Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 22


When we saw Liz and Claire on Monday morning, I couldn’t help giving Beth a knowing look, and she nodded. “Hi, guys. We were wondering if you’d like to come to ours sometime this week – finger food, drinks, you could stay over?”

“Mm, we’d love that,” smiled Liz. “Would Friday be OK?”

She grinned at Claire. “We wouldn’t want to get ticked off by Baines for yawning in class the next day.”

“Perfect,” I nodded.

“Want us to bring anything?” queried Claire. “We’ll pick up a bottle each, definitely.”

I saw the look she gave Liz, and Beth obviously caught it too. “Oh, whatever you feel like, for a relaxed evening.”

The lecture started, and I leaned over to whisper to Beth. “Sounds like our sleepover might go in a slightly different direction than we imagined.”

She grinned. “Could be.”

When we got home that evening, Beth threw me an amused glance. “Now we have a dilemma.”

“What’s that…?”

“Well, do we follow our plan, blow Tim’s mind just a little bit this week… Or do we wait for Friday, see if the girls have anything to teach us about that?”

I chuckled. “What a choice.”

“Don’t suppose I get a say,” Tim pretended to sigh.

“As if you’re going to lose out either way,” Beth mock-scolded him. “Anyway, I know something we should definitely try ourselves.”

“And that would be…” prompted Tim.

“Well, you and I start how Alice and I did yesterday.”

Tim breathed in, obviously imagining. “I’m liking this so far.”

“Then Alice gets our special toy -“

Tim’s eyes widened, and Beth laughed softly. “Alice, you decide – does Tim get another taste of that, or…”

I chuckled. “Difficult decision – he definitely needs it sometime, it felt so hot, didn’t it… But, Beth, yesterday with Tim in me while you were -“

I broke off with a gasp. “I definitely want to be in you when you come, Beth.”

“Mm, yes,” she murmured. “That puts me on top, Tim.”

Tim walked to the bed, lying down, and I watched as Beth slid over him, then bent to kiss the tip of his hardness. “Mm,” murmured Tim. “And I see what you mean about your piercing.”

Beth took him into her mouth, then I heard her give a quiet moan as Tim started to use his tongue on her. I felt myself getting wetter, and my fingers strayed down to touch myself, my nipples hardening. Beth glanced over and caught my eye, obviously enjoying watching me at the same time. “Don’t leave it too long,” she teased, “or I might get there before you’re in me.”

I nodded wordlessly, and reluctantly withdrew my fingers, letting Beth see me tongue my fingertips. I retrieved the toy from the bedside drawer, and Beth’s eyes widened as I slid the shaft inside me, taking a slow, deep breath. “Mm.”

I let her watch as I moved the toy in me for a few moments, then withdrew the now-slippery shaft. I reversed it, closing my eyes as I was filled once more, and stood with the length now curving up between my thighs. “Ready, Beth…?”

She nodded, and I saw her eyes turn to the mirror so she could see me move behind her, press the tip of the toy against her entrance. “Ohh…”

I slid in to her full depth, my hips pressed against her bottom, conscious of Tim just below me as he carried on using his mouth and tongue to pleasure her. As I began to thrust in her, Beth started to gasp around Tim’s hardness, alternating with moving her mouth on his shaft with an almost desperate intensity. “Mm – oh – yes -” I heard from Tim, followed by a moan, the bass of his voice almost tangible so close to me. Then the wet sound of Beth almost-gagging on his spurts into her mouth, her swallowing, a gasping breath. Tim renewed his attention between her thighs, and again I thrust into Beth, hearing another moan – “Mm, oh, yes -“

Tim’s hands moved to Beth’s bottom, spreading her a little more, and as she finally tipped over the edge into climax I watched mesmerised as her pink star tensed, pulsed, then a rush of wetness slid from her entrance onto Tim’s lips and tongue. I reached down again to touch myself, still penetrated into Beth, and in the mirror I saw her satisfied expression as I gasped, tilted my head back, thrust my hips against her once more, and spurted my own wetness to spill onto Tim’s face. “Ohh…”

We disentangled ourselves from one another, and I set the toy aside before letting Beth encircle me in her arms, Tim spooning into her back. “Mm,” she murmured, “You definitely made the right choice there.”

The rest of the week was a bit of a slog – as well as lectures and afternoons on the ward, we had deadlines for assignments approaching – and by the time Friday came, Beth and I were more than ready for our weekend. “I got everything you wrote on the shopping list,” Tim reassured us when we arrived home, “and one or two treats as well.”

He glanced from Beth to me. “Do you know what you’re going to wear yet?”

