the action and reactions.

Later, Bree told me that for a few brief moments upon the initial penetration her mind warred with herself as rationality overrode an intensity of arousal that she had never before experienced – that she was in this position trying to let a dog screw her, fighting with all the morals from her upbringing and thinking “I shouldn’t be doing this, it’s sooo wrong, so naughty!” And yet it felt so good and so right!
Then again she remembered Kate’s philosophy:
“If It Feels Good, Then Do It”
“If you are mentally and physically comfortable with an idea and it does not harm you or a willing partner then, why not?
Go For It!”

And then she felt that hot massive squirting cock thrust deeper into her tight pussy as another powerful jet of hot precum exploded into her, her vaginal tunnel rippled and tightly clamped onto him, molding around the huge contours of his massive cock as she felt her vaginal muscles began to work and all doubts instantly vanished as another overwhelming undeniable surge of arousal and lust flowed thru her and after that, not for a moment did it occur to her to abandon her position on all fours and call a halt to the proceedings…
I saw the massive red rocket pull back before he pushed forward again, the cock thickness pushing Bree forward as well as trying to enter her tight passage.
Bree had an awed lustful look on her face, that today still, I cannot fully or accurately describe!

She was certainly no longer trying to get away but was trying to facilitate things as I watched her arch her back and tilt her ass up.

I silently watched as Bree started to make small fucking back motions trying to meet each thrust, by this time it still looked like half of that massive cock still was not in.
By now I wanted to see her take all that huge cock into her.

I softly said to Bree

“Come on baby…fuck that cock!
I want to see you take more of it!”

“OHHH Honey…you sure?”

Bree replied as she started lustily humping her firm ass backwards and more forcefully onto the cock even as she was speaking, her heavy firm hard nippled breasts swaying with her efforts as she hunched to keep up with Duke’s rapid fuck-strokes

I whispered in her ear that I did…

If Bree had been fucking back against Duke, she now fucked back even harder. She pushed back hard as Duke humped forward. It took several fucking back and thrusting forward motions to slowly work the massive cock deeper into her very tight vagina.

Later, Bree told me said she could feel him growing and expanding, getting bigger & bigger inside her with each thrust and she had been briefly afraid as her pussy had always been tight and was now afraid that she wouldn’t be able to handle his girth or length but her worries vanished as she lost herself into the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced as he continued to ram himself into her.

In conjunction, they forced her vaginal opening to stretch to fit around the enormous girth of the cock and slowly work that massive cock deeper into her tight vaginal sheath. I watched the large, heavy balls swing closer and closer to Bree’s firm upturned ass.
Duke gave a huge lunge, Bree let out a loud long
as the Duke sunk his cock to the hilt into her.

Bree just gritted her teeth and hung on so to speak as Duke began to hump into her fast and with ferocity, his heavy balls pounding against Bree’s pussy and clit with a loud resounding slapping noises and sounds of loud squishing fuck noises echoed in the room. For a brief moment Bree thought about how perfectly designed a dog’s cock was for fucking women.
She had never been fucked this good! No man alive could fuck like this…!

Urghhhhh, Uuuunnfffffff!!!
Repeatedly blew out of Bree’s mouth as he drove into her forcing his cock deep into her pussy pushing the air from her body as he slammed home.

she moaned as they both started to find the rhythm

I never believed that a flesh and blood creature could fuck so fast.
All my wife could do was let herself be fucked hard and grunt breathless sounds like “Unh…unh…unh” each time that massive cock thrust into her as she tried to meet each thrust

Bree’s body swayed in time with the sheer force of each of his furious stokes, his heavy hanging balls slapped Bree’s protruding hard clit.

Her excitement was clearly evident and there was a lot of sucking, squishing noises from her soaked pussy – she jerked and jolted as he fucked into her and as Bree fucked back, his huge cock filling her, dragging her pussy almost inside out as he pulled back, then stuffing her labia lips up inside her as he fucked into her again, her heavy hard nipple breasts swayed back and forth with every thrust.

Sweat was dripping off the tips of her taut swollen nipples and Bree was rapidly breathing hard with her mouth parted open…

she whispered in a tight voice as Bree closed her eyes and felt that thick long massive cock jack-hammering into her tight quivering hole without let, her pussy being stimulated and filled to a level she has never before experienced – a mental image visualized of Duke mounted over her ramming into her for all he was worth with the biggest cock she ever had – real or fake!

