Book of Eros 01: Miranda


Yaphet stepped away from his magic books, the Books of Contraries, and went outside his hut for a breath of fresh air and a rest after hours of contemplating, in deep concentration, the meaning of how magical power and creation stem from the unifying of opposites. He was tired and had a headache; he needed a rest so urgently, he’d left his books open in a rare moment of absence of mind.

After a pleasant stroll through the woods, he was ready to return to his studies. What a peaceful island, this Illysia, in the ancient Mediterranean Sea, where he and his then-baby daughter, Miranda, had escaped to after usurpers had killed his wife, the queen of Illyria, eighteen years ago! The two had been living here for almost two decades now, with rarely an interruption of their peace and solitude; the one exception having been the black native, Caleb, their servant, ‘who’d tried to bewitch Miranda of her virtue’, as Yaphet judged. Caleb’s punishment, therefore, was his lifelong servitude to her and her father, for Yaphet would protect her innocence to the death.

Speaking of preserving his daughter’s innocence, when he entered his hut, he saw her reading one of his opened books!

“Miranda!” he shouted, making her eyes dart away from the spells and incantations she’d been reading. “My books are not for your eyes to see! Get out!”

She ran out of the hut, trembling. He closed his eyes and raised his arm, pointing it in her direction as she ran off into the woods. He used his magic to sense the vibrations connecting him with her; he wanted to read her thoughts, to search her feelings, to know how much she’d learned from his books, three of which had been left open.

The mysteries I know are far too arcane for her naïve mind to understand, he thought as he searched the vibrations in her thoughts. She couldn’t have learned much, if anything at all; still, I must be sure.

He continued searching through her vibrations, but as he suspected, he found only the shadows and darkness of ignorance of his art. He breathed a sigh of relief.

He scanned the open pages of the three books on his desk. Most of them showed obscure formulae for magic spells, ideas so abstract that Miranda couldn’t have learned them, especially not during such a short period of time as his brief walk in the woods. Then, there was this verse:

He who knows the secret of this verse

Can find the blessing inside every curse,

And all the darkness hidden in the light,

Knows how the day is maiden to the night.

He sees the white begotten in the black,

And sees the brilliance sired by wisdom’s lack,

How love and hate walk always hand in hand,

And he who knows will never understand.

The path above will lead men down below,

And what we hide is ever what we show.

Excess of virtue plunges into vice,

Consuming fires harden into ice.

He thinks on this, as in foggy haze,

Gets slight regard, and yet he will amaze.

No, he thought. She could never understand these paradoxes.


That night, a thunderstorm was raging. Lightning struck Miranda’s hut, so she had to sleep in Yaphet’s. They lay side by side, in their blankets, as the thunder roared outside and the rain pelted the wooden roof and walls of his hut.

Yaphet focused his magic on ensuring no lightning struck his hut; for this reason, he was distracted from sensing the vibrations of shipwrecked visitors on the island. Miranda was whispering in her dreams, smiling.

Eventually, Yaphet fell asleep.

At first, he saw a black void before his eyes; then, he opened them, and saw Miranda, naked, riding on him. He would have been shocked, but he felt lulled by the pleasure of her moist vaginal walls hugging his phallus. Her ample breasts bounced for joy, and she smiled and sighed as she felt him digging inside her…

He woke up. It was a sunny morning. The birds were chirping, and Miranda was nowhere to be seen.

“A dream,” he sighed with relief. “It was only a dream…but what an awful dream to have.”

He went outside and saw Miranda far off in the rolling fields, frolicking…in the nude.

“Miranda!” he shouted. “What are you doing without your clothes on? What if Caleb sees you?”

“Use your magic to control him,” she shouted back, still running and jumping as carefree as ever. He saw her lips moving; she said a few words to herself that he couldn’t hear. Then she said, “It’s too hot to wear anything. I want to be free.”

Caleb had been gathering wood to build a new hut for her, a command Yaphet had given him during the storm, and something he magically compelled Caleb to begin doing as soon as the storm ended; but when he heard she was naked outside, he dropped the logs he’d been carrying in his muscular arms and ran to look.

Sensing the slave’s lust, Yaphet waved his arm to cause a blur to appear before Caleb’s eyes. The slave couldn’t see any of her.

“Damn you, Yaphet!” he shouted. “Must you deny me every pleasure to be had?”

“My daughter’s body is not yours to see, Escort you filthy savage!” Yaphet said. “Get back to your work, lecher!”