I chuckled. “We definitely need a shower, then you can come and help us choose – we’ve decided on underwear, but not the rest.”

Beth and I helped one another Kars Escort wash – “I’m really looking forward to tonight,” she murmured – then made sure we were dry before letting Tim watch us start to dress. Even though our fantasy sleepover had started with us just in everyday panties and bra, we’d decided to be a little more sophisticated for the real party, and Tim grinned as he recognised the silky underthings we’d treated him to on our spa day. “I’m glad you picked those.”

“Might not be you taking them off us,” I teased.

“Hmm, but maybe our guests will have chosen something equally tempting,” he riposted, smiling.

“Now, what to go over the top of them,” mused Beth. She riffled in the wardrobe, pulling out an elegant dress in black silk, holding it against her body.

“Hmm, maybe,” judged Tim, and she laid it on the bed, flicking through hangers again. “Oh, or what about this one?”

Her next choice was a thigh-length dress in red lace, and as she held it against her, Tim’s eyes widened. “Wow. I’ve not seen you wear that before?”

Beth chuckled. “Maybe this weekend Alice and I can give you a bit of a fashion show. So this one’s a hit?”


Beth slid into the red lace, smoothing it over her stomach, and Tim nodded. “It does a fantastic job of covering you up but still showing your skin, and I can just see your navel bar too.”

She grinned. “Exactly the intended effect. Now, Alice, your turn.”

My choice was a favourite of mine, a long skirt in a matt black fabric with a matching top. “I know it looks a bit conservative, but wait till I’ve got it on – it’s split right up to the waist, and I wear the top off one shoulder so it’s just a little revealing there too.”

I slipped the dress on, vamping a little, and Tim fanned his face. “You are both the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

He was rewarded with a kiss from both of us, and Beth glanced at her watch. “Our guests’ll be here soon – sorry, Tim, think we need you in the kitchen for a while.”

Tim smiled. “Well, I got most of the hard work done this afternoon, so it’s just putting things in the oven and taking cling film off the rest – I think I’ll cope.”

“Don’t forget to open the wine,” Beth reminded him.

We went into the living room, and I started to straighten the sofa cushions. “Don’t fuss,” Beth teased. Just then the doorbell rang, and I grinned. “Show time.”

We both went down to open the door, and Liz blinked as she saw us. “Wow, you two look amazing.”

“So do you,” Beth smiled. Liz had chosen an electric blue sheath dress, and Claire’s outfit was a little like mine, but in shimmering purple. “Nice to see one another out of those dull uniforms for a change.”

I was momentarily distracted by the thought of our two new friends out of uniform but decidedly not in their party clothes either. “Come on in.”

“We left our stuff for the night in the car,” explained Liz, offering me the bottle she was holding.

“No problem,” I chuckled. “Tim can get it later, he already knows he has to wait on us all hand and foot.”

I saw Beth’s eyes widen at the words I’d deliberately chosen from our fantasy about this evening. “Mm, Beth, did you do something new?” Liz queried. She reached out her fingertips to just brush the sparkle of Beth’s piercing through the lace, and Beth nodded. “We’d meant to for ages, so we both went last Saturday.”

We climbed the stairs, and I felt a moment of déjà vu as Beth took one sofa, Liz joining her, while Claire and I settled comfortably into the other one.

Tim appeared with a bottle in his hand. “Hi, girls. Who’d like red wine? Or there’s white, and plenty of soft drinks if you prefer.”

“Mm, we’re both good with red,” Liz smiled, glancing at Claire and getting a nod. Shortly we all held a glass, and I tapped mine against Claire’s before we sipped.

“All the nibbles are on the kitchen table,” Tim indicated, “and there’ll be pizza and garlic bread in a minute.”

“Shall I get you a few bits?” I offered Claire.

“Mm, please.”

She grinned. “There’s not much I don’t eat – Liz and I were in Thailand last year, and I think the only thing I turned down was the monkey brains.”

Beth made a face. “I think I’d be with you on that. So you two have travelled?”

“A couple of trips,” nodded Liz. “Asia last year, and America the year before. India and Thailand were way more fun, though.”

I saw Beth blink. “Wow. You’ll have to tell us about India – we’re all going next year when Tim and Alice get married.”

Liz and Claire looked thoughtful, and I chose that moment to go through to the kitchen and fill two plates, rejoining Claire, sitting a little closer this time. “Thanks,” she smiled, picking up a tomato and putting it between her lips, biting down. “Mm, juicy.”

Tim brought in the pizza, and again I grinned at Beth as I slid a slice onto Claire’s plate. “Mm, Hawaiian, my favourite.”

“So, India,” Beth prompted.

