Big Max Ch. 04


Sophie made Clara a copy of the recording her camera had made, knowing it would keep her friend entertained when she was on her own. She wished she could give Max a copy as well, since she now knew how much it excited him to watch. She felt he was a kindred spirit in that regard.

It had been so much more exciting though, to have him physically in the room, coming on Clara in front of her, than it was to watch him on her screen at a distance. Next she wanted to feel him touch her though – she wanted to taste his skin and run her hands through his thick hair. And she wanted his big dick inside her more than ever.

Her mum didn’t let on that they had fucked her friend, of course, and it was business as usual for a few days. Max found that a little harder, Sophie could tell, since he had looked his step daughter directly in the eye as they both came on Clara.

Sophie felt him looking at her more than usual. She took to wearing a little tennis skirt for him with nothing under it. She didn’t give him the chance to see up it, though she felt him trying, but the slight breeze on her pussy and the knowledge of how accessible it was both got her excited and slippery.

Sophie was hopelessly distracted and although she really needed to concentrate on the exams that were fast approaching, she found herself writing dirty messages to Clara. She sent her friend a little clip taken from her screen of Clara and Max double penetrating her mum, and another one of the moment when Clara came. Clara sent back pictures of her wet pussy to show their effect.

‘I’ve posted my knickers to your mum’s office,’ came one message from Clara with a winking smiley.

‘Seriously??’ Sophie sent back.

‘Yeah, the ones from the other night. They were a mess. She’ll recognise them.’

Sophie tried to judge from her mum’s demeanor the next evening what the impact had been of receiving Clara’s package, but it wasn’t until she got Max alone in their room that Sophie could see the effect, watching them on her laptop screen.

Her mum took a pair of handcuffs from a drawer and had Max lie down with his hands cuffed to the headboard and then slid her skirt down. She was wearing Clara’s knickers but she knew Max wouldn’t recognise them.

“These are Clara’s, from the other night,” she said, climbing on the bed to straddle his face.

“The kinky slut sent them to my office. I nearly opened them in front of the MD.”

She pushed her crotch to within millimetres of Max’s nose and said,

“They were already a cummy mess when I put them on, but I’ve helped them along. Can you tell her pussy from mine?”

It wasn’t long until Louise had pulled the fabric to one side and Max was licking her while his untouched monster of a cock betrayed his excitement.

‘Mum wore them home and she’s sitting on his face, ‘ Sophie sent to Clara.

‘Oh fuck that’s hot. Show me.’

So Sophie made a little video of her screen where it looked as though her mum was now coming while Max licked her wet cunt greedily, his muscles straining against the cuffs. She sent it to Clara.

‘Oh my god Soph. I’m about to come.’

Sophie loved how horny her friend was for Max and her mum. Somehow it made it ok that she so badly wanted Max herself.

‘I’ll fist you in the kitchen while they watch’ Sophie sent, hoping Clara was still coming as she read it.

‘Fuck yeah. I’d let him in my arse while you do it. Full up like your mum.’

Sophie was just processing that image when another message came.

‘Now my phone screen’s all slippery, Soph.’

‘You’re a filthy slut, Clara Robinson. Put your cunt away and go revise.’

‘Ha ha. Who’s the perv with the spy cam here?!’

Sophie sent a crying laughing emoji and carried on watching the action on her laptop. Her mum was now riding Max as he was still cuffed to the bed and it gave Sophie the beginnings of a plan.

As Sophie watched her mum dismount Max and begin sucking her own cum from his big dick, she was pondering how to orchestrate what she had in mind, whilst also touching her dripping wet slit with her fingertips.

“I’m going to come,” Max grunted as he bucked his hips and fucked his cock up into Louise’s throat.

Sophie heard her mum gagging and swallowing, trying to cope with the massive load of cum filling her mouth, still sucking the emptying dick eagerly.

Sophie imagined how it would be to kiss her mum now, before she could swallow the rest of it, and coax Max’s cum from between her lips. She remembered the taste of it from when Clara had brought it to her in her freshly fucked pussy.

It was a couple of hours later that Sophie tiptoed into their bedroom and found Clara’s discarded knickers, now slick with her mum’s juices where she’d been fucked through them. She took a picture for Clara and sent it.

‘Suck them clean,’ came Clara’s swift reply.

