Subject: Book Money – Chapter 3 Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious Book Money — Chapter 3 As I walked quickly back to my dorm room I did not stop, I did not look up and I did not make eye contact. I did not want anyone to know what had just happened. Could people just look at me and tell? Could they look at me and know that I just made out with Professor Murphey? That I just let a man jerk me off in his office? And what was wrong with me, with my dick? There was no denying it was rock hard and that a part of me liked it. If I didn’t like it, I never would have cum all over his floor. And then when he sucked the remnants of cum off my cockhead, I started to get hard again. All the thoughts and images ran through my mind as I hurriedly returned to my dorm room. I could still feel the softness of his hair as I ran my fingers over his head. I could feel his tongue in my mouth and his lips on mine; the bristle of his mustache rubbing against my face. I entered the dorm and avoided a group of kids waiting for the elevator. I did not want to wait so I headed for the stairwell. As I started my climb to the 5th floor dorm room, I noticed that my cock was semi hard and rubbing in my pants. The more stairs I climbed the more rubbing in my pants and the harder my cock got. By the time I reached the 5th floor I was rock hard. I quickly made my way to my room and closed the door behind me. I started to pace in my room trying to figure this all out; what I had done, what was happening, why I was hard thinking about it. I was tired and confused. I decided to take my mind of my hard cock and just fall asleep. Sleep did not come easy and my cock did not get soft as I hoped. I reached into the top of my jeans and felt my cock. My shorts were filled with precum and my hard-warm cock felt good in my hand. I wrapped my fingers around my cock and started to pull on it. I imagined the last time with my ex-girlfriend; we were on a camping trip and we were in our tent just hanging out and talking after a long day. We started to make out and she pulled me on top of her. I got hard and her legs wrapped around me. I started to fantasize and think about her while I pulled on my hard cock. I could feel her under me, smell her. I imagined her hands running down my back, I could feel one hand slip down and caress my ass. Our kiss gets more intense and I reach in to open her shirt. My mind becomes confused and her smooth chest is replaced by a hairy chest, her soft breasts are replaced by a man’s muscular chest, her soft lips became rough and I could imagine the feeling of the Professor’s beard on my face as his tongue slips past my lips into my mouth. My eyes flashed open with my hand still wrapped around my hard cock with the image of the Professor laying under me. As I tried to scrub the images from my mind my hand kept pumping my hard cock and before I could stop myself my cock unload all over my shirt and ran down over my hand and my cock. My breath started to return to normal following my unexpected orgasm. Confusion and guilt ran through me as I lay there coated in my second orgasm of the day. I got up and cleaned myself off. I decided to use the money the Professor gave me and buy the books and then simply stay of him and his offices. Classes would be starting in a few days and I would be consumed with school work. I walked to the bookstore and purchased the econ books I needed. I avoided going down the path towards the Professor’s office. I spent the weekend reorganizing my mind and my dorm room. I was able to put the thoughts of the Professor behind me and focus on my upcoming school work. Monday finally came, and I was ready to dig in to my classes. My first class of the day started at 8:45 in the morning. I had 2 more classes during the day and my last class was at 7pm. It was in the large lecture hall. I got through my first day and went to my dorm room and had some dinner and cleaned up before heading to my last class of the day. I entered the large theater style room. I took a seat in the 3rd row. Not so close to look over eager and not so far to seem bored. I settled into my seat and cracked open my Econ book. I started flipping through some pages when a cold chill ran down my back. