Big City Success Ch. 02


“Of course I have cokes. They’re in the fridge.” Jan continued to unfasten her dress while Linda went to the kitchen. She went to her bedroom for her nightgown and to look for something that would do for Linda. She came back into her living room dressed in a light blue silky nightgown and carrying a pink one for Linda. “I only have one bed but it’s a regular size and we used to always sleep in the same bed when we had sleepovers at home.”

Linda had a funny look on her face when she said, “So we’re having a sleepover, huh? I’m sure one bed will be fine. Now come on over her and try this drink I mixed. See if you think it’s strong enough. Do you have any music?”

“Well, nothing real recent but I had a good collection by the time I finished high school and a nice CD player my aunt gave me for graduation.” Jan explained as she took a tiny sip of her drink, “Oh, that’s plenty strong enough. I don’t think I can drink this. I’m not used to it at all.”

“Don’t think for a minute that I’m wasting my liquor. You’ll drink it or I’ll give you a spanking you won’t forget for a long time.”

“You would s-spank me?”

“As quick as I can get your panties down.”

“In that case, maybe I better drink it.” Jan took a larger sip as she persisted in treating Linda’s comments as a joke. What was it with women at the insurance company and their constant references to spanking? Was it the influence of Ms Matthews?

Linda got the CD playing a slow vintage tune and she looked at Jan in a seductive manner, “Take your panties off and come over here so we can dance.”

“But we’re both girls.”

“Shhh, it’s okay. Nobody will know and I think I know how to lead. Just get ’em off.”

“But why do I need to take my panties off to dance?”

“Because if I have to take ’em off, I’ll probably rip them in several places.”

Jan didn’t have so many pairs of panties that she could afford to treat them so casually. “Oh, all right, but I’m going to look awful silly. This gown is really very sheer, you’ll easily be able to see my…my pussy hair.” The liquor caused Jan to giggle nervously at the naughtiness she felt. “You big city girls sure have some strange ways,” Jan said as she reached under her gown and slipped her panties down and off her feet. . “If you don’t quit running off at the mouth, I’ll make you take the gown off, too.” Linda threatened.

Jan immediately silenced herself although there were a lot of questions on her mind about what was actually going on. Was this the way friends acted in the big city? Going around nearly naked where one girl could look at another girl’s intimate areas if she wanted to? Besides, being nearly naked did not reduce Linda’s touchy feely ways, if anything, it made her bolder. It was all Jan could do to keep her friend’s hands off her ass, her titties, or her thighs. She could hardly concentrate on keeping any kind of dance step going. Eventually Jan just wore herself out trying, and gave up her struggle to keep Linda’s hands where they belonged. She reconciled herself to the way friends acted here and allowed Linda to touch her as much as she wanted. She just couldn’t fight trabzon escort it all night.

“You know, Janbaby, I’ve spent a lot of money on you tonight.”

“I realize that, Linda, and I’m sincerely grateful. I’ll pay next time but we’ll have to wait until I have enough money.”

“But what’s more important, I’ve spent a lot of my time and that can’t be replaced. There are some things we could do that would make the time and money well spent.” Linda said as her hand went boldly down and cupped Jan’s pussy, squeezing it rather firmly.

“Linda, I don’t understand. Do you want us to masturbate each other? I heard a story about a couple of my high school acquaintances doing that to each other during a sleepover but I never thought it was true. Why would girls want to do that to each other?”

“Honey, there are lots of girls, especially in the big city, that soon get their fill of men pawing them. They like to take their pleasure with other girls. I thought you might be that way since you accepted a date with me.”

“Well, I never had so much of that ‘pawing’ that I got tired of it, but I guess I can understand how some girls could want to try something a little different, even something a little unusual. I don’t want you to be disappointed in me tonight.”

“Good, does that mean you’ll let me?”

“I-I-I guess so.”

“Pull your gown up.” Linda said as she dropped down to her knees in front of Jan.

“But, Linda, you remember I don’t have my panties on.”

“That’s all right.” Linda reassured her as she pulled Jan’s gown all the way up to her waist, exposing the plump lips of her pussy. She put a finger into the slit and began to rub up and down sensuously. Jan was concerned about becoming aroused by the feelings invoked in her cunt. She was shocked speechless when she felt Linda’s hot breath on her pussy and paralyzed when Linda’s tongue entered between her puffy pussy lips.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect anyone to do something that depraved. She just felt so embarrassed for a woman who was driven to do such a nasty thing to another woman. But she did not feel she could protest this outrageous act. She realized she should have seen the way this was going from the beginning. She had danced with her without panties and allowed the girl to feel her up constantly, no wonder she expected to be able to do whatever she wanted to her.

There was nothing to do now but calmly endure what was happening. Perhaps once the woman satisfied her strange desires, they could get back to their friendly sleepover and have some more conventional fun together. Since she already had practically consented, Jan meekly allowed Linda to lead her into the bedroom, again guiding her with a hand on her ass. Linda finished removing her own clothes and said to her, “Take off that gown and get on the bed. Spread ’em for me and I’m going to make you happy I’m here.”

“You mean you’re going to put your mouth down there on me some more?”

“You’re just too precious to pass up. I think I’m going to make you my little lovetoy. When I’m finished with you, you’ll trabzon escort bayan be begging to move in with me and I may even consider that, too.”

