Subject: Blowing a Kid on a Train This story is pure fiction. Enjoy! Support the Nifty Archive if you can to help the site stay up and running. Can you get down and dirty with a boy on a public train? You can if his dad lets you. Blowing a Kid on a Train “Excuse me,” I said, “I believe that’s my seat.” I entered the small six-seat compartment and pointed to a seat by the window. Only two people were in there, a man and what looked like his son, but there was a bag in my seat. “Sorry, sir!” the boy said. He jumped off his seat and removed his bag, and his dad put it on the luggage rack near the ceiling. “No problem,” I said, smiling at him. Who wouldn’t? The kid was really pretty. I smiled to myself, glancing out the window. At least I’d have something nice to look at for the journey, just as long as the dad didn’t catch me. I played around with my phone while train pulled away from the station. I wondered if I could snap a photo of the boy without them noticing. I’d always had a real soft spot for boys with light brown hair and blue eyes. Would it be worth the risk? It wasn’t exactly acceptable normally to snap photos of 11-year-olds. Maybe if I pretended it was the view out the window I was trying for… God bless summer. He wore shorts and a t-shirt, and his long, thin legs were tan. Fuck, I was getting hard. “This train’s not normally busy,” the dad said suddenly. “Tommy and I usually have the compartment to ourselves.” “Oh. Sorry,” I said. “No, no,” he said. “It’s just that he likes to stretch his legs on the opposite seat.” I grinned. “Do they allow that?” “No,” the dad said. “But they never check after we pass Travery.” I laughed. “Sorry,” I said again, because I was in the seat opposite the kid. “I don’t mind, though, you know, if you want to…?” “You sure, sir?” the kid asked. I nodded. Boy, was I sure. He had bare feet in sandals, and his clean, small toes were doing things to me. To have them next to me, his lovely legs stretched in front of me, would be… Fuck, if I could snap a photo… “I’m John, by the way,” the dad said, “and this is Tommy.” “Nice to meet you both,” I replied, trying not to be distracted by the boy taking off his sandals. “I’m Sean.” Tommy put his clean feet on the seat next to me. In the process he nudged me, and he immediately withdrew, looking embarrassed. He looked at me shyly. “It’s fine,” I promised. “Here.” I grabbed his ankles gently and put his feet next to me, touching me, because that was more comfortable for him. His legs weren’t too long. I kept my hands on his warm, smooth skin a little longer than necessary, trying not to get so hard that John would see. Fuck, Tommy was beautiful. When I let go, I glanced at the dad. I caught a knowing smirk on his face. Shit. Tommy brought out a book and started reading. Harry Potter. Cute. I couldn’t concentrate on anything and just stared at my phone, snapping a few pictures when they weren’t looking. Our tickets were checked not long after, and when the guy walked past on his way back, John said, “That’s that. He never comes back until we get to Parway.” I wondered why he said that. “Are you hot, Tommy?” John asked. “Yeah,” the kid said. I almost chimed in to agree, but I was talking a different kind of hot, so… “Do you mind, Sean?” John asked. “Uh, no…?” I said. “No, Sean doesn’t mind, Tommy, so go ahead.” Tommy looked up at me over the book, his cheeks a little flushed, and then he put the book down and pulled his t-shirt up. Jesus Christ, I thought. This isn’t happening. His flat, skinny stomach was hard and tan, and his nipples were tiny, flat nubs. He had no hair under his arms, I noticed when he raised his arms. The shirt tangled in his hair and got turned inside out when it came off. He handed it to his dad. “There, better,” John said, turning the shirt right and folding it casually. “Right?” “Yes,” I said before I realised he wasn’t talking to me. John looked like he was about to laugh but he said nothing. Tommy licked his lips, which was as innocent gesture that made my cock throb. I was so hard now that I had to cross my legs to hide it. The kids smoothed his ruffled hair and rearranged his feet next to me, and I caught them, stopping them from slipping off the seat. I kept my hands on his ankles. “Thanks,” he mumbled, glancing at me. “Good book?” I asked. Holding his ankles was giving me a huge thrill. “Yeah!” he said, suddenly eager. “I wish I had a wand!” “It’s not enough to have a wand,” John said. “Someone needs to teach you what to do with it.” I laughed and shared a look with the dad. There was no mistaking the real meaning of his words. “You know,” John said slowly, looking directly at me, “he’d be more comfortable with a foot on either side of you.” “You’re probably right,” I agreed. I’d been holding his ankles lightly, but now I tightened my hold and moved one foot across my lap so his legs were spread. I held his feet Giresun Escort close against my