Birthday fun


i was excited driving home. it was my birthday and my sexy wife had given hints that it could be quite special.
i walked in through the garage and the house was quiet.
i went upstairs, but found no one.
a bag was left on the bed.
a note attached told me to open the bag, put on the clothes, and accessories, and come back downstairs.
the kids were at grandmas, and shirley had cooked up a surprise for me.
i opened the bag to find a cock and ball harness, a butt plug, nipple clamps, along with a button down shirt and a pair of slacks,and shoes.
i hurried to put on all of the stuff before dressing in the fine new clothes.
as i looked in the mirror, i could see the clamps protruding from my nipples, and the buldge made by the cock harness was unmistakable.
i made mt way downstairs and found another note.
meet me at carly’s…i’ll be in the secluded booth in the back corner0 hurry i can’t wait
i made my way, aprehensive and excited, my cock as hard as the cage allowed.
as i got out of the car, i noticed a wet spot had formed on my crotch…the thin material of the pants becoming nearly transparent.
i made my way onto the dark dining room, and saw shirley smiling.
she would stand up as i approached, and i saw her sexy body looking so hot in a skimpy red strappy dress. the cut in front was to her navel, and the hem came down only slightly past her ass. she hug me passionately, and her hands roamed my body…checking to see if had had on all the accessories
we sat down, and shirley said we would only have a quick drink Escort here…and order food to go. i have plans, she said.
the waitress brought me a vodka tonic, and shirley another margarita. shirley opened my pants and stroked my cock, and unbottoned my shirt to toy with the clamps biting my tender nipples. i was soooo horny, and wanted to rush us out, but shirley had another idea, she stood and started to dance next to the table…dance with me bob. i closed my pants, and started to button my shirt as she pulled me up.
we danced close, and her hands were all over me, and mine were grabbing her fine ass. i was so turned on, and wanted to take her right there on the table.
ok, i think you’re ready to go she said, and we walked arm in arm to the door.
we were quite the site, and drew every eye in the place, turning us on even more.
my car…you drive she said as we got to the door…i’m gonna suck your dick as we drive.
shirley’s car is a 2 seat roadster convertible, and the top was down.
as we pulled out of the lot, shirley was on me. her ass was in the air, and her head was in my lap…offing a show for the evening traffic. she could not suck my cock because of the harness, so she teased and licked, and twisted the clamps on my nipples.
when we pulled in the drive, shirley climbed onto my lap and we made out for several minutes while she grinded her soaked pussy on my caged cock.
are you ready for the fucking of your life bob?
let’s go inside.
once inside, i was all over her, but she wanted to stay in control, and slipped a pair Escort Bayan of hand cuffs on me with my hands behind my back
she proceeded to dance for me, and teased me for a half hour with her killer body and roaming hands
she was naked except for her heels, and looked so sexy, her pussy was dripping and her scent was powerful…i wanted to touch her, to lick her and to fuck her, but was unable to do anything, but sitm and get more turned on- my cock strained against the leather cage, and was leaking a steady stream of lubrication.
shirley masturbated in front of me…standing with her pussy at eye level, and rapidly rubbed her swollen clit. she brought herself to a shuddering climax, and let me lick her fingers.
i need a drink she said, and left the room. she came back in a new outfit, and said…time for dinner. we went into the dining room, and shirley freed my hands, but not my cock. we ate the wonderful veal dish, feeding each other, and shared a bottle of wine…all fine, but i needed release.
all through dinner shirley rubbed my cock, and teased me with her cute body, while telling me all the nasty things she planned to do …later.
shirley suggested we finish the wine on the patio, and since it was dark now, that offered privacy. she took off her dress, and sat with me wearing only a tiny t string and her fuck me pumps. she then wanted me to undress, too. i took off the shirt, and opened the pants, and the cool night air tickled my moist crotch and tormented nipples. shirley grabbed the butt plug, and twisted it and pumped Bayan Escort it in and out…then surprised me as she turned on the vibrator it contained…oooo boy
we sipped our wine, made out, and fondled each other like teenagers…we were both so turned on.
i started to beg her to take off my cock harness and let me fuck her, and that spaked a twinle in her eyes.
if i take it off…you do anything i say, shirley asked?
of course i agreed.
my cock sprang free, and i began to frantically stroke it.
shirley said,,,patience boy…if you can’t keep your hands off, i will confine it again.
shirley wanted to suck me a little, and kneeled in front of me on our patio. she sucked me and squeezed my heavy balls, but kept me on the edge.
my turn she said, and sat on the chaise and said…lick me.
i dove in and lapped at her wetness and sucked her little nub until she exploded in a powerful orgasm. she squirted a cup of nectar into my mouth as she came.
ready to fuck bob, she teased. yes i said
shirley got up, and positioned with my ass in the air, and played with the butt plug still buzzing in my ass.
she pulled it out, but soon, i felt another object at my ass…i looked back and saw her wearing a strap on dildo.
i was going to get fucked.
shirley fucked my birthday ass hard and fast, sending her int oanother orgasm. somehow i was able to stop myself from coming…i wanted her pussy bad.
lick me she ordered, as she grabbed my hair and pushed it toward her dripping cunt.
i licked her to 2 or 3 more climaxes, before she finally mounted me, and rode my throbbing cock to the orgasm of my life.
we collapsed in each others arms as shirley said…happy birthday
certainly one i won’t soon forget

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