Birthday Surprise


I wake up on my birthday and stretch, long and languorously. Looking over to the other side of the bed I find it empty, but a note lies on the pillow. I pick it up and read, ‘I am taking you out somewhere special tonight. Wear something sexy-and something even sexier underneath! The car will pick you up at 8pm.’

I spend the day pampering myself-soaking in a tub full of bubbles, shaving my pussy, and finally top to toe moisturiser to make my skin smooth. Then I take an afternoon nap in preparation for the night ahead.

I wake around 7pm. Going to my wardrobe I pull out a black silk blouse, low cut and which shows off my ample cleavage to best advantage; followed by a straight skirt, with a split up the side right to the thigh. From my underwear drawer, I select my new black satin half-cup bustiere, matching thong panties, suspenders and stockings. Then, the piece-de-resistance, my three-inch heeled, ‘fuck me’ shoes. As I dress I check in the mirror and see that my stocking tops and bit of my thigh are visible through the split in my skirt – just how he likes it.

The car arrives promptly at 8 PM, and as I bend down to get into the back seat, the driver gets an eyeful of cleavage. I smile to myself as I watch his eyes following my erect nipples, and I pull my blouse down, stretching it over my breasts to make sure they push out even more. I cross my legs, drawing his eyes to the slit in my skirt, with the stocking tops and barely visible hint of creamy thigh. His mouth drops open.

I grin at him, “You’ll catch flies in there if you don’t close that.” I laugh and he just shakes his head, before going to the front of the car. I chuckle as the car pulls away with a jerk and I see him adjust his seating, his hand in his lap.

Thirty minutes later, we pull up in front of a place I had never been to before – Exclusives. I give the driver another flash of my taut nipples before walking through the front door. I can feel the music thrumming through my body as I approach what appears to be a reception area.

“Good evening, I am meeting Mike Brooks here; can you tell me where I can find him?” The receptionist lifts the phone and speaks, a few seconds later a tall, dark, handsome man wearing a tux approaches the reception desk and bids me to follow.

We walk through the doors and down the steps. The beat of the music reverberates through my body, getting louder as we descend. We push through a double door and step into a dimly lit room, filled with people-I am mildly surprised, most clubs usually don’t get going until later in the night. The man leads me to a booth, where Mike sits, waiting for me.

“You’re welcome madam, and if I can be of assistance this evening, please do not hesitate to call.” His eyes briefly flick to my breasts before he turns and walks away. I feel my nipples tightening under his gaze.

I sit, dropping a soft wet kiss on Mike’s mouth before turning to watch the tux man walking across the room. Mike chuckles softly. ‘You would, wouldn’t you?’ he asks.

I laugh, nodding my head. This is a game we play. We often share fantasies about who we would or wouldn’t fuck, given the opportunity.

A bottle of champagne, along with some roses and strawberries sits on the table. Mike pours the champagne and hands a glass to me. I take a sip, savouring the bubbles. He picks up a strawberry, places it between his teeth and offers it to me. I take a bite and his mouth meets mine, the sweet strawberry juice mingling with our saliva as we kiss. My breathing quickens and a warmth spreads through my pelvis; just one kiss from this man and I am a quivering wreck. He sits back and grins, aware of the effect he has on me. His hand moves under the table and towards my legs, stroking my upper thigh and feeling the suspender straps beneath my skirt.

“I see you took my advice about wearing something sexy,” he says. His hand slides up the outside of my leg where my skirt splits, along the length of my stocking until he reaches the top. “Very sexy indeed,” as his hand slips beneath the fabric Kayseri Escort of my skirt and his fingers run down my thigh. My legs part automatically as I slip forward on the seat, willing his hand to slide back up to where my damp panties lay at the junction of my thighs… and he doesn’t disappoint me.

His finger slides along my slit, moving from top to bottom. “Nice and wet for me,” he says, and then he slides a finger underneath my panties to seek out my already throbbing clit. He flicks it gently a few times, then withdraws his finger and places it in his mouth, sucking off my juice. “Mmm, you taste so sweet. I feel you’re very smooth. Looking to get fucked tonight darling?”

Unable to speak, I nod my head and he looks into my eyes. “As it’s your birthday, I have a special treat for us tonight. This place is also a hotel, they have some special rooms upstairs and I have booked one of them for us.”

Standing up, he takes me by the hand and leads me to the corner of the room, where he presses a button to summon the lift. As we wait, I notice a young man in tight jeans and t-shirt standing next to us. He’s no more than half my age, but he looks me up and down with open appreciation. As we enter the lift, Mike says, “Another one to fuck?” I laugh as I nod my head.

On the lift, I turn to see the young man staring at me with open hunger in his eyes and a smile on his lips. I turn to Mike as the lift door finally closes and ask, “Did you see that?”

