Between a Witch and an Elf


Hello all! Back from my hiatus with a new chapter in Isaac’s story! Paige has returned, and she wants Isaac back! Also, thanks for the positive reception on Lucy Looks for Love!

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Isaac was thoroughly enjoying the unique serenity that only a quiet morning could provide. The faint buzz of electronics that permeated every modern household filled the air, accompanied by the light chirpings of birds outside his window. Thick, heavy curtains blocked most of the sunlight attempting to flood into the small bedroom, and only a single, golden beam managed to enter, leaving a streak of illumination across the dark-sheeted bed; but there was something else that made these early hours a joy for Isaac.

Or more appropriately, it was someone else that made his days so nice.

Cuddled up against his chest was an incredibly delicate looking girl. Her eyes were shut tight, her thin lips opened ever so slightly, letting out the measured breaths that betrayed her slumbering state. Her hair, honeyed-brown and cut short by her own choice, had begun to grow just long enough that a side-parted bang covered the top of her closed right eye. Her small button nose would crinkle occasionally, before returning to its normally relaxed state. She was someone who was even adorable when she slept.

He continued to study her carefully. She was dressed in one of Isaac’s shirts, a piece of band merch who’s stylized name looked more akin to shattered glass than anything resembling the English alphabet. Despite the fact that Isaac wasn’t a large man by any means, only a few inches taller than average, his shirts were more like dresses on the petite girl; most that she chose to wear around his apartment came down to the middle of her thighs. Speaking of thighs, Isaac’s eyes wandered downward, tracing the outline of her lithe form under the black comforter until his vision landed on the one part of her that caused the blanket to protrude above the rest of her body. Hot damn she had a great ass!

He held back a chuckle as he closed his eyes, once again simply enjoying the comfort his partner had brought him. Things between the pair had moved, admittedly, very fast. After that first night in her apartment, where Isaac had revealed his so-called ‘secret’ to her, and then… well and then ruined her living room, the relationship blossomed immediately, much to his surprise. Taylor had seemed less shocked or upset than he had expected her to be, and luckily Isaac was able to make up for it by placing a call to a company he had used before that specialized in his kind of mess; apparently most of their clients were futa but they never turned down a paying customer!

While the cleaning crew went to work in her apartment, the pair had spent the rest of the day together. Shopping, grabbing lunch, taking a careful walk through the snow-blanketed city – they had an amazing time together, and that had just been the start! Isaac almost felt like he was in high school again with how much they texted and spent time together. Sometimes between her classes, she would come to the restaurant he worked at and sit at the counter and smile at him as he cooked. The relationship had progressed so quickly that it was only a couple months into dating that Taylor had moved in with him.

“Mmm Daddy…” Taylor muttered in her sleep, her thin lips twisting into a small smile as she gave her hips a quick shake – cute, she was dreaming about him.

The small mewl from the young girl broke Isaac from his recollection for a minute, and he instinctively pulled her in closer, the small teddy bear she had gripped to her chest pressing into his hairy chest. That was another thing that had developed in their relationship. Taylor liked to call him ‘Daddy’ and she liked to be referred to by a number of cute pet names. She was… subservient to him in a way. Not at his beck and call or anything that extreme, but she liked when he took control – even outside the bedroom. Ordering her food for her, gently telling her when things needed to get done, reminding her how small and delicate she was – it was all very interesting. Interesting and new. Isaac did his best, even if he wasn’t as into it as she was. But, he liked to make her happy and this new role was an incredibly small price to pay.

Speaking of new, there was something else new for Isaac about dating Taylor. Taylor was a male, technically, but she liked to be referred to as female. Isaac found himself surprisingly unbothered by this when he learned the truth that first night they spent together; despite the fact he had never shown attraction to men in the past, Taylor was apparently the glaring, adorable exception. It had taken him over a month to broach the subject, his own curiosity finally getting istanbul travesti the best of him. Her explanation was shy, but thorough: Taylor wasn’t sure if she was transgender or maybe non-binary, she just knew that she never felt like a male. Isaac didn’t quite understand everything she had explained to him, but he got the gist, and that was enough for him; Taylor was a woman, end of story. He adjusted some of his phrasing and word choices when talking about her and moved on – it was really that simple.