Sophie held them hesitantly, thinking about how kinky her friend was. She was standing in the fading light in her mum’s bedroom, while her mum and Max were Escort in the other room, and holding a pair of knickers that were firstly crusted with Clara’s cum and secondly now smeared with her mum’s. She debated Clara’s filthy command with her heart pounding.

She lifted them towards her face. The scent of horny cunt on them was potent. How did her mum’s pussy taste? She licked at the wet fabric, shutting off her brain, and began to suck at the juices collected in the knickers, fucked out of her mum by Max’s big dick and leaked into them by Clara as well.

She touched herself as she cleaned them with her tongue, coming suddenly and quickly – so hard that she had to bite down on them to stay quiet. She hoped she wouldn’t be caught and also hoped she would, mid orgasm with those knickers in her mouth.

She looked at the pair, wet now from her saliva but visibly with less cum in, and sent a picture to Clara.

‘Slippery phone now too.’

‘Wow that’s hot. I’m keeping all my laundry for you, Soph. xx’

Sophie went into the living room with wet fingers, and sat near Max and her mum.

“Hey Soph, how’s the revision? Know everything yet?”

Sophie felt a pang of guilt. She really should go and do some.

“I am truly wise, for I know that I know nothing.”

“Nice,” said her mum.

“That’s me sorted then,” agreed Max.

“It’s attributed to Plato’s Socrates, but he never said it.”

“I see. Probably that would lose you some marks then.”

“Yeah, especially in chemistry, which is what I’m meant to be revising.”

Max had started to sing Sam Cooke’s What a Wonderful World at an increasing volume. He was a big kid sometimes.

“Don’t know much about science books…” He crooned.

“Don’t know much about the French I took… Ow!”

Louise hit him between the eyes with a cushion. Sophie capitulated to her guilt and padded off to find her text books as Max tickled her mum noisily on the sofa.

“Get a room!” She called out as she left, enjoying the irony.

She figured it would be embarrassing to fail her exams because she was horny for her step dad.

Sometimes opportunities can trump intricate planning. The next day, Sophie was about to leave the house when she saw that her mum had left her phone on the kitchen counter. Sophie was alone in the house. She picked it up and unlocked it – her mum never changed her unlock pattern.

She browsed texts to Max. The last few were pretty dirty, sent since their threesome with Clara.

‘I liked watching you fuck her’


‘You made her come really hard.’

‘Let’s do her again?’

‘Ha ha. Beg for it Max. Beg for that little slut’s pussy.’

‘I’m taking her arse next time.’

‘I’m pretending to be shocked. Mine would get jealous.’

‘Plenty to go around.’

The messages finished there, but it helped Sophie’s plan to crystallize on the spot. She knew her mum had a long trip today, and since she had a work phone as well anyway, would be unlikely to come back just to fetch this one.

Holding her breath as she wrote it, Sophie typed a message to Max.

‘Change of plan today. Come home at lunch time and there will be a surprise for you.’

Sophie hit send and was nearly shaking as she waited for a reply. What was she doing, she asked herself, this was madness. Then she remembered Max standing above her and Clara in the dark, pumping his giant cock, and her hand drifted between her legs and the doubts subsided. The phone buzzed.

‘Hot. I’m there. Back about 1pm then.’

Sophie made the rest of the arrangements. She got the cuffs out of the drawer in her mum’s room and cuffed them to the headboard ready, and found a dark silk scarf from her cupboard. She left that on the kitchen table and wrote a note in her best impression of her mum’s writing saying ‘put this on and holler when you’re ready.’

She arranged her laptop and the camera so that when she hit record she’d have footage of what was going to happen in her mum’s bedroom.

Then she waited. The minutes passed agonisingly slowly, as she tried to do some revision. She showered, edging her clit until her legs trembled, and put on her little tennis skirt without knickers. She wanted quick access for later. Her pussy was already puffy and drooling.

She filled a glass with water for Max and left it beside the note and blindfold, along with a cookie. She wanted him energetic.

After an interminably long wait, Sophie heard the pickup pulling in, and its door slam. She hovered in the hall out of sight.

The front door opened and Max called out a hello but she stayed silent, hearing him pad into the kitchen.

After enough time for him to eat the cookie, down the water and arrange his blindfold, Sophie heard him call out ‘ready for anything,’ with a smile in his voice.