Liz nodded. “We started in the South – it’s way too Kars Escort Bayan hot, but we really wanted to see some of the temples, we’d heard the carvings are – mm, pretty unusual?”

“Then we flew north, the foothills of the Himalayas,” Claire chipped in. “The climate’s a lot more bearable, and we could do all the elephant safari stuff, see the wildlife.”

“You’ll have to show us on the map,” I ventured. “That sounds a lot like what we had in mind.”

“Definitely,” promised Liz. “We’ve got the email address for the lodge and everything.”

We carried on talking as we nibbled, Tim making sure our glasses were topped up, and eventually he collected plates, going through to the kitchen to tidy up a little. “Cake next, when we’re ready,” I promised.

Tim reappeared, and Liz glanced at me. “Is it OK if Tim gets our stuff now?”


She fished in her handbag, passing him the car key, and he disappeared down the stairs. “We brought a couple of things we thought would be, ah, relaxing, like you said,” ventured Liz, her cheeks turning just a little pink. “It slipped my mind that Tim’d be here too, though.”

“Oh, don’t worry about him,” I grinned. “He is my fiancé after all, and I meant what I said, he’ll do whatever we want him to.”

“But Beth -” Claire gave her a puzzled look. “He’s your brother, right?”

Beth’s amused look was mostly for me. “We’re pretty free and easy, he doesn’t get in the way when Alice and I want some time together.”

Liz’s mouth was open. “Oh – oh, I see…”

I made a note to tease Beth that she must have had her fingers crossed behind her back for this part of the conversation, but the girls had obviously reached the conclusion she’d meant them to.

Just at that moment, Tim reappeared with the girls’ overnight bags, rescuing Liz from having to come up with a reply. “Shall I just drop these in our bedroom?”

Another blink from Liz, then a smile. “Sure – thanks, Tim. I’ll go and get anything we need in a minute.”

Tim filled our glasses again, then poured himself a drink. “Any preference where I sit?”

“Come and sit with us,” invited Claire, patting the space next to her. “I promise not to be too much of a gooseberry.”

Tim joined us, and I leaned across to give him a swift kiss, deliberately brushing my body against the bare skin of Claire’s shoulder. I heard her give a quiet murmur, and I sat back again, lifting my glass and sipping, waiting for things to move on a little more.

I didn’t have to wait long. “Didn’t you say you’d had a piercing too, Alice?” Claire queried.

“Mm, same place as Beth’s – would you like to see?”

I lifted my top a little, revealing the dark red jewel, and Claire reached out to touch it, then deliberately brushed a fingertip lightly across my stomach. “You have lovely smooth skin.”

I felt my nipples harden, but I managed not to betray the strength of my reaction. “Have you ever thought about piercings, Claire?”

She looked down shyly. “Actually, I’ve got a couple, but they’re, um…”

“You can show us,” I reassured her softly. “Nobody here but us chickens, right, Tim?”

I allowed myself a moment of satisfaction as his eyes widened, obviously recalling that he’d used those exact words when Beth had invited me into their intimacy.

Claire nodded, watching my face as she pulled her top off over her head. “You still can’t really see, though.”

Through the lace of her bra I could just catch tiny glints of light, and I took a deep breath. “Let me…?”

Claire held her breath as I slid my hands behind her back, unhooking her bra, letting the cups fall into her waiting palms. She glanced across at Liz, getting a reassuring smile, and lowered her hands, revealing the small breasts I’d already imagined so vividly. Through each nipple was a slim bar, rounded ends holding them in place, and Claire smiled shyly. “Do you like them?”

“They’re… perfect,” I breathed. Without pausing, I slipped off my own top, shed my camisole and bra. “Only fair,” I gave Tim a teasing smile as he opened his mouth to speak.

Claire reached out her fingers, watching my face again as her fingertips brushed the side of my breast. “Even softer here.”

I glanced across the room, seeing that Beth and Liz were no longer watching, now with their arms round one another, whispering quietly. “I think we’ve lost those two.”

Beth got to her feet, drawing Liz with her towards the bedroom, and Tim nodded. “I think that’s a Yes.”

I pretended to scowl at him. “Did we tell him he could stay, Claire?”

She chuckled. “What was it you said, he won’t get in the way? I’m sure he can be more useful than that – I promise not to tempt him into anything you’re not comfortable with.”

I flashed my eyebrows at her, deciding that this was my gentle revenge on Beth for the edited version of the truth she’d already allowed the girls to believe. “Oh, it’s fine if you want him to fuck you – I know Beth wishes she could get her hands on him.”

Claire’s Escort Kars face was a picture – my blunt choice of words, and the implication of Beth’s unfulfilled feelings for her brother, had clearly blown a few circuits. But she grinned in response. “I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.”