Duke pounded so violently and as Bree later told me, she couldn’t hold back – the unique shape, massive girth and massive length of the hot thrusting throbbing cock fully filling and expanding her vaginal sheath as her vaginal walls again began clamping down at the onset of another orgasm. Bree was also feeling tip of the cock repeatedly thrust in and out of her cervical tunnel, and the hot pre-cum squirting against the cervix and into it as she had another orgasm.

Between her and Duke’s copious juices, the juices were visibly being squished out of Bree’s tightly confining vaginal sheath and forced out around his throbbing meat with a wet slurping sound, with actual frequent squirts from the quantity they were generating.

I could see that she loved the sensation far too much…


Now having an almost ten inch cock with a better than decent girth, I knew I was much bigger than average but I guess a lot of men as well as myself would fantasize having a massive cock to fuck their girlfriends or wives with, or seeing them fucked by another massive cock with the wives showing great evident passion like Duke was getting from Bree – the very loud vocal, physical and emotional responses that Duke was getting Bree to elicit but were afraid to let her near another man that would.

I didn’t have to worry about the other man!
If the scene wasn’t so damned erotically lusty and the hottest thing I had ever seen, Duke would have looked comical humping my beautiful wife as he stood over her, with Bree’s mouth hanging open, her hard nippled heavy firm breasts swaying in rhythm with the fucking, herself panting with exertion, sweat profusely glistening on her long hard lithe body – enthusiastically fucking back against the thrusting cock!

Suddenly, Bree felt her vaginal entrance widen as if an inflatable ball was jammed into her vaginal sheath, felt the sheer bliss of being spread wider while the massive cock continued thrusting into her. With each thrust she could feel the new addition pulling at her flared lips as the pace increased. Every stroke her lips spread wide as whatever it was pulled itself free only to be thrust back in.

Bree moaned out to me

“What is banging against my pussy and then sliding in and out of it?”

I told her that was his knot but his knot is still pretty small so it was sliding in and out of her pussy but it will soon swell to a state it will either stay outside of your pussy or will go inside and swell to a point it won’t come out for awhile, so now is the time to let him in if you really want to. I asked her if she wanted it in and she let a loud moaned

“Yesssss, the bulge feels Sooooo good sliding in and out
I want to experience what it feels like swelling inside me…!”

I intently watched the swelling progress for about another minute and noted Bree had increasing difficulty with each thrust of the ever-increasing swelling bulge pass in and out of her tight vaginal opening.

I whispered to her
“Soon honey, the next time you feel him pushing in, try to open yourself as wide as you can and push back hard. Once he gets it in, keep pushing back into him and try not to let it come out…”

Bree managed to spread her already widely parted legs a bit more then she loudly screamed as the knot pushed passed her tightly stretched opening, ballooning to unimaginable size inside her. The sounds of her animalistic grunts and ragged gasps for air filled the room.

I looked back and sure enough he had driven the swelling ball like knot right into her! The continuous pounding of his knot at her entrance had gradually opened her up until the knot was able to go in before it started swelling too big to go into her.

With her knees spread wide, the erotic rear view of Bree’s hairless pussy clamped around that large knot and her swollen engorged flared pussy lips that reached only slightly along the sides of that massive cock was indescribable!

Bree began to moan softly,

“Oh, Oh OH” she said, “It, it’s IN!!!”
I can feel him growing inside me, his cock is pushing into me even DEEPER!!!

Duke began driving into her with long measured strokes. Bree’s body eventually accommodated his massive girth and she again began to enjoy his rhythmic fucking of her – she had never been fucked so deep before! I watched with dropping jaw as she repeatedly pumped her ass back as she gorged her pussy on that thundering hot cock, wanting all and taking all! The cock thrusting deeply in and out of Bree’s womb had the effect of powerfully stimulating her uterus, now feeling the hot ejaculating precum in her womb, feeling not only the massive thrusting organ but a building pressure of hot fluid akin to a water balloon being slowly filled, which soon will soon culminate into Bree’s first experience with a intense powerful uterine orgasm and simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral orgasms. Bree’s large firm breasts swaying in rhythm with each pounding thrust.

