Blackmailed Ch. 03

Female Ejaculation

That night at dinner, Zilpha talked to her husband.

“Honey, why don’t you take time off from work and take a trip this week-end.” Zilpha affectionately told her husband.

“That’s a nice thought, Honey. Where do you suggest we take that week-end trip?” Her husband asked her.

“No, Honey I would not be coming with you because I have a ton of papers to grade that is due on Monday. What I meant was, you should take a trip with your friends. Like go fishing, camping the works?” Zilpha nervously tried to explain to her husband.

“Oh OK, its just great that you suggested that because Marius just invited me to go with him and some of his friends on a fishing trip.”

Zilpha was relieved upon hearing what her husband told her. She now had to get her daughter out of the house too. So after eating dinner Zilpha and her daughter cleared the table while her husband packed his things for his trip tomorrow.

“Trix, so what are you doing tomorrow?” Zilpha asked her daughter while she loaded the washer.

“Well Mom, Pam asked me to help her prepare for her party tomorrow night. And Mom can I sleepover at her house tomorrow?”

“Ok baby, so what time would you be going there?” Zilpha asked her daughter so that she could have a time for Joey to come over.

“Maybe, 8 o’clock Mom.”

Zilpha was ecstatic upon hearing that from her daughter. So she hurriedly finished the dishes and left her daughter to dry the dishes off. Zilpha left the kitchen and went straight to the bathroom and then took a bath and then helped her husband pack his things for his trip the next day. After they finished packing, it was already 9:30 in the evening and Joey had not yet called. Zilpha was growing impatient at the fact that Joey has not called yet and she was excited to tell him the good news. So by 10 o’clock her husband retired to there bedroom and her daughter to her room but Zilpha remained in the living room waiting for Joey’s call. She just made an excuse to her husband that she has to finish checking some of her class’ papers. By around 10:30 there was still no call from Joey and by 11:00 Zilpha grew tired of waiting for his call, so she went to her bedroom and then layed beside her husband pretending to sleep. But in truth she could not sleep because she was still hopeful that Joey would call her. At around 11:30 the phone rang, Zilpha jumped up from her position and waking her husband up in the process, and Zilpha answered the phone

“Hello…Is this Mrs. Rollins?” came the nervous voice at the other end of the line.

“Yes, who is this?” Zilpha answered her heart beating a little faster in anticipation that this would be the call that she was expecting.

“Ma’m this is Joey!”

“Can you call again in 2 minutes because I’ll take your call downstairs.” Zilpha told Joey and then replaced the reciever on its base.

“Who was that honey?” her husband asked her as Zilpha put on her robe.

“Oh it’s just Betty, she wants to compare notes on some matters. Just go back to sleep honey because you have an early day tomorrow.” Zilpha nervously fibbed to her husband.

“Ok honey but don’t take too long on the phone.”

Zilpha hurriedly tip-toed to the unlit area of the living room and then sat on the couch beside the telephone and waited patiently for the phone to ring. After a couple of minutes the phone rang and Zilpha immediately lifted the reciever and answered the phone

“Hello………….” she answered in a hush.

“Hello, Mrs. Rollins?”

“Yes?, is this Joey?” Zilpha made sure she was talking to the right person.

“Yes, Ma’m this is Joey.”

“What took you so long to call, I almost gave up on you!” she told Joey with a hint of dis appointment in her voice.

“I’m sorry Ma’m, I just wanted to make sure that everybody would be asleep when I make my call.”

“Ok Joey, well I convinced my husband to go on a fishing trip early tomorrow morning and my daughter would be going to her friends house at 8:00 so I’ll be home alone here tomorrow at Escort around 9:00.” Zilpha explained to Joey her accomplishment.

“So that means that I’ll go there maybe at 9:00?”

“Yes dear, be here at around that time so that I’ll have some time to freshen up for you darling.” Zilpha affectionately told her student.

Just hearing Joey’s voice made Zilpha quite excited such that she was getting wet between the thighs as she listened to Joey’s voice on the phone.

“Zilpha, when I get there tomorrow I want you to be in your robe with no bra and you would only be wearing a paing of thongs. So that it will be easy for me to slide my hand down your robe and then fondle your luscious breasts.” Joey instructed his teacher.

“Oooooooh Joey, your making wet with what your saying.” Zilpha told her student as her hand slid down her robe and then carressed her naked breasts.

“Oh you’re very naughty Mrs. Rollins! Do you want me to talk dirty on the phone while you touch yourself there?” Joey suggested to her.

“Yes, Joey please talk dirty to me………please!” she pleaded with Joey as she opened her robe and then her hand wandered down to her crotch and pulling her panties aside.