This time Isaac’s train of thought was broken by the natural urgings of his body. Very carefully, he slid his arm out from under Taylor, slowly gliding away from her. He watched a pouty frown form on her lips as his body departed her’s, and her arms hold her stuffed animal even tighter; even in her unconsciousness she wanted to be close to him. Sliding out of bed, Isaac took a minute to grab the comforter and re-cover the small girl, before turning around and heading to the bathroom. Closing the door behind him, he turned the lights on and let out a loud yawn.

Scratching his chest, his nails raking against the black fur that covered his torso, he walked to the toilet and threw open the lid. Grabbing the waistband of his red boxers, Isaac threw them down to the floor, a loud slapping sound accompanying their descent. Lazily, Isaac grabbed his enormous shaft, the head of which was bouncing between his knees, and aimed it at the open bowl. With another yawn, Isaac released the internal pressure on his bladder, and let the hot liquid shoot through his sleeping monster and into the toilet with a loud splash.

After flushing the toilet a couple times so that it didn’t overfill due his monstrous bladder, Isaac stuffed his massive package back into his boxers. While he was washing his hands, he thought about the day ahead. Maybe they would grab lunch and do some shopping; it was the weekend so she didn’t have class and he had a lucky day off work. Isaac began to walk out of the bathroom, killing the lights and opening the door to the bedroom. Ah, he should wake her up with some co-

Knock knock knock!

Three rapid raps on the apartment door startled the hairy man. He paused for a moment at the threshold of his bedroom. Was he expecting a package? Isaac scratched his chest once more, trying to remember if he had ordered anything recently – he let out a soft chuckle at the notion of the idea. What a time to be alive. He looked over as Taylor let out her own loud yawn and unburied her head from the pillow it had sunk in. She blinked slowly before looking over at Isaac, her head cocked in confusion.

“Probably just a package,” Isaac reassured, walking over and kissing Taylor on the head, “go back to sleep little one.”

Taylor smiled and fell right back into the land of dreams, Isaac’s touch like magic to the young girl. Looking around the room, Isaac grabbed a tank top and a pair of basketball shorts off the ground and quickly dressed. He exited the room silently, his feet padding softly on the carpeted floor. Adjusting the bulge in the front of his shorts, doing his best to make it less obscene, he made his way to the front door. With another yawn, he opened the door, tilting his head down in expectancy of the package that must be at th-

Oh holy shit.

“Miss me?” a husky voice asked.

“Uh uh I, what are y-” Isaac stuttered before being cut off. A pale arm extended towards him, followed by a soft hand wrapping around the back of his head and pulling him forward. A pair of plush lips touched his, accompanied by a tongue sliding into his open mouth with seemingly practiced ease. His head was held firmly as he was kissed, while another hand slid down his torso. Right as a single finger grazed the top of his waistband, the cushiony lips left his and formed into a smile. Isaac looked back in shock.

What the fuck was happening!?


With incredible speed and precision, the hand teasing his stomach flew to his face, colliding with his cheek with more force than the even-more-stunned man expected. Isaac’s head reeled back and he automatically lifted a hand to his face, which was no doubt now a bright red in color. Rubbing his now-sore cheek, Isaac turned back face his assailant, his brown eyes narrowing in anger.

“What the fuck Paige!?”

“That’s what I should be asking you!” the redhead practically yelled back, her hands now resting on her cocked-hips, “I texted you in December! How long were you gonna ignore me!?

“Uh, well…” Isaac trailed off, scratching at the back of his head. His eyes drifted over Paige’s body, unashamedly ogling her; it was hard not too. She was wearing a light blue shirt covered with a graphic of a panda bear eating from a bowl of ramen, and while that would’ve been cute, it looked ridiculous considering how distorted the image was. Paige’s breasts were so large they threatened to burst the seams istanbul travestileri of the top, and the once-cute art was now barely recognizable in its warped state. The absurd stretching the shirt was suffering through caused the material to appear sheer, showing hints of an enormous black bra beneath it.

