Bonobo World 02 – Teacher’s Pet


Alex walks up to his teacher Ms. Marsters a little sheepishly, his hand-held device pressed his vested chest. She sits at her desk, ignoring him for a few moments. He cannot help but let his eyes wander — the top three buttons of her tight blouse are open, allowing him a pretty decent look down her neckline to her full breasts from his perspective. They’re big, probably bigger than his mother’s D-cups, held in place by a lacy bra that he can get a glimpse of. He imagines they are just as soft and warm as his mother’s, a thought that makes his cock stir. He blushes, knowing his tight shorts won’t be able to hide it if he gets hard now. Eventually she looks up at him, slowly letting her eyes wander. He is absolutely sure her gaze stops at his crotch, but he tells himself he’s probably just imagining it.


He pulls up a chair and obeys.

“I bet you’ve been wondering why I rode you so hard today?”

The teacher snickers as her student flushes deep red due to her choice of words and begins to stammer.

“I… guess I… yeah… sure…”

“I’ve been having an eye on you since you joined the O18 adult classes, young man. You’re not just a pretty little thing, you’re also quite smart. For a boy.”

Alex presses his handheld closer to his chest, feels his heart beat and knows he’s blushing harder than after the look down his teacher’s blouse. Praise from an older authoritative woman sends a shiver down his spine and gets his insides into a turmoil. Every time. And he is not sure if he appreciates the “pretty” or the “smart” more. He hears “pretty” quite often. “Smart” on the other hand usually only from his Mom.

“I… thanks… I…”

“But you’re not making enough of it. Not your tasty exterior and especially not your brains.”

He doesn’t know what to reply and looks down to his sandals.

“I’ve been waiting for some weeks — most boys need some time to adapt to being adult after they turn 18 and overcome the natural shyness males have in the presence of superior females. All the women in your classes are mature and adequately confident of themselves, even the other boys are a bit intimidating at times, am I right?”

He nods.

“But you haven’t come out of your shell in all these week, still hardly saying anything when I don’t ask you. But when I do ask you, like today, it’s not that you don’t know. You’re diligent, a good learner, when the topic’s not too complicated. Being an adult male isn’t just about waiting for Ms. Right to show up and sweep you away. Or staying under your Mom’s care forever, complacent to service only her. You need to show your qualities, practice them. Expand on them.”

“Yes, Ms. Marsters. I… It’s just…”

“I know, I know, it’s not easy for a boy in our woman’s world.”

She chuckles.

“SO hard to pampered and told what to do and having to service strong women all day with your body. Poor you. But you already noticed it’s worth it, hm? Tina Harding hasn’t looked at you since you’re in my class, has she? And once I brought you out of your shell and comfort zone, you have roused her hunting instincts.”

He Batıkent Escort blushes again, thinking about Tina and the way she looked at him when she told him she wants to study. With him.

“Don’t ruin that, young Ms. Harding has a lot of potential, her attention is a chance a boy can only dream of. He may go places under her, for sure.”

You nod.

“Well. I didn’t just want to talk to you for hackney advice. I can see you need some — support to achieve your own full potential. Only if you’re fully at home in your place as a male will women see you’re worth their while.”

He looks up at her as she gets up from behind the desk. Walks around it and sits on its edge. Now looking up, seeing her breasts from a worm’s eye view, doesn’t make them one bit less exiting.

“Say, have you made up your mind about what you want to do after you graduate?”

He sighs deeply. He has tried. Ever since his 18th birthday. Like most boys. But he is finding it hard to think clearly about his future, everything that is leaving his mother’s household and social group makes him feel a bit dizzy. He sometimes wishes it was still the good old days — boys stayed at home until their mother decided he’ll stay with her or picked a nice woman to take them him under her wings. And do their manly duties in the kitchen and the bedroom. Nowadays… He could move out and get his own place. Would have to find woman eventually, probably, to sponsor and support him, but he could get a job in a male profession, in some low ranking servicing position.

He might even go to college — frowned upon by many more traditionally minded women and also men, but no longer socially stigmatised per se. Nothing to fancy, obviously, but hell – there’s even men going into space, who’d have thought they might one day enter the most female profession of all? But it’s all so — confusing. He just wants a woman to take charge, really. Is that too much to ask?

His teacher smiles warmly. She has seen this expression on her students before, the turmoil, the uncertainty. Modern times are confusing for boys, their small minds, hardly capable of networked multi-tasked thinking, overwhelmed by anything but the simple service and submission that nature has equipped them for. Most of the times, she recommends to take the easiest route, relying on their pretty faces and bodies and domestic skills is still the easiest way for man a man to make it through life.

But Alexander — does have potential. Within his limitations, of course, he’s still a male, and despite everything some radicals claim – that one day a man might even be in a leadership council or head a major business, that means his natural capacities are limited. But still – the boy deserves to know his options.

“Shh. Don’t worry, I know this is — all very confusing. It IS a big world and men aren’t really made to see the big picture, right? Your brains are made for small facts and linear thinking. No reason to be ashamed. I’ll help you. I’ve decided to take you under my wing and support your school career. I’ll need to stick Batıkent Escort Bayan my head together with your mother. Maybe Tina too, now, if you play your cards right and manage to keep her attention. Don’t worry, we women will get the best out of you that you have in your, young man.”