So while Joey talked to her on the phone suggesting things he would do to her tomorrow, Zilpha’s hand continously rubbed her pussy. Running her finger up and down her very wet slit and stroking her tense clit. Then without regard of being caught by her husband Zilpha lifted her silk negligee up to her waist and then started to slide her finger in and out of her dripping pussy until

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…………. Joey I’m cumming!” Zilpha suppressed a scream as she experienced a violent orgasm causing her body to tense up.

After having that orgasm, Zilpha continued to rub her pussy while the telephone was still on her ear.

“Oh Joey, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!” Zilpha expressed her longing to Joey as she tried her best to catch her breathe.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Rollins, I’ll be there tomorrow and give you the loving you deserve.” Joey assured this lonely woman.

“I’ll be waiting for you my prince………….my hot and wet pussy will be ready for you tomorrow my sweet prince. Good night!” Zilpha whispered on the phone as she bade Joey goodbye.

After placing the phone down, Joey hurriedly pulled his cock out and then masturbated to the thoughts he had given Mrs. Rollins earlier and after a couple of strokes Joey spewed his cum all over his bed he was ready for tomorrow.


The next day Zilpha woke very early she was too excited to sleep such that by 5:00 in the morning she was busy cooking breakfast in the kitchen and by the time her husband woke up at 6:00 breakfast was ready and Zilpha was on the porch sipping her coffe and imagining Joey’s cock sliding in and out of her mature pussy and in the process getting her all wet between the legs.

“Honey, why did you wake up so early? Is there something wrong?” her husband asked her as he peeked throught the screen door.

“No, Honey I just wanted breakfast to be ready before you left.” Zilpha tried to look concerned.

Then she stood up and then ushered his husband to the kitchen for breakfast. While they ate breakfast she could not concentrate on her food she was just too thrilled to eat breakfast. So after her husband finished he went to the bathroom and after several minutes he was on his way to his fishing trip. By 7:30 her daughter was also ready to go so she just packed her some breakfast and sent her on her way. After clearing the table and washing the dishes Zilpha took a well deserved bath. After her bath Zilpha went to her room and then changed to what Joey asked her to wear. As she put on her thong panties she couldn’t help but admire her body on the full length mirror. Her full ass cheeks sandwiched the thin fabric of her thongs letting her admire her well rounded ass. “Not bad for a 40-year old mother.” Zilpha thought to herself as she ran her Escort Bayan hands down her naked ass.

After admiring her voluptouos body she applied an abundant amount of her perfume on her body, the same perfume that would definitely drive any man crazy. By 9:00 the door bell rang, so she hurriedly wore her robe and then went downstairs. When she opened the door to her absolute pleasure it was her Joey.

“Good Morning Mrs. Rollins….You look nice today!” Joey greeted her.

Without uttering a reply Zilpha pulled Joey inside and then kissed him on the cheek. The seductive smell of his teacher made his cock hard as he tried to control himself. Then Zilpha got Joey’s hand and then guided him towards her bedroom. When they reached the bedroom Zilpha sat Joey on the edge of the bed and then stood in front of him.

“Do you want me to take this off, darling?” Zilpha asked her young student as she played with the tassel of her robe.

Joey just nodded a reply as he was too consumed by the prospect of actually making love to the woman of his dreams. Then Zilpha seductively undid her robe and then slowly she let it slide down her desirable body. As the robe hit the floor, it left Zilpha only in her thongs her bare breasts, with its nipples standing proudly, exposed to her young lover. Then Joey pulled her in and then gently started kissing her voluptuous breast as his hands wandered through her body.

“Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmhhhhh………… Joey that feels good!” she expressed her satisfaction at the job that Joey was doing to her.

Then after a few minutes Joey stopped his onslaught on her bare breasts and then gently pulled Zilpha to the bed, causing her to lay down, her back flat on the bed. Then Joey stood up and then started to undress. While Joey was taking his clothes off Zilpha just stared at her young lover and then marveled at the sight of his 10-inch cock standing at full attention, ready to be rammed in to her mature pussy. When he finished with his clothes, Joey gently reached out to the sides of her hips and then delicately pulled her thongs off of her. Then Joey held Zilpha’s ankles and then spread them apart , causing her thighs to divide and thereby exposing her naked pussy. Then with nary a word Joey started kissing Zilpha’s legs, starting from her ankles then to her calves and then down her thighs causing her to moan in pleasure

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh……….Joeeeeeey!” Zipha moaned as Joey’s tongue licked the insides of her thighs.

Then Joey gently licked the outsides of her pussy and then he parted her pussy lips and then licked her wet slit. The salty taste of Zilpha’s soaked vagina excited Joey even more such that he ate her pussy with a passion of mad man.

“Haaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…………Joey what are you doing to meeeeee?” Zilpha screamed as she experienced for the first time ever her mature pussy being eaten.

As Joey’s tongue worked its wonders on her vagina, Zilpha bucked her hips to the direction of Joey’s tongue strokes on her love canal. While Joey kept on carressing her vagina with his tongue Zilpha screamed her satisfactions to the boy’s actions.

