Bowling and Blowing 9/1/2012


Bowling and Blowing 9/1/20129/1/12Here is a short true story for you guys about my adventures at the bowling alley with some friends tonight, hope you enjoy. Comments and ratings are appreciated.To start off with some back round info, this weekend I have a friend , who is also another fuck buddy of mine, visiting me for the weekend. Her name is Bianca and she is a sexy Brazilian and Italian girl. She is 22 tan , medium height sexy slim body, small tits and a cute ass. She and I go way back to our middle school days. But we became fuck buddies in our freshman year of high school. She is visiting me for the weekend to hang out and fuck of course,and so far we have been fucking a lot. But she also brought her friend Vanessa and her boyfriend and his younger brother. The first night, we all went out the to club and partied all night and we went back home and I fucked Bianca, Vanessa fucked her bf, and I called a slutty friend of mine to fuck Vanessa’s bf lil b*o, this girl will fuck any one with a pulse. I noticed that Vanessa was a sexy girl. She is a cute black girl, pretty hazel eyes and a body that is so hot it can melt butter. She has a nice pair of tits, which I believe to be C cups just by looking at them and an ass that is like brown soft buns fresh out the oven. I knew she has a bf and I was with my fuck buddy Bianca. I just thought she was good eye candy, and if she was not taken I would definitely fuck the living shit out of her. Today we all went out for sushi and we hung out getting to know each other. I noticed Vanessa, spent alot of time getting to me. She held a great conversation, we had a lot to relate because we are both black. We talk and joked about random things, we were hitting off like we were friends for years. But I never crossed any lines with her, cause I was not really trying to press.So afterwards we all decided to go midnight bowling,and we all decided to buy drinks to make the game much better. We were going to play teams, but it was not even because there was 5 of us. The rounds were pretty cool, I’m Escort not really big on bowling so I was not to into it after awhile. Bianca and Vanessa’s bf and his b*o were having a blast. I just wanted to hurry up and go , because Bianca was gonna let me fuck her in the ass tonight, and I sure did but that’s another story. I noticed Vanessa, was getting bored to so we took a break from bowling, and let the rest of them play. We set back and chatted, mostly useless banter. I noticed how sexy she was looking, she had a normal t shirt and jeans but she just was so sexy, she could pull that off. Her jeans were hugging tightly against that sexy round ass of hers and she looked cuter than ever. After awhile we decided to stop bowling all together and just go to the bar, while the rest of the crew bowled, we did not won’t to ruin there fun.I ordered us both some Corona’s we started to talk, she was telling me how Bianca mentioned a lot about me. I joked that I hope she did not mention too much. She smiled a coy smile and said. “Yea she actaully did” and laughed a cute little laugh. I smiled and asked her what she said, I was curious. She tried to change the subject but I told her she gotta finished what she started. She smiled again, and said basically what Bianca came to visit me for. I laughed ans she laughed, I told her that I might have to spank Bianca for being naughty. She then started to get curious and ask me questions. She said she heard that I could lick pussy good and how I make Bianca cum and on and on about things Bianca told her. In my head I said,I knew Bianca’s mouth would be useful for other than sucking my dick. I told her that was true, but I still did not want to cross any boundaries. Then she asked me how was Bianca’s blowjobs,and I told her how amazing being is at giving head. Then all of a sudden, this sexy milk chocolate sex kitten, says’ “I bet I can give you a better one” Mind you I only new her for a day and a half and she was with her bf. But there was no way I was about to turn this down. Escort Bayan I told her anytime she wanted to prove it to me , she could. She said lets go now, we were in a bowling alley packed with people not mention her bf. I told her if she could find the spot lead the way, she told her bf we were going out to smoke, I did not need to lie to Bianca, cause she is not my gf and we have nsa sex. But she new anyway, apparently Bianca and her talked about this.We went out side to the parking lot, we where park in the back of the parking lot where we were hidden in the trees. My dick was semi hard. She wasted no time. We were in and suv in the back seat so there was plenty of room. I pulled my pants and boxers down. She took shirt off and I found out she was not wearing a bra. Her tits were so nice, I had to suck on them and lick them, She really liked that, she was moaning and rubbing my head. I decided I will please her first and get her off nice and good. I then pulled her pants half way down, pulled her thong to the side and rubbed her already wet pussy. She kissed me and we french kissed while I fingered her pussy. The energy was crazy, heavy breathing, moaning, strangers basically getting ready to pleasure each other , it was a sexy wild moment. I began to finger her moist pussy,and she moaned for me I stuck one then two fingers and rubbed her clit. She was so wet my hand was glistening I had to taste her juices, they were sweet like melon. I needed to taste more if it, I bend down and play with her clit with my thumb and lick her fat pussy lips. I teased her a little bit and licked her inner thy, she loved that, then she took my head and pressed in her warm and wet snatch, It smelt so good and tasted even better. For about 20 minutes I was eating her out. She came in my mouth and it was a sweet treat. After she calmed down, she put her pants back on and said , “now its my turn”. I was rock hard by now, so hard it started to hurt.I leaned back in the seat and she leaned over me and went to work on my cock. Bayan Escort She said I had a beautiful cock. She mentioned how she like the veins running through. She played no games, stoke me dick, which was feeling amazing on her soft hands. She licked her wet tongue all over the base and shaft of my dick, She then took me in her mouth and began to suck. I placed my head back and took it all in. She was sucking and slurping, bobbing her head up and down. Her mouth felt like a velvet glove over my dick, she was sucking nice and tight. She then did this trick with her tongue on my cock head, while deep throating my cock. She gave me a loud sloppy bj. I love to hear those gagging and slurping sounds.All I could say was oh shit, oh shit. Damn this girl could suck a fucking dick , I said to my self. She was focused on the task at hand. I took my hand and placed on her head, and pushed her head up and down. I was in heaven, my dick was in the back of her throat, I began pumping my pelvis up into her mouth. She showed my balls some well deserved attention, licking each and sucking them and popping them in and out of her mouth. This girl had skills, I was at my tipping point. I felt my cum boiling in my balls, I had to blast off. I tld her I was about cum. She pulled out and I jacked off and cam all over her nice titties. I splooged load after thick load on her boobs. I was out of breath and in another world. She rubbed the cum in and sucked the last of it out. She looked up at me and smiled, and said how did you like it. I told her that was the best fucking blow job I had in awhile. She smiled and said told you I was good. I told her we better get back because we were gone for like an hour at the most. She agreed and cleaned her self up . We went back in and they did not noticed we were still gone, they thought we were still at the bar. We finished up one last game and we went back home. We both acted normal,and carried on like we did before. I got back home with Bianca, she asked me how was the blow job. I told her how great it was and she said well that’s nice. And we ended up fucking until she went to sleep. I don’t know what might happen tomorrow, its their last day here, I might try and see if she wants to fuck but it cool with whatever. You guys may get to hear a sequel to this.

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