Bob takes Candy’s anal cherry


The only thing Bob could think about for three days was Candy’s tight, wet, virgin pussy around his hard cock. Bob had never raped anyone before. But Candy was special, she was a temptress, a Lolita in the making. He called Sandra from work and told her he was coming over and made a special request. “Have Candy shave her pussy and go buy her some special underwear.” Bob planned to go straight to Sandra’s house after work.

When he arrived Sandra opened the door and showed him to the living room. “I want to make myself clear Bob, no more freebies. I want $500 each time you fuck my daughter.” Bob wasn’t pleased, but he thought Candy was worth it. He agreed and pulled out $500 from his pocket and threw it at Sandra. She scrambled for the money, like a whore.

Sandra called Candy into the room. Candy entered wearing a silky robe. He hair was down around her shoulders and she was wearing her mother’s black heels. Bob was getting hard just looking at her… he knew she would enjoy this next experience. Sandra slinked out of the room and kissed Candy on the cheek on the way out. Candy was standing in the doorway, she was shaking and started to cry.

“Come sit next to me Candy,” Bob said, motioning to the couch where he sat. Candy walked unsteadily to the couch. “Better yet, why don’t you just come stand in front Escort of me.” When she got within reach Bob pulled her in front of him by her waist. He grabbed the sash on her robe and pulled it open. There she stood in front of him wearing a black lace bra and matching lace g-string. Her mother had her shaved like he asked. Bob’s erection grew stronger instantly.

“You ever touch a cock before Candy?” Bob asked. Candy shook her head. Bob unzipped his pants and pulled his hard 8 inch cock out for Candy to see. “I know you didn’t get to see it last time, so I thought you should know what my dick looks like. You’re going to be seeing a lot of it from now on.” Bob was stroking his cock, making it harder and watched as Candy took it all in with her eyes. “Let’s go to your room honey,” Bob said.

They made their way to the room and Bob locked them in. He knew Sandra wouldn’t like the screaming coming from the room that would ensue. Sandra was sober today, she would realize that he was hurting her daughter. Bob removed Candy’s robe and dropped it on the floor. He undressed in front of her and walked toward her. “Get on your knees Candy.” Candy didn’t react. She stood there shell-shocked. “Get on your knees now,” he demanded. When that didn’t get her attention he moved closer to her and back-handed her cheek. Candy Escort Bayan immediately crumpled to the floor. “Good, now open your mouth,” he said. He moved closer to her face. He slapped her face with his cock when she wouldn’t open her mouth. “Do it now!” he yelled. Candy cried softly but complied this time. She opened wide and he stuffed his cock in her mouth. She clamped down and damn near bit him. He pulled out and slapped her face again. “Don’t you dare bite me cunt, you wouldn’t like the results.”

Candy whimpered, on her knees dressed in her slutty underwear and heels. Bob was loving it all. The sight of her on her knees, the smell of her cunt permeating the air. Such a slut, getting turned on by his violent demands. He loved it.

Candy sucked softly as he pumped his cock into her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed further into her mouth. “Yeah,” me moaned, “that’s it baby, just like that”. Bob was afraid that he would cum in her mouth before he got a chance to get inside her tight cunt.

He pulled away from her. She looked relieved, clearly she had no idea what would happen next. Bob grabbed her hair and yanked her to her feet. Candy yelped and tried to pull away. Bob was behind her and pushed her up against the bed. His hard cock pushed up against her nearly bare Bayan Escort ass. He put an arm around her neck and used his other hand to rub her breasts and down to her cunt. Shaved smooth like he liked it. He moaned in her ear. Her tears wetting his arm, Candy begged for him to stop.

He wanted in her. He wanted to hear her scream with passion. He pushed her over the edge of the bed. He tight ass in the air, he slapped it hard. She yelped again. He pulled the g-string down a little to expose her hairless cunt. Holding her down with one arm, he fingered her cunt roughly. He pulled it out and sucked her juices off. He did it again, but this time stuck the finger in her mouth. She resisted but finally took his finger in her mouth. “You taste good, don’t you?”

Candy shook her head and Bob did what he wanted to do all along. He lined his cock up with her tight opening and slammed into her. They both yelled out in synch. “Oh, you fucking whore, you are so tight.” Bob slammed into her repeatedly. She was tighter from behind. He yanked her hair and she cried out again. He continued to pound her tight cunt until he couldn’t hold off any longer. Bob came hard and long.

He couldn’t wait to do it again. Bob left Candy bent over the bed and went to Sandra. “I’ll be back in two days, get her a butt plug, get her ready for anal.” Sandra nodded and Bob kissed her on the cheek. “Your daughter is perfect.” Bob left with a smile on his face, Candy’s juices on his cock, and a promise of more to come.

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