Blind Man’s Bluff Ch. 01


Disclaimer: The characters in this story are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The following story involves graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. If such things offend you, please read no further. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy the story.

—————– —————-

“Blind Man’s Bluff” Part 1

—————– —————-

Wes wasn’t a happy kid. He sat on the bleachers overlooking the now vacant indoor pool at the university he attended. He had taken a part time job at the activity center, so he had keys and access to all the facilities. His first year of college was over, and he was still very much alone.

He thought things might be different for him after his older brother Vic had taken off to college. Vic was smart and had gone all the way across the country to go to school to get away from their overbearing and shallow parents. And Vic was their pride and joy. He had been the high school football team’s quarterback, adored by one and all. Vic was six feet, four inches of strapping young man. He had been a legend. Unfortunately for Wes, as history as shown, for every long shadow that was cast, there was someone who was blotted out by it. That person was Wes.

And it wasn’t that he and Vic didn’t get along. Quite the contrary, they were friends and talked often on the phone. They had looked forward to seeing each other over the holidays, but Vic had decided not to make the trip when their parents made in impromptu voyage to Europe for Christmas vacation. But they were definitely planning on getting together over the summer. And for some reason, Vic was particularly anxious for his brother to meet his friend Jack. Whatever that was about. Wes had tried living up to his brother’s legacy, much to his brother’s chagrin, but hadn’t done it. Instead of being a football player, he was a swimmer. Wes’s body was something to behold, at least when he let himself be seen. He had a swimmer’s body; smooth, six feet of well toned muscle. He wasn’t as broad shouldered as his brother, but he probably had better muscle definition. He had short brown hair that was rarely combed or brushed. He had been told he was handsome by a number of women, but his self-esteem made that a hard pill to swallow. He might not have been so insecure, if it weren’t for the glasses.

Wes’s vision was horrible. One of the reasons he liked to swim after everyone else had left was because he was mortally afraid of swimming into someone else’s lane or worse yet their bodies, and that everyone would laugh at him. He couldn’t swim with his glasses on, and he couldn’t wear contacts. He had tried, but they had irritated his eyes so much that he had gotten an infection. He had also tried traditional swim goggles, but they tended to fog up so quickly as to be almost useless. He blamed the shape of his nose. He was eligible for laser surgery, but his parents wouldn’t dip into their vacation fund to help him out, and he couldn’t afford it on his own. They would pay for his brother’s apartment, but wouldn’t help their “other” son see.

Due to his insecurity caused by not measuring up to his brother and the fact that he had to wear glasses as thick as the lenses on the Hubble Space Telescope, he hadn’t had much luck with the ladies. And he was feeling increasingly lonely. Sometimes he would come here towards the end of the day or he would go the mall, and he would watch people who were obviously couples. He wondered what it would be like to be one of them. Sometimes he would masturbate when he got back to his dorm, dreaming about being involved with one of those beautiful women. Just the other day, he had been at a McDonalds watching a couple of young lesbians out on a date. One had been all giggles and blonde pigtails, the other was a redhead with a mohawk, a killer body, and tight leather pants. He had used up many tissues fantasizing about being with either (or both) of those girls.

He took off his thick glasses and climbed down into the water. He did laps for about half an hour, but called his practice off early when he heard thunder outside. He wasn’t worried about getting struck by lightning inside, but he wanted to get back to his dorm before the rain hit. He was trying to find his way back to his towel and glasses when the lights went out.

“Shit! Shit shit shit shit shit!” He managed to find his way back up to the bleachers in the dark. Then he heard a ‘crack’ noise, and felt something underneath his foot. Sigh. He plopped down on the bleacher and picked his now broken glasses off the floor. Luckily, it just felt like the frame had broken, but the lenses seemed to be intact. He had a spare set by at his room, if he could manage to get back there. He gathered up his belongings and moved slowly towards the hall that led to the lockers.

He was feeling his way along by keeping one hand on the wall when he heard voices coming from the women’s locker room.


“Hey! Hey, who’s there?”

“My name’s Wes. Who all is in there?”

“My Maltepe Escort Bayan name is Susan and my friend here . . . somewhere around here . . . is Tracy. We were late getting out ‘cause we were planning the swim team’s travel arrangements when the fuckin’ lights went out.”

