Blackmail! – Part3


There was a dirt floor here and the smell of animals, although I couldn’t make out which ones. I was sure he had it in mind to have another animal fuck me. He led me to a padded stand in the middle of the room where he laid me down on my back. The stand was bout 3 or 4 feet high and the padding was soft. My es raised my arms above my head and tied one hand then the other. I heard a door open as he went outside and heard a heavy “clopping” sound as he returned. A horse! I laid still in panic and felt the muscles in my body tighten. I was tied down and couldn’t get away now.

I was so wrapped up in my panic that I didn’t immediately notice the cock that was at my lips. “Open your mouth,” my ex told me. I reluctantly did as I was told and began sucking on the horse cock. My ex took the blindfold off me and I looked up to see the horse straddling the stand and his long cock stretching into my mouth. It must have been 18 inches long and it wasn’t even hard yet. I could manage to get my mouth around the head of its cock and take a couple of inches in, but that was all. It was too wide to do much more with.

The horse’s cock was in my mouth and my ex began stroking its length. He was jacking off the horse and getting it harder while it was in my mouth. After a few minutes he backed the horse up. The stand Escort lifted my body up at an angle. I noticed that there appeared to be what looked like stirrups on either side of the stand. Then the whole stand lifted about 1 or 2 more feet. I supported my weight with my feet – I was able to stand on this contraption. Then my ex led the horse back to me and let it mount the stand its hooves resting in the stirrups on either side. As the horse mounted the stand its cock lept up toward its belly and its full 24 inches stood erect under it. I grimaced at the thought of it skewering my body and the pain it would cause. My ex took the horse’s cock and guided it toward my pussy.

At first the cock just rubbed up and down on my pussy lips. I was still plenty wet from all the cum inside me, but the horse’s cock now seemed to be trickling its own juice on my body. My ex made sure it ran out on my chest and dripped down my body. A minute later he stuffed the head of that cock inside my pussy. I gasped. It was at least 6 inches in girth and didn’t feel like it had swollen all the way yet. The horse began to buck when it felt its cock enter my pussy and I gritted my teeth for the pain I was sure would follow. To my surprise the stand was high enough that it prevented the horse from entering me more than 10 inches.

The Escort Bayan horse bucked with no real rhythm, but it was forceful and deep. I screamed with each thrust and felt it growing in girth. I looked down and saw it was now about 8 inches wide. I couldn’t believe something that big was fucking me. It felt so good. Every now and then the horse would stop and I could feel its hot cock pulse inside me. My ex untied one of my hands and put it on my belly. The horse bucked and I could feel my belly moving up and down to accomodate it. Feeling that cock through my womb intensified the sensation for me and I began a series of extremely intense orgasms. I gasped and panted and moaned and screamed. And even though it was 10 inches I knew I could take more.

“Deeper,” I gasped.

“You sure you can take it deeper?”

I grabbed my ex with my free hand and looked at him as another orgasm tore through my body. “I said deeper!” I growled at him and he went off to comply.

I felt the stand lower a little and the cock was in me half way. That was right against the deepest wall of my uterus at that point. The horse bucked then and lifted me off my feet. I screamed in pain and pleasure as it felt like I was being ripped in two. The pain wasn’t as sharp as I imagined it would be and my body Bayan Escort quickly adjusted to the new beating it was taking. With each thrust now the horse lifted me off my feet. I kept one hand on my stomach and felt the horse’s cock pound my insides. This was the best fuck I had ever had. The horse seemed to adjust his stance then and got more thrust the next time. I wasn’t as prepared and screamed as it lifted me off my feet further than it had before. I threw my head back and gasped and panted.

My ex was keeping the horse in check and making sure I wasn’t being injured. But all I could think about now was being fucked hard by this huge cock. It took about 30 minutes, but when the horse came the force of it lifted me off my feet. The liquid heat gushed into my womb and my body willingly accepted it. The horse’s cock got softer fairly quick, even though it hadn’t stopped squirting inside of me. My ex took the cock out of me, quickly lowered the stand, and offered the cock to my mouth. I grabbed the huge cock and hungrily stuffed it in my mouth. I swallowed whatever remained of the cum dripping out of the horse’s cock.

I was untied then and led back into the house where I gave my ex one more blowjob and swallowed about a cup and a half of horse cum he had captured dripping from my pussy. While I hate to admit it, that day I had the best fucks of my life and I will never forget my ex for that – both for the blackmail and for the pleasure. Maybe I have something in store for him now…

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