Black Master for Black Muslim Gal


In the City of Calgary, Alberta, there is an influx of Black immigrants, mostly coming from places like Somalia, Ghana, Nigeria and Ethiopia, but also from Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad, Antigua, and other parts of the Afro-Caribbean world. They’re adding some much needed flavor to Calgary, a growing metropolis located in the heart of redneck country. As worlds collide and newcomers make their mark on the Canadian social landscape, nothing will ever be the same.

As a newcomer from the City of London, England, Master Posse definitely had his work cut out for him. The local Blacks didn’t know what to make of a tall, handsome, masculine Black British man who carried himself like a king. Canada bills itself as a land of tolerance and multiculturalism, but life is tough up north for Black men and Black women. Much of their history has been erased, but they’re boldly making their presence felt anew.

“Canada shall be mine for the taking,” Master Posse told himself the day he flew in from London, UK, and set out to take the City of Calgary by storm. Standing six feet two inches tall, burly and muscular, with smooth chocolate skin, a full beard, and a shaved head, Master Posse was often told how much he looked like the Hollywood actor and former Rapper Ice Cube, only taller. Such remarks made the Black British brother smile.

When Master Posse arrived in the City of Calgary, he noticed that the local BDSM scene was sorely lacking. Dour, dull White guys with delusions of grandeur and a poor opinion of both women and people of color thought they ran the local BDSM scene, until Master Posse arrived. The first thing he did was show the local women that a truly strong, masculine man, respected women and conducted himself like a gentleman, without being a punk.

Master Posse, a great admirer of Hollywood icons like Richard Roundtree, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Lawrence Fishburne, longed for the days when Black men carried themselves as strong, intelligent and capable men. He also missed the days when Black women had much respect and love for the Black man. He blamed today’s situation on weak men and bitter, angry women. The brother was determined to change things a bit, if only in his corner of the world.

For Master Posse, establishing himself in the City of Calgary didn’t take much time. Educated in business management at England’s very own Brunel University in his vanilla life under the bland moniker Joshua Dorval, Master Posse came at the Canadian business world with a mixture of caution and confidence. After applying to a lot of local corporations, Master Posse realized that the Canadian business world feared intelligent men of color, and didn’t want them to succeed.

For all their talk of diversity and inclusion, the Canadians had this deathly fear of successful people Kayseri Escort who didn’t look like them. Walking around the business centers of metropolitan Calgary, Master Posse noticed that a lot of the minority employees, the Arabs, the Latinos, the Chinese, the Filipinos and others, made a habit of kissing White ass like it was going out of style. Black folks are too blunt and honest to do that, hence why they weren’t included.

Fortunately for Master Posse, he knew how to beat these not so open-minded Canadian business types at their own game. When Master Posse’s parents Michel and Marie Jeanne Dorval emigrated to the City of London, U.K. from the island of Haiti, they insisted on giving their future son Joshua a very White-sounding name, because they knew that the world openly discriminated against people of color with very ethnic names.

When Master Posse applied for a job with the downtown Calgary branch of the Scotia Bank, the human resources lady initially thought he was a Frenchman based on his name and the fact that on his resume, he listed a reputable European University as his alma mater. Master Posse showed up as his very tall, handsome and well-dressed, and very Black, alter ego Joshua Dorval. The human resources lady was surprised, but it was too late, he’d gotten an interview.

During said interview, Joshua Dorval impressed the hiring manager, a plump White woman named Deirdre something or other, and got himself a job. He’d been doing well ever since, rising to the position of branch manager with Scotia Bank two years after he got hired. As a handsome, successful Black man living in the City of Calgary, Joshua Dorval was a big hit with the local ladies. He took the BDSM world by storm, and introduced the local Black ladies to something they’d never experienced before…Black male domination.

“This is for your sassy mouth,” Master Posse said, as he placed the gag against Sumaya Acheampong’s full, luscious lips. The six-foot-tall, dark-skinned, curvaceous Ghanaian Muslim Amazon glared at him, her lovely brown eyes expressing defiance. I love my bossy Black women, they’re fun to dominate, Master Posse thought to himself as he began binding Sumaya’s hands and feet to the wooden board. They were in the basement of Master Posse’s townhouse in the south end of Calgary, having some kinky fun.

“I like to be completely dominated, but I won’t submit to any fool who thinks he’s a dominant,” Sumaya told Master Posse in their phone conversations earlier. Master Posse nodded, listening intently. One doesn’t get to become the top man in the BDSM circles of Calgary, Alberta, without doing one’s duty. A true Master listens to the wants and needs of his submissive, Master Posse reminded himself.