Bree’s hard suntan contrasted body and large firm breasts swaying in rhythm with each pounding thrust and Bree enthusiastically fucking back was the most incredible erotic sight I had ever seen!

He dipped down and fed her a long, rippling under slung stroke that tilted her ass even further up into the air, then plunged in at a downward angle that forced her chest to the floor

Bree moaned
“He’s getting sooo fucking HUUUGE!!!

I almost laughed “Honey, he’s tied you…you will just have to wait till it goes down, after he orgasms…”

“How big is he, how long does that take?” Bree asked with a deep guttural moan

“Oh about a fifteen or twenty minutes at least, his knot appears to be the size of a softball, but like I said, he has to orgasm first, you will definitely know when he does….” I told her

Thru gritted teeth Bree responded
It feels a hell of a lot bigger than a softball and there is a bat attached to it and its still getting bigger!!!

Bree stated the feeling and the pressure from the size of the knot is incredible, she knew his knot was still swelling because she could feel the throbbing pressure against her G spot increasing.

This feels Soooo Fantastic! Uhhhhhhhh…

Duke began pumping faster, harder, as Bree’s head started to rock back and forth lolling down by the floor, her ass arched up, that sensation, growing, the huge orgasm building, building, the feeling of that huge, enormous, unbelievable monstrous squirting cock that filled her pussy till she felt like she would burst, the force and power of the fucking she was receiving as that huge hot cock mercilessly pounded her insides, in and out, his knot bashing her G-spot – nothing but animal urge within her, her mind free from thought as it single-mindedly concentrated on the feeling – all feeling and hot wanton emotion as her pussy poured cum and her firm full hard nippled breasts swayed in rhythm with each driving pounding thrust…

Bree was completely into the submersion of emotional and sensory perception – lost in the moment of being thoroughly being fucked deep and hard by a humongous live hot squirting cock like she had never been…

YES! YES! Oh… FUCK Yeah! That’s It! CUM INSIDE ME!
“Oh my God, he’s cumming in me! He’s cumming! Oh, shit, holy shit, it’s so much cum! FUCK! It’s sooo HOT! He’s filling my womb up! I can feel it swell with all he is pumping into me! Fuck! Ahhh, OH FUCK YES!

I watched her throw her head back involuntarily as she spread her legs impossibly wide as she arched her back lifting her ass up even higher encouraging more of the humongous monster cock to penetrate as deeply as possible as she emitted a beautiful, piercing primal orgasmic scream that arose from deep within her, crying out more loudly than any orgasmic cry I had ever heard her utter…

I’m going to CUMMMMMMM!!!
as she orgasmed.

Repeated racking orgasms shook her as again and again the repeated guttural cry rent the air as the massive cock continued to ram into her until her hoarse voice began to give out…
I recognized that look on her face as one of total orgasmic bliss.
From long experience, I knew that when Bree’s G spot is stimulated she would come every time and I realized that her pleasure was not only very real it was extremely INTENSE!

Bree in a deep guttural moan told me his cock had actually went well up into her womb and said she could feel his cock thrusting repeatedly up through her cervical tunnel and then felt it seesawing in and out of her womb, suddenly she could feel it flare and swell even more and could feel his hot cum jet and explode against the wall of her womb! Bree said it felt like a hot water hose gushing into her and the liquid heat and the pressure from the ejaculation was indescribable, this last bit she deeply moaned and then Bree let loose with another body racking orgasm!

Bree knew she was tied and locked which felt and indeed looked as if a softball or grapefruit was inside of her, Bree looked down at herself, impaled on the gargantuan cock. Her hard nippled breasts shook as her body trembled with residual orgasmic bliss.

Later Bree told me she experienced the most intense repeated body racking earth shattering shuddering multiple orgasms she had ever experienced. Being a combination of big balls slapping against her hard swollen protruding clit, a G-spot orgasm from the pressure of the large knot embedded within her pressing and rubbing against the G-Spot, combined with the cock going deep inside up into the cervical tunnel and feeling actual thrusting into her womb stimulating her into her first ever uterine orgasm culminating in feeling the hot cum explode directly into the womb. An explosion of a very large copious quantity of hot fluid far more powerful than the precum ejaculations. Feeling each ejaculation jet and needle the walls of her womb and then physically feeling the hot warmth spreading as well as the fluid pressure building up in the womb from the copious quantities being explosively and powerfully ejaculated. And it went on and on, for a full three minutes of continuous and voluminous ejaculations that then very slowly tapered off.
There was a building pressure in her abdomen from the enormous amount of cum being pumped into her womb; indeed her stomach bulging as if she were a few months pregnant.

