Breast Size Dominance Pt. 03


Stan had dated Kara on and off for a couple of years in his ‘wild days’. In her he had met his match in a way. He had always been the guy who would say or do anything, unafraid of the consequences. He was famous for walking up to every unescorted woman in a bar and unceremoniously asking them for sex. When he asked Kara she just wanted to know what kind of sex and where they were going to do it.

Stan was athletic, if not handsome. And his only interest outside of soccer was fucking. Kara had been an aspiring actress in high school productions, cast as much for her buxom figure, even though just eighteen, as for any talent she might have had. Stan would tell his friends about all the sex he and Kara had. It got so everyone knew about how she fucked in the shower, on the toilet, in the kitchen, upside-down in a tree, and on and on.

Kara was some guys’ idea of the perfect woman. She worked and had her own money, but lived to fuck. She was 5’10” and athletically built, except for the double d-cup breasts that sat up high on her chest. And based on Stan’s tales, she was skilled at cock-sucking, fucking in every imaginable position, and she even did anal! There was more, but Stan did keep a few things to himself. Did Kara have the prettiest face? She did not.

But, as with all good things, the relationship ran its course and Stan went off to college where he hooked up with a very different sort of woman, who also liked to fuck. But Muffy wasn’t nearly as bold and in-your-face as Kara had been. Stan enjoyed that she was quieter and was presentable to his parents.

And so when they got married and settled right in town, maybe it was only a matter of time before Stan’s past, in the form of busty Kara, would catch up to him. Muffy and Stan thought they had a quiet night ahead of them in their modest home. Then came Kara’s knock on the door.

“Surprised to see me, Stan? I wanted to come by and check out what you’re putting your cock into these days,” Kara was wound up and she gave Muffy a quick glance.

“Oh, Stan. Sure she’s cute, but where are the tits?” Kara pulled open her jacket and her still impressive rack was evident beneath her skimpy cutoff t-shirt. “But maybe she makes up for it by doing the nasty things, eh, Stan?”

Stan squirmed. He knew what was coming.

Kara plopped down on the sofa too close to Muffy and leaned toward the shocked preppy girl and whispered to her, “Do you want to know how Stan and I used to fuck? Or has he already told you?”

Muffy was frozen in place, but suddenly whispered back, “No. Tell me.”

Kara smiled a wicked smile and cupped Muffy’s ear in her hands with exaggerated care.

“Well, you can imagine that my big tits get a lot of attention. They got Stan’s attention and he never did seem to get his fill of them. Sucking on them, squeezing them, biting my nipples, titfucking me, coming on them. If he thought of something he could do with my big ole titties, Stan did it. Shall I go on?”

Muffy nodded.

“Stan and I wore out my copy of the kama sutra. We’ve fucked in every position there is, haven’t we, Stan? You liked doggie best, huh? I like top-riding that hog of his so I can control how deep he is and grind my mound into him. Of course Stan likes to give AND receive doggie-style, don’t you, Stan? Or haven’t you told ‘little tits Muffy’? Did he tell you how he likes it up the ass, Muffy?”

“No,” said Muffy with interest in her voice replacing the humiliation.

“Oh, Stan likes a lot of assplay. I like to slide a finger or two up his ging when I’m blowing his cock. I could tell he liked too when he would get harder in my mouth when I slid a second finger in and pumped them hard and fast. Oh, and the size of the load he blows when he’s getting assfucked…Oh, Stan, have you told her about how you like to get assfucked?”

Stan Kartal Escort sat slumped forward in a chair, head in hands, staring at the floor. Even as he felt his world being shaken, he felt a tingle in his ass and his cock was getting hard.

“You’ll have to get a big strap on dildo so you can fuck Stan’s asshole like he likes. I used to start with a finger or two, then open him up with a butt plug and then a hand-held dildo about the size of his dick. He complains about that one, but he warms up to after a few deep pumps. Right, Stan? And then it’s time for me to strap on the big boy dildo. Oh, Stan gets into a frenzy when he sees me with my big, luscious tits and huge black rubber dong. And when he feels the tip rub against his little ging, and begin to force its way inside and stretch out his little rosebud…”

Kara looked at the arousal on Muffy’s face and saw her tugging at the collar of her shirt. They both turned to look at Stan.

“Stand up, Stan,” Muffy heard herself say. “Show me how hard your dick is.”

Stan, in a daze, stood up. His hardon was evident through his jeans.

Kara took over.

“Stan! Strip!” Kara barked.

Stan stood and quickly took off his clothes, never looking up from the floor.

“Watch this, Muffy. When Stan sees what he’s been missing, this thing is gonna get harder than you’ve ever made it with your boyish figure,” Kara sneered, slapping Stan’s mostly hard cock.

