Birthday Girl Ch. 2


This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement; hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism welcome.

* * * * *

Mike woke from a dream, an exciting dream where he was actually sharing the bed of Louise McLean, then felt the animal heat of her body beside him in the bed. He lay back , happy, content in his realisation that it wasn’t a dream, after all. He smiled to himself and drifted back into a dreamless sleep.

Mike woke again, dawn greying the window, an unusual sensation at his groin. Startled, he realised what it was. Louise McLean was kneeling beside the bed and she was licking his prick. As he realised, it seemed to grow another inch, until it was rock hard and ready. Louise licked it again, then glanced up at him.

“Would you like to come in my mouth?” she asked quietly.

His prick jumped. Mutely, he nodded.

“Move over a bit, and lie back,” she murmured, climbing onto the bed beside him. She pushed his legs apart and lay down on her belly between them. Supporting herself on her elbows, she ran her tongue the length of his prick, from his balls to the tip. His prick jerked in reflex. Louise took gentle hold of it and circled the end with her lips, sucking gently, then circling the end with her tongue. She moved forward slightly and began to move her head gently back and forth, occasionally swirling her tongue around his tip, then settling back into her rhythm.

He gritted his teeth and tried hard not to come, but could feel the pressures rising.

“It’ll be soon, Louise,” he moaned.

“You’re close?” she asked, pausing for a moment, licking her lips.

“Yes, I am,” he replied, his voice a croak.

She smiled at him. “Then let’s get serious.” She raised herself so that she was kneeling between his legs, then took his hands and placed them on her breasts.

“I like my nipples stroked, Mike, and pinched a little. Not too much. . . yes! That’s it, that is go-o-o-o-d.” She bent her head to his groin again. Shocked with pleasure, he realised that she was taking his full length into her throat, her tongue weaving patterns on the underside of his prick. She pulled back to the tip of his prick, then forward again, down, down, taking him deep into her throat. Despite his efforts, he could feel his climax approaching.

“Louise! It’s happening, I’m gonna shoot! Louise! Oh, shit, oh my God, oh . . .Louise!” With an anguished wail, Mike shot his load just as Louise bottomed on her stroke, her chin on his balls. He felt her swallow convulsively, then ease back, breathing around his rigidity, so that he could feel her breath on his balls, feel her swallowing his come, feel her nipples hard under his fingers.

Gradually, the twitches of his prick stilled, the semen ceasing to flow. Louise licked carefully around the head of his tool and sat back, swallowing.

“You taste good, Mike.”

He looked at her, stunned. “That was incredible!”

She grinned at him, looking nearer fifteen than her twenty-seven years. “Your prick was good in my cunt, and it tasted great in my mouth. You have great talent, Mike. When you get a regular girl of your own she’s gonna be happy.” She sobered. “In the meantime, Mike, since there are no decent men in this country for me, and no girls for you, at least we have each other. I love you, Mike.” She smiled. “Understand me, though, I’m not in love with you. You do realise the distinction?”

“Yes, Louise, I feel the same way about you. I’ll always love you. Whatever might happen in the future. I’ll always be grateful for these moments.” He glanced out of the window. “Sunup. We still have the corral to fix. If we hurry we could have the poles here by noon and we could go for another swim, only this time I won’t turn my back!”

Louise laughed. “Right, Mike! You get dressed and go build up the stove, then it’s breakfast as soon as I can get it cooked.”

Within the hour they were on their way, Louise again lost inside the oversize overalls. They had decided to use the buggy and fasten the poles to the rear. The knoll above the river revealed more than enough young sapling poles for their needs and they were soon hard at work. Louise had kept a two-handed saw in the barn and insisted on helping Mike cut down the saplings. The day was hot and her shirt was soon sticking to her. Mike grinned at her, removing his own shirt. She stuck out her tongue at him and loosened the next three buttons on her shirt, opening it almost to her waist, the cleft between her generous breasts drawing his eye like a magnet.

“Concentrate, Mike. These are for later!” She grinned at him, then looked down, raising her eyebrows in mock amazement at the swelling in his jeans. He laughed and continued sawing.

Louise’s buggy team made light work of the burden of the poles and they were soon heading back to Louise’s homestead. Mike, who was driving, suddenly hauled on the reins, looking intently towards Louise’s house, now only a quarter-mile or so away.

“There’s a buggy in your yard, Pendik Escort Louise. Are you expecting company?”

“No, Mike.” She glanced at him. “Trouble?”

“I doubt it.” Mike sat back down and checked his pistol. He grinned at Louise. “I hope it ain’t, >cos a fast gun I’m not!”