It took several minutes before her trembling ceased; she then looked at me and said:

“Oh, honey, please don’t be jealous but I have never been fucked so thoroughly nor orgasmed so intensely or as many times!

I had my first ever uterine orgasm, most women never in their life get to experience that feeling!!!”

After a couple of minutes more in which they both were still, I noticed that Bree had started slowly moving. She had started to slowly gyrate her butt around and after awhile her pace started picking up as well as pushing back onto the thick humongous cock she was impaled and stuck on.

Evidently Duke liked what she was doing and started slowly humping into her but Bree was doing most of the action. I realized she was rubbing her G spot against the knot imbedded in her. Bree had her eyes closed and the tip of her tongue just protruding past her lips as she concentrated. I moistened a finger and reach for her hard swollen protruding clit and it was not long before she had another shuddering tremendous orgasm. Bree had a particularly sensitive G spot and was always multi orgasmic from her clit as well as her G spot.

It took twenty minutes till Duke’s knot reduced in size and was able to pull his cock from her.
I watched mesmerized as first one slanted edge of the still considerable sized knot very slowly edged out side ways, then the other side slowly edged out and then Duke’s cock slowly slithered forth with a loud prolonged schlepping noise.

When it came out, a flood of cum gushed out and Bree actually came again in a surprise orgasm as she felt the quantity of hot cum suddenly rush out and then down across her clit. Duke backed up and then started licking her pussy causing Bree to catch her breath from the sensation as a surprise final orgasm overcame her Bayan Escort from the licking. It took several minutes till she was able to speak without stuttering. She looked at Duke and his still dangling cock

“Oh My Gosh!
I cannot believe I took that whole thing!
It is so much longer and wider than any of the dildos we play with!

Indeed knot and all, Bree had thirteen plus inches of the biggest cock she had ever had embedded within her, real or fake!
And the knot had swollen to softball plus size inside her!!!

I helped her upstairs into the shower and went back down to cleanup the big mess they had made. By the time I got back to the bedroom, Bree had already drifted off to sleep.


I awoke with the sun shining in my eyes thru the big bay window and turned for Bree.
She was gone.
I got up and looked outside.

There on the porch Bree was sitting in the hanging wicker veranda chair, nude, with Duke up and between her legs again. She was leaning backwards with her butt hanging over the edge of the chair and had her arms wrapped around him as he was pile driving into her, swinging the chair back and forth with each thrust.

Bree was in heaven having the Duke fucking her missionary style with the chair swaying back and forth from the thrusting and Duke atop her and his humping. Bree looked back at me when she heard me there and smiled

“Look at him…he’s fucking me like you do.”

I knelt down caressing her hard nippled breasts and I asked her

“What? You could not wait for me to get started?”

As I kissed her deeply, a low throaty moan coming from deep within her, I gently tried to slide a finger up into her tightly puckered pulsating anus, something she loved, but I was having difficulty doing so with such a large cock thrusting into her.

I have very long, thick fingers and it never fails to push her over the edge when it gets slid into her tightly contracting butt. As Bree orgasms, her anal muscle ring contracts rhythmically in conjunction with her orgasm, a fantastic sensation that easily gauges the intensity of her orgasm!

Duke was now pulling his large cock almost out of her pussy before pushing it back in. I was finally able to time his pullouts with my finger thrusting in, her tight anus pulsating, which drove her over the edge, then Duke pushed his swelling knot in her and there was no way I could slide a finger back in.

I swear that Duke had watched as Bree and I had fucked yesterday and had learned that this was the way a woman likes to be fucked!