She puts a hand under his chin and directs his look up to her. His eyes shine and that look she knows well, too. A grateful young man, happy in his place, glad that women take care of him.

A good boy.

She leans down and kisses him on the lips. He opens his mouth eagerly and lets her tongue enter it. His heart beats faster, his whole body get warm and tingly, his cock hardens in his tight pants. She so much reminds him of his mother. Who was his first woman, not his only one of course, all women of their social familial group have used the virile 18-year old since he became a man. As it goes, a pretty 18-year old boy rarely has reason to complain about being overlooked by women.

But he’s imprinted on his mother, his first, and this mature woman hits all the triggers.

Alex closes his eyes and follows his teacher’s lead, waiting for her to make the next step. Until the bell rings and he jumps.

“I… science class starts, I have to…”

“I’ll write you a note for Ms Curry that you are busy with tasks or me!”

She smiles down at him and he gulps and blushes. No doubt a detailed note, specifying the tasks. Women see no need for coyness when it comes to using men. He nods.

“Now. I know you’re pretty. And smart. Relatively. I hope I am not mistaken you are also having some masculine qualities, hm? How’s your obedience and diligence in – non-scholarly subjects?”

“M… Mom says I’m a very good boy.”

Ms. Marsters giggles.

“I’m sure she does. Well. Let us see.”

Again she leans down and kisses her student on the lips, letting her hand wander under the his blue vest, pinching his nipples. He squeals slightly, but knows better than to complain. Eventually, the mature woman sits up on the edge of her desk, pulls down her tight pants, spreads her legs, revealing black panties. Silk, classy. Very popular choice among matured, authoritative women. Reminds him of his mother’s favourite pairs.

He looks up the the older woman, uncertain. She smiles and nods. There’s no doubt what she’s expecting of her student in return for taking him under her wings.

Leaning forward, Alex pushes the lacy fabric to the side — he only briefly admires the pink lips between the folds of black skin under a bush of curly jet black hair. He has learned a busy woman using him like this has no time to spare and his head dives straight between her thighs.

He inhales her aroma, the musky heavy femininity that makes his cock twitch every time and parts her lips with his tongue. It would be more appropriate to kiss her clit first, lick her lips just because he wants to taste her is a little selfish, but he can’t help it, he just loves the taste too much. His teacher doesn’t seem to mind and so he savours it on his to tongue, the salty sweet taste of Escort Batıkent pussy mixed with the very individual notes of the woman.

Like most men, he’s becoming a connoisseur fast — his senses tuned by nature and evolution to perform at his best – and identifies a fruitiness in his teacher’s juices, almost like berries. It’s not as delicious as his mother’s tangy salty taste, but very yummy, nonetheless. She isn’t giving him any directions or orders, unusual for a strong woman having a man between her thighs. Alex assumes, rightfully, she’s testing him. Always the teacher. He has to make himself turn his attention to her clit – time to make a good first impression.

His tongue flickers over the button and he feels it twitch, grow, and hears its owner sigh lusciously. Kissing and sucking it slowly, gently, he’s applying everything he learned, mostly from his mother, many more things from the other women in his family group. He’s feeling like an absolute expert — which is in big parts youthful folly and a male’s slightly inflated ego — it has only been as couple of weeks since he started learning on his 18th birthday, he’s only just begun to explore the depth of the female anatomy and how a man can please a woman. Even though the women he serviced seem quite contend with him, and his teacher also smiles with a gleam of satisfaction.

He’s not the first boy she is making her pet, obviously, and he is one of the best she remembers. He’s making use of the things he has learned eagerly and diligently, the women in his life have taught him well already. Very well. And what things he doesn’t know, he makes up with youthful verve and the eagerness of a good male who truly wants to become a useful member of this matriarchal society and serve womankind. A young man this submissive, talented and skilled has a long way to go.

The teacher closes her eyes, stops thinking about her student and just lets him do his work, relaxes, falls into his caresses, and after a few minuets feels the warmth erupting from her clit and pussy turn into a hot wave rolling all through her body. The boy knows the signs and is ready, thirstily opens his mouth and catches the gush of the mature woman’s juices, swallowing them, licking every last drop off of her wet folds, not stopping his aftercare until he’s told to.

She pats his head.

“Good boy. Very talented. You’ll be very useful to a lot of women in the real world one day.”

She smiles and slaps his ass in his thin shorts.

“Now get going, Ms. Curry will wonder were you are. And don’t dawdle. I’ll add a timestamp to my message, letting her know how long you were — occupied here.”

Alex nods obediently, licks his lips and leaves the classroom while his teacher starts typing his absence excuse message to her colleague.

“Excuse young Alex Jordan’s late arrival, my pussy really needed to a good licking. A. Marsters.”

In the hall, Alex adjusts his cock in his tight shorts — it’s very visibly hard and almost painfully pulsating by now, but there’s no time to do anything about it. If he breaks the rules by jerking off in the restroom without a female’s permission, Ms. Curry will know. He is way to much of a meek boy to do so, anyway. And getting a teacher’s permission is out of the question while he should be in class, so he has no choice but to hurry as fast as his boner allows him to Science Class.

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