Not only was the shirt’s integrity being put to the test, but so was its ability to cover the rest of Paige’s torso. While the shirt should have been long enough to reach down to her waist, the massive mammaries it struggled to contain made it rise up, exposing nearly all of her stomach below the lower curves of her giant breasts. Her creamy pale stomach was flat, a kind of flat a woman built like her shouldn’t have been able to possess, and created an enticing path down towards Paige’s wide, flared hips.

Those same hips were hugged by a pair of tight jeans that were stretched enough that they looked painted on. While not nearly as obscene as her upper-half, the denim still looked like it was fighting to constrain her thick thighs, and Isaac thought he could see the start of a tear in the fabric peeking out from between her thighs; and what a pair they were. Luscious was a good word for them, and any man would feel lucky to have those fleshy, soft earmuffs wrapped around his head. She wore a pair of brown, open-toed sandals, that showed off her delicate feet and painted red nails that matched the coat on her fingers.

She was like sex personified. Describing her figure as an ‘hourglass’ didn’t do it justice – it was more like someone brought Jessica Rabbit to life, but not before perversing her form even more.

All it would take was a wink and smile to make any woman-loving individual follow her around, this Isaac knew from experience; in fact, it didn’t even take that much for him to wander away from his friend during a party and find her. Even dressed casually, seduction dripped from her body, and that wasn’t even mentioning her gorgeous face.

“You know I was worried about you…” Paige said, softer this time, “Even a text saying you didn’t want to see me would have been better than just ghosting me.”

“I-I’m sorry,” Isaac apologized, eyes averting away from Paige’s, “You’re right. I’ve just been kinda busy lately.”

“Too busy even for me?” Paige pouted.

“Uh well…”

“You know, I’d like to try again,” Paige stepped forward until her breasts nearly pressed into Isaac’s chest, his own obscenely bugling endowment only inches away from her stomach, “I miss us.”

“I, uh, missed you too.” Isaac blushed and gritted his teeth. Shit.

“Well, if you’re not doing anything, how about we pick up where we left off?”

“About that. Paige I’m seei-“


Ah fuck.

A meek voice called out from behind the pair. Isaac turned his head slowly, eyes wide like he’d just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Paige’s own head poked out from over his shoulder, eyes narrowing at the sight of the small girl. Isaac opened his mouth but no noise came out; how in the fuck would he explain this!? Paige looked from Taylor back to Isaac and then back at Taylor.

“Uh, Isaac, who is this?”

Either one of the girl’s could have been asking him this question, and both would be correct to do so, but it was Paige who spoke first. Coughing slightly, Isaac maneuvered himself away from the redhead, taking several steps towards Taylor, who was pulling down at the end of her shirt and looking at the redhead nervously. He stopped when he was nearly equidistant between the two, like he was caught between a rock and a hard place. Glancing between them once more, his brown orbs darting back and forth and his eyebrows practically touching his hairline, he finally found his voice.

“Well, Paige, this is Taylor. Taylor, Paige. Taylor is my-“

“What are you babysitting or something?” Paige scoffed, her own eyebrows raising, “is he your nephew or something?”

Fuckin’ Christ.

“Nephew!? I’m his fucking girlfriend! I should be asking who you are!” Taylor replied back, her voice dripping with venom. The short girl’s demeanor had changed considerably, her fists now clenched at her sides, her stance more aggressive. Her face was burning with anger, eyes glaring, at least the one visible underneath her bangs, and her lips had formed into a challenging scowl. Isaac’s expression grew even more concerned – he had never seen Taylor act like this, not even close!

“This is your girlfriend?” Paige interrogated, cocking her head towards Isaac, who didn’t dare meet her glance, before turning back to the angry young woman, “well I’m his Ex, and I’m here to take him back!”

“Well it looks like you’re an ex for a reason!” Taylor practically shouted, before pausing and collecting herself, “I don’t think Isaac is into plastic bimbos!”

Oh no.

“Plastic!? Oh no honey, Isaac is into curves, not girls who look like walking boards. travesti istanbul I’m sure he was just waiting for a real woman like me to come along again.”

“I’m more of a real woman than you’ll ever be! And I don’t need to walk around looking like a slut to get a man.”