I got so hot for my wife watching her fuck Duke that I had to have her. But Duke had ejaculated in her as well as knotted and I had to wait some time until I heard the repeat sound of his knot schlepping out with a loud POP! as it finally slowly emerged, paused, then the rest of his massively thick and very long cock slowly slithered out of her. As before, Bree came again as the cum actually gushed out in a little upward stream which then formed a large spreading puddle beneath her. I stood between her legs then Bree wrapped her long tanned legs around my hips as I gripped the hanging wicker chair and slowly inserted my cock, which made her come instantly again, I withdrew before rapidly start slamming back into her prolonging her orgasm as the hanging wicker chair swung with my thrusts into Bree’s upturned pelvis.

Later as we both calmed down from the fucking, Bree mentioned that she wanted to try having her ass fucked by Duke but certainly not knotted, and then have me slide into her.
This really surprised me because even though we have done anal sex before, it was always with some difficulty because of her tightness and my size and length, I have never been able to put all of it in, and she had only managed to cum a few times that way, usually by her rubbing her clit, and Duke was much larger!

Bree explained she thought if Duke slid his cock in before it started swelling in girth, and then let him increase his pace while preventing his knot from going in, it might help her relax her muscles and let my cock go in more comfortably and enjoyably.

I asked Bree when she wanted to do this and she replied

“What’s wrong with right now?!

At times there are problems when you have a wife that is multi-orgasmic…!


I sat there stunned, realizing Bree wanted to have sex again so soon. Did I unwittingly unleash something wanton inside her that I would not now or in the future be able to satisfy? Briefly I was worried if I could perform again so soon but the image came flooding into my mind of Bree straddling me and Duke mounting her and I felt my cock twitch!

I looked up at Bree lounging back in the hanging wicker chair, a saucy grin on her face, her legs widely spread with one leg propped up on the swinging chair, one hand slowly diddling her clit, while a long slow continuous thick rivulet of cum still flowed out of her still swollen pussy then down across her visible tight anus.

I reached an outstretched hand up toward Bree and she took it and she stood up from the chair while I laid down on the porch. Luckily, there was already a big porch rug there and I suspect Bree had dragged it over so Duke would not slip during the first go-around, as this was not the normal spot for the rug…
As she stood over me, a flood of cum gushed from her pussy and poured over my cock and balls. Bree giggled at the sensation and the sight as she lowered herself cowgirl style on top of me.

I will now let Bree tell the rest from her perspective, as this was a unique experience:

I called Duke over and he started to tongue lash my pussy and ass while I slide my openly parted labia along my husbands slowly stiffening cock. The tongue lashing stopped as suddenly as it had begun, before I could register the change as Duke mounted me and wraps his paws around my upper torso in a bear hug that I couldn’t have wrestled out of if I had of wanted to. I felt his massive organ press against my tight pulsating anus. Fearful. As I have never had anything this large before, I braced myself for the pain. Duke was gently prodding my anus, the tip of his cock just barely going in. My anus started madly pulsing around his hot cock! His dick felt so much hotter in contrast than any man and it just added to the excitement! I didn’t even have time to react when I felt the head of his hot dick suddenly penetrate two inches into my tight ass before my anus tightly clamped down onto his cock preventing any further penetration.

But my anal ring muscles were no match for the powerful thrusting slick squirting cock, I felt my rectum penetrated another inch, my anus became spasmodic, however in-between spasms his cock managed to gradually slide in deeper!

With seven or eight powerful strokes, Duke had me fully impaled on his thick hard rod up to his slowly swelling knot despite my tightly clenching anal ring. His thrusts increased in frequency until he was sliding in and out of my spasming-clamping anus at phenomenal speed. I screamed, I tried to move a little, and when I did Duke became the furious pounding fuck machine of nightmares.

All I could feel and focus on was the huge cock slamming into and out of my ass. Within a few seconds I got into the rhythm, and it started to feel interesting. By now I could hear myself making high-pitched chirps in time with Duke as he hammered away. It wasn’t hurting as much, and his dick started to feel nice, I could feel his swelling knot sliding in and out of my tight ass, the in/out sensation was quite pleasurable. Briefly I debated having or not having him knot me due to the huge softball size knot that I now know his knot will swell to but the debate faded as amazingly I started to feel the building of an orgasm. This orgasm was way different than the last two orgasms. It was deeper somehow, more primal. I was at the same time frightened by the intensity of my feelings and I embraced them!

I cried out as his fiery massive cock penetrated deeply.