He grins, “He obviously has you on HIS fuck list tonight my dear.”

We get off on the top floor, heading for one of only two doors on this floor. Mike pulls out a key card, swipes it through the lock, then pushes the door open. Inside the room, I see a massive bed in the centre, sofas are dotted around and the walls on either side of the room are floor to ceiling mirrors.

Mike tells me, “Go to the bathroom and freshen up. I’m just going to call room service my sweet. You go and take off those sexy clothes. I want to see what treats you have for me underneath.”

I go to the bathroom and shut the door. I hear a murmured conversation as I take off my blouse and skirt but by the time I leave the bathroom he is finished on the phone. “Come here my darling,” he says, and I sashay towards him, hands on my hips while he looks me up and down.

I notice him taking in the sexy underwear I am wearing. “You look sensational,” he says as he grabs me and kisses me long, hard, and deep. His hands run over my back and down to my bottom, squeezing it, before moving back up and forward to squeeze my breasts. I feel the hardness in his trousers against my leg, and I rub my stocking clad thigh against him, only to feel his bulge grow larger.

He walks me backwards towards the bed and then pushes me down, my back sliding on the silk sheets. “Tonight is for you my love,” he says, turning away to pick up what appears to be a rope and a piece of material. I lick my lips in anticipation-he had remembered my favourite fantasy about being bound and helpless and it looked as if it would be fulfilled tonight. He pulls me towards him and ties my hands together tightly, and then he slips the material over my head, blindfolding me, before leading me back to the bed.

He lays me down on my back and pulls my arms above my head to secure the rope to the headboard. I am savouring the feel of the silk sheets against my skin when I hear a knock on the door.

“Room Service!” A voice calls.

I hear Mike walk to the door and open it. A murmured conversation ensues and then the door closes and I hear Mike approaching the bed again. I move my body seductively against the sheets, enticing him to join me on the bed. I feel him sit on the side of the bed next to me. His fingers stroke the side of my neck, then trace a path down, across my chest, towards my breasts. I twist towards his hand, wanting to feel him stroke my nipples and I gasp as he pinches them. I feel him move on the bed and then his hot breath blows across a nipple, which tightens Kayseri Escort Bayan in anticipation of his mouth. I feel his warm, wet lips enclose my nipple, sucking and tugging gently as his fingers continue to play with my other nipple, and I moan.

Unable to see, I concentrate on the sensations of his hand and mouth, and I feel myself flood with wetness. Then, suddenly, his touch is withdrawn and I groan. “All in good time darling,” he says as his weight lifts off the bed. “Much as I love your sexy underwear, would you mind very much if I help you out of them?”

I nod my head eagerly, and feel him lift one leg to slip off my shoe, then his hands slide up my leg to my thigh where he him undoes my suspender straps before rolling my stocking down my leg. He then does the same for my other leg, before moving back up the bed and unhooking the fastenings on the front of my bustiere. Freeing each one slowly, I feel the cool air on my skin as the fabric separates to reveal my full breasts and rounded stomach. He turns me slightly to slide the material out from under me, leaving me in only my panties, goose-bumps rising on my skin against the silk sheets.

“I’m sorry darling, are you cold?” he asks. “Let me do something about that.” I feel his hand trace lightly over the skin on my chest, brushing against one nipple, then the other, before tracing a path towards my pussy. “These knickers look very damp… we better get them off before you catch a chill,” he laughs.

My body fills with heat, and I raise my hips to help him. I feel him hook a finger underneath the band on either side of my waist, before sliding my underwear slowly down over my hips, thighs, calves and finally, my feet, leaving me exposed. I squirm on the bed, knowing his eyes are feasting on my body. “That pussy looks very inviting… ready to be kissed and licked,” he says.

I spread my legs wide in anticipation of his touch, but I hear his footsteps walk away from the bed and I sigh with disappointment. “It looks ready to be kissed… but not by me,” he says, and suddenly I feel hot breath on the inside of my thighs as two hands push them further apart and a mouth clamps hungrily to my pussy. Shocked, I try to move away on the bed, wondering who on earth this is… until the sensations of a rough tongue on my clit overtake me and I start to move my hips towards the unknown mouth.

I groan as the wetness in my pussy increases. As the tongue strokes at me, I feel a finger sliding along my slit, pushing my lips apart before delving deep into the wet of my pussy and I moan as I feel another join it, moving slowly in and out of my hole as the mouth sucks on my hard nub. I hear a low groan come from the side of the bed where I presume Mike is sitting. Knowing he is watching another man eat my pussy inflames me further. My hips start to buck under the hot mouth as the fingers curl inside me and stroke my g-spot, before sliding in and out, fucking me.

