Beth Tries Something New

Big Dicks

Beth knew she was too quiet, shy. That was probably the reason she was never noticed by all those good looking boys she would often find herself fantasizing about at the dorm in her bed with her spit covered fingers manipulating her womanhood.

She never could figure out how to share with anyone else what she did by herself even though she was aware that people did these things everyday, every night, all the time. Was it because how her parents viewed sex, then? It had to have been the environment she grew up in. How was she to break out, or break it? It came to her that perhaps she should put herself into a situation where she had no choice but to overcome the weakness that kept her from fully enjoying what all her girlfriends chatted and buzzed about. It wouldn’t be rape if she allowed it.

That weekend, Friday night, she stood in front of her full mirror, naked, gazing at her flesh. Quick and easy was how she wanted it even if it was going to be her first time. Her brother would talk to his friends about this x-rated place on the other side of town where in the back where booths with televisions of porn and the occasional glory hole. They said a lot happened in those tiny rooms. Beth decided to try it out. It would definitely place her in that situation where circumstances would lead to her squirming on the floor with some stranger she allowed to take her. Digging through her drawers she pulled out a pair of purple sheer panties, some knee-highs, and a very short denim skirt. She lifted her smooth pale leg to put on the underwear and remembered, quick and easy. She tossed them aside. Instead she just pulled the skirt on. Next, there came the white knee-highs and then a white tank top with the word ‘Proud’ on the front. She always loved wearing this top which did little to hide her chest, strutting in front of her brother’s friends, knowing their attention was in the corners of their eyes, on her. To not draw any attention, she grabbed a pair of sweat pants and an oversized sweater. Beth walked over to her vanity and sat, it was time to make her up, sluttish, and heavy on the lipstick.

The drive over town was peaceful. She wondered at how calm she felt and of she would continue to remain so. Getting inside the store was actually easy than she thought it was going to be. The man at the counter was about to ask for ID she was sure until he glanced up and saw her. She had taken the sweatshirt and pants off in the car. Although she was wearing tennis shoes, she was sure she looked the part she was aiming for, because the guy just licked his lips and pointed at a door in the far wall. A simple sign on it read ‘Booths’. She nodded, not saying a word, and smiled as sweet as she knew how. As she got closer to the door she could already make out sounds from the movies playing. She reached out, opened the door, and stepped through into the dim hallway beyond.

There were six rooms, three to each side, and two benches on either side of the hall. One was occupied. It was a lady that left no doubt to what her profession was. Beth smiled to her as she walked by her to a middle door that was open bahçeşehir escort on the right side, not so much out of any kindness, really to the idea that Beth probably didn’t look too much different from the hooker. Only younger and a virgin. Suddenly a man came out of the room right across from the one she was headed into. Beth was startled and she let out a little scream. At first the guy didn’t pay any attention to her, he just grabbed the lady in the hall by the arm, jerking her to her feet, swinging her into the room behind him growling, “Get in here bitch, you’re missing it.” After swinging the bitch into the room he looked back as he was closing the door and then noticed Beth standing there watching.

He smiled a greasy smile as he said, “Hello, now aren’t you a sweet little girl. Are we having fun tonight?”

“I hope so,” answered Beth as smoothly as she could.

“Alone?” Even he licked his lips, too.

Beth turned into the room and looked over her shoulder at him. “For the moment…” He made as if to as saying something else but instead just shrugged and grinned, and shut his door. There was a loud slap and cry that Beth heard before shutting her door.

Putting her back to the door Beth looked around. The booth was small, dirty, and there was a heavy collision of smells. But, there was no glory hole. That was a problem. Stepping back out into the hallway she glanced left and right for another empty booth. She saw that the first one on the left was now unoccupied. Inside that one, roughly cut into the wall looking into the room with the couple, was just such a hole. Beth bent over and looked into the booth and saw the bitch obviously giving what she was paid for. Beth knelt down on her knees ignoring the stickiness of the floor and tried to get a better look of the entertainment.

The hooker’s name was Joe. Or else, the greasy man called everyone he fucked that. “Oh… yeah… suck it, suck it hard, Joe… deep, deep… d-e-e-p!” Beth had watched porno’s before but nothing like this in person, right there in front of her, this close, she was captivated and getting very excited. She was starting to get pissed off that the hole wasn’t any larger, even more so when the man grabbed Joe by the neck, spun her around to fuck her from behind and all she could see was the expressions on Joe’s face, the mascara running down her cheeks. The moans that came from the woman were a contradiction to her face that looked agonized, they were sweet and sexy and Beth wanted so much to experience what made that whore so happy even with the way he was treating her. Using her to fulfill his nasty wants eventually splattering her with his gratification. Beth reached down and started to rub herself. She could smell her juices with the rest of the smells in the room. She was always very aware of herself when she was aroused, she loved it, wished she could feel this way all the time. Witnessing this act before her, knowing where she was, she was beginning to realize just how much stronger the arousal could grow. She wanted to taste, bakırköy escort feel, caress, suck, and fuck cock.

Beth was on the verge of an orgasm. She was so engrossed in the scene before her she never heard the door open or notice the man that slowly came in, standing there watching her tease herself to cum. The noise that announced his presence was the sound of his zipper opening. Beth turned around, too fast, and couldn’t help falling back on her rear.

“Come on, honey, don’t get that ass dirty before I get to it.”

Beth stared, not at the guy’s face, but at what he fondled in his hands. His dick was semi hard at about four inches and it looked like it was very thick. She got onto her knees and crawled over to him reaching out with her hand, gently grasping for the first time a real pulsing cock. The man looked down at her with some frustration.

“Go ahead, what the hell you waiting for? Stick it in that pretty fucking mouth.”

Reaching out with her other hand she started touching is balls, squeezing softly, rolling them around as she began stroking his dick with the other. The man smiled.

“First one?” He took some of her hair and pulled it behind her ear to get a better look at her. “Wow, aren’t I just too fucking lucky. Don’t worry, no, no, because I’ll make it quite the time for you.”

He took her chin in