“This island is mine!” Caleb shouted. “You took it from me. You’ve enslaved me. Now she tempts me, and you deny me even the small pleasure of admiring her sweet beauty! You heap injustice upon injustice onto my back. I can’t bear it!”

“You will bear it, you beast!” Yaphet said. “You tried to violate her and rob her of her virtue by force! You animal!”

“She wanted me as much as I wanted her. You’re as much a tyrant to her as you are to me!”

“Don’t you impute your lust onto my innocent child! She would never want the love of a black-skinned ape as you!”

“If she is so innocent, why has she no modesty today? Did you ever consider that she isn’t the simple soul you assume her to be? If you want to protect her, tell her to get dressed. Don’t condemn me for having a man’s natural reaction to her sluttish ways!”

“How dare you stain my daughter’s honour with your lies!” Yaphet shot lightning from his fingertips, hitting Caleb and making his whole body shake. Caleb fell on the grass, shaking his head out of its stupor. “Now, go back to your work. Collect logs, and rebuild my daughter’s hut, or the next lightning I fire will kill you!”

Yaphet watched Caleb pick up the logs he’d dropped, then looked at the fields where Miranda was. She was gone.

She must have run into the woods, he thought.


Indeed, that’s where she’d gone. She wasn’t the only one there, though. A naked, muscular young man was wandering into the woods from the other side, his penis and buttocks wiggling with each step.

What happened to my clothes? he wondered as he staggered past the first few trees from the beach where his boat had crashed. How could the storm have ripped them off my body? I hope there are no others here to see me in this immodest state. And as for others, where are my shipmates? Did they drown in the sea? “Wait,” he said. “Who’s that up ahead? A girl? A naked girl? Perhaps my own nakedness won’t be so shocking, then.”

The two naked beauties came within ten paces of each other, then stood still, admiring each other.

“Who are you?” she asked with a child’s curiosity.

“My name is Adam,” he said with a smile. “And what is your name, you lovely creature?”

“Miranda,” she said with a giggle. “What’s that?”

He looked down at his hardening penis, which she was pointing at. “You don’t know?”

“No,” she said in all sweetness. “The only men I’ve ever seen are my father and his slave, Caleb. I’ve never seen a naked man before…except once or twice, maybe. Papa never taught me about men’s bodies. He doesn’t want me to know about those things, but I want to know.”

“You’ve lived on this island your whole life?” Adam asked. “You’ve had no education? No contact with other people?” His penis was half-erect now, and rising.

“No. Only Papa has taught me things…and refused to teach what he thinks is sinful.” She looked down at his now fully-erect phallus. “That is amazing! How do you make it do that?”

“I don’t. Your beauty makes it do that.”

She giggled as she stared at it. “Really?” She came closer.

“Yes,” he said, also approaching. “Would you like to touch it?”

“Oh, yes!” she sighed. “It is so fascinating!”

“It’s better than that,” he said. “I can use it to give you great pleasure.”

“Oh, I believe that.” She giggled and squatted before it. She tapped it and giggled as it bobbed up and down.

“You should try tasting it,” he said with a grin. “Since I just came from the sea, it’s clean. I was washed up on the shore after last night’s storm.”

She grinned and put it in her mouth.

“Don’t bite,” he said. “Just suck…and lick. Oh!”

“Mm-hmm,” she said as she took three-quarters of it into her mouth. She looked up into his eyes, hers telling his how sweet it tasted!

They never noticed who was walking in the cool of the forest, emerging from the bushes.

“Stop that!” Yaphet shouted, using his magic to throw Adam away from her and make him fall on his behind on the dirt in front of a tree. Then Yaphet used his magic to transport her back to his hut. He erased the memory of her sexual contact with Adam from her mind (as he had her memory of her encounter with Caleb months ago).

Yaphet saw a deer running by. He fired lightning from his fingers, killing it. Then, using his magic, he tore a portion of its pelt off its body and had the pelt fly around the waist of now-standing Adam, who was dazed by Yaphet’s power.

“How many men are going to try to seduce my daughter?!”

Now, Yaphet had two slaves.


As both Caleb and Adam worked on rebuilding Miranda’s hut, they often looked over to where she was running and jumping about in the nude, on the hills of grass; but Yaphet’s magic put a blur around her body, so they could see none of her skin.

Yet, why didn’t he just clothe her, as he had Adam? Surely, he wasn’t putting that blurring of her exposed Escort Bayan body before his eyes, was he? After all, he was watching her, too.