If Isaac’s eyes could get any wider, they would pop out of his skull. With every new insult, every new exclamation, his head would twist back and forth, practically spinning on his shoulders as he gauged the reactions of the two women – and they weren’t good. Paige’s face was heating up, nearly matching the same shade as her scarlet hair. Taylor on the other hand was practically shaking, and Isaac knew her well enough to know she was doing her best not to cry. It was like both of them had known each other for years and knew exactly what to say to piss the other off.

Honestly, he was a bit amazed.

“Ladies…” he tried to interject.

“Brainless whore!”

“Little boy!”


“Knock-off pornstar!”

“Tit-less bitch!”


“He doesn’t want you!”

“He’s just settling for you!”

“HEY!” Isaac shouted, truly raising his voice for the first time in front of either woman. Both immediately stopped their insulting back-and-forths, and stared at him in shock. With a hand rubbing his temple, he turned to look at Taylor, his stare filled with annoyance. Her hands gripped the front of her shirt, balling the nearly-unreadable logo in her hands. As he watched her in silence, her lips began to quiver under his gaze.

“Baby girl,” Isaac’s voice changed into a gentle sternness, “go into the living room and wait for me.”

“Y-yes Daddy!” she turned on her heels, practically tripping over her own small feet, and ran towards the couch. Isaac gave himself a minute to watch her go, her bubbly behind visibly bouncing under her shirt. Slower this time, Isaac turned towards Paige. Unable to meet his glare, she looked down, her face beet-red. With her hands clasped behind her back and her foot kicking at the ground, she looked more like an embarrassed school girl than the sexual goddess she was only moments before. The pair stood in silence.



“Go into the living room.”

“What!?” she finally looked back at him, incredulously this time, “why do I need to go-“

“Paige. Either that, or you can leave.”


“You’re in my house. Go, or leave.”

Paige studied him, considering his ultimatum like it was some kind of personal challenge. The redhead’s emerald orbs finally averted once more, and her lips twisted into a scowl. With a resigned sigh, she gave another glance at Isaac and marched forward, passing by him with her head down, muttering under her breath all the while. He watched her go, unable to tear his eyes from her ass, which shook obscenely with each step, threatening the strength of her jeans. Taking several deep breaths, Isaac’s body untensed. Well that was something!

But now what…?

Placing a thumb to his lips, Isaac chewed his nail as he thought. As his mind wandered, he watched the two girls in the living room. They both sat on the couch – on opposite ends of course – not that they were given much choice. Isaac could clearly tell the emotions both girls were feeling. Taylor was obviously stressed, her hands fiddling in her lap and her head pointing straight down. Paige seemed more concerned and confused; her legs were crossed and she faced the balcony door, one hand against her face while with her finger stroking her own cheek, her other hand twirling a fiery strand of hair around.

Christ, what had he gotten himself into? On one hand, he was very smitten with Taylor. He had never lived with a girlfriend before, and Taylor moving in provided him with nothing but joy. Dates were a blast, hanging out at home was never dull, and even domestic activities like grocery shopping and cleaning were better with her around. She was fun, cute, and even if their dynamic wasn’t exactly normal, he couldn’t deny that he enjoyed it. She was great at everything – well mostly everything. There was one thing he would change though.

On the other hand, Paige had been a great girlfriend for the short time they had dated. It had been whirlwind romance, like something out of a cheesy movie. Passionate, wild, hot – everything the redhead embodied she brought to the relationship. While they hadn’t been with each other long, the connection was clearly there, which is probably why their breakup was so heated and messy. But come to think of it, she had the same problem as Taylor.

What if…?

Another deep breath, and Isaac marched forward. Once more unto the breach! Strolling right by the couch, Isaac grabbed a chair he kept in front of the TV and spun it around, drawing both women’s gazes. Sitting down, he leaned forward, elbows on his knees, his barely-constrained package resting heavily on the chair like a coiled anaconda, nearly flopping over the edge. Paige tried to glance at him without moving her head, doing her best to appear disinterested while Taylor’s visage was more akin to a cross between hope and shame; Isaac’s expression betrayed nothing.

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