Breakfast at Dawn


I awaken first to find our bodies entangled. My arms are around you and in a good spooning position. We are naked and still covered in all the mess from the night before. I slowly slide away from you, careful not to awaken such a splendid sleeping beauty. My hands slide down your delicate body to your legs and I splay you open. Your pussy is still wet and sticky. It makes me hungrier than a bear waking up from hibernation.

I move my hands up your thighs and gently massage your muscles. I trace your hips and knead some knots out from last night’s vigorous riding session. My fingers trace down your labia and you elicit a small moan of pleasure. I softly touch your outer lips and find them warm to my touch. I bring my face closer and plant kisses all over your hips and trail down your legs. Taking care not to disturb your slumber, I fondle and kiss your legs making them flush with blood and warm up to my attention.

I kiss my way back up to your soft entrance and begin to clean you up completely. The melange of our juices, sweat and honey is quite intoxicating. As I continue to lick and play with you I feel your hand on the back of my head push me into you roughly. Now that I know you’re awake I can take things more seriously.

My tongue flails at your clit almanbahis adres and slides down into you. I lap your juices and your legs coil around my shoulders. I am getting you wetter by the second and your joyful music is ringing in my ears. I insert two fingers in while I suck and nibble your clit. It is sensitive and I am gentle but you start to buck your hips with abandon and commit to riding my face while supporting your weight on your shoulders. After you climax and see I have no intention of stopping you lift your hips up higher and force me to a kneeling position. WIth a few quick adjustments you deftly work my cock in your mouth while I pleasure you. We are having breakfast of each other and the taste is divine.

Since I am on top, I have a few advantages for my angle of attack. I use my fingers to probe and twist on your walls, tickling you from the inside. You slide down my shaft and lick my balls in one smooth motion. I have to catch my breath every time you pop one of my balls out of your mouth with a cute sound. Your tongue trails around my head as you engulf me fully. I spin us around so you are on top.

“I want you to really bob and suck me as hard as you can,” I say as I plunge back into your pussy making you scream a bit and lose almanbahis adresi your focus.

Your back on the attack as a new wave of pleasure comes riding into your brain. I have my thumb in your pussy, my tongue stabbing your clit and you feel two fingers pressing against your sticky asshole. They slide in easily and you shake from the extra stimulation. I pump my fingers into you while maintaining a constant pressure on your love button. My thumb nudges your g-spot and you take my cock out of your mouth to cum for me. It is hard and loud and you grip my cock in a tight fist to help you ride this wave into the shore.

I pull my fingers out of you and just concentrate on using my tongue to enter you as deeply as possible. You redouble your efforts and make me groan. I am getting close and you can tell because my cock starts to swell in your mouth.

You mutter “No, no” and shake your head as you pull my balls down and away from my cock thus cutting off my ejaculation. You pop me out of your mouth and blow on my penis softly. You are making me twitch and writhe but not cum and I am loving every second of it. You have to arch your back and cum once again because my tongue found a good spot to nudge. You squeeze my cock once more to hold on for almanbahis adresi dear life and because you like the feel of my hot steel.

You spin us around and guide my cock into you. You shudder as you collapse onto me and into my arms. You came just from putting me inside. I kiss you softly and say good morning. You smile and raise your hips slowly only to glide back down onto me. I hold you close to me as you repeat that wonderful motion. You tighten inside and I can feel you pulling me deeper into yourself. I have one hand on your lower back and the other in your hair as we kiss. You pick up the pace and I match with you.

My hand slides down your back to your ass and I grab hold of you hard as we both climax together. We kiss and our bodies shake as we exchange breath and hold each other in the afterglow. You catch your wind lying on my chest, idly stroking my cock. You tease my tip and whisper up to me, “Mmm your fun Sir, what can I make you to eat?” I smile because I have already had a well balanced breakfast, and I tell you anything is fine with me just don’t put on any clothes. I like seeing your body and love when you show it off to me.

You parade around naked a bit and tease me some more before setting off for the kitchen. My mind is blown, I can barely move and yet you are as bright as a sunshine day. Perhaps even a bit glowy. It is hard to tell with the way the first rays of dawn glint of your body but you are radiant. A work of art that should be on a pedestal in a museum. Something to treasure most definitely.

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