Indeed, he found himself captivated, to his utter shame, by her beauty. In fact, he felt a compulsion to use his magic to improve her: he removed her pubic hair, had the sun tan her skin a caramel brown, and every time she relieved herself, he cleaned her vagina and anus so immaculately that she always had a sweet smell down there, just seconds after she’d got up from squatting behind the bushes.

At one point, he used his magic to arouse her sexually. She lay in the grass on her back, writhing, moaning, and sighing, her eyes shut and her smiling mouth wide open. Her moist vagina opened and closed, as if an invisible phallus were sliding in and out. Invisible fingers seemed to pinch her erect nipples.

“Ah…ah! AH!!” she screamed, then spilled her orgasm on the grass.

Caleb and Adam chuckled when they noticed him staring at his naked, ecstatic daughter.

Yaphet saw them laughing at him.

“Back to your work, you pigs!” he shouted at them, gesturing with his hands to threaten them with another lightning shock.

The two slaves looked the other way and continued building her new hut. Yaphet watched her resume her running around, her large breasts bouncing as she giggled and chattered inaudible things to herself.

What’s…making me allow her…to go around naked? he wondered as he watched her. Something terrible is happening to me. What kind of a man am I turning into?


By nightfall, the hut still was far from finished, so Miranda was sleeping next to Yaphet in his hut again. He watched her as she lay there, mumbling something unintelligible to herself in her sleep. Gradually, his eyes grew heavy, and he fell to sleep himself…

Again, he saw her on top of him, going up and down on his phallus and sighing with a lustful smirk and closed eyes. Her delicious breasts were bouncing, practically begging him to reach up and grab them. His hands slowly rose. The instant that his fingers touched them…

…he woke up early the next morning. She was still asleep beside him in all innocence and peacefulness, whispering and mumbling in her dreams.

Why do I keep having such shameful dreams? he wondered.


The next day, Yaphet was barking orders at Caleb and Adam, demanding that they work faster to finish Miranda’s hut, so he wouldn’t have to have her sleeping next to him again.

Meanwhile, his ever-naked daughter had disappeared into the woods again…

During that storm at sea two nights before, Adam’s friends had washed ashore, too; they hadn’t drowned at sea, as he feared. Unlike Adam, the three others still had all their clothes on, had risen from the shipwrecked boat before their naked shipmate, and wandered off in a different direction from him. They’d gone for the whole previous day and night into a different part of the island, but were now in the same forest where Miranda met Adam.

“Whatever happened to Adam?” said one of the men.

“Perhaps the tide washed Adam’s body out to sea,” said the second of the men.

“No!” said the third. “Have you forgotten the bare footprints we saw leading from the shore after we returned to the boat? When we thought he was dead and drowned, he was naked-I’ll never know why-but these footprints must have been his.”

“Or they were those of a native,” the second man said.

“We’ve wandered about this small island for over a day, Alphonso,” said the first man, “And we still haven’t seen one man here, nor have we seen any signs of civilization.”

“No man, no civilization, but what of women?” Alphonso asked, pointing at the lovely frontal nudity, standing twenty yards away from them, of Miranda. “Perhaps the footprints were hers.”

All three men’s mouths and eyes were agape at the sight of her, who, in all insouciance, let their eyes scan her body from head to toe. She grinned at them. They grinned back, then stepped toward her.

“I’m sure…her feet are too small…for those footprints,” said the third man, “but her breasts…are plenty large.”

“Indeed,” said Alphonso. “Do you live here alone, my lovely?”

“No,” she said. “My papa and his two slaves are here, too.”

“Is one of them named Adam?” the first man asked.

“Yes,” she said. “The other’s name is Caleb.”

“We know not of him,” the third man sighed. “But we’d love to know you. What’s your name, my dear?”

“Miranda,” she said as the three men encircled her.

“My name is Lorenzo,” the first man said. “Prince of Illyria.”

“And I am Bernardo,” said the third man. “Lord Chamberlain to the king of Illyria.” He stood immediately behind her.

“I am Alphonso, Duke of Dalmatia. How came Adam to servitude?”

“Adam was going to let me suck on his…I don’t have one, as you can see, for I am a girl,” she said, then giggled. “But Papa saw us together, and got angry. He used his magic to force Adam into slavery as punishment for trying Bayan Escort to ‘bewitch’ me, but it isn’t fair. My father’s the witch.”

