Breakfast in Bed


You are cuddled under the covers as I sneak out of the bed. I start the coffee and begin to start to fulfill the promise of serving you breakfast in bed. I start to look for what I want to serve you for breakfast. I open the refrigerator to see what there is, I pull out a couple of eggs and some milk to make some waffles. I will need some fruit to go with it and I see the fresh strawberries and decide that sounds pretty good, and take the bowl with them out and see the whip cream and take that out as well. I lay out the ingredients on the counter and pull out some pans to start making waffles. As I review the ingredients on the counter I wild and erotic idea pops in my head as I look at the strawberries. I decide that I will still use the strawberries and whip cream but you will be the waffle.

I take the bowl of strawberries and the whip cream and head for the bedroom. I set the bowl of strawberries and whipped cream on the table next to the bed. I gently pull back the covers and kiss you tenderly at first on the cheek and then your lips. Waking you up with my warm body and hot kisses. I smile at you as your eyes open and whisper in your ear that I am here to serve you breakfast but I will be using your to serve it on and to lay back and enjoy. I tell you we will be having strawberry covered waffles but you’ll have to be the waffle. You gently moan, “oooohhhh sounds good”. I tell you I just need to spread out these strawberries on you. So first I take the whip cream and spread a little out on you starting on your stomach, then working up your body to your chest. I will be using the whipped cream on your body so I can use my mouth to lay each strawberry on you. One at a time I use my mouth to lay a strawberry in the whipped cream on your body I can feel the heat of your body close to me but not touching your skin with mine. You can feel my hot breath against your lovely naked skin contrasting with whip cream, cool all over you, around your breasts, and down your belly, and then covering your sweet pussy, and along your thighs. I place each berry in a little spot of whip cream to hold it in place. Running them out from your chest down your belly to your sweet spot between your legs, placing each one carefully in the dab of whipped cream. I stand back from you a little to admire my handy work, your body accented with strawberries and whipped cream. Running from just above your supple breasts, then down the middle of your body in a line to your lovely spread legs, there your pussy is covered in white whipped cream holding several berries and along just the inside of your thighs a strawberry on each leg. I gently lean towards you and kiss you softly whispering that I can not wait to have you for Escort breakfast.

Then I kneel next to you on the bed, I begin using my tongue to pick the strawberry off your inner thigh then licking the cream off the inside of your thighs but leaving your hot moist cream covered pussy untouched. As I run my tongue up your belly, licking some of cream from several of the berries but leaving each strawberry along your belly. Working my tongue up between your breasts, until I reach your left breast, my tongue licking it from the base in circles taking the cream in my mouth as I lick your breast clean. I reach your nipple and begin to lick it as it hardens and then sucking it gently into my mouth. Sucking your nipple hard into my mouth between my teeth sucking more of your breast into my mouth. My mouth taking more and more of your breast in my mouth a hand gently caressing it as I suck your supple breast in deep in my mouth. Then sliding over to right breast and doing exactly the same, thing to the right one. Licking off the cream and swallowing the strawberry first then your breast in my mouth. My hands now caressing your breasts and lips and tongue sucking and licking them tasting your sweet body and the sugary taste of the whipped cream on your skin. Then my mouth and tongue sliding down your belly to the first strawberry between your breasts I suck it off you and into my mouth. I rise up to your face I kiss you and push the berry into your mouth, surprising you that I even still had it in my mouth. Sharing my breakfast in bed with you sliding my tongue back down your belly moving across your skin to the next berry and licking and sucking into my mouth again. Then kissing you and pushing the berry into your mouth. My tongue against your skin cleaning your soft hot skin that is cover in whipped cream then moving to the next berry and again sharing each berry until I get to your spread hot crotch.

Here the last three that are spread across the soft tender spot above your crotch, your entire crotch and thighs covered in whipped cream. I begin by licking the inside of your cream covered thighs, slightly teasing the sides of your pussy. Licking the your skin off of all the cream, my tongue brushing against your sweet lips of your pussy. Teasing you as I hear your moaning, I spread your legs wider and wider, and then suck the first berry off you into my mouth. Only this time, slide it against the lips of your waiting and wet whip cream covered pussy. Then pushing it inside your hot wet pussy with my tongue. My tongue sliding across your hot wet pussy lips then inside you pushing it deep inside you. The moan of pleasure I hear tells me that I am doing exactly what you hoped. I then take Escort Bayan each of the last two into my mouth one at a time and push them up inside you. My tongue pushing them up inside you and brushing against your clitoris as I get them inside you. Then smiling up at you as I look at what is now to be a great strawberry sundae for me.