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am Professor Daniel Murphey, and this is Financial Economics.” I could not believe this. The same man that made me blow him for money, who jerked me off in his office was my damn Professor. I struggled through the lecture not able to focus on much of what he was saying. Anger, embarrassment, fear ran through me. I tried not to make eye contact but noticed he looked at me a few times and smiled. It was a knowing smile. I imagined him thinking to himself tandoğan escort “you sucked my cock and then I jerked you off” A cold chill ran down my back. About 20 minutes into class Professor Murphey announced that we would be pairing up and working as project teams. I got paired up with the guy sitting next to me. We shook hands and he introduced himself as Stewart something or other. Stewart was a short guy about 5’9 with dark hair. He had a compact muscular body. “Please work this week on what your outline, then bring your ideas to my office for approval.” The Professor instructed. A cold sweat ran down my spine at the thought of having to go to his office again. I decided I would figure a way for Stewart to do it. After class Stewart and I headed to lounge area to talk about the project. Stewart told me that he had been at the university since his Freshman year and that this was the 3rd class he took with Professor Murphey. I was going to ask if anything funny had ever happened but decided not to. We sat and talked and came up with what we believed was a solid idea for our project. We would need to meet again to flesh it out. That would also give me time to figure out how to get Stewart to drop it off for us. We met a few more times and worked out all the details of the project. We believed it was complete and ready to go to the Professor for his approval. We agreed to meet and deliver it together. I hated to do it, but I called Stewart and made up an excuse and asked if he wouldn’t mind taking it over. “Sure Ryan, no problem. I can take it over right after class this evening” he said without hesitation. I let out a sigh of relief. At about 8:45pm my phone rang. “Hey Stewart, how did it go with the Professor” I asked. “Ryan man I need help. I got locked out of my computer and can’t print our outline. I am going to need you to take it to him” he said sounding all flustered. I could not speak for a moment. It was like I was falling as his words hit me. I had no choice, if I did not take the outline we would be late, and we would have a hard time passing the course. I told Stewart I would print it out and head right over. I decided that I would just hand him the outline and leave quickly. I arrived at his office about 10 minutes later, outline in hand ready to shove it into his hand and walk out. I knocked on the door and the Professor opened it and stepped aside to let me in. I tried to put it in his hands, but he did not accept it. “Come on in and let’s take a look” he said standing by his desk. I could still picture the first time in his office with his dick hanging out. My eyes darted to his crotch and I tried to look away. I could feel myself starting to breath heavily and sweat a bit. The Professor read quietly looking over the report. “Are you ok Ryan” he asked looking up at me. I was starting to feel a bit sick but did not realize he had noticed. “Sit down Ryan” he instructed, and I sat in one of the leather arm chairs in front of his desk. The Professor came around behind me and started to rub my shoulders. Relax Ryan it will pass. As soon as his hands touched my shoulders my dick gave a jump and started to fill out my pants. The Professor continued working my shoulder and started to work down to my chest. His fingers started massage my nipples through my shirt and my body tingled. Not a word was spoken between us as his hands caressed my body. Then he moved his hands up to my face and started to stroke my cheek. He placed his fingers under my chin and pulled my head up and towards him. He lowered himself and while staring into my eyes he lowered his lips to mine. I did not move, I did not stop him. I knew what was going to happen and I did nothing. The Professors lips closed on mine and the warmth of his mouth filled my mouth. His tongue parted my lips as he had one time before and this time it felt good. I could not deny I liked it. While he kissed me, he reached down and opened my pants and fished out my hard cock. I just let go and allowed myself to feel it. To enjoy it. His kiss got more intense and his hand slipped off my cock and ran up my torso. Then I felt his hand on my cock again. Something was wrong, but it felt good. Then I felt a mouth on my cock. This was not possible because Professor Murphey was kissing me. I pulled away and looked down. Between my knees with my dick in his mouth was Stewart. He had no cloths on and was working on my cock. My head was swirling as I looked down in shock. “What the fuck” I let out. “Relax and enjoy it Ryan” Professor Murphey said, and Stewart looked up at me with my cock in his mouth and a big smile on his face. “Stewart is a good student of mine. Aren’t you Stewart?” the Professor asked. tunalı escort Stewart smiled and shook his head. “Stewart come over here” and Professor said, and Stewart pulled