“No guns, Mike,” said Louise quietly. “If anything happens I could never face your mother again!”

“I’ll be careful, Louise. Come on, let’s find out who it is.” He grinned at her. “You’d better fasten your shirt!” Louise flushed and hurriedly complied.

Mike clucked to the team and they carried on. Two figures beside the buggy saw them coming and turned to greet them. Closer, Mike could see that the buggy was loaded with baggage. The two figures were a man, about forty or so, and glory-be! a girl, looking to be about as old as his sister.

Mike reined in about twenty feet from the strangers and set the brake. The man smiled and came towards them, doffing his hat to Louise.

“Good-day, folks. I’m Dafydd Evans. This is my daughter, Lisa. We were headed for Twin Falls, but we seem to be lost.”

“Did you take the left fork at the dead pine, about three miles back?” asked Mike, scarcely able to keep his eyes from the girl.

“Yes,” said the stranger. “We did.”

“If you’d gone right, you’d have been on the right trail. About five more miles would have seen you to town.”

“Is that so? Well, in that case, we’ll leave you in peace and get on our way.”

“You’ll do no such thing,” said Louise. “It’s nigh on noon and you aren’t moving any further before you’ve eaten. I’m Louise McLean and this is Mike Delaney.”

“Mrs McLean, Mr Delaney.” Evans was politeness itself, and Mike sensed goodwill in the man. He glanced at the girl. Red-gold hair, piled on top of her head, wisps escaping to frame a perfect oval face, with green eyes, a pert nose and the most kissable mouth since. . . since, well, Louise!

“If you’ll give me a moment or two to change.” Louise glanced down at herself and chuckled. “I’m not at my best at the moment.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” asked Lisa. Louise smiled.

“Sure thing, honey. Come on in and let’s get acquainted.” She took the girl’s hand and led her indoors.

“You want a hand, Mr Delaney?” asked Evans.

“If you could unhitch the team, sir, and turn them into the corral, I’ll get these poles and stack them ready for this afternoon.”

Evans nodded and set to easily. Mike noticed that there was no wasted motion, yet Evans didn’t come across as a Western man. He shrugged and dragged the poles to the corral, setting them ready for use. Evans helped him move the last couple.

“Is there somewhere we can wash up?” he asked.


“Lead the way.”

The two were soon cleaned up and Louise called them into the kitchen. “Sit down,” she said, “the food won’t be a minute. Those biscuits ready, honey?” The query was addressed to Lisa, who produced a plate of hot biscuits as if by magic.

“They are, Miz Louise.”

“Put them on the table, just there. Beef, potatoes, gravy, and the biscuits. Does that suit, gentlemen?”

“It certainly does, Mrs McLean. Thank you kindly.”

There was little conversation over the meal. Mike spent the time covertly studying Lisa Evans. By the end of the meal, he’d decided that with the possible exception of Louise, she was the loveliest creature he’d ever seen. He noticed her looking at him a couple of times but she looked away quickly before he was able to think of anything to say.

With the meal finished and the dishes stacked ready for washing, Louise filled the coffee cups and put them on a tray, leading the way through to the parlour. Lisa’s eyes were taken by the books and she went across to them. Mike groaned inwardly, then realised that the paper-bound books were nowhere in sight. Louise caught his eye and winked.

“Is it permitted to ask what brings you to these parts, Mr Evans? I don’t like to be nosy, but,” and she smiled, “I do like to know what is happening. Out here, I don’t always manage. Mike’s mother tells me what she can but I lose track.”

“Perhaps if I said it was >Doctor’ Evans, that would be a clue, Miz McLean.” Evans smiled. “Doctor Weiss wants to go East to visit his daughter. I want to practise medicine in a Western community. As from the end of next week, I’m the doctor in Twin Falls.”

“Welcome, Doctor.” Louise smiled. “I hope you and Lisa will be happy here. You don’t take over until the end of next week?”

“Not officially. I shall of course make sure of Doctor Weiss’ methods. It doesn’t do to alienate your patients with >new-fangled’ medicine.” Evans’ tone was gently self-mocking.

“Would you and Lisa like to come out here on Sunday for dinner. I can do better when I have time to prepare.”

“If it’s better than what we just had, it would be ambrosia itself,” said Evans gallantly.

“Tosh and fiddlesticks,” retorted Louise. She frowned. “Your wife? Will she be joining Pendik Escort Bayan you?”

A shadow crossed Evans face. “Would that she could, Mrs McLean, but she died three years ago.” He smiled across at his daughter. “Lisa’s been looking after me since then.”