Kara stood right in from of Stan. He smelled her familiar smell and looked up at her. Kara smiled as she shrugged off her jacket. Stan’s eyes were locked onto Kara’s full bustline, inches from his grasp, under the thinnest layer of white cotton. Kara reached for the hem of the half-shirt and saw Muffy move closer for a better view. Kara slipped the shirt over her head and tossed it aside. She held her arms wide and shimmied, shaking her big tits, which sagged nicely, but were still full and round. She gave Stan a good look and then turned to show off her full breasts to Muffy.

“Let’s see what you got, Wifey,” Kara challenged.

Muffy unbuttoned her tailored blouse and folded it onto a chair, she reached behind herself and unclasped her bra and laid it on top of the blouse. She turned toward Kara and Stan.

“Not much, huh?” Kara laughed. “Not enough to get Stan’s attention. Look how he can’t take his eyes off my cans. He didn’t even look over at yours.”

Kara moved toward Stan and shook her big tits from side to side. She was almost nose-to-nose with him when he collapsed into Kara’s massive bosom. He inhaled her essence, rubbing his face between her big globes. His mouth opened and he kissed and licked and sucked at the warm flesh offered to him.

Kara was watching Muffy, who was staring open-mouthed at her husband feasting on this strange woman’s big tits. Muffy felt the warm wetness between her own legs and her breathing becoming ragged. She felt envy of Kara for those twin trophies. Having never felt inadequate before, Muffy was on the verge of tears anguished over not having huge tits like Kara’s.

“Come see, Muffy. Come see how hard Stan’s dick is. No, really. Come over and look at it, feel how hard he is. He’s never been this hard for you, has he? And I haven’t even touched his fucking cock yet.”

Muffy slowly approached Kara and Stan, his head still buried in between Kara’s heavy tits. She wrapped her hand around her husband’s cock, astonished at how hard it was. As much as Muffy and Stan had a normal sex life, she had never seen his cock so angry-looking, veins bulging.

“No, he’s never been hard like this for me,” Muffy said quietly.

“And have you ever seen his cock dripping pre-come like this?” Kara had seen the clear discharge begin as soon as Stan saw her bare tits. Stan’s cock Kartal Escort Bayan was dripping like a leaky faucet.

“Pre-come…,” Muffy whispered as if she just learned the word.

“You see, Muffy, I got what Stan wants. Suck on Mommy’s big titties, Stan. You too, Muffy. You can each take one. Feel what a real woman’s body is like.”

Stan turned his head and took Kara’s big, hard nipple into his mouth, suckling like a baby. Kara cupped her left breast and offered it to him. Then she felt a mouth on her right breast. Muffy was brushing her lips over the soft skin of Kara’s large breast. She found Kara’s other thick nipple and fastened her lips on it. Her tongue flicked at the big nub.

Muffy’s left hand moved to between Kara’s legs, rubbing at the warm crotch of her tight jeans. Kara’s hand moved under Muffy’s skirt and pushed aside her panties. Kara ran her finger along Muffy’s cuntlips down to her dripping wet, hairless hole.

Kara broke away and turned to the large purse she had brought with her. She began pulling out a harness, a bottle of lube, and a huge black dildo. Stan and Muffy stood frozen in place watching. Kara stripped off her jeans. She was not wearing panties. Her hairy muff filled the room with its musky fragrance. She slid on the harness and tightened the straps. Taking the huge dildo and lube in her hands, she approached the couple.

“Stan, take this and bend over the arm of the sofa,” Kara told him, handing him the lube and dildo.

“Muffy, have you got a smaller dildo or butt plug? No, of course you don’t. You wouldn’t. But have you got a carrot or cucumber, something about the size of Stan’s dick?”

Muffy paused, smiled, and dashed to the kitchen, returning with an eight-inch cucumber, an inch and a half thick. Kara took the vegetable and walked to behind Stan. Muffy watched as Kara lubed her finger and worked it up Stan’s asshole. He moaned quietly. Kara twisted and pumped the finger, pulling it out and then pushing two fingers in. Stan grunted, knowing what was to come.

Kara gave the two fingers a twist and pumped them deeply into Stan’s butthole and pulled them out.

“Now Stan, you know what comes next. Ask for it nicely. My tits need some more attention,” Kara purred.

Stan said in a clear voice, “Please fuck my asshole with the cucumber. I want your fucking tits so bad!”

Kara handed the cuke to Muffy.

“Shove this up his shitter and leave it there,” Kara barked at Muffy.

Muffy took the cuke and rubbed its rounded end against her husband’s ass. Her mind spun as she contemplated doing what she had never even thought of before. She twisted the cucumber as she pushed against Stan’s already-lubed anus. It opened and stretched. Stan struggled to hold in a cry of pain. Muffy paused to give Stan a moment to ‘get used to it’. But Kara wrapped her hand around Muffy’s and shoved hard pushing six inches of thick cuke deep up Stan’s ass. He groaned loudly, almost crying.