Susan and Tracy? Wes remembered two girls by those names from watching the team compete. Susan was a hot blonde with full, pouty lips and an ass you could crack eggs on, and Tracy was a gorgeous brunette who ran into problems on speed trials because of the drag caused by her enormous chest. Definitely fantasy material.

A different voice came from out of the locker room. “I actually got out to the hall but the doors are chained shut. Who the hell chains doors shut like that?”

“Unfortunately, there were a lot of break around campus, so our crack campus government thought someone might come in and try and steal all our water.” Wes thought some levity might ease the girls, who both had an edge of panic in their voices. It seemed to work, as he heard the two girls giggling. “I work at the activity center, so I’ve got keys. We can get out the door next to the main office, but I’ve got to find my locker first. In the dark.” He paused and thought about his predicament.

One of the girls echoed his thoughts. “This is really going to take a while, isn’t it?” He thought that was Tracy.

“I’ll hurry as fast as I can.”

“Thanks. Don’t worry. We aren’t going anywhere.”

Luckily, the men’s locker room was directly at the end of the hall. He got in, then started trying to find his locker. Unfortunately, he couldn’t remember exactly where it was. He thought it was in one of the middle rows, but he couldn’t be sure which row. He was working his way down when he heard a voice from the door.

“Hey. Any luck?” It sounded like Susan.

“This could take a while.”

“Want some help?”

‘I’d like more than help,’ he thought to himself. He had been thinking about the two girls for a few minutes, and was supporting a major stiffy. All eight inches of his dick were straining against the material of his speedos. “Nah. I just have a . . . few hundred more.”

“Don’t be silly. If everyone else has gone home, yours should be the only locker with a lock on it. I’ll help you look. Where are you? Marco!”

“Polo!” he shouted back without thinking about it. “Wait, you’re supposed to be in the water for that game.”

“What’s the other one? The one where you just wander around in the dark and try and find people?” Her voice sounded a little closer.

“I can’t remember.” He had worked his way all the way down one row. He was sure his locker was on top, so he had been checking the upper deck. He moved down and reached forward. Apparently, he was now past the end of that row, but his hands encountered something warm and round.

“Oh shit! I’m so sorry,” he said after accidentally grabbing Susan’s chest. He heard her laughing.

“That’s o.k. I should have warned you I was here. Anyway, I’ll go check the other end, and we’ll meet in the middle.”

“Sounds good.” Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, things don’t always go as planned. She moved forward, with her hands stretched out to avoid bumping into anything. Well, Wes hadn’t moved quickly enough, so one of her hands came to rest on his chest, while another grabbed his rigid dick.

“Oh . . .my!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sure I could be more embarrassed, but I’m not sure how.” But he noticed she hadn’t moved her hand.

“Don’t be sorry. Hey, have we met? I think I’d remember this body,” she said while running her hand down his chest and abs, “and this dick,” she continued, fondling his member through his suit.

“I . . . I usually don’t swim until everyone leaves. I can’t see without my glasses so . . .”

“You’re that guy? Man, a bunch of girls were wondering who you were. You have a great body! You just seem so shy . . .” She reached her fingers downward and slid her hand down his shaft, cupping his testicles.

“As I was saying, I can’t see without those dorky glasses . . .”

“Well, the glasses ARE kind of dorky, but people really don’t care. You’re kind of a hunk. And right now, you see just as well as I do.”

She had a point. And her hand on his privates was a wonderful feeling. “Listen, I don’t mean to be crude, but I would be very happy if you kept that up.”

“Don’t worry. I didn’t want to stop. Hell, I’ve got a better idea.” He felt her grip shift slightly. “Since you were looking up top,” she said as he felt his trunks sliding down his legs and his dick sprang forward, “I’ll check the bottom.” She was stroking his meat with both hands, and he felt a moistness engulf the head.

‘Oh damn’ he thought to himself. ‘This can’t be happening.’

But it was. She was sliding more and more into her mouth with every stroke. She made sure to cradle his balls periodically as well. She let the head out of her mouth for a moment. “Oh, they’re so fucking heavy. Has it been a while?”

“Actually, yes. Once in high school.”