I hear Mike’s voice, “Those breasts look in need of some attention.” I feel a hot mouth close over my left nipple, sucking, licking and nibbling at the hard peak.

Somewhere in the maelstrom of sensations, I dimly register that Mike is still talking and that this cannot possibly be his mouth on my nipple. My body stiffens with shock again but the feelings rocking my body are too much, and I surrender to the ecstasy. Waves of pleasure break over me as my body writhes against the cool satin sheets, the feel of hot mouths burning my skin as they lick and suck and nibble my most intimate areas while I whimper with need, my arms straining at the bonds which hold them above my head.

I feel a hand slip under my head, and raise it to slip a pillow beneath. Then I sense movement and the mouth is removed from my breasts, leaving the damp skin to chill. I hear a zipper and then feel a body move on the bed, straddling my upper chest. Something touches my lips and I open my mouth… and suddenly it is being pushed further open as a cock slides deep into the back of my Escort Kayseri throat. I gag and start to choke and it withdraws slightly, but only slightly, my mouth now filled with a smooth, stiff shaft. I slowly start to run my tongue around it, and then start to suck gently. I hear a gasp and the cock is withdrawn to the edge of my mouth and then plunged in again. I suck hard on this hot, stiff length and it is withdrawn again.

Hands hold either side of my head as the cock pumps in and out of my mouth, fucking it, while the other hot mouth still sucks hard on my clit, fingers slamming in and out of my pussy. A tidal wave of sensation pours over my body and I feel heat rising from my feet, moving gradually up my body as the orgasm overtakes me and rides me hard. My hips buck and slam against the mouth tending my pussy while my head raises from the pillow, deep-throating the cock that is fucking my mouth. Suddenly I feel the cock stiffen further and I ready myself for the blast of cum which I know is about to fill my mouth. As I writhe from my orgasm, I feel a hot spurt in my throat, and my mouth is suddenly filled with cum, which I swallow as quickly as I can.

As my head moves on the pillow, the blindfold starts to slip, and as the light hits my eyes, I blink rapidly, before focusing my vision on the man thrusting into my mouth. I recognise the face of the young man who had stared at me outside the lift and my eyes widen with shock. As his orgasm ends, his softening cock slips from my mouth, and he moves away, allowing me to see the stranger who ate my pussy. Again, I am shocked as I see the tall handsome man in the tuxedo who had led me to my seat earlier in the evening, his face glistening with my pussy juices. A smile plays over his lips as he looks at me, his fingers still stroking in and out of my pussy, feeling the muscle spasms as my climax continues to ride my body.

Turning my head to the side, I see Mike, sitting in one of the chairs, his stiff cock in his hand. He is stroking it and watching as the last waves of my orgasm recede from my body. Still straining against my bonds, I wet my lips and huskily say, “Come fuck me Mike, I need your cock in me right now.”

Smiling, he stands and starts to undress. The two strangers move away from the bed as he approaches, but he motions them toward me again. “You can take one nipple each,” he says, as he pushes my thighs apart hard and with one thrust fills my pussy with his throbbing cock.

He withdraws slowly, teasing me with the tip of his cock as I watch two heads bend to my chest, each taking a nipple in their mouth and bathe them with their tongues. Mike stares into my eyes, smiles and plunges into me again, grabbing my hips as he moves, he starts making long, hard strokes in and out of me. My hips rise to meet him as I move in time with his thrusts and I feel the sensations washing over me again. Suddenly the lights dim, and as they do, I notice the mirrored walls begin to change. Before my eyes, they become clear and I see faces behind the glass, watching me get fucked. As my mind registers this fact, my body is ripped by a huge climax, shuddering as I buck and twist, screaming with the pleasure. Mike still plunges deep into me before pulling my hips and burying his shaft to the hilt inside me, the tremors of his own climax overtaking his body as he spurts his seed inside me.

Utterly spent, I slump back onto the bed, my chest heaving as my body still quivers from the aftershock of my massive orgasm. Mike moves away from the bed, and he motions the strangers towards him. “Thank you guys,” he says, “You were superb.”

The man in the tux smiles, “Our pleasure sir. Remember to recommend us to your friends… and do come again.” Both men turn for one last look at me and then make their way to the door, closing it behind them as they exit.

Mike moves towards the mirrored walls, and presses a button. Drapes move along tracks in the ceiling and within seconds, both walls are covered, shielding me from view. He walks back to the bed, where he unfastens the rope that binds me, kissing the chafing on my wrists. He then walks back around the bed and lays down next to me, pulling me into his arms, holding me tight and pulling the sheet over us as he places a gentle kiss on my lips, saying, “Happy Birthday Darling. Sleep well.”

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