Boys will be Boys


Kim worked ever so diligently in her kitchen. She cleaned and cleaned until at last she was happy with the results. Never mind the fact that she’d taken three hours to do it, but none the less, it looked fabulous. She moved onto the living room and made everything just perfect, so that Justin’s childhood home was just as he remembered it.

Justin her son who had just turned eighteen, had spent the last four years living in Las Vegas with his father and was happy there so when Kim and Monte divorced, Justin asked if he could stay to finish his schooling. Now schooling was over and high school was behind him. Kim had invited the boy to spend some time with her, here in Reno. He spent the better part of his first two years of school not speaking to his mother since he blamed her for the nasty divorce, but nonetheless he couldn’t bear to talk to her.

Now two years later and a great deal of therapy, Justin walked towards her door a young and accomplished man. He unlike his mother who was only five feet tall, Justin took after his father he stood a modest five foot eight. He was a bigger child than she remembered. He had put on weight and now she’d guess he’d weigh in about two hundred pounds or so. He was chubby to say the least.

She watched him come up the sidewalk and approach the door. She likewise moved to the door and opened it smiling. Justin stopped and dropped his bags on the porch. He gazed upon his mother for the first time in four years. She was still so pretty he thought for a woman of forty five years old, she had taken care of herself very well. She too had put on weight. Her behind had widened and she’d developed a nice set of D cups. Though Justin tried not to dwell on it, he couldn’t help but notice.

Justin walked up to Kim and said “Hi mom.” She instinctively hugged the young boy, kissing his cheek. “Welcome home son.” She said excitedly. “Come, Come inside and let’s get you settled.” She out of nervousness wiped her hands on her apron and led the boy into the living room. She smiled with glee at the mere thought of having her son home for her to take care of once in his life. He took off his jacket and laid it on the back of the couch and sat down.

Kim said, “Would you like something to eat or drink dear?” Justin said, “I dunno? Whatcha got?” He got up and followed his mother to the kitchen. She opened the door and bent over to look inside. He stared at her ass as she called out food items. When she’d finished calling them out, he was still entranced staring at her behind. She stood and said, “Well, what will it be?” Justin said, “Ya know mom on second thought. I’m not really that hungry, but I’d like something to drink.” She didn’t ask this time, she just fixed him a soda and let that be that.

Justin caught his mother rounding the counter and stood up. He grabbed her close and hugged her. She expressed, “My aren’t you the affectionate one today!” Justin said, “I just need to be close to you mom, that’s all.” A bit unsettled and worried, Kim allowed him to keep his embrace for a good five minutes and pulled away. “I’m sorry Justin, I just can’t stand there all day long. Really!” Justin dropped his head and walked back towards the door. Kim said, “Justin where are you going?” Justin replied, “Home. I don’t think you and I will be as close as Gaziantep Escort I’d hoped.”

She ran past him and placed her back at the door and said, “Oh, no you don’t. Is this because I stopped hugging you?” Justin nodded his head yes. Kim somewhat aggravated now said, “Justin honey, look at me. It’s inappropriate for me to share that long of an embrace with you. Now if I was married to you that would be different, but you’re my son and we should share comfortable hugs.” It was apparent Justin didn’t understand what she meant. She took his bag from his hand and led him back to the couch and sat him down. She sat beside him and said, “Ok Justin you win, now talk to me. What is it that you need from me?” Justin said, “I can’t mom it’s just too embarrassing…” Kim grimaced a bit and said, “Come on…” She prodded him more. She noticed his hands were in his lap in effort to hide something. She moved his hands and saw what it was. He sported a big erection through his jeans. She cupped her hands over her mouth and said, “Justin!” He lowered his head again. She continued, “What are you so embarrassed about Justin, It’s just a dick, it’s hard, so what?”

Justin started to speak. “Mom, I wanted you to know that it may be a problem for me to live with you. You see after therapy was finished, I started getting this why when I’d think about you or miss you. My therapist said moving in with you could change all that.” Kim said, “Well, did he say how?” Justin reach inside his suitcase and produced his paperwork. Kim said, “Look Justin this is going to take me a few minutes to go through, I’m going to the kitchen, you stay here and watch TV.

She stood and grabbed the folder and untied her apron and tossed it on the back of the chair. She went to the kitchen. She stood at the bar reading the folder which read:

Patient Name: Justin Abernathy Patient Age : 18 Patient Address: 2321 Whippoorwill Lane Apartment B Las Vegas Nevada 27724

Symptoms and Conditions: “Justin has associative passive sexuality disorder.” Patients disorder Stems from divorced parents four years ago. Justin now associates mentally that he will take the place of his father and wishes to maintain a sexual relationship with his biological mother.”

Recommendations: Justin should live with his mother to see that she is NOT his sexual equal and she should treat him such in order to stop the associative disorder.

It continued for two pages but it really just came down to the fact that she would have to make it clear to Justin that she was not going to have sex with him. Well she thought that should be easy….

She closed the folder and walked to the living room, Justin was on the couch where she’d left him, however he was fully nude. His erect penis was waving in the air as he cupped his balls and watched her move across the room, his free hand delicately moving across his fleshy stomach and down into his pubic hair area. She sat down across from him trying not to be upended by these events. She tried to look him in the eye, but his eight inch thick cock and huge balls waved in the air and drew her attention to it every time he moved it. She said, “Justin, this is not going to work, you can sit there all day long doing that and it won’t bother me a bit. So feel free to put Gaziantep Escort Bayan on a show son, I’ll pay it no mind.” He stared deeply at her as he started masturbating. With that she stood and felt her own pussy quiver and tingle. She needed to stop herself as well as him.