Quietly, she crept into the kitchen, and stood for a second trying to contain her excitement. Here he was, for her to play with, finally. She gazed at his thick black scruffy Escort Bayan hair and his tanned and weathered skin – his forehead was rumpled with a bemused expression. His muscles strained against his clothes, as always. He was a man who looked like he should be naked, perhaps hunting. Or perhaps fucking any girl he pleased to.

She took him by his large hand – it felt warm but tough and leathery against her fingertips – and guided him to follow her into the bedroom.

Knowing it was a risk, she kissed him softly on the lips, trying not to give a blissful sigh as his slightly rough chin brushed hers.

She thought that if he suspected it wasn’t Louise who was now caressing the bulge in his trousers, he would think it was Clara that her mum had arranged for him, given their text messages.

It was in an open minded spirit, therefore, that Max seemed to be letting himself be explored as though for the first time by the slender hands and desperate lips and tongue, as his step daughter carefully undressed him without disturbing the blindfold.

She kissed her way around the well-built, tanned torso that she’d been dreaming about for so long. She licked above his waistline as she unbuckled his leather belt and fought to get his jeans down over the huge bulge of his crotch. She inhaled the scent of his skin, and ran her fingertips up his chest, to push one into his mouth. He bit it gently.

When she tugged his boxers down and his dick bounced free in front of her, Sophie tried not to moan out loud. It was so much better up close. She was torn – she wanted to spend all the time in the world exploring every millimetre of it, but she was worried about how long they had and she desperately wanted him inside her.

She licked his shaft and watched his muscles respond. She held his balls lightly, and enclosed the large shiny bell end in her already-salivating mouth, feeling it leak salty precum on her tongue as she began to suck him.

Sophie had a hand under her skirt as she knelt on the floor of her mum’s bedroom, sucking greedily on her unsuspecting step dad’s big dick.

She was trying to also keep his hands away from her, despite desperately wanting them, since she didn’t want him to discover that it was neither Louise nor Clara choking herself sloppily on his cock.

Instead it was the girl he had for a while, years ago, tried to persuade to call him dad – had taken to the park, and more recently been trying hard not to imagine on all fours.

Sophie looked up delightedly at the pleasure she was giving him. She gagged and released his cock, and ran her tongue over his balls and down near the sensitive skin of his arsehole, making him gasp. She wanted him to do that to her. It was time to tie him down.

Sophie got to her feet, and unable to resist feeling his fingers, guided one of his hands between her thighs. He touched her cunt lips and they spilled onto him as she sighed. Max had his fingers in her cunt! She fucked herself onto them, kissing him on the lips again, knowing she brought him the taste of his balls.

She took his wrist and pulled his fingers from inside her and then brought them to his mouth and he licked them gratefully. She was ecstatic to see him taste her.

She led him onto the bed and coaxed him into position so his wrists could be cuffed securely. Now she was free to use him as she saw fit.

Sophie stripped off the rest of her clothes and as she straddled Max she blew a little kiss towards her hidden camera, either for her own benefit or maybe Clara’s, if she decided to show her friend this particular adventure.

Sophie ran a wet trail with her pussy up Max’s chest, pressing it to him and then squatting over his mouth. She trembled as she watched him breathe in the scent of her open cunt. She glanced back at his cock dancing as he smelled her – like a dog he craned his neck upwards and sniffed her arsehole and she felt the intake of breath against it and was thrilled by the obscenity of it.

Max put out his tongue and flicked it between the soft plump lips above it. Sophie pushed her cunt down onto his mouth, unable to control herself any longer. She rode his tongue, feeling it tease inside her then settle on her clit in a rhythm.

She raised herself up to see her juices on her step dad’s face – it looked like someone had spat on his lips and chin.

‘Fuck, I’m nasty wet,’ she thought, and then thought, ‘he’s beautiful like that, smeared with my girl cum’.

“You taste incredible,” Max said, still not entirely sure who he was talking to.

Sophie lowered herself back down, expecting his tongue to resume on her clit but Max could still move a little and shifted his head, flicking his tongue suddenly against her anus. She moaned and hoped he wouldn’t recognise her voice.

‘Oh my god!’ Sophie screamed in her head – she couldn’t believe how erotic his tongue felt there. ‘Lick it, Daddy’ Sophie embraced the wrongness with her internal monologue, ‘Lick my dirty little holes like you’re desperate to.’

