Breast Friend Ch. 05

Big Tits

–SESSION 9– Amber and Gia

Amber (

) and Gia (
) lived in another apartment on the opposite side of town, and Peter made a mental note to begin scheduling these apartments at his place instead of driving all over the city. He couldn’t possibly be too upset, though; his dreams were coming true with each and every stop.

He had deliberately saved Amber and Gia until late in the game because of how large he expected their pairs to be. Both girls were two of the bustiest women he knew before the drug-induced transformation, so their endowments would certainly be nothing short of astounding now. His mouth watered as he knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Gia’s voice echoed from inside.

Peter opened the door and entered the apartment to see yet another gorgeous sight awaiting him. Gia and Amber were seated comfortably on the couch, wearing tiny denim shorts and heavy layers of makeup. Both girls had their hair up in pigtails and, most importantly, were completely topless.

Peter’s jaw dropped. He guessed each girl to at least be an FF cup. Their tits were the size of volleyballs, and they sat high and proud on their chests. He was additionally excited that he was probably the only man to ever see these boobs in all their delicious, heaving glory.

“Hey, you!” Amber cooed, blowing him a kiss with her cherry-red lipstick.

“Thank goodness you’re here! We were sooo lonely!” Gia gushed, patting the spot between them on the plush couch.

Accepting the invite, Peter crossed to the couch and sat down between his busty prizes. He knew exactly what he wanted to do with these two, but his plans were slightly delayed as Amber leaned in toward him.

She kissed him lovingly and tenderly on the lips, reveling in the gentle, moist contact. As soon as she stopped, Peter felt his face being turned and met with another kiss, this time from Gia. The girls took turns kissing him for a few minutes, sometimes on the lips and sometimes on the cheek or forehead, until their affection had been appropriately demonstrated and Peter’s face was covered with lipstick prints.

“Now.” Amber said, brushing her hair off her chest and squeezing her tits together.

“What would you like to do?” Gia finished, doing the same.

“I’d like to suck on your big titties for a while, Amber.” Peter replied calmly.

“As you wish, sir.” Amber giggled, sitting on her ankles so her nipples were mere centimeters from Peter’s face. He gawked for a moment, as each breast was easily larger than his head.

“I almanbahis adres hope you’re hungry, baby.” Amber said.

Instead of having Peter lean in and suck her tits, Amber lifted one with her hands and placed her nipple lovingly in his mouth. Peter simply leaned back and suckled contentedly, letting her breast fill his mouth with its supple warmth.

“Mmm…” he moaned into the tit.

“You like it?” Gia asked, stroking his shoulder and kissing him on the cheek.

Peter nodded as he feasted on Amber’s boobies. After a few minutes, he switched to the other one, relaxed as could be. Amber fed him tenderly, running her hands through his hair as Peter suckled. He was basking in the fruits of his labor, and it was oh so sweet.

After a few more minutes of being breastfed, Peter pulled away and turned toward Gia and her massive rack.

“Would you like to suck mine next, sir?” Gia asked politely.

“No.” Peter replied, “I’d like for you to smother me.”

Gia smiled obediently and sat up so her tits were in his face. Amber took over the less-important job of kissing Peter’s neck as Gia leaned her boobs forward. Peter closed his eyes and grinned from ear to ear as he felt Gia’s enormous, soft, squishy, wonderful FF cups slowly envelop his face. He had fantasized about this moment for months, and he was finally enjoying it. Before he knew it, his mouth, nose, eyes and ears were completely smothered, and he simply sat back and moaned with delight. Of course, it was difficult for Amber and Gia to hear his moans, because they went right into two fantastic, heaving piles of titty.

“I think he likes them.” Gia cooed.

“He sure does.” Amber agreed, “He’s such a happy tit man right now.”

Peter simply moaned in response.

After a few more minutes, Peter felt his phone buzz. His next stop was for not two, but three women, and it was going to be his crowning jewel for the night. With some difficulty, he pulled his face from Gia’s cleavage, and he let them each kiss him once more before exiting into the twilight.

–SESSION 10– Tori, Lauren and Cat


Tori, Lauren and Cat were triplets, all Peter’s age. He made sure they were among his test subjects because they all lived together, and three was better than one, or even two. Peter knew that they were among his worthiest subjects, because with three girls, and three huge, willing pairs of tits, he could live out just about any fantasy he wished.

For that reason, he was having trouble managing almanbahis adres his erection as he walked up to the girls’ front door. Their parents were filthy rich, and they all lived in the mansion together while their mother and father were out of town.