Silence Maltepe Escort for a moment. “You’re kidding, right? You’ve got that body, that face, and this cock, and that’s it? We have a lot of time to make up for.” With that, she went back to sucking him. The experience was incredible. She would lick the tender underside of his dick as she let it partially withdraw from her mouth. Apparently, she had her tongue pierced, because he felt a small ball of metal drag along the skin. He had to admit he didn’t exactly hate that feeling. She was caressing his balls almost constantly now. She was able to fit a great deal of his cock in her mouth by that point. She would pump whatever of his dick that wasn’t in her mouth with her other hand.

“I have got to get this inside me.”

“No objections, but . . .”

“I’m on the pill.”

“Had to ask.” He reached back behind him to find the benches that line the middle of each row. He found one, and started to slowly back towards it. She never even let his cock out of her mouth until he was completely seated.

“Lay down.”

He did as she asked. He heard the sound of elastic being stretched and released, and he surmised she was removing her own suit. This was confirmed as he felt her hand fumble for his member and after finding it, direct it towards the opening of her pussy. He felt himself slide into her, and savored the moment. She waited for just a moment, letting herself be completely filled up by him. Then she was bouncing up and down. She went slowly at first. He reached forward and felt where they were joined. He rubbed her swollen mound as encircled his rod. This met with a moan of approval, so he used his other hand to massage her clit. Just then, he heard another voice.

“Hey, what’s taking you guys?” It was Tracy. Man, how were they going to . .?

“Over here. Remember that guy with the glasses you pointed out last week? That’s Wes! And he’s got a huge fucking cock!”

Wes was a bit stunned. That wasn’t the reaction he was expecting.

“Damn. You’re fucking him aren’t you?”

“Yep. Make your way past the first row, and feel for the bench in front of you. Don’t worry, there is plenty of him for both of us.”

Wes didn’t know if he was dreaming or not, but his dick didn’t much care. Susan was bouncing up and down harder, with her greedy box clamping down on the invader. He reached up and grasped her breasts. They weren’t large, but the filled out his hands nicely and were incredibly soft and warm. He played a bit with her nipples while she reached behind her and fondled his balls again after sinking all the way down again. Suddenly, he felt the bench jolt a bit as someone else sat down on it.

“Alright, move your ass,” Tracy said.

“I’m already doing that,” was Susan’s retort. But she very slowly stood up, letting Wes’s dick slide out of her. She moved a bit forward so that her friend could examine their new toy. Wes grabbed her hips and kept pulling her forward. Soon, he felt her moist pussy lips bump into his face. “Just start licking,” she said.

Wes had tried performing oral sex in his single previous encounter, but had felt clumsy. He had actually subsequently rented a Nina Hartley Guide to Oral Sex video, and he was anxious to try what he had learned. He licked every square centimeter of Susan’s box, eliciting a number of low moans. Meanwhile, Tracy had encircled his rigid cock with her hands and was stroking it gently.

“You were right,” she said. “This is a monster.” He felt the now familiar sensation of lips around his dick. She didn’t try to take as much of it in her throat as Susan did. Rather, she would take about three inches in, the twist her head in one direct and her hands in the other on the outstroke. It felt awfully fucking good.

Susan was riding his face like she was at a rodeo. She was grinding hard against his tongue, and he was eating as fast as he could. He stuck his tongue in the slit and just licked in long, slow stroked from bottom to top and back again. He reached underneath her with one hand and stuck a finger in her greedy sex, and then he inserted another. More moans from her. He was having fun.

He felt Tracy’s lips moved away from his member, then heard the sound of clothing being removed. When she returned, he felt a slightly different sensation. His entire shaft was enveloped by warm skin, but not as wet as a mouth or a pussy. She had wrapped her sizeable tits around his throbbing hard-on. It was unlike anything he had ever imagined. She started rubbing her knockers up and down his shaft, occasionally licking the head of his dick as it emerged from hiding. He started humping her tits a little, or at least as much as he could. They were so warm and so soft that he almost shot his load after just a minute. But Tracy had other plans. She squeezed the base of his cock when she felt the pressure building.

“Not yet. I need to take you for a ride first.” With that, she climbed on board his cock, and started rocking back and forth.

Wes found himself with a girl on his face and one on his dick. Escort Maltepe He was right where he had fantasized being so many times. And Susan was moaning audibly now. Without warning, he felt her body begin to shake and felt warm, sweet fluid flowing down his tongue and fingers onto his face.