himself off my cock and stood up. Stewart was muscular, more so than I would have imagined. He had narrow hips and broad shoulders. He had some soft hair on his chest. His dick was rock hard and pointed straight up and tight to his body. I just watched as he walked past me as his rock hard cock bobbed back and forth over to the Professor. “Stewart please make Ryan feel comfortable.” The Professor instructed as he stepped aside. Stewart looked at me and just as the Professor did he brought is lips to mine. We stared into each other’s eyes as he slowly moved in. Just as our lips touched, he placed a hand behind my head and he pulled me to him. The feeling of kissing Stewart was very different then kissing the Professor. His lips were much softer and there was no feeling of a beard. I darted my tongue into his mouth and Stewart opened wide to take it. As we started to kiss I felt a mouth on my dick again. This time I knew it had to be the Professor. I never felt something so incredible in my life. My ex-girlfriend blew me a few times, but it never felt anything like this. I could not fight the feelings. I could not stop it. I was lost, and it felt incredible. I wanted to cum. I wanted to feel relief from all the excitement, but the Professor was not ready for that. As if sensing my impending orgasm, he stopped working on my cock. “Stewart come here” the Professor said. I watched Stewart as he walked around the chair to the Professor. The Professor had taken his cloths off and for the first time I could see him fully naked. He had a great body with well-defined muscles and soft hair over most of it. The Professor pulled Stewart’s naked body to him and wrapped his arms around him. They embraced and started to make out. I could see their cocks grinding into each. My dick was raging hard and my balls were full. As I watched them go at it, I reached down and ran my fingers over the tip of my cock. Precum was oozing from the head and I ran it over my cock to use as lubricant. The Professor turned Stewart so that his back was to me. Stewart’s ass was firm and round and coated with a soft hair. The Professor placed his hands-on Stewart’s ass and pulled the cheeks apart exposing his hole. I just stared at it. “Touch it Ryan” the Professor said and took my hand and pulled it to Stewart’s ass. My fingers were still slick with my precum and I ran them over the exposed anus. A soft moan escaped Stewart’s lips and he arched his body bringing his ass even closer to me. I was mesmerized by what I was seeing. A part of me wanted to leave but my dick was so hard that I could not pull myself away. “Ryan, stand up behind Stewart” the Professor said in a husky voice and I did as he said without even thinking about it. I was inches from Stewart. I could see the muscles in his back as they worked down towards his tight hips and round firm ass. The Professor continued to probe with his hands. The Professor reached past Stewart removing his hands from his ass and taking my hand, he pulled me forward and placed them on Stewart’s hips. My body moved forward, and my hard dick was laying on the crack of Stewart’s ass. The warmth of his body sent a chill through me as I made contact. The Professor and Stewart started to make out again as Stewart was sandwiched in between us. The Professor pulled me closer forcing my cock to be wedged into Stewart’s ass cheeks. Stewart was somehow pushing back against me making small motions with his ass against my cock. As he gyrated against me, I could feel precum oozing down my cock and onto his ass. The more he gyrated the more precum that leaked out and started to run between us. The more that my precum slicked up my cock and his ass the more Stewart seemed to gyrate. I held tighter to his ass as he ground into my cock, the feeling becoming intense, my breath becoming deeper. “Fuck him” I heard the Professor say. I was so lost in the feeling I did not register it at first. “Yeah fuck me” Stewart added. I looked down at my hands on his hips and his ass with my dick sandwiched in the crack. I was frozen in place but that did not stop Stewart or the Professor. Stewart bent over running his face down the Professor’s hairy body and the Professor grasped my hard cock and aimed it at Stewart’s hole. Using my dick almost like a handle he pulled me forward and with perfect aim aligned my dickhead at Stewart’s ass. My head entered Stewart with a slight pop. Stewart took a deep breath and let out a load moan. I pushed forward, sliding my dick into Stewart. I had no idea if it türbanlı escort hurt or not. It seemed to take a while but soon my body was tight up against Stewart. I had driven my cock fully into him. I looked over Stewart’s shoulder and looked into the Professor’s eyes. There was a hot