Then like being engulfed in flames, I was consumed by another orgasm. I bucked and screamed, driving backward to get every inch of Duke’s cock into my tight convulsing canal. Duke shifted then and with a powerful lunge forward, forced his swelling knot into my tight ass!

“Uuuuuhhhh…OH FUCK! He’s HUGE! Uuh…Uuh…Uuh…
And it’s getting BIGGER!!!

I couldn’t say any more as I tried to relax and accommodate the enormous swelling that was taking place inside my body; the biggest thing I ever had in my ass before was my husband’s cock and never had I felt anything near this size inside my rectum nor this deep! I was dimly aware of my husband repeatedly trying to slide his cock into my pussy but failing miserably due to the huge displacement inside my ass! But his cock sliding up the furrow of my pussy and banging against my clit was fantastic!

It was wonderful!
I have never felt this way before!

Inside my ass I could feel him swelling, Damn! The pain was back! I screamed, then I screamed again as he stopped moving, not because he wanted to, but because he had swollen to the point he could not physically move in or out of my ass anymore! I screamed again! I froze in place as I heard myself repeatedly let out a low animalistic groans. He stayed still as well. Then the most amazing sensation happened! He started cumming waaay deep up inside me; it felt like a damn fire hose blasting hot fluid! I could feel a hot explosion begin to fill me deep inside. A thought sizzled thru my mind that I had 13 plus inches of the biggest cock I had ever had deep inside my ass with a softball size knot locking it all deep into me! Duke was amazing, he was able to cum buckets full even after having just fucked me thirty minutes before!

I could feel a deep-seated heat building up deep inside, a hot growing pressure that felt just like having an anal enema but yet only very minor amount of hot juices were just able to squirt out of my ass between his locked dick and me. And yet still he pulsed and came more, before I knew it, I was yet again, cumming in my ass! Twice in a row! It was awesome!

And the most wonderful experience of my life!

Frustrated that he could not get his dick into my pussy, my husband had gripped my hips tightly and was sliding his big cock rapidly back and forth thru the open furrow of my swollen labia, the tip of his cock banging up and over my hard throbbing clit, Duke upon my back pressing me fully down onto my husband. The hot pressure was noticeably building up deep in my rectum, I felt as if my belly was going to be blown apart as it felt fuller and fuller and fuller stretching as I suddenly orgasmed hard against my husband’s sliding cock. Damn! This third massive orgasm left me too weak to move as I laid sandwiched between my husband and Duke, Duke locked massively within my ass with his huge knot, I just laid there with an occasional groan or moan of pleasure slipping past my parted lips. My body quaked as one tremor after another rumbled through me as the hot pressure continued to build. I vividly imagined my belly visibly swelling from all the fluid still being pumped inside me!

How long all this went on I haven’t a clue, hours it seemed as my husband continued to slid his cock back and forth trying to make me orgasm again as well as he, But slowly that hot shooting fire hose subsided and all I then felt was my belly being rent asunder as all that hot fluid churned and churned deep inside me making me jerk all over and shudder as that knot wedged to hell and back inside me was preventing any of the massive quantity of fluid ejaculated inside me from coming out. Gradually I could feel the hot throbbing and pulsing jets deep inside me ease off as I was then left feeling as if every single inch of my rectum was filled with hot as hell massive cock. Still, I could feel every once in a while another surge of something shoot through his entire penis and then shoot deep into my rectum and make me stretch more and feel all that hot as hell cum of his churning up ever more.

It seemed to took forever for that to all stop and then Duke just stood there. It took over 10 minutes for his knot to slowly subside, a little faster this time, thank goodness, since this was Duke’s seconded time. During this time Duke repeatedly tentatively tried to pull his knot and cock out, actually pulling me back backwards, but I was still being tightly gripped by my husband.

I felt the knot begin to loose as it seemed to further deflate inside me, and then as the knot moved my husband’s cock managed to begin slipping and then thrusting into my pussy, it took several thrusts before he could get all of his cock entirely into me due to my tight pussy and the massive displacement still in my rectum. I couldn’t help myself but scream out like a bitch in heat as I again, came like hell, my ass and pussy tightly clamping down and repeatedly contracting on two deeply embedded cocks – one very big and one very massive, writhing all over my husband also causing him to orgasm. I had never felt him have an orgasm so huge! I could feel his very considerable cock throb and explode deep inside.