thighs. “Thanks,” Tommy said, looking up from the book. “That’s nicer.” “Yeah, it is,” I sighed. With his legs parted I had a lovely view. John laughed silently. “How old are you, Sean?” he asked. “I’m 26,” I said. “You?” “38,” he said. “I turn 12 in August,” Tommy said, turning a page. “Yeah, he’s not a little kid anymore,” John said. “But he still wants to wear little kid underwear.” “Daaad!” Tommy whined, flushing with embarrassment. “Well, don’t you?” Tommy looked at me ruefully. “It’s just that I really like trains,” he said plaintively. “Go on, show him,” John said. “Daaad!” Tommy whined. “Go on, Sean won’t mind,” John said. “Will you?” “No!” I breathed. Fuck no. “Go on,” John said, ruffling his son’s hair. Tommy made a face and smoothed the hair back down before getting up and unbuttoning his shorts. Holy hell, this was happening. I suppressed a painful groan at how hard my cock was. Tommy, looking at his dad and then at me, unzipped his shorts and then pushed them down. Jesus, it was so hot, the way his undies caught and almost came down with them, but they were too tight and stayed up. He stepped out of his shorts and bent down to pick them up, treating me to a view of his slim, arched back, and then he handed them to his dad, who put them with his shirt. The kid was in the middle of the cramped compartment, which meant he was maybe a foot from me. I could run my horny eyes over every inch of him. He was flawless. And tan – so tan that I didn’t think he’d spent the summer wearing very much at all. He smelled of soap and clean skin. “Fuck,” I groaned despite myself. “I know, right?” John said. “They’re for little kids.” He tugged at the elastic in Tommy’s briefs and winked at me. He knew what I’d meant, alright. He was just pretending not to. “Uh… right, the… trains…” I stuttered. Those briefs were pretty juvenile, now that I looked closer. They were blue with red trains on them. They were also tiny and extremely tight. He’d probably had them since he was eight or something. “They’re alright!” Tommy protested. “They’re not so bad, are they?” He looked down himself and tugged them down a bit at his thighs, which made me groan because it was so erotic. “Turn around,” John said. Tommy obeyed, turning his back to me. And, oh… fuck me. His rear was unbelievable. Two tight buns with thin, very tight, soft cotton over them. I could barely breathe. Of course I’d realised immediately that he was an active boy. His legs showed that, and his tight upper body had removed any doubt, but his bubble butt was the final testament to a kid who spent a lot of time running around after a ball. It was almost too much. “Horrible, right?” John asked, grinning at me. “Uh…” I mumbled. “Maybe a little, uh… tight by now…” “No, they’re fine!” Tommy protested, looking over his shoulder at me. “The other boys will make fun of you soon if you keep wearing those,” his dad said. They traded remarks while I stared. Then I had a thought. Slowly I took my phone, waiting for John to protest but knowing he probably wouldn’t, and then I photographed Tommy like that. John looked at me, a smug look on his face, and said nothing, so I kept snapping. In fact, after a while, John reached behind Tommy and pulled his briefs down a fraction. “See, too small,” he said. Tommy protested while I snapped some photos of the line of milky white skin that John had exposed. I loved a tan line on a cute boy. “Never mind,” John finally said. “I’ll get Stella to lose them next time they’re in the wash.” “Nooo!” Tommy protested, but he was laughing. He knew his dad was joking. This time, when they sat down, John took the window seat opposite me and pulled Tommy down in his lap. Tommy seemed unperturbed, though he did glance at me for a short moment. Then he picked up his book again and started reading. John had an arm around his son’s chest, the other one running through Tommy’s soft, brown hair lovingly. He looked at me and nodded at my phone. “Go on,” he mouthed. I wasn’t going to let the opportunity go. I grabbed my phone with shaking hands and started snapping, careful to keep John out of the frame. The kid in tiny briefs and nothing else at all made for a terrific view. He was absorbed in his book, huge blue eyes running across the pages, his red mouth moving as the action gripped him. His navel was a small innie. It sat between flat, adolescent muscles. I wanted to lick it so bad. Finally I put the phone away. “Alright?” John asked his son, still touching his hair. “Mm,” Tommy said. “I want to able to use magic and turn myself into an animal, too.” “Yeah? Which animal?” John asked. I never heard the kid’s reply. All I could take in was John’s hand suddenly sliding down his son’s stomach to his briefs. Fuck. Fuck, I could come in my pants. Giresun Escort Bayan They kept talking, John’s mouth right on Tommy’s small ear, while John’s fingers ran over the cotton. He kept his fingers over the fabric, not