Peter knocked on the door, his mind racing, wondering what riches awaited him inside. He didn’t have to wait for long. The trio opened the front door as though they were welcoming him into Heaven…and he figured Heaven would look a lot like what was before him now.

Tori, Lauren and Cat all stood there, wearing skin-tight jeans that appeared to be painted on their smooth, luscious legs. They all had their hair hanging loose around their shoulders, and they wore black leather dog collars around their necks. Heavy layers of makeup were caked onto their faces, and each girl also wore a pair of stiletto heels.

And that was it.

As much as Peter had looked forward to seeing the girls undress for him, he had to admit that this was preferable. And he was surprised his mind was able to race as it was, given the sheer amount of tit flesh that was in his sights.

It was almost too much.

Each triplet appeared to be at least a FFF cup. Peter almost fainted upon realizing fully how cartoonish these racks were on the girls’ petite frames. None of them were taller than 5’5″, and they were all perfectly thin, but each breast was easily larger than their heads, probably more like basketballs.

The six biggest boobs he had ever seen, on three drop-dead gorgeous, petite, topless triplets.

And they were ready to serve his every whim.

Peter felt slightly dizzy.

“Hi, Peter.” Lauren cooed, wiggling her fingers at him.

“Hey, ladies.” Peter smiled, getting a grip on himself.

“Won’t you please come in?” Cat asked politely.

Peter entered, and the girls did not bother taking him to the living room. Instead, they led him straight to a bedroom. His eyes bugged out at the sight of their three delicious, rounded asses in front of him, shaking mercilessly in their form-fitting jeans. Their cheeks moved with total synchronization, almost as though they had perfected a rhythm just for walking in front of him.

The bedroom, like the rest of the house, was lavish. Everything was fuzzy and pink; truly a princess room. A king-sized bed was the centerpiece, with silk sheets and a downy-soft comforter. Peter sat on the edge of the bed and faced the girls, who all showcased their racks between their skinny arms and smiled demurely at almanbahis adres him.

“What would you like, sir?” Tori inquired earnestly.

Peter looked longingly at his three new subjects and knew exactly what he wanted. He was going to assert his dominance for good.

“Triple tit smother.” he managed to say, almost rasping.

The triplets smiled. He knew they would rather not be doing this, but they had virtually no choice unless they wanted to remain friendless, big-boobed freaks. Instead, they could be his big-boobed freaks. His private harem. His property.

“How would you like us?” Lauren asked.

“Lauren and Cat on either side, one nipple each in my mouth, the other tit on my cheek. Tori, you cover as much of the front of my face as you can.”

“You’re going to be buried.” Cat said, almost a warning.

“I had better be.” Peter said, a serious look on his face.

With that, the girls stepped forward to grant his wish. Lauren and Cat took their positions at his sides, and Tori stood with her rack at Peter’s eye level. His vision was filled with meaty, bouncy funbags, and he intended to have some fun.

Peter nodded, indicating that it was time to begin.

Lauren and Cat leaned forward slightly before Tori, and Peter felt the warm, inviting flesh of their tits pressing against his cheeks. Nipples dug into his jaw, and another pair was quickly approaching his mouth from either side. He was already being surrounded.

“Open wide, sir.” Lauren cooed. “It’s Titty Time.”

Peter opened his mouth eagerly and was rewarded with two sweet, perky nipples entering his mouth. The girls gently inserted their breasts into his oral cavity, and he started to suckle hungrily. Lauren and Cat were simultaneously breastfeeding him, a dream he had chased for weeks on end, and it was now a perfect, tender reality.

And he was not even done.

The greedy tit man opened his eyes, only to have them shut soon after. Tori held her boobies up with both hands and hefted them straight into his line of sight. Before long, he felt the silken flesh and squishy warmth of pure, FFF-cup breasts smothering the front of his face. His mouth was left uncovered by her melons so he could continue to enjoy her sisters’ fruits, but everything from his nose up to his hairline was totally smushed.

“How about this, sweetie? You like this?” Tori asked.

Peter tried to nod, but his head was paralyzed.

“Just enjoy…” Cat whispered, “Relax…and enjoy…”

Three gorgeous girls. Six enormous tits. One ravenous, greedy, horny man who had worked hard for his reward. His paradise. His Kingdom. He smiled and moaned happily into the massive breasts that lovingly massaged his entire head.

Peter’s reign had begun.

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