Another minute or so, Duke was tugging trying to pullout. Everything he had inside me was moving back, pulling out after the battle waged deep inside my ass making me all but cry out as I felt another orgasm building, then the knot seemed to hang up at my opening as he pulled against it making me let out a loud gasping scream as it partially wedged still parting and part out – I have never felt my anus stretched open so much, then it shot out like a cannon ball from inside of me and his whole remaining prick of eleven plus inches slowly slithered pulled from inside me as my anal ring spasmed and contracted around the slowly slithering sensuous withdrawing cock.

I was still groaning and moaning and jerking my ass all about as I ground down on top of my husband as I felt him pull off my back and finally release my once vice gripped sides as the red hot ass cum he left inside me churned and churned and made my belly writhe from it all then my rectum spasmed and continuous spasms rolled down my rectum toward my anal opening, then cum exploded from my ass and one final orgasm shattered me as my pussy clamped down hard on my still embedded husband’s cock!

I fully collapsed onto my husband and into some deep pleasure of a euphoric state of mind. How long I laid there like that I have no idea but that damn hot liquid still had me pressured up and would churn once in a while causing me to come back to near life it seemed and moan out incoherently as my rectum spasmed once again and more cum squirted out of my ass.

I realized that in the past few days, I had never been fucked this good in all my life. I didn’t remember having so many repeated or sustained orgasms as this before, and certainly not the intensity of these body-racking earth-shattering orgasms!

Later I had awaken nude atop our white linen bed, the gauzy curtains blowing gently by the mountain breezes thru the open window, my nipples taut from the gentle cool caress of the breezes, how long I have lain there I did not know but from the angle of the sun over the mountains, it had been awhile and was now early afternoon. I was still totally exhausted but had a curious feeling of satiation. I felt a towel under my bottom and I reached one hand down and felt it was a sodden mess. My fingers gently explored my sore ass and then my sore pussy, my fingers lingered as my recent experiences flashed through my mind, amazingly I felt a slight sense of arousal and then felt my clit begin to swell and begin throbbing under my lingering fingers. I saw my husband riding out of the horse stable for one final ride in the mountains and calling to Duke. An overwhelming sense of unending and everlasting deep love came over me as I gazed at the beautiful sight of my tall handsome husband sitting astride his horse as he trotted away with Duke cavorting at his heels. My long shapely tan legs fully parted as my fingers began an earnest diddling of my now hard swollen clit as I watched him ride off…

Unfortunately, this was the last day at the lodge and later we had to pack for the trip back home.


On the way home we passed several horse ranches, and with the temperature increasing as we drove south, as is normal in warm weather, a lot of the horses had their cocks dangling out.

I noticed that Bree saw the cocks hanging out and one particular time I looked out of the corner of my eye, and saw her gazing at a similar scene with the tip of her tongue protruding which she does when she is concentrating hard ……

Shortly later on down the road, Bree mentioned Kate and Rick. She remarked that several times during past visit’s to their ranch, Kate and Bree would be walking around the barns and the breeding facility, Kate would joke about horses being serviced or the semen collection, how their cocks looked and felt just like a human cock and some lewd comments. She just put it off as Kate being Kate knowing her sexuality and joked back with her that she thought horse cocks were pretty as well.

Bree then looked hard at me and said

“I recall one time after she and I had gone riding around the ranch drinking beers one hot afternoon, we were pretty looped from drinking cool then warm beers from the saddlebags.

We past a group of stallions and she made another lewd sexual comment, and then Kate alluded at something that had happened when y’all were dating, but wouldn’t come right out and say it, said she would tell me or show me later sometime”…

I kept my mouth shut but I was sure Bree could see the flush rapidly creeping up my neck, rapidly thinking ahead because we had planned on going to an upcoming big BBQ over a long holiday weekend at Kate and Rick’s ranch. Luckily there was a rest stop directly ahead and I took the exit.

At this point I began to think a monster may be in the creation, and I was going to get staked out atop a fire ant mound by two angry beautiful goddesses, but that is

Another story…!

Read the sequel Bree 4 – “Wife’s Accidental Encounter with The Donkey”

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