Bisexual College Men


Try as I might, I can’t seem to forget those wild times I had in New York with some of my friends. In case you’re wondering who this is, my name is T.J. I’m a young black man who is currently attending Emerson College. I was drowning in debt and things weren’t going too well but I was determined to make it. I hated my life at this point. Oh, last year, I had been fortunate enough to win an academic scholarship to college but college was turning out to be a lot tougher than I imagined. Also, I hated the people.

During my freshman year, I began exploring a different side to myself. A side of myself that I had denied throughout my eighteen years of living under my parents roof. My dad is a police officer and a real macho guy. He is very much against homosexuality, plus he’s a deacon at our church. My mother is a construction worker and also a church-going classy lady. I didn’t think either of my parents would think much of me if they discovered that their youngest son was bisexual.

This year, I entered my first real relationship. I met a guy named Sean. He was a tall, good-looking Irish guy. A former soldier with a great body. He was studying criminal justice at school. We had a lot in common and became pals. I was drawn to Sean. Even though I saw him flirting with girls left and right, I knew he had to like me judging by the way he looked at me. I hoped and prayed that Sean liked me back. One day, while we were alone in the gym, he confessed that he was bisexual. Then he kissed me. In that moment, my life changed forever.

Sean and I became lovers afterwards. I was very new to all of this. For years, I had secretly desired men but I didn’t think I would ever do it with one. I felt attracted to both boys and girls but the idea of sex terrified me. Sean was the first man I ever had sex with. Heck, he was the first person I ever had sex with, period. I remembered our passionate nights spent in his dorm. Yeah, those were some good times. Too bad they had to end. We were together for several months, keeping our little thing a secret. One day, Kayseri Escort he broke up with me. Apparently, he had found a new boy to play with. Like an old toy, I was thrown away.

My breakup with Sean was painful. For a long time, I was quite sad about it. I was starting to fall in love with the bastard. He ditched me for a Brazilian athlete named Paolo. Oh, well. My friends Jason and Deanna invited me to join them in New York for a couple of weeks during summer vacation.

I’ve known Jason and Deanna forever. Jason is a tall, brown-skinned youth and a very quick-witted, nice guy. He has a thing for macho men, preferably black or Hispanic. He’s a fashion design student at New England Tech. Deanna is a tall, large young black woman. A chunky but funky black girl, as she often describes herself. Currently, she’s taking up nursing at Quincy college. We were friends throughout high school, back in Hyde Park. Yeah, it was a good thing to be with those two again. Both of them know me inside and out. Jason had recently broken up with his longtime boyfriend Larry. I think he needs this vacation as much as I did.

Deanna is perpetually single. I don’t know why. She’s a nice girl and all. A bit thick but cute in the face. Definitely someone I’d be into if I felt like being with a girl at the moment. alas, I had my mind set on men. Besides, I didn’t really think of Deanna that way. This tough tomboy had been my playmate during my youth. I never thought of her as girlfriend material, more like a big sister. You know, we’ve known each other for so long and all that. Yet all that was about to change.

Our first night in New York, Jason and I went to the gay clubs. Deanna opted to stay home and watch TV. Jason quickly found a cute boy to chat with. I met a nice-looking black dude named Alan and we began talking. I learned a few things about him. Alan was a law school student. He was also engaged to Ariel, a young white woman. This handsome black stud was bisexual and very open to experimentation. We went to the men’s room for a little Kayseri Escort Bayan fun.

There, in the stalls, I gave Alan the best blowjob he ever had in his life. I sucked his long and thick, uncircumcised black dick. I licked his nuts until he moaned in pleasure, and when he came, I drank him dry. Alan watched me as I sucked him off. He told me that he wanted to fuck me. I hesitated. Even though I did all kinds of things sexually, I had never let another man fuck me in the ass. My ex-boyfriend and I did everything except that. For some reason, I impulsively agreed. Alan smiled, then he put a condom on his cock and bent me over.

I felt his large hands grip my buttocks and spread them open. He slid his cock into my back door and began pumping away. I stroked myself as Alan fucked me. I felt pain as he slammed his cock inside me. I screamed. He continued to fuck me. He grabbed my hips and barked cuss words as he fucked me hard and deep. I stroked my own cock as he took me. Man, I had never felt anything like this before. Moments later, he pulled out of me. We went our separate ways and never saw each other again.

I went back to the club. There were plenty of gay studs dancing and a couple of women. I didn’t feel interested. My ass hurt, for one thing. I saw Jason kissing a good-looking white boy. Yeah, I don’t think he was going to miss me. So, I went back home. I had enough of the clubs for a while. I felt satisfied sexually since I hadn’t gotten laid in all the months that Sean dumped me. But I also felt a bit ashamed. I just got fucked by a total stranger in the men’s bathroom. Damn! What would my parents think?

I had always looked down upon guys who slept with other guys in parks, bathrooms and subways. They were the seediest of all gay males. Filthy, really. I always thought I was better than they were. I thought I could hide away from my homophobic parents, find a cute guy to settle down with and live together while having fabulous sex together all the damn time. This was my dream. Unfortunately, it was shattered Escort Kayseri the day I discovered that the young man I loved was a player. I didn’t believe in love anymore but I was a sexually frustrated bisexual black man. Let the world beware!

As I headed to my room, I heard the sound of running water. I headed toward the noise. What I saw amazed me. Deanna was in the shower, soaping up her curvy, sexy black body. When she saw me looking at her, she smiled and gestured for me to come to her. Without hesitation, I took off my clothes and joined her inside. We kissed and caressed one another. She turned around and I cupped her breasts. Deanna breathlessly told me to take her.

I stood behind Deanna, the tall and large young black woman who had been my best friend for ages. Gently, I kissed her neck. My hands went down to her butt cheeks and spread them. I placed my cock against her butt hole, and pushed. Deanna did not scream when my seven-inch black dick went into her asshole. Instead, she firmly planted my hands on her hips and pushed her round bottom against me, driving me deeper inside her. I began to pump her butt hole and spank her. My cock slid in and out of her asshole. Her hole felt warm and tight. It felt different from Sean’s asshole, which I had fucked many times while we were together. I don’t know if a woman’s asshole was better than a man’s asshole but I liked Deanna’s. I fucked her for a while, then I finally came. Deanna turned around and we kissed. Under the warm water of the shower, we held one another.

Later, I went back to my room and she went to hers. Neither of us ever mentioned this incident to Jason, who came home early the next morning and regaled us with tales of him sleeping with a hunky white stud. He went on and on, not noticing the way Deanna and I were looking at each other. I ran the whole thing through my mind again and again. I had just fucked my best friend. I pounded her butt…and I liked it. What kind of a friend was I? Best friends shouldn’t sleep together. Should I tell Jason? Nah, I decided not to. He wouldn’t understand. Why complicate things? I was on vacation and determined to relax. I wanted to meet hot men, and I did. But I can tell you that Deanna and I made several midnight trips to each other’s rooms quite often since that first encounter.

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