He Bayan Escort continued with her pussy and suddenly she wanted to get his giant, unattended cock inside it.

She slid down his body and kissed him, no longer caring as much if he found out it was her. ‘No, you have to be careful’ she told herself.

When his prick kissed against her cunt lips, Sophie made a noise of bliss and slid herself down onto it. He was big enough that it took some pressure even though she was dripping wet.

‘Holy Fuck, he’s inside me!’

Sophie caressed his shaft with the inside of her cunt, amazed at how well he filled her. If she bore down on it, she could swear it nudged her cervix. Clara was right, his dick felt huge.

She lifted herself almost all the way off it, feeling it brush all the nerve endings as it slid through her, and then drove back onto it with a splash. Max groaned with pleasure at the tight, hot cunt enclosing him and wetting his balls.

Sophie began to bounce on it, fucking herself on her step dad’s massive dick and grunting with the effort, while she watched his blindfolded face react, and fixed an occasional stare on her camera.

Her cunt was sounding even wetter with every thrust and she could smell herself collecting on his balls – his pubes were already matted with her juices.

She subtly changed the angle and it was driving into her in just the right place. She felt her orgasm building and the pressure rising. She reached behind herself and placed her fingertip against her arsehole, feeling it flex open every time his cock went deeper in her cunt.

She slipped it through her ring and pushed until she could feel him moving inside her. She was going to come any second. Sophie took her finger back out and gave it to Max, and he simply opened his mouth and took it inside. His tongue against it so soon after her own insides had been gripping it helped tip her over the edge, and she slammed her cunt down onto him sloppily and gave a long low moan, her voice deep and hoarse.

Too late to stop, she realised she was going to gush again, and her body tightened up suddenly. Her cunt abruptly hissed like a hose, dousing Max’s abs with her hot crystal squirt. More kept coming as she cried out through her orgasm and her pussy erupted repeatedly, spattering her step dad with her cum. His dick was still splashing inside her and she could see she had drenched him and the bed.

Max had gasped as the first spray hit him, startled by that unexpected soaking. He had always just played along with the cuffs but he knew he could probably break out of them – they certainly weren’t police issue and only built to withstand bedroom games.

Max knew only one girl who gushed like this when coming, as he had seen it happen recently while Clara slid Louise’s vibrator into her arse. He had to see if he was right.

Sophie was still in the throes of her climax when she saw Max’s arms tighten suddenly and quickly against the cuffs, snapping the chain easily. He was bucking his cock up into her still even as he exclaimed, “Sophie…?!’

He removed the blindfold to see his step daughter riding his dick ecstatically with a puddle of her cum spilling off him. She had soaked her mum’s bed. Her mess of blonde curls was bouncing the same way her mum’s did, and her young body glistened with sweat and continued to quake as her pussy trickled gently onto his balls. Her expression was apologetic but also full of need and longing and lust.

“Sophie – what the fuck??”

Max was looking around the room, working out that they were alone. Sophie noticed he hadn’t taken his cock out of her. It seemed harder, in fact.

“I’m sorry Max… I tricked you. It was me who sent the message. I wanted this…” Sophie clenched her pussy around his big dick, “like Clara and mum.”

Anger flashed across Max’s face, though he was still hard as granite inside her. He snatched her up simply, like a doll, and stomped from the room carrying her, still embedded deep in her.

“You had no right, Soph. What if you’ve ruined everything?… I love your mum. I love you both.”

Sophie felt his dick surge deep in her as he said this. He was marching her down the hall, clearly intent on delivering her back to her bedroom.

“How could you do this to us? Why did you trick me?”

“Please… I’m sorry… You wouldn’t have fucked me if I’d asked you to.”

Sophie’s voice sounded small since they were both naked in the hall, shining with sweat and her squirt. She grew more confident as she continued to beg him not to stop though. She wanted to make him come, and to finish inside her, knowing it was her.

Max kicked open Sophie’s bedroom door and barged through it, tossing her onto her bed. There were still soft toys there that had been there for years, and they looked radically inappropriate scattered around the young woman, who was flushed and horny, and begging him to keep fucking her.

“Please Max, keep doing me. You haven’t finished.”

Sophie was holding him by the cock now – it was coated with her cum.

She continued begging, tossing him off as she spoke,

“Just this once…No-one needs to know. You can do whatever you want… Fuck me in the arse, Max. I want to feel what mum feels.”

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