“I’m sorry,” said Louise quietly. “I didn’t know.”

“No reason why you should. And your husband?”

“Died two years ago,” responded Louise with a rueful look, then laughed. “Goodness, what a sorry pair we are! You’ll come on Sunday?”

“For myself, I’d be delighted. Lisa?”

“Please, Daddy.” For the first time, Lisa looked directly at Mike. “Will you be here, Mr Delaney?”

Mike glanced at Louise, who nodded. “Mrs McLean says yes, so I guess I will.”

“You don’t live here?” There was surprise in the girl’s tone.

“No. Miz McLean asked if I’d come fix her barn and the corral. The barn’s finished and we were bringing the poles back for the corral when we spotted you in the yard. I live over the ridge, about an hour and a half by horseback, three hours if you need to take a buggy. I’ve been sleeping in the barn instead of going home at night.”

“Mike has a sister, Katie,” said Louise to Lisa. “She’s about your age, I guess. Seventeen?”

Lisa nodded. “Eighteen next week. Pa’s promised me a horse for my birthday.”

“My pa breeds the best saddle horses around these parts,” said Mike proudly. “You could do worse than come and see our stock.”

“If that’s the case, Mike – may I call you Mike?” asked Evans.

“Surely, Mr Evans. That’s my name.”

“Give us directions, Mike, and I’ll bring Lisa out next week.”

“Come here first,” suggested Louise. “It’s almost on the way. I need to visit Mike’s folks and I could guide you.”

“An excellent idea,” said Evans. “What would be the best time and day, Mike?”

“Around noon, any day except Monday. Pa and me’s takin’ some stock across to Dawson, Monday. We’ll be back Monday night.”


“That’d be fine. I’ll tell the folks you’re coming.”

“That’s settled, then. Around noon on Tuesday. That means around nine here, Mrs McLean. All right with you?”

“Fine, Doctor Evans, fine. More coffee?”

“Not at the moment, thanks. Mike, do you think the corral would be finished quicker if I gave you a hand?”

“It sure would, Mr Eva . .Say, would it be all right with you if I call you Doc?”

Evans laughed. “Fine by me, Mike. I’ve been called worse. Come on, let’s get to work.”

With two of them working on the repairs, they had the corral finished by three. Evans washed up before he and Lisa, following careful directions from Mike, set off on the shortcut to Twin Falls, where they should arrive well before dark. Mike and Louise stood waving until the buggy disappeared over the hill.

“Well, Mike, what did you think of Lisa?”

“Near as pretty as you, Louise.” Mike glanced sideways. Louise was grinning at him. “And what about Doc Evans? I saw you looking at him.”

“They could be the answer to both our prayers, Mike. I think Lisa likes you, in fact I know she does, she told me so.”

“Doc was quizzin’ me about you, too.”

Louise’s interest was quick. “Anything in particular?”

“Oh, was you sparkin’, was there any particular fella in your life, that sort of thing.”

“And what did you say?”

“Oh, I told him I didn’t think there was anyone, but then, I wasn’t the one to ask.”

“And who is, pray?” Louise’s tone was sharp.

“You, of course.” Mike grinned. “Ain’t it?”

“Isn’t it,” corrected Louise absently, then laughed. “I guess it is, Mike. We missed our swim.”

“There’s still time. Be about four hours until sundown.”

“No I don’t think so, Mike. Tell you what, though. After supper I’ll heat some water, we can get the old tin bath out and you can wash my back. Front too if you’re good.” She giggled, smiling at him. “How’s that?”

“Gives me a stiff pecker just thinking about it.”

She dropped her hand. “Mm, so it does. Come on indoors, I’ve got just the cure for that.” She was unbuttoning her dress as she led the way inside. Once into the bedroom she threw her dress across the dresser, kicked off her shoes and turned to Mike wearing only her stockings.

He stopped and looked at her. “I surely do like looking at you, when you’re dressed like that, Louise,” he said with a grin.

Louise laughed and struck a pose, then came towards him. She twined her arms around his neck and kissed him fiercely. “Get naked, Michael Delaney,” she growled, “you have work to do, pleasuring me!”

He stripped quickly, pleased to ease the constriction of his jeans on his prick. Naked, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. They were both breathing heavily when the kiss ended. Louise surprised him by pushing him onto his back on the bed. She scrambled onto the bed and straddled him, then smiled wolfishly. “Time for a new lesson, Mike. Just you lie back and enjoy this, honey, because I sure as hell intend Escort Pendik to!”

