Breaking the Ice Pt. 01

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The following story is totally true — the names have been changed to protect the guilty. I hope you enjoy and if you do, please post 5 stars!

Chapter 1

Gail was a friend from a program they had done together and continued to run into each other when volunteering in related workshops. Gail was a cute, petite, blonde divorcée with a very nice body. Lew was a bachelor and thought of Gail as a friend as opposed to a potential playmate. And to be candid, he had plenty of playmates.

However, one day Gail somewhat flirtatiously and surprisingly asked Lew if he’d like to go for a coffee after the meeting they were both attending? Lew was surprised and agreed; and after their meeting, they went to a local coffee shop. Much to Lew’s surprise, Gail said, “I have a confession to make.” Lew asked what was going on; and she informed him that she had not had sex in a year and a half since her divorce. A friend had informed her that she had a British male friend who was going to be visiting America, who might be a good match; and she offered to fix her up and allow her to resume sexual activity.

Gail was intrigued but concerned that she would be awkward in bed after so much celibate time and unable to please or be pleasured by a man.

So her girlfriend made a stunning suggestion:

How about you find some guy to fuck and “break the ice?”

Gail was sort of embarrassed but responded, “Whom would I find to do that — and wouldn’t it be unfair to “use” a guy that Kocaeli Escort way? Her friend laughed and said, “How about Lew? He fucks everybody!” Gail said, “Well I guess that’s a good idea.” Lew did have a reputation as a “ladies man” or rake; and as it happened, he was seeing several women.

Gail now admitted with embarrassment the whole story telling Lew that the idea was to enlist him and his cock to get her back on track sexually — apologizing for planning to “use” him that way as opposed to being interested in a serious relationship.

Lew surprised her by laughing uproariously, saying, “that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard — and if you want to use me that way, I’m fine with it!” Gail was blushing as she realized that she was about to get naked and have sex with her friend after all.

After settling their check for the coffees, Lew and Gail got into her car to drive back to his apartment house’s garage. Gail removed an overnight bag she had stowed in her trunk. As they entered the building, her bag popped opened and a plastic case dropped onto the floor, and to her great embarrassment, her diaphragm fell out of its case and rolled along the floor in front of the security guard who could hardly restrain his laughter. Gail was mortified and scurried to pick up her device and jam it back into her bag — hurrying to the elevator. The fact that she had brought an overnight bag and birth control was undeniable evidence that she had an agenda way beyond just going for coffee with Lew — which he could not help but note and enjoy.

Chapter 2

Lew escorted Kocaeli Escort Bayan her to his bachelor pad. Gail expected Lew would immediately escort her into his bedroom; instead, he invited her to sit and have a drink as she settled down in his living room. Although they were friends and knew a great deal about each other’s histories, she was more than pleasantly surprised when he eventually recited some of his own poetry. She admitted she was surprised to discover that there was more depth and sensitivity to him that she had previously presumed or was commonly perceived. She found herself unexpectedly finding Lew more intriguing and attractive than she had thought possible…

After an unusually long time — 2 hours talking and getting to know each other even better — Lew invited Gail to join him in the bedroom. It was time to escalate their relationship. Lew placed Gail on his Queen-sized bed and started to make out with her… Eventually, he reached up to fondle her right breast which she allowed. He unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders…next, he reached behind her and unsnapped her bra with his right hand as his left now cupped her bare right breast. As she moaned, he bent down and licked her now erect nipples…

In short order, he removed her pants and panties and now relished seeing the shapely, naked body of a woman who has been just a friend merely a few hours prior!

Lew kissed his way down to her belly and proceeded to spread her thighs and gazed at her pussy with a nice growth of blond hair that verified her being so naturally. Looking Escort Kocaeli up her torso, he now spread her labia and bent down to kiss and eventually lick her up until this moment, neglected pussy.

Lew clamped his lips on her clitoris and strummed it with his tongue like a banjo. Gail moaned as she enjoyed sexual pleasure as she had not experienced in at least a year and a half … if ever….orgasming at least twice.

Lew now stripped and Gail was eager to taste and suck his thick 6″ circumcised cock. He may not be the biggest, but it was plenty for her. Gail got him totally erect and asked him to wait while she inserted her diaphragm. With her protection in place, she spread her legs wide and welcomed her former friend and now “lover” — at least for that night — inside her hot, tight, up until now neglected pussy.

Lew fucked her for a good long while, he hands cupping her cute, firm ass as she groaned and moaned and orgasmed over and over. Lew always thought there was something special about the very first time with a new playmate… sort of staking a claim… and that she was a friend he had known for months made it even more fun. Lew finally announced he was about to cum and sped up his thrusts until he finally filled her hot pussy with a big load of cum. Sighing, he kissed Gail once more and rolled off of her to lay next to her.

They enjoyed fucking again later and again the next morning. Gail left the next afternoon with a big smile on her face, relieved to have truly “broken the ice” and feeling ready to meet the Brit her friend wanted to introduce.


Gail met with the British prospect not long thereafter; and it turned out to be a bust. Having found a fun playmate in Lew, they continued to date for a number of months until something totally unexpected happened to be related in “Part 2!”

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