Birds of a Feather


Characters in story are over 18, story not based on real events.



Stephanie — “Steph” for short the twin sister to Joseph. Forward, stubborn, headstrong she finds herself thinking about her twin brother sexually as she progresses through high school.

Joseph — “Josh” for short, the twin brother to Stephanie. He begins thinking about his sister sexually and as much as he resents her he finds himself thinking about an opportunity to make her his constantly.


Stephanie never thought that getting banged in the library could be so exhilarating. She could barely catch her breath as her twin brother pounded her into the bookshelf from behind, and as she gasped for air behind her covered mouth Joseph continued to ram his thick cock into her dripping cunt. The sound of him pounding her hips, the feel of sweat and juices running down her legs, drenched her thoughts of sex endlessly. He then pulled her leg into the air and drove ever deeper into her.

“Josh”, she quietly cried, “Not so hard, we can’t be caught… please quiet down, or wait until we get home… I can’t be seen like this, not with… Ahhh… not with my brother!”

Ignorant of her plea he dropped her leg and pulled her arms back, relentlessly ramming harder into her, driving himself to ejaculation.

“Please… not without a condom, you can’t cum in me. Do you hear me, you damn idiot. Do you know what will happen… mmhm… if you… if you cum in me!”

He thrust hard into her and as his hot milk poured into her she became consumed in ecstasy. She thrust her hips into his, thoroughly relishing the feeling of his hard cock pumping cum deep inside her soaking pussy. He pulled her arms tighter towards him bringing her head back for a kiss.

“Joseph, you jerk… mmhm…don’t you dare stop cumming…”

As the dream faded Stephanie sat upright in bed, her pajama pants completely soiled. Isparta Escort

“Damn… damn,damn,damn,damn,DAMNIT!”

“What the fuck brain?! With my brother? That’s how we’re doing wet dreams now, really what the fuck, why? Why… did that feel so fucking good, holy shit.”

Chapter 1 — Why so infatuated?

I never really cared for my sister. No twin brother really does, when you have a twin sister that’s all there is to it. You have a sister. She’s there when you come home from school, she’s there for every holiday, and she’s in the bathroom every time you need it. She doesn’t really go anywhere and you don’t ever expect her to someday be gone. In short having a sister is annoying. But it’s sometimes nice. Twin telepathy is a nice perk, sharing birthdays is fun, but your sister is your sister. End of story. So why did I get nervous when she was talking to a nice looking guy the other day, or want to go into her room because it smelled nice, and why, especially why, can I not get her out of my head?

Joseph slipped off his shoes near the front door, dropped his backpack in the hall and made his way to the kitchen for a drink. Basketball is rough, practice three days a week, a late bus to drop you home after your sister arrives so you know that she took the shower by now even though you’re covered in sweat and need the rinse.

“Damnit, I wonder if Steph did use the shower… she uses a shower puff right? That is what they’re called right? ”

He twisted the tab off the bottle from the fridge. Absent mindedly thinking shower thoughts. Shampoo, body wash… Steph’s puff… Steph placing the body wash on the puff… Steph slowly lathering her arms…

“Shit! No, I shouldn’t be thinking about that!” He thought desperately. “Fuck, what is wrong with me lately?”

He took another drink from the bottle, finished it and chucked the empty bottle into the trash. He made Isparta Escort Bayan his way to the stairs but before he ascended he heard an annoyingly familiar voice.

“Hey, wassup basket head? How was school?

Joseph looked up to see his sister coming down the stairs. She looked like she had just recently gotten out of the shower. Her long brown hair was still wet and she was only adorned in a loose set of pajamas. It was the very wrong moment that Joseph wanted to see her, seeing her fresh out of the shower only reminded him of her caught up in the steamy bathroom, and the warm skin that rested below those loose pajamas.

“You okay?

“What? Uh, yeah. Fine. Are you done with the bathroom? I need a shower. Is there any hot water left now that you used half the Atlantic to shower?”

“I do not take that long of showers, you however would use half the pacific, asshole, I would never have a hot shower if I didn’t go in there before your ass gets back from practice.”

“Oh, sure, says the person who managed to take a three hour long bath.”

“It was a bath you idiot, it takes only one tub of water, your forty minute showers use way more than my baths!”

“Not if you refill the bath with hot water like you always do!”

“Fuck off, go take your shower, there should be enough water to manage yourself.”



They both chuckled, and parted along the staircase. His sister may be a prick, but she was his sister. No-one could replace her and no-one could be a bigger prick to her than him. He turned to see her walking down the staircase and caught a glimpse of the evening sun catch her tan shoulders, and he caught himself staring at her long hair and those cute pajamas.

“Something is definitely wrong with me. Why can’t I get her out of my head?”

Steph was taking off her panties in the library, right in front of him. As Escort Isparta he lay on the floor with her hovering over him. She just slipped them past her beautiful hips and down past her luscious thighs.

“I need you in me… right now!”

“Hold on… what are you saying? Wait Steph!”

She lowered himself onto him, grabbing his shaft and slipping him into her. Instant warmth surrounded him as she began grinding on him letting out soft sexy moans as he filled her up again and again. Her soft hair bounced with her and she looked so calm and happy to be in control on top of him. And he hated that. In a flash he had her on all fours in front of him, took a knee behind her coaxing hips, pulled her arm behind her back and drove his cock down to the balls into her wet pussy.

“Josh… Holy, shit… Oh god, right there, I want you to pound me right there.”

He lost all sense of reason. His sole goal became to pound her harder. Watching her body bounce, and her hair, and her hips. Watching her bite her lip, and arch her back in pleasure as his shaft drove her closer and closer to climax.

“Keep it up… Oh yeah, yeah, yeah… holy shi- … right… there.”

And then she looked back at him and looked him straight in the eye. Her beautiful eyes dazzled with luxury, and he couldn’t handle it anymore. He plunged deeper into her forcing a squeal from her as he pulled her shoulders back towards him and clasped his hand over her mouth. Finally at his limit Joseph turned her head to his and puller her into a kiss, even as his hips thrusted like an animal into his mate in heat. And as he pumped his sticky scorching semen into her she climaxed, clamping down on him while his cock continued pounding her pussy. With one final thrust his hips came to a halt, pressing his cock deep into her, and he felt her warm pussy eagerly wrapping around him as she continued climaxing. They shared a deep intimate kiss, a wet, satisfying kiss, that only lovers can achieve, and no twin should ever share. And it felt awesome, to have her deep in his arms, and to be deep, deep inside her.

“Josh, don’t you dare stop cumming.”

And then the dream ended, and Joseph woke to the worst most guilt ridden midnight cleanup of his life.

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