“Leave it! Now come experience what a real woman’s tits are like,” Kara sat on the couch looking up at Stan who was bent over holding a thick cuke in his butt. She positioned Muffy so Stan could see it all.

“Muffy, feel how big and full my tits are. Lift them up. See how heavy they are. And how they bounce and jiggle and hang. Suck on my big nipples. Feel how hard they get when you suck on them. Cup my big tits and suck them like Stan wants to. Suck them like a big baby.”

Muffy didn’t need encouragement. She was drawn to Kara’s big tits like a moth to a flame. She did as she was told and more. She couldn’t get enough of the massive tits against her face, in her mouth. She felt Kara’s hand rub across Muffy’s barely-b-cup breasts. Kara was rough, slapping the small titties and twisting her tiny nipples very Escort Kartal hard.

Stan saw his sweet wife feasting on the massive tits he yearned to bury his face in and his cock in between. He saw Kara humiliating Muffy, spanking her little tits. Muffy must have sucked hard or bit Kara’s nipple in response because Stan saw Kara’s eyes roll back and she shivered, as Stan had seen a time or two before in moments of extreme arousal. Kara’s shiver caused her tits to shake and her aureole to draw up tightly and her nipples to become like stone. Stan sighed and the cucumber fell out of his ass.

Hearing the sound, Muffy broke away from Kara’s breasts. Kara stood up and moved behind Stan. She took the big black, rubber cock and slipped it into the harness. She was an incredible sight. With her short-cropped black hair matching her big bush, her body was toned and curvy. The sight of her huge tits and the evil-looking horse-cock between her legs hypnotized Muffy. She watched the powerful woman move behind her husband and begin to shove a foot-long cock the size of Muffy’s arm up his asshole. He accepted the penetration with surprising ease. He wanted Kara to fuck his ass as he knew Muffy would never have done.

Kara began to pump long, hard strokes into Stan’s behind. He grunted with every push in and sighed with every withdrawal out. Kara worked at it for a good long time.

“See, Muffy. This is where Stan lives. I took him here. This is so far beyond whatever little fuck you’ve ever thrown him, right?”

Muffy nodded.

“I’ll show you one more thing, Muffy,” said Kara, pulling the giant fake cock from the man’s gaping asshole.

Kara turned Stan onto his back. She lifted his hips up onto the arm of the sofa and laid him back on the cushions. Kara plowed back into Stan’s butt, full length and deep. He looked up at his anal-rapist. He loved it. Kara put on a show for him and Muffy. As she pumped hard, deep, painful strokes up Stan’s ging, Kara fondled, caressed, and squeezed her own big tits. She pull on her nipples and twisted them. She lifted each huge breast by its nipple and shook it hard. It was a show she had put on for Stan many times when they were a couple. She knew just how to set him off.

“Hold his cock, Muffy. Just hold it up,” Kara instructed.

“Watch me, Stan. Watch your big tits dream-whore fucking your shithole. Can you feel it enough, Stan? Is my cock big enough? Are my tits big enough? I know how you love my big tits. And I know what you love most of all, don’t I? Watch, Stan, Kara’s gonna suck her own tits. Watch, Stan.”

Kara lifted her big tits, one overflowing each hand, giving them a squeeze and jiggle. She looked up at Stan and Muffy, both transfixed by her performance, Stan trembling. Kara parted her lips and let her tongue flick out across first one nipple, then the other. She seemed to go into a trance as she kissed and then sucked her own big nipples, licking them and biting them, becoming more aroused every second.

Stan’s body seemed to tense and expand. Muffy’s hand held his cock, which she had never seen so hard, so angry, and so ready to explode. And it gushed. Thick, white, ropes of semen arced from the tip of his cockhead high into the air and splattered down on Stan’s belly, chest, neck and face. Jet after jet of his cum blasted out, one spurt got a few drops on Muffy’s cheek. The volleys seemed to keep coming, but eventually subsided. Kara had climaxed at the sight of Stan’s massive ejaculation, bigger than she had ever seen. She let the big dildo slide out of Stan’s ass. She sat back to collect herself before preparing to leave.

Muffy leaned down as if to kiss the exhausted Stan, but instead offered him her cheek, wet with his semen. Stan licked it clean dutifully. Muffy pointed to the big mess of cum all over Stan and he began to gather up the drops and puddles with his fingers, gobbling much of his load down.

Not much was said before Kara left.

But as the door closed behind her, Muffy said to Stan, “I’m getting breast implants, big ones. And we are going shopping at the sex toy store. Everything has changed.”

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