Breaking Angela Ch. 08 – Final Act


The party was a long night for the little slave girl even if she enjoyed it. Angela was working, working to find a Master or Mistress to buy her at the coming auction. She needed someone strong, commanding, and powerful. A few of the potential buyers that night had potential, and for them, she gave her best effort, the lessor desirable got everything they wanted just not at the top of her game.

The night ended in a blur as she was shown to a large gym-style shower where other slaves were washing off the night’s work. As she slipped under the hot water a happy little sigh escaped her lips. Sore muscles began to relax as the exhaustion started to replace the adrenalin.

Angela was soon out of the shower and drying herself down with a towel before slipping out into the hallway to be greeted by the smiling face of Master Steven. The girl gave a start forward then stopped herself she almost ran to him for a hug what was she thinking? Instead, she gave him a warm smile. “Hello Master, this slave hopes you enjoyed yourself this evening.”

Master of course had kept an eye on her, he saw the change in her when a decent candidate was presented. He chuckled each time as she quickly worked through those she thought beneath her moving on to bigger and better people. “You did very well tonight slave, I am very proud of you.”

Angela’s heart exploded with happiness such praise from Master Steven was nearly unheard of, failing to suppress a wide smile she nodded her head lightly. “Thank you, Master Steven, this slave is happy she lived up to your expectations.”

Soon they were moving back to the Master’s vehicle and turning onto the interstate. As the exit came up for the facility Steven drove right past it towards the city. Stopping short he pulled off the ramp into a typical suburban area. Rows of nearly identical houses separated by only fences and different color paint lined each of the streets. The Master reached up to press a small button on his visor and a garage door responded instantly.

After parking, the door closed behind them, before slipping out of the car Steven looked over and gave the girl a small wink. “Come on then, get out” Angela Marmaris Escort was shocked as she slipped out of the car the concrete felt cool on her bare feet as she followed Master to the door.

Master Steven opened the door and led Angela into his small residential home Flipping the lights on to a respectable but compact kitchen. “Welcome to my home slave girl, I know it is not much I tend to save my money for, more important things.” His smile was broad as he took Angela by the hand and led her towards the stairs and to the master suite.

A small squeak escaped Angela’s lips as she was tossed towards the foot of the bed, her thighs connected the footboard hard. There was no time to think about that as Master was behind her pulling her arms behind her back binding her wrists quickly before using a foot to spread her legs wide.

Angela moaned with need, her ass swaying behind her trying to entice the Master on, trying to tease him to greater need. Her wrists were bound in the small of her back then roughly pushed upwards, straining her shoulders and arms and causing her to cry out in pain her body shuddering with need. She sensed it more than felt his cock approaching her, she shuddered as he entered her hard and deep. “Ohhhh thank you, Master, please fuck this slave hard, this slave needs to be used.”

The Master did not disappoint as he fucked his once trainee, randomly switching holes he used her hard and in every possible way. The girl kept cumming over and over with each twist of pain and violation of her young body.

The slave awoke early the next morning, to her surprise she was there cuddled against the Master her head tucked lightly down on his shoulder. Without thinking she slipped under the covers sliding down the bed taking in his limp but still large cock. A smile cracked her lips as she slid forward and sucked his soft member into her mouth.

Angela would have never done this she thought, Angela would of just spread her legs and let the man fuck her. Her smile broadened as the Masters’s cock reacted to her sucking. But this slave girl, this slave girl she is anything…there is no more Angela, Marmaris Escort Bayan this slave is here to please.” Redoubling her efforts and it was not long before she was rewarded with his hot cum in her mouth. Swallowing greedily she made sure she got every drop then licked the thick shaft clean before snaking her way back up above the covers. “Good morning Master, would you like this slave to give you a shower or make you breakfast?”

Steven awoke to the feel of her lips on his shaft but he laid still letting her do her job. He noticed the change halfway through she began working harder more intensely. Steven smiled, he knew she just accepted it, he knew she was a true slave now and would do anything asked of her. His back stiffened as his balls contracted his load erupting into her mouth as she sucked every dropdown. When she posed her question he smiled lightly. “I think a shower is in order, and then breakfast.”

There wasn’t any hesitation from the slave as she hopped out of bed and walked towards the master bath. She was sore from last night’s adventures but she didn’t let that slow her down. Soon she had the water just right and was turning to retrieve her Master when he slipped into the room. The slave gave a happy smile as she took his hand stepping into the shower and gently guiding him in behind her. Turning her back to the hotness of the water she used her own flesh to protect the Master from most of the heat.

She found the loofa and soap lathering in fully as she washed the Master down, she took her time cleaning him making sure everything on his body was perfect. Giggling a little as she found his cock erect once more she gave it a tiny kiss on the tip before washing it as well. Standing then she gave Master Steven a quick hug before shyly looking to the ground. “All done Sir, would you like me to dry you now?”

Still standing in the hot water Steven turned the girl around putting her back to him. Gripping her hair he bent her forward pressing his thick cock into her ass. She shuddered and moaned as she took his length but she begain pushing back even as he entered her. It was a quick fuck as Steven Escort Marmaris came in her ass then allowed her to stand. As she turned around it was his turn to wink. Stepping out of the shower he grabbed his own towel. “Clean yourself quickly and I will meet you in the kitchen to see what it is you will be cooking for us.”

The slave sprung into action then the soap and loofa running over her body as she watched the Master dry himself off. She was nearly finished as he tossed the towel on the floor and walked out of the room.

The rest of the day went by in a blur, the slave cooked and cleaned, did laundry, fucked, sucked, gave and received orgasms, and more or less was in a perfectly happy place. She began to get nervous though as the hour of the auction approached, she was sent to clean up again and soon they were driving away from the little house.

It was her college auditorium and she waited backstage watching as some slaves were sold for as little as a hundred dollars, others took in thousands. Her body trembled with nerves as she was led out onto the stage her eyes focused on the silent mass of bidders. She was ran through her paces, Display, Rest, Ready, Attend sliding from one to another with practiced ease.

The bidding started by a young blonde woman in the front row, the slave gasped as she recognized her old college roommate grinning wickedly as she bid five hundred. Then the bidding picked up jumping higher and higher by hundred dollar bills at a time. Soon the bidding seemed to cap at three thousand five hundred the auctioneer got to “Going twice” before the final bid came.

A voice from the back of the room. “Five grand” There was a stunned gasp that bounced through the crowd as Master Steven moved down the aisle towards the stage. “Five grand” His voice rang out again.

The slave quivered her eyes locked on Master Steven, she heard the count then the gavel slam down. “Sold for five thousand dollars.” She was in a whirlwind while being led off the stage and into the Masters’s vehicle. There on the passenger side of the dash rested a collar. Steven slipped silently into the driver’s seat as he watched the young girl.

The slave looked to the Master’s words not able to form on her lips, one trembling hand reaching out to touch the collar. No hesitation this time as her fingers pulled it from the dash and wrapped it firmly around her throat. “This slave is your’s Master, do with her what you will.”

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