“Oh Joey I love you………..Joey you are the best darling. No one has done that to me before………baby please don’t stop……baby.

After a few minutes, Zilpha was bucking her hips wildly to the rythm created by Joey’s tongue in her vagina. Then all a sudden Zilpha arched her back and then pushed Joey’s head deeper in to her pussy and then squeezed her lover’s head between her soft thighs.

“Haaaaaaaaahhhh……..haaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……..Joey baby……….!” Zilpha screamed as she came violently on Joey’s face.

Zilpha then released Joey’s head from the grips of her thighs and then collapsed on her bed, that was the first time she had ever had her pussy eaten and she definitely liked the sensation created by Joey’s tongue lapping up her wet cunt.

Then Joey layed beside her on the bed and then started to kiss her passionately letting her taste some of Bayan Escort her salty juices from his moouth. Then Zilpha as if energized by Joey’s kisses went on top of Joey and then started to kiss his body. She started with his chest, nibbling on his nipples, and then went down to his navel, licking his belly button and soliciting a satisfied moan from her young lover.

“Hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh…..Mrs. Rollins……” Joey expressed his satisfaction.

Encouraged by Joey’s reaction, Zilpha continued on her downward path and then finally got hold of Joey’s humongous member. Then Zilpha held Joey’s cock with her soft hand and then she started to lick the bulbous tip of his penis and then caressed Joey’s hard cock with her experienced tongue sending him quivering in pleasure.

“Haaaaaahhhhhhhh……..Mrs. Rollins….That feels really gooooood………”

Then, as if on cue, Zilpha consumed Joey’s cock into her hot mouth. Then she jerked her head up and down Joey’s cock, sliding his penis in and out of her hot mouth. While her mouth was full of Joey’s cock Zilpha hand wandered to his balls, squeezing them gently and in the process heightened the pleasure that Joey was experiencing.

“Oooooooohhhhhhh……….Zilpha! What are you doing to meeeeeee………” Joey was delirious with pleasure as Zilpha sucked his cock with passion.

Although Joey was enjoying the sensation of his cock inside Mrs. Rollins’ hot mouth, but still he wanted his cock inside her pussy. So he lifted Zilpha’s head from his cock, her face covered with saliva as she rubbed his cock all over her face, and then let her stand. Joey then whispered to her

“Ma’m I want my cock inside your pussy now.”

Without replying to Joey, Zilpha pushed him back on the bed and slowly went on top of him. Then Zilpha kissed him again with the passion of a sex depraved woman. While they were locked in a passionate embrace, Zilpha reached for Joey’s cock and gently guided it in to her dripping cunt. As Joey’s cock entered her, Zilpha broke their kiss and cried loudly

“Haaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……..Joey………your cock is so big……..”Zilpha cried as her pussy was stretched to its limit by Joey’s cock.

“I’m sorry ma’m … you want me to stop?”Joey feared that his cock might hurt his beloved teacher.

“No….baby, we will just take it slow………I’ve never had a cock as big and as beautiful as yours.” Zilpha assured her young lover.

Then Zilpha slowly lowered her pussy on Joey’s cock and then began a slow humping motion on top Joey’s cock, then after a few more strokes Zilpha’s pace quikened and she wildly began to straddle Joey’s cock.

“Haaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh………Joey I love you baby……..your cock is so delicious…….” Zilpha screamed her satisfaction.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh Zilpha your pussy is so hot……..I love you……….” Joey groaned as he reached out and pulled her to him self and then he carressed Zilpha’s breasts while she wildly straddled his cock.

After a few minutes of sliding his cock in and out of Zilpha’s hungry vagina, Joey was on the verge of cumming.

“Ma’m ……..hhaaaaaaaaahhhhhh……..I’m cumming very sooooooon……” He tried to warn his teacher of his impending orgasm.

“It’s ok baby……..haaaaaaahhhhhh…..come inside my pussy………..”

Then with all the force he could muster Joey came inside Zilpha’s pussy. His semen overflowing out of Zilpha’s mature pussy. But that did not stop Zilpha from going up and down Joey’s cock, because she too was on the verge of another orgasm such that after a few seconds after Joey came inside her, Zilpha’s body tensed up and her back arched backwards and she let out a loud cry of satisfaction.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh………Joey I love you………..” Zilpha screamed as she collapsed on top of Joey.

After collapsing on top of her lover Zilpha looked up and saw Joey smiling from ear to ear.

“Darling did you like that?” she asked him with tenderness in her voice.

“Yes, Ma’m liked it very much. And Ma’m I love you.” Joey answered her as he kissed her forehead.

Then with those word spoken Zilpha still on top of Joey, rested her head on his chest and drifted to sleep while his cock was still inside her pussy.

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