I chuckled. “I think the bed’s already taken. But we can be comfortable here?”

I glanced at Tim. “Talking of which – don’t you know a gentleman should never keep more clothes on than the lady?”

I winked at Claire. “Or ladies, in this case.”

He pretended to grumble as he unbuttoned his shirt, shed his jeans. “More?”

“That’ll do for now.”

I turned back to Claire. “You want to get more comfortable too?”

She quickly stood to slip off her skirt, and I did the same. “I like your panties,” I smiled. “All those little hearts.”

Claire let her fingers drift over my stockinged thigh. “This is nice, too.”

I reached to touch the end of one nipple bar. “I think these are amazing… Does it feel different when -” I hesitated – “when someone’s mouth is on them?”

Claire chuckled. “You mean, when Liz is suckling my tits, and she tugs a little at the end of the bars with her teeth.”

It was my turn to blink as she deliberately returned my bluntness, confirming what Beth and I had wondered about their relationship. “You can both try,” Claire offered, hands under her breasts, lifting them as though offering them to us. “I’ve never had both of them in someone’s mouth at the same time before.”

“Always happy to make up where someone’s missed out,” Tim smiled, already bending closer to take her nipple between his lips. I followed suit, using my tonguetip then suckling softly. I remembered Claire’s words, and took hold of the hard metal between my teeth, daring to tug gently. “Ohh…” she gasped, “that’s perfect.”

Typical of him, Tim varied things a little, taking as much of Claire’s breast into his mouth as he could then circling his tongue over the nipple, dragging the ends of the bar with the tip of his tongue, and Claire tilted her head back. “Oh god, that feels different, but so good…”

Her fingers strayed further up, moving from stocking to bare skin, and I parted my thighs to let her touch me. “Oh,” she breathed, “you’re… well, so wet.”

“Are you surprised?” I smiled, “after what you’re letting us do to you?”

Claire pressed her fingers into my panties more firmly. “Got to return the favour,” she murmured. I gasped as she pulled the fabric aside, fingertips exploring, sliding into me. “Ohh…”

She looked up at my face. “I’m guessing you’re no stranger to a girl having her face buried there, tongue doing what it’s best at?”

I shook my head. “If you want to…”

Claire helped me slip my panties off, leaving my stockings as they were. “Only one condition,” she teased.

“What’s that?” I was prepared to concede anything to have her mouth on me while my hands cupped those breasts, my fingers teasing her piercings.

“Well, you already said he could fuck me…”

Tim was already slipping off his boxers, and Claire blinked as his hardness was revealed. “Oh, I’ve never had anyone who’s…”

“Trust me,” I grinned, “you’ll like it.”

Tim looked concerned for a moment. “Do we need -“

Claire chuckled. “We’re nurses, remember – we’re as careful about our pills as we are about cleaning our teeth.”

She smiled wryly. “Anyway, Liz and I haven’t had a man for – well, far too long – and we always make sure we’ve not picked anything up. So go for it…”

Without waiting for his reply, she bent to press her mouth to me, and I gasped as I felt her tongue start to move on me, then her fingers sliding inside me with the confidence of experience. “Mm…”

I moved my hands to her breasts, the feel of the metal against my fingertips an utterly new sensation, and fleetingly I wondered if I’d be prepared to stand the sting of Amy’s needle there. My train of thought was interrupted as Tim moved behind Claire, hooking fingers through the elastic of her heart-patterned panties, drawing them just far enough down her thighs to let him press his hardness against her entrance.

She gasped as she felt his touch. “Oh god, yes, in me, don’t stop.”

Tim took her at her word, sliding into her, and I felt her nipples harden under my fingers. “What’ll make you come?” I asked her softly, and she caught her lip between her teeth. “What you’re doing, and him in me, and -” even in our situation of total intimacy she hesitated – “if he touches me in the other place just at the right moment.”

I chuckled. “Oh, I think we can manage that – it’s one of my things, and Beth’s too.”

I smiled to myself at the ambiguity – Claire could take from my words that it was Tim’s fingertip pressing into Beth’s pink star, if she chose. But the moment passed as Tim began to thrust more urgently into her, and Claire’s tongue matched his pace, flickering across my most sensitive spot while her fingers pressed deeper into me. “Oh – oh god -” I gasped. “Is it OK if I -?”

I felt rather than saw Claire’s nod, and Tim just smiled, tilted his head. “Mm,” I felt the tension increasing, then “Ohh…!” as my hips pushed up against Claire’s mouth, the inevitable spurt of warmth wetting her lips, running through her fingers.

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