look on his face that somehow excited me. I leaned forward over Stewart’s body and the Professor leaned towards me. My lips met his and this time I wanted it. I wanted to feel his beard on my face and his tongue in my mouth. As we kissed, I held tight to Stewart’s hips and slowly started to draw my cock out then slide it back in. The motion was slow at first. Stewart bent forward providing me with better access to his ass. An animalistic feeling came over me. I no longer cared that my dick was inside Stewart’s ass. I no longer cared if it was hurting him. I just wanted to fuck this tight warm hole and Stewart seemed eager to let me use him. Sweat started to run down my body as I gripped Stewart’s hips and started to fuck him. As I fucked Stewart I watched the Professor grasp his thick hairy cock and run the head over Stewart’s mouth. “Suck my cock, boy” the Professor said aiming his cock into Stewarts mouth. Stewart bent forward and swallowed the large cock. I could not believe what was happening; my cock was deep in Stewart’s ass and the Professors cock was deep in Stewart’s mouth and he seemed to really like it. Watching this drove my passion to a place it never seemed to go before. I was not making love for the first time, I was FUCKING someone. The feeling was dirty, and hot and intense beyond anything I had experienced. I started to fuck harder and harder. Stewart’s ass grasped my cock better than any pussy or mouth I had ever felt. I did not want this feeling to end but I could feel my balls pulling up as my orgasm got closer. “Don’t cum inside him” the Professor said, as if he somehow knew how close I was. I heard his voice through all the panting and moans between the 3 of us. I knew I could not last much longer and I wanted to do as the Professor said. I pulled out of Stewart’s ass and just took a deep breath to hold off my orgasm. Almost at the same time, the Professor pulled out of Stewart’s mouth. “Lay down” the Professor said to Stewart and he got down on the floor. I looked down to see his tight muscled body and his hard cock with the deep purple head filled with blood. The Professor moved around and stood next to me, he pulled me to him and started to stroke my cock. I followed his lead and took his cock in my hand. It felt different. Different than mine. It was warm and rock hard and thick and hairy and it felt good in my hand. We started to stroke each other over Stewart’s body. I looked down to see Stewart fingering his ass and stroking himself as he looked up at us. That was pretty much all it took. I started to arch my back and my dick started to spasm and unload. As the first stream of cum shot from my dick I could feel the Professor’s cock recoil and unload. Our 2 streams seemed to cross over each other both landing on Stewart’s hard abs and running down into his pubes. Stewart took his hand and ran it through the puddle of cum and brought his fingers up to his lips and started to lick them. Professor and I continued stroking each other as we watched. This caused another spasm and another huge shot of cum to arch out of me. The intensity caused my knees to buckle a bit and I placed my hand on the Professor’s shoulder to stabilize myself. With my hand still on the Professor’s cock he pulled me to him and wrapped himself around me forcing his cock between us. I continued stroking him and my knuckles ran along his hairy muscular torso. The Professor bent down, and we kissed. As are lips met, I could feel his cock swell and then warm cum coated my hand as I continued to stroke him. The Professor moaned into my mouth as our tongues intertwined. Then his orgasm subsided, and he let out a deep fulfilled sigh. We broke off the kiss in time to see Stewart stroking his cock using our pools of cum. His body tensed, and every muscle strained. Then he started to moan and huge shot of cum launched from his cock over his body and onto his face, more blasts coated his body and then he slumped back heaving from the orgasm. Everything that just happened swirled in my mind. I started to feel dizzy and weak. “Sit down Ryan” I heard the Professor say and he led me to the chair. As I sat the Professor went to a closet and pulled out some towels. He handed them to Stewart and me and we cleaned up. Nothing was said about what happened as we got dressed in silence. “Well boys your project outline looks pretty good. I look forward to seeing the final project” the Professor said cutting through the quiet as if nothing had just happened. Stewart and I left the office to go back to our dorms. ————————————————————————— Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at: fty/donate *.html Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious

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