Leaning against the headboard with her legs spread and Linda on her tummy between them, Jan experienced a huge upheaval of desire when the girl really started working on her pussy. Linda used her lips and her tongue to drive her to a level of arousal she’d never felt before. Her limited contact with boyfriends paled in comparison. She found herself spreading her thighs even further and humping upwards with her hips, rising to meet the increasing rapture as Linda reached a frenzied pace, driving her closer and closer towards a life-altering orgasm.

Afterwards, Jan drifted in a blissful cloud of satisfied sleep with the girl curled behind her, rocking her gently with pressure from her hips. Late into the night, she was awakened and pulled around to face her friend. Then, with slowly increasing pressure on her shoulders, she was pushed down to the middle of the bed where she was faced with the dubious duty of returning Linda’s extravagant lovemaking. At first uncertain, dazed by sleep and liquor, she responded to her friend’s insistence. She tried to imitate the movements Linda had done with her lips and tongue. She was thrilled to feel the girl’s increasing arousal as she became more adept and found places that evoked shuddering responses. Becoming more and more determined, she devoted herself to maximizing the delirious pleasure of her newfound friend. She was sucking cunt but she was thrilled by doing it. When Linda finally exploded with desire, Jan felt a deeply intense satisfaction.

A few days later, Jan did give up her apartment to move in with Linda. She missed her apartment and the freedom to arrange things as she wanted. Linda was very insistent and Jan quickly grew used to the things they did together at night.

Things changed at work. Whenever anyone came to Jan’s cubicle, Linda got up and came over, too, as though she didn’t trust any of the other girls being that close to Jan. They went to coffee together, with Linda’s arm around her waist. They went to lunch together and Jan had to account for every minute of her time spent away from Linda.

One day she heard a ruckus from the ladies restroom. “You keep away from her or I’ll fix your face so ugly, you won’t be able to look in a mirror without throwing up!”

“You better put some weight on somewhere besides your hips before you try it, unless you’re planning to bump me to death!”

Jan saw Ms Matthews rush into the restroom and shortly she came out, leading Linda and a girl named Jessie Jenkins by the arms. Jan remembered a few words with Jessie at the break room that morning. Nothing significant, Jessie just wanted her to come to a party that week-end. Jan knew Linda would not let her go so she politely declined.

Although everyone on the floor could hear the sounds of the thrashings taking place in Ms Matthews’ office, everything outside her office was perfectly normal. The girls went about their business, oblivious to the sounds of meaty flesh escort trabzon being smacked by paddles and canes.

Both Linda and Jessie retreated from Ms Matthews’ office hastily and left the building without delay. Jan was a little worried because she had come to work with Jan and was not certain if she could negotiate her way home on the mass transit. She’d just followed along after Linda and not paid much attention to which station she exited the train.

Her concerns were dismissed as Ms Matthews came out of her office and walked directly to Jan’s desk, “I think we need to have a little talk about your part in today’s activities.”

Suddenly fearful, Jan rose from her seat and followed the woman into her office. Remembering her last few dealings with the woman, Jan asked her sweetly as she entered, “Do you want me to sit in your lap?”

“No, actually I think you need to take your panties off and lay across my lap. I’ve been lenient towards you and your little office affair though I don’t approve of them. Jessie said that you enticed her, flirted with her and even flashed your panties at her several times.”

“But I never did anything like that, she just made it all up to try and blame me. Please don’t spank me. I didn’t do anything. I would never dare do anything like that, knowing how jealous Linda is. Please, Ms Matthews.” Jan could not control her tears she was so afraid and filled with such dread.

“I’m sorry, dear, but it must be done. The whole office knows what’s happened and I can’t just let you off with merely a warning this time.”

Jan reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down, sniffling back her sobs. She lay across Ms Matthews’ lap and was a little surprised by the way the woman reached one hand under her and inserted two fingers deep into her cunt. “This is to help hold you in place,” Ms Matthews commented as she pushed her thumb into Jan’s asshole, holding her in a bowling ball grip. The hand between her legs took Jan’s mind off her coming ordeal and she tried to control her arousal but could not. Her hips began to slowly thrust forward, inviting the woman to fondle her pussy and asshole. Her breathing was becoming labored despite her efforts to control it.

Ms Matthews was pleased that the girl had finally learned how erotic a spanking could be. She spread her thighs and let the girl rub her cunt against her own mound with each downward stroke. She knew she needed to encourage this behavior in the girl so she applied very light strokes to her asscheeks, just enough to slam their pussies tightly together.

Jan was thrilled that the spanking was so light and her passion was growing each time her pussy made contact with that of the dominant woman. She started rubbing her hands up and down the woman’s calves and as far up her legs as she could manage. She curled downward and put her mouth on Ms Matthews’ shoes, hoping to appease the woman even more.

When Ms Matthews stopped spanking her, Jan slid off her lap to her knees and waited for Ms Matthews to take her panties off. She began kissing her ample thighs, working her way up into her hairy pussy, Intoxicated by the smell of the woman’s heavy exertions and her passionate arousal from spanking so many beautiful behinds, Jan pushed her tongue through the woman’s huge cunt lips like a plow gouging blackland soil. Relentlessly she sucked the woman’s clit until an insuppressible scream resounded throughout the entire floor.

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