Louise bent over him and took the tip of his prick into her mouth, nipping it with her lips, then moving to let his hardness into her throat. Amazed yet again at her ability to swallow him, he was surprised when she let his prick escape from her lips, shuffled forward and sat on his chest. Her cunt was clear to his gaze, her labia swollen, her clitoris starting to peep from its hood, a wetness clear to his eyes in the afternoon sun.

“You’d never fucked a woman before me, Mike, so can I assume you’ve never eaten one before, either?” Louise cocked her head in enquiry, her nipples erect.

“No, ma’am, never,” Mike responded, “but I guess I’m going to now, huh?”

“You certainly are, Mike. Look closely Mike. This little fella is my clitoris,” she said, pulling back the hood to let him see, “and it’s very sensitive. You can make me come from stimulating it. But I want to feel your tongue all over me down here, and inside as far as you can push it, OK?”

Mike smiled. “Yes, ma’am!” He pulled gently at her hips and Louise shuffled forward so that his lips could reach her. She didn’t know what he would think of the taste and flavour, but she had bathed very carefully that morning after they’d fucked and she was sure that she was as clean as she could be. Mike’s tongue came out and flicked over her clitoris, making her jump. He grinned up at her then pointed his tongue and pushed it into her depths, moving it up and down and side to side as he did so.

Louise shuddered in pleasure. Mike was a fast learner! His tongue came out, and she moaned involuntarily, wanting it back, then gasped as he flicked her clitoris again, before licking the full length of her cleft from anus to clitoris and back. His head moved and he kissed the inside of her thighs, then came back to her cunt. His movements were erratic and the compound stimulation built slowly in her, but it built steadily and she could feel her breathing deepening, her excitement building, a slow crescendo as Mike played on the instrument that was her cunt.

“Oh, Mike! Mike! You’re going to make me come!” she gasped, a quiver building in her very being, peaking slowly, rising to push her over the precipice of her orgasm. “Oh, Mike, baby, I’m coming! I’m coming , Mike, coming for you, coming baby, com..Oh, my God!” And she came, shuddering, grinding her cunt into Mike’s face, gripping his head tightly as she rode the raging tide of her ecstasy.

Slowly she quietened, easing her death grip on his head, relaxing in the afterglow of her spending. She smiled dazedly at him. “God, Mike, that was incredible, and I know you’ve never done it before.” She shook her head. “Wow!” She stared at him for a moment, then smiled and leaned forward to kiss him.

“What did you think of the taste, Mike? Was it good?” Louise kept her voice light, but she was anxious. She loved being eaten. Tom had enjoyed it, but some of the other lovers she’d had before her marriage didn’t. Would Mike?

“Louise, I loved it!” said Mike, grinning. “I think you enjoyed it, too.”

Louise smiled. “It was marvellous, Mike. I like the taste, too,” she said, putting her finger to her cunt and then to her mouth, licking it clean. She regarded him quizzically. “You seem to have me all over your face, I’ll have to do something about that.” She leaned forward and began to lick his face clean, pausing to kiss him every now and again. His prick, which had started to soften, reared back to a state of pulsing rigidity.

“Oh dear,” said Louise, “I’ve come, but you haven’t. What shall we do about that?” she asked in tones of angelic innocence.

“Just lie down here and I’ll show you,” Mike growled.

Louise shook her head. “I have a better idea.” She lifted herself from Mike’s chest and shuffled backwards. His prick poked at her and she lifted herself until it was poised at the entrance to her cunt, then took gentle hold of him and fed him lingeringly into herself, until she was sitting on him and his whole length was inside her.

Smiling down at him, she began to move, rocking on her knees, so that as she leaned forward he almost left her and as she rocked back she filled herself again. She took his hands and put them to her breasts. “Play with me, baby,” she whispered. “Play with me until you come.” Then she squeezed down on him with her inner muscles and settled down to concentrate on bringing her lover to climax.

Mike rode home next morning highly content with his lot. Louise had near sucked him dry, he figured, but by golly, she’d sure enough taught him lots about fucking a woman. She’d also told him what to do if it was a girl’s first time.

“You never know, Mike, you might get lucky with Lisa. But Mike, make sure you use a rubber. You wouldn’t want to get her pregnant.”

“No, ma’am. How come we never used one?”

“I prefer to fuck without them, it feels better. Anyway, I’m twenty-seven, not seventeen. I could probably get away with it if I left town, although I sometimes wonder if I’m barren. Tom and I never managed to make a baby.” Her voice was sad.

“Doc Evans might be able to help.”

“He might, too. But he isn’t here. You are, with one of the loveliest peckers that’s ever been in my cunt. So get it in and let’s fuck!”

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