I slowly lick your pussy with my tongue, cleaning off the whip cream and sucking on your hot pussy lips and spreading you open while sliding my tongue across your clit and teasing it as I wrap my tongue around it and suck it hard into my mouth. My tongue flicking across your clitoris, loving the fact that you are so hot and wet and can feel the orgasm building in you. Tasting your pleasure pouring from you, knowing how you will cum soon for me. Driving my tongue deeper inside you licking your juices out of you. My tongue working deep inside you as I spread you open so that I can lick and suck the berry out of your hot throbbing pussy. My tongue working more rapidly on your pussy, as I lick and suck each of the three berries out of your hot pussy my tongue working across your pussy and lips and sliding deep in your hot wet hole, my tongue working inside your pussy, pushing against the berries as I lick and suck the juices out of you then sliding back up to your clit and working it with my tongue and sucking it hard. Tasting and feeling your first explosion of your pussy under my probing mouth and tongue. My hands and tongue spreading you open farther, I slide my tongue deep in your pussy and suck hard to taste the first berry sucking on your pussy hard pulling the berry to my mouth and sliding my tongue to capture it. My fingers sliding inside your wet pussy using them to spread you open as my mouth and tongue works to pull the berry from your pussy, sliding my tongue inside you and sucking the berry out of you into my mouth. Then working my tongue across your clit as I leave my fingers deep in you spreading you wider and wider, hearing your moaning and cumming under me. I love tasting your hot sweet cum on the berry. Feeling your clit getting harder your juices pouring out of your hot wet pussy. Driving deep inside you as you are cumming then your sliding my tongue back to your hot dripping pussy my sweet lover. I begin to work on the next berry knowing I can bring you to climax again very soon.

I begin working your pussy with my tongue and sucking the next berry into my mouth tasting your hot sweet wet juices all over it. My fingers deep in you licking and sucking your hot wet pussy with my tongue teasing and licking your pussy and clitoris. Driving farther and deeper in you feeling your next orgasm building quickly under me. My own cock throbbing Bayan Escort and flooding with my own blood, waiting to explode also. Holding back until I have licked and sucked the last berry from you. Your orgasm explodes under me, tasting more juices in my mouth sucking them hard and probing you deeply with my tongue, fingers holding you pussy open.

Slowing my tongue and gently licking and sucking on you as you recuperate from your last explosion. My lips pressing against you and running my tongue along the inside of your thighs, feeling your body with my hands. Caressing you getting ready to work the last berry out. I know that you will need to rest after this last one, feeling your legs shaking still from your orgasmic pleasure. I begin to suck the last berry from your cunt, driving my tongue deep in you. Working around inside you with my tongue, having to use my fingers to spread you open so far so that I can get to the last berry. I can feel your pussy throbbing, your explosion building quickly as I spread you open driving my tongue deep in you. I capture the last berry with my tongue and get it in my mouth just as I feel your pleasure climaxing. Holding you hard against my face as I feel you explode under me, sucking your juices into my mouth. Driving deeply into you and sucking every drop from your throbbing exploding pussy.

I am left throbbing anticipating my own explosion, feeling you weaken I know you are done for the time being but will be ready again, very soon. I will wait for you to recover but need to release my own throbbing manhood. So I kneel over the top of you and start stroking my hot throbbing cock for you to watch.

This gives you a great view of me as I take long strokes up and down my shaft. Seeing your eyes and excitement knowing that I am about to cover you in my own hot cream. I begin working it a little faster. I am so ready to blast my hot cum load on your body, as I am watching you watch me work my hard and throbbing member. Driving my strokes harder and harder while looking at your naked body. I can see your pleasure all over your skin your breasts calling my cocks cum waiting for my load. Your nipples are still hard from the pleasure of my sweet breakfast pussy sundae. Watching your eye as I stroke faster and faster and faster, hearing your sweet voice telling me “cum baby, cover me in your cum” I am throbbing and ready to explode as I moan “here I cum” my cock shooting its hot load as I pump my cock. Each stroke of my hand sending a new spray of hot cum onto. The cum is shooting across your breast and all over your chest. My hand working long stokes pushing hot cum all over you. Oh god what a great feeling of release and such a beautiful site of my cum spreading across your body.

I lay down next to you and wrap my arms around you holding you tight, cuddling you as I expect we will both be napping soon, getting ready for another hot and exciting day of pleasure.

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