She hurried around the corner out of his sight and fell against the wall pushing at her quivering pussy. It had been years since she’d seen a nude man, let alone her son and images of his thick cock sprang into her mind even though she fought them out. She knew she must work with the therapist to cure him. Hurriedly she went to her room and looked at herself in the mirror. She buttoned her dress up more so that he could not see any cleavage as she moved. She moved back into the hallway and finished composing herself and then moved past the living room where Justin sat still fondling himself and into the kitchen. She prepared him a sandwich and took it to him. “Here, eat this.” She ordered. He took the sandwich and pressed it onto the tip of his cock and then pushed it through to the base. “No you eat it.” He said as he smiled at her.

A fire came in her eyes. “Justin!” She shouted, “Stand up!” He stood. She reach out and grabbed his ear and led him to the kitchen where she pushed him against a barstool and told him to sit. She picked up the phone and called his therapist. She walked onto the back porch and proceeded to tell them what the boy had done. She of course was put on hold for a moment.

A mans voice came on the phone “Hello, this is Dr. Jarvis. Can I help you?”

“Hello”, Kim continued, “I’m Kim Conrad, Justin Abernathy’s mother. I have a problem and need your help?”

“What seems to be the problem Miss Conrad?” he replied.

“Well it seems Justin is here at my house he’s in a sexually excited state and I don’t know how to bring him down from it.” Kim expressed.

The silence on the other end of the phone meant he was probably consulting with other physicians. He came back on the line and said, “Miss Conrad, I hadn’t planned on letting Justin see you for at least another two weeks. We still had more work to do in order to prepare him. But now that you’ve got him, he has to cool down or he’ll just lose it and go berserk. Possibly causing himself great harm.”

Kim obviously upset said, “What do I need to do?”

Jarvis stated firmly but in a hushed tone, “Miss Conrad, I need you to help Justin down from this state. I need you to help him gain the release he needs.” Kim’s lip quivered, “What do you mean?”

Dr. Jarvis said, “Kim I know it’s hard for you but I need you to him once we’re done with this conversation and help the boy sexually in some way. He needs to orgasm.”

Kim said, “But doctor, I’m his mother. I can’t possibly fathom the idea of doing my own son.”

Dr. Jarvis replied, “Well if you love him you’d better do something Miss Conrad. Call me if I can be of any further help and get him back in to see me next week.”

Jarvis hung up the phone as Kim still holding it to her ear clicked it off yet held it in place to give the illusion she was still on the phone wile she sorted out her thoughts.

She composed herself a bit and knew she had to make a decision. She unbuttoned the top two buttons on her dress Escort Gaziantep once again and returned inside. Justin still sat at the counter. She grabbed him by his hand and said, “This never happened!”

She drug him to the couch and sat him down. She sat beside him and reach down and grasped firmly his hot rigid tool. She jacked the young man until her wrist hurt. She then moved to her knees between his legs and began deeply sucking his cock. She knew how quickly she could make her ex husband cum, hopefully Justin was no different. She sucked him until her jaws began to ache. Justin turned her around and threw her dress up over her back.

She cried out, “Justin no!”

Justin pulled down her panties and forcefully worked her legs out of them and began moving his cock up and down her ass crack allowing her natural state to moisten her pussy. He pushed against it a little with his cock and was easily accepted. Kim said, “But Justin I’m your mother!” He slowly sawed in and out of her until at last she gave it, it felt too good for her to rebel now.

Justin worked his cock from side to side often falling out but quickly recovering. He watched her wiggle and moan and then she said it, “Oh Justin fuck me baby!” With that he ramped his speed up and worked furiously until she felt him buck and then felt his cum warm her insides. His orgasm subsided and he lay back on the couch as she fell to her side on the floor sobbing.

Justin momentarily said, “Mom, what’s wrong?” As if he knew nothing of his actions. Kim sat up and said angrily, “What’s wrong! You just fucked me you little shit! That’s what’s wrong!” Justin innocently said, “But mom I didn’t know…” She looked at him, his vague expression told her he must be innocent and that it’s probably a side effect of his condition. She moved to her knees and said, “Baby I’m sorry for yelling at you. What we did was wrong, but it felt so good. Do you feel better now?”

Justin smiled and shook his head yes. She stood and could still feel her pussy pulsating after the vicious fucking she’d just received. She was horny now and wanted more but she’d wait till Justin went to bed to take care of her own needs. Justin redressed and stood and gulped down the last bit of his soda and said, “Mom would you mind if I called some of my old friends and we hung out a little bit?”

Knowing that Justin had grown up around this neighborhood it was unlikely that he’d find anyone from his childhood still here but for now she needed alone time to reflect. She said, “Sure hon go right ahead.”

Justin picked up the phone and dialed a number and talked for a few minutes and said, “Mom, you’ll never guess. I found Artie Simpson still around. Remember him? He’s coming over and we’re going to the mall for a while.”

Kim did remember Artie he was such a strange boy, he had been rumored in his childhood to have had been abused sexually by his father. But right now she didn’t care who it was just someone to occupy Justin’s attention, perhaps the two could talk and it would ultimately help Justin’s recovery.

Minutes later the doorbell rang, Justin answered the door while Kim stood around the corner in the kitchen. “Mom, I’m going out.” Justin yelled back inside the house. She heard the door close and moved to lock it so she could go take a shower.

Outside on the steps, Justin said, “So Artie what’s up?”

Artie said, “Nothing much, how’d things work out?

Justin replied, “Good, Good, couldn’t have been better.”

Artie smiled at Justin and said, “That’s great man, next time you get to be Dr. Jarvis!”

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