“Sumaya, my dear, only a worthy man can handle a strong Black Kayseri Escort Bayan woman like yourself,” Master Posse replied confidently, and Sumaya nodded smiled through her gag. When most people think of BDSM, they think of a man or woman beating someone with a whip, and things of that nature. For Master Posse, pain and pleasure are inextricably intertwined, and one must know when to administer each to one’s submissive. Master Posse removed Sumaya’s gag shortly after, for he wanted to hear her screams…

“Oh wow, Hmm,” Sumaya murmured as Master Posse kissed her nipples and slid his hand between her thick dark thighs. He began fingering her pussy, taking his sweet time as he rubbed her clitoris along the way. Sumaya moaned softly, loving what Master Posse was doing to her. While fingering her sweet spot, Master Posse grazed Sumaya’s nipple with his teeth, causing her to gasp. Master Posse smiled, drinking in Sumaya’s fear and arousal. This was going to be fun…

“Know that you’re mine, my strong and sexy sister,” Master Posse said as he kissed a downward path on Sumaya’s sexy body. After sucking on her nipples, he kissed her belly button, and then planted his darkly handsome face firmly against her vagina, inhaling her scent. When he stuck his tongue into her pussy and began teasing her clit, Sumaya squealed in delight. The Master definitely knew what he was doing…

“Yes, Master Posse, do whatever you want to me,” Sumaya squealed, as Master Posse pleasured her with his tongue and fingers. Master Posse smiled at the tall Ghanaian Muslim Amazon, knowing he had this feisty beauty in the palm of his hand. As the evening rolled on, Master Posse showed Sumaya a thing or two about pain and pleasure, domination and submission. The foxy Ghanaian Muslim mama never knew what hit her…

“What a gorgeous ass,” Master Posse said, as he admired Sumaya’s big Ghanaian Muslim booty. The curvy young woman was on all fours, face down and ass up, with her belly resting against a cushioned wooden workbench. With her hands tied behind her back, and that booty shaking from side to side, Sumaya presented a very sexy and inviting image. Master Posse felt himself harden as he gazed upon Sumaya’s big butt…

“All yours, Master Posse,” Sumaya said enthusiastically, and Master Posse laughed, then went to work on her. Taking out his belt, he folded it in two, and then began lashing out at Sumaya’s booty, belting that ass. Sumaya squealed in pain and yelped, and he continued to beat her ass, loving her squeals of pain and pleasure. After beating Sumaya’s ass until it was Black and blue, Master Posse gently kissed her sore ass cheeks, and she sighed happily.

“Sumaya, I want to be inside of you, are you ready to receive me?” Master Posse asked, and Sumaya turned around and nodded Escort Kayseri firmly. Master Posse smiled, and then spread her ass cheeks wide open. Sumaya sighed happily when she felt Master Posse’s tongue slide into her backdoor, and the manly brother from London began to lather her asshole. Hmm this is so much fun, Sumaya thought, pleased.

“Oh fuck,” Sumaya cooed, and after lubricating her asshole, Master Posse rolled a condom on his long, hard dick, and pushed it into her. A shocked little gasp escaped Sumaya’s lips as Master Posse pushed his dick into her asshole. Gently but firmly he worked his dick deep into her asshole. Master Posse gripped Sumaya’s hips, and began to fuck her with deep, passionate strokes. For this Black Master, there was nothing hotter than anal sex with a willing, sensual Black woman who happened to possess a big beautiful ass…

“Hmm, I love this ass,” Master Posse said in his deep, masculine voice as he continued fucking Sumaya. The freaky young Ghanaian Muslim woman squealed as he fucked her, loving the feel of his big dark dick in her tight backdoor. In her twenty seven years, Sumaya had only given up the booty twice, and none of her lovers had been as passionate or as well-endowed as the handsome, strong-dicked Master Posse, that’s for damn sure. The brother knew his way around the female booty…

“Just take this ass,” Sumaya howled, and Master Posse knew he had her right where he wanted her. When a Master tops his submissive, there is a moment when the submissive is stunned into kingdom fuck, for lack of a better term. Sumaya was in that space now, and she kept throwing that big beautiful ass back, loving the feel of Master Posse’s dick drilling her asshole. Master Posse fucked Sumaya’s ass until the pressure on his dick proved too much for him and he came, then pulled out.

“How was your session?” Master Posse asked Sumaya, after she came out of the shower, and got dressed. The two of them sat in his living room, fully clothed and relaxing while sipping some wine. Sumaya was glowing, and looked at Master Posse with eyes brimming with sincere gratitude. As the evening concluded, Master Posse walked Sumaya to the door, kissed her hand like a true gentleman, and sent her home in an Uber which he paid for.

“To many more nights like this one,” Sumaya Acheampong said to herself as she exited the Uber, and entered her lovely, safe home. The tall and fearless young Ghanaian Muslim woman was still aglow from all the fun and wicked things that the handsome, freaky and creative man known as Master Posse had done to her. Things that the men back in West Africa, as passionate as they were, never would have done to her.

Sumaya Acheampong is having the time of her life, and with good reason. She’s new to the BDSM world, and to the City of Calgary, Alberta, having moved there from her hometown of Accra, Ghana, to study for her Ph.D. at the University of Calgary. The town which Sumaya initially thought of as dull and boring was turning out to be a lot of fun. Sumaya looked forward to many more nights of passion and kink with her new Master…

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