under, but still. It was wild. The briefs were so tight that by doing that, he was showing me where his son’s goods were. I could see the kid’s balls outlined, as well as his small cock. Slowly, as John kept doing it, Tommy kept reading and turning pages, and they kept talking quietly, Tommy grew hard. I only noticed when the boy groaned, a small, embarrassed sound, but there was no doubt. Suddenly the briefs looked even tighter, and when John pressed down gently his fingers met with resistance. “Dad…?” Tommy asked, his voice a little breathy. “It’s OK,” John said. “Feels good, right?” “Mm,” Tommy sighed. His blue eyes darted to me over the book. I smiled. He bit his lip. His cheeks were deep red now, but he sighed when his dad pressed a little harder. “He likes his feet up,” John said to me. I nodded. Fuck, yeah. It was an invitation to get involved a little bit. I was all for it. I grabbed the undersides of his knees and ran my hands lovingly down those fantastic, slim legs all the way down to his feet, lifting his legs in the process, and put his feet on my thighs. I held them by closing my hands around his feet just under the toes. John grinned at me. He changed tactics and stopped just pushing down against his son’s cock. Instead he caressed the length of his shaft and then ran two fingers down it, one on either side, which meant I got to see just how big it was. It looked quite decent for 11, just turning 12 in August. Without realising, I started to massage his feet a little. He curled his toes. “Is this alright?” I asked him, meaning me rubbing his feet. “Mm,” he nodded, looking up from his book. His cheeks were flaming and his mouth was open. I’d not seen him actually turn the page for a while. “K,” I said, getting to work on his feet. His toes curled again, and he sighed, his eyes closing. “How did you know he loves that?” John asked. I laughed. For a while we continued. John only teased his son, running fingers over him, pressing down a bit, nothing too heavy. I was surprised I’d not already blown in my pants. Then John said the fateful words. “Want to see it?” he asked me. My breath whooshed out of me. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Could I? “Yeah,” I said, my mouth answering for my brain. John smiled. “Then take it out, Sean.” I gasped. Did he really say…? “Go on,” he said. I felt dizzy, but I knew what to do. I put Tommy’s feet down and kneeled in front of him between his legs. He was still pretending to read. I looked at his body, now so close that I could lick it if I’d dared. He was small but so perfect that I almost swooned. John’s fingers left, crawling up to once again hug Tommy around the chest. OK, Sean. Do it. I grabbed the top of his briefs, half expecting them to stop me, say they’d had second thoughts, but no one said anything, so I slowly pulled them down. Tommy was a good boy and lifted up a bit so I could do it. Oh God, he had hair, but only so little. It was brown and soft. “Jesus,” I groaned. “I told you, not a little kid anymore,” John said. His voice was husky now. “No,” I agreed. I tugged the briefs lower, exposing the root of his shaft. His cock was a little darker than his natural, milky colour. It wasn’t too thick, but he was only 11, so it wouldn’t be, of course. It wasn’t tiny, either. This kid was well into puberty, that was clear. I pulled the briefs down further, baring his cock inch by inch until the head sprang free. He was rock hard. I heard the kid moan. “Feel good?” John asked. “Mm,” Tommy sighed. I removed his underwear completely and put it on the seat next to them. Then I grabbed his calves in my hand and just stared at him. He was naked. Totally naked. And he was gorgeous. “You’re so beautiful,” I whispered. Tommy looked over the edge of the book at me. He didn’t say anything. His face was burning. John, however, looked thrilled. He looked into my eyes and kissed his son’s cheek. I leaned in, just to smell him. He smelled clean. It was unbelievable. His balls were drawn up tight against him and were totally smooth, not a single hair on them. They were surprisingly large, like they’d started growing first. His cock was smallish, but rock hard, and just above it was a tiny strip of hair, as far as I could tell the only hair on him anywhere except his head. “I think you want Sean to touch you, don’t you?” John whispered into Tommy’s ear. Tommy groaned. “Tell him,” John said. “Tell him you want him to touch you.” Tommy whined, his cock jumping. “Go on,” John whispered. “If you ask him, he will. It’ll feel great.” “P-please, Sean,” Tommy began in a shaky voice. “W-will you… Oh, God…” “Ask properly,” John insisted, looking at me with devilish Escort Giresun glee. “S-Sean, p-please t-touch me…” Tommy gasped. John’s eyes turned dark. I thought I heard him whisper something, but I wasn’t sure, because I was thinking about how to do it when I felt John’s hand on my head, pulling me in. Oh, right. I grinned. I could do that. I gave good head. I leaned in further and licked at the head gently. Tommy groaned. His cock bobbed. I smiled against it. He was bigger than I was at his age, I was sure, even if it was very much still a boy’s cock. Give it a year or two and he’d be like a grown man, no doubt. I sniffed his smooth balls and ran my tongue over them, thoroughly. I loved them. Big but hairless. I kept doing it, fascinated, while Tommy whined. I put my hands on the outside of his smooth, naked thighs and leaned in again, running my tongue around the head, getting it wet. It was warm. “You’ll get a faceful if you don’t hurry,” John warned, still with a hand in my hair. I smiled and took the shaft into my mouth. John pressed me deeper until all of it was inside my mouth. He kept me there, holding me. It was like he was doing this to his son through me. Tommy tasted good. He was leaking precome a bit, not much but enough that I could taste it. I started sucking gently, trying to take my time. Even 11-year-olds shouldn’t blow in five seconds flat, even if – judging by my own experience – patience wasn’t their strength. “Nice?” John asked. Tommy whined. “Ye – hnnh – uh!” John laughed quietly. I lifted his legs and put them over my shoulders. They tightened around my neck as he shuddered. His heels came to rest against my back. When I glanced up I saw his dad teasing his tiny nipples. The book was gone and I had a complete view of the kid’s face, which was flushed but blissful. His mouth was open and gasping, and his eyes stared at the ceiling, half shut. His arms were thrown back around his dad’s neck. His dad was kissing his cheek. “You like what Sean’s doing to you?” John asked. “Yes,” Tommy gasped. “You know, I think he’ll let you come in his mouth,” John said. “He’ll probably swallow your sperm.” I so would. “Ye – huh – uh – hnngh -” Tommy groaned, unable to form words. He started shaking, his slender thighs going rigid. Here we go, I thought. Not surprising. What kid could last very long like this? Besides, I’m good at oral. I always have been. “Yeah, go on, do it,” John whispered to his son. “Just shoot!” He pressed his mouth against his son’s cheek when Tommy finally climaxed. It was a doozy. He screamed in a clear soprano voice. His voice was completely unbroken, but that he was not a kid anymore was proven by the fact that his cock grew rigid, jumped in my mouth and then shot a few more than decent spurts of come into my mouth. I swallowed it and kept him going, getting as much from him as I could. Finally he stopped. John’s hand left my head and I slowly lifted off, licking Tommy clean. Tommy looked exhausted. He lay back in his dad’s lap, his chest rising and falling. He looked sweaty, tired and happy. His legs were still over my shoulders. “Now say thank you to Sean,” John said with a smirk. “Th-thank you,” the kids gasped, his half-closed eyes finding mine. “Thank you, Sean.” At the same time John’s shoe came up to press against the lump in my trousers, again and again, and I don’t know how he knew I was that close, but I came from the pressure in an orgasm so intense that I almost blacked out. I don’t know what noise I made, probably something embarrassing, but I collapsed against the wall under the window. “Jesus Christ,” I groaned, slowly opening my eyes. John was smirking at me, handing his son his shirt. Tommy was already wearing his briefs, those tiny, childish briefs that should have made him look eight except that he had the body of a healthy boy of 11. Even now the sight made my cock twitch. “You might want to cover that up when you leave the train,” John said, nodding at the wet patch at the front of my clothes. He stuffed Tommy’s book into a bag. “Ugh,” I groaned. But it had been worth it. “This our stop,” John said. “Hurry up!” While Tommy pulled his shorts up and zipped them, his dad and I put his sandals on him. He was really too big for something like that, but I couldn’t blame him for being a bit dazed. “Well, bye,” John said, hoisting their bags on his shoulder. “Thanks for being a perfect playmate, Sean.” He grinned and winked at me. “Yes, bye,” Tommy said in his pure boy voice. “Thanks, and safe journey.” He held his dad’s hand as they left, and I watched them get off a few minutes later. I followed them with my eyes down the platform until I couldn’t see them anymore. Then I leaned back in my seat. Wow. Had that really happened? My mouth tasted of 11-year-old boy’s sperm all the way to my stop. **** Let me know if you liked the story! Check out my other stories: “The Sight of Jacob” https://www.//gay/incest/the-sight-of-jacob “Film Project in School” https://www.//gay/highschool/film-project-in-school “Naked With Ethan At a Motel” https://www.//gay/adult-youth/naked-with-ethan-at-a-motel “He’s Annoying Again, fty//gay/incest/hes-annoying-again-dad

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