“Yaphet escaped Illyria with his baby daughter eighteen years ago, after we helped the king usurp his wife’s rule,” Alphonso whispered into Bernardo’s ear. “Could this be the girl, and Yaphet her father?”

“If so, we’ll have to be watchful as we enjoy his daughter here,” Bernardo whispered back. “Then we’ll find means to kill him.”

“You mentioned sucking on Adam’s…?” Lorenzo began as he put his phallus through the front hole of his pants; the other two men did the same, to Miranda’s widening eyes. “Did the member you spoke of look like this?” All three men wore lewd smirks.

“O, wonder!” she said with thrilled eyes as she gazed back and forth between all three phalluses, looking as if she was discovering the anatomy for the first time. “How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous manhood is! O, brave new world, to have such penises in’t!”

She, kneeling, took Lorenzo’s and Alphonso’s in her hands, while Bernardo aimed his at her exposed anus, for she bent forward to take Lorenzo’s in her mouth.

In their lust, the three distracted men forgot to watch out for Yaphet, for suddenly he appeared among them.

“Is there no end to your wickedness?!” he shouted. He raised his hands, ready to strike them with his magic.

“Yaphet!” the three lechers shouted, their heads spinning around to see him.

“Papa!” she shouted. His magic made her vanish, as it did her memory of the encounter. She reappeared in his hut.

The three men fumbled with their pants to cover up their shame.

“First, you plot to murder my wife, your queen, to whom you all owed allegiance!” Yaphet screamed. “Now you try to defile my daughter! Lorenzo, Alphonso, and Bernardo, I could have forgiven you for the former injury, but never for this shameful one!”

“Your queen came to power only through your black magic!” Prince Lorenzo spat back. “In removing her and you, we saved Illyria from your tyranny. You enslaved our citizens there with your magic, as you have your servants here, as we’ve learned from your most immodest daughter.”

“Indeed!” said Bernardo. “And if that strumpet of a daughter of yours is free to roam about naked, then it is too late to save her from defiling!”

“After what you’ve done, what you tried to do here, you dare to judge my daughter and me?!” Yaphet roared in a crescendo of rage. “You three beasts will surely die for this attempt on her sweet chastity!”

Lightning shot from his fingertips, setting all three men on fire. They screamed as they stood there, three immobile pillars of flame. Then their bodies vanished into towers of smoke.


Night had fallen, and Yaphet had been wandering about the forests and fields, searching for any other men he didn’t know of yet who might try to seduce Miranda. He used his magic to sense any strangers his eyes didn’t see.

No other men were to be found, to his relief; still, the exposure of his sweet, innocent Miranda to so much vice, even after using his magic to wipe it from her memory, still seemed a stain he couldn’t remove from her body.

This whoring of her made him despondent, and so he was wandering almost aimlessly, in near despair, by the time the sun had gone below the watery horizon.

He returned to his hut; hers was still unfinished, and the buildup of clouds in the night sky, covering the stars, suggested another rainfall was coming. Miranda would have to sleep next to him again. He was fearing his dreams already.

He’d used his magic to lock Caleb and Adam in the cage he’d had them sleep in every night; but did he himself need to be caged away from his daughter? His dreams were betraying a shameful lust for ever-nude Miranda; how many more nights of them sleeping together would happen before he was actually doing to her what he’d been dreaming?

Inside his hut now, he saw her fast asleep on the floor, mumbling incoherently in her dreams again. He lay beside her, shaking in fear from his lewd desires. He lay there restlessly for several hours before he felt a cloud of black obscuring him, drawing him away from consciousness…

…The cloud of black cleared before his eyes, and once again, he saw his daughter riding on his phallus and sighing.

Part of him wanted to scream and throw her off of him, as on the previous two nights, but the other part of him wanted the opposite, to enjoy the sex…as he had the other two times.

The opposite.

He always felt that way about her: one part felt shame and wanted to clothe her nakedness as she ran about outside, and the other part wanted to leave her in her nakedness-the opposite feeling.

Contrary feelings.


But, this was a dream he was having…

…wasn’t it?

A dream, or reality?

Contraries, the basis of his magic.

He focused his mind on his magic, to wake himself.

No change.

“This is no dream…this is really happening!” he gasped.

He looked up at her, her eyes squinted shut, as she bounced on him and squealed. He sensed that she was reversing all of his attempts to use his magic to stop her. That whispering of hers, those murmurs, all the time whispering…

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