“Oh yeah . . .oh fuck . . .oh fuck.” She was gasping for breath by the time her orgasm was over. She slid forward and he sensed her turning around before sitting on the bench above his head. He felt her hands on his face and then her lips against his.

“You did good. You did real good.”

“Glad to be of some service.”

“Your services,” piped in Tracy, “are still required. He broke his kiss with Susan so he could lean forward and grasp Tracy’s tits. While Susan’s had been about hand-sized, Tracy’s breasts overflowed his hands. Tracy groaned.

“Found her tits, didn’t you?” whispered Susan conspiratorially. “Twist her nipples a little. Trust me.”

“Susan! Don’t give away secrets so . . . Oh fuck yeah!” Wes had taken Susan’s advice, and had quickly quelled any resistance.

For her part, Susan had scooted forward again so her moist box was right behind Wes’s head, and was feeling his muscular chest.

“Hmm. I like ‘em smooth,” she said, then began playing with his nipples like he was playing with Tracy’s. He had to admit it was kind of a turn on.

Meanwhile, he felt the pressure building again. “I think I’m close,” he told Tracy.

Tracy’s voice came back, “Me too.” She was riding him like a wild woman, intent on cumming at the same time he did. It wasn’t long before her vice-like pussy clamped down on his dick with no intention of relinquishing its hold. Her body was shaking a bit as pleasure ripped through her body. The added pressure was too much for Wes, and he shot his load deep inside her body. He didn’t think he had that much of the sticky stuff in his entire body, but apparently he did. And her warm depths gobbled up every drop. She fell forward onto him, rubbing her tits on his chest and pinning Susan’s hands there. She kissed him once, then said “Man. You taste like Susan.”

The three of them laughed at that. After a few minutes, they all got dressed again and restarted the search for his locker. Before they had gotten far, the lights came back on again. Wes saw their shapes, but couldn’t make out any details.

“Damn, he is handsome!” he heard Tracy say. “Wes, you need to be a little more assertive. You could have any girl you wanted with a physique like that.”

He felt himself blushing. “You think so?”

“I know so. Hey, where are your glasses?”

“I broke them.”

“Need any help getting home?”

“I should be o.k. I just live in the dorms.”

“C’mon. It sounds like it is still raining outside. Let us help.”

“Well, I guess so.”

They located his locker, then headed out the door next to the office. They took Susan’s car. It was still raining fairly heavily, so rather than dropping him off, the two girls insisted on escorting him up to his room. Just to make sure he got there alright, of course. His roommate had already taken off for the summer, so the space the university saw fit to label an “apartment” was all his for a few more days.

“Well,” he said as he finally got the door opening after fumbling with his keys in the rain, “here we are.” He turned to face the two somewhat blurry forms. “Thanks SO much! For the ride and . . . and for the ride!” The two girls giggled. “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say now, but . . .” The blurs moved, pushing him backward until he unceremoniously fell back onto one of the beds.

“Don’t thank us yet. We are NOT done with you by a long shot.” That particular blur had blonde hair, so it had to be Susan.

He started fumbling around for his spare set of glasses, when Tracy (he was pretty sure it was Tracy) turned and flipped the light switch back off. “There. Now we’re all even again” came her voice from the darkness.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed, unsure what to do. He heard wet clothes hitting the floor, and then felt hands tugging on his shorts and shirt. He allowed himself to be undressed, which was accomplished quickly. His dick was already becoming rigid again. He had a feeling he was going to be able to keep it up a little longer this time. He also had a feeling he was going to need to.

He felt two sets of hands groping around until latching securely onto his member. His ass was barely on the edge of the bed, and they seemed to be kneeling on the floor in front of him. They took turns stroking him for a minute until he felt a set of lips engulf the head. One girl seemed to be stroking his dick with both hands while the other gave him head!

“Damn,” said Tracy. “You’re dick is so hard and hot!” So she must be the one jacking him off while Susan was doing the sucking. “You know, I’ve got an idea.” She let go of his shaft with her hands, letting Susan take more of its length into her mouth. Wes felt his legs being pushed apart a little, then the feeling of a tongue on his balls. Oh this was good! He liked that! She was licking his heavy balls, and sometimes sucked one then the other into her mouth. Now both his testicles and dick were engulfed in hot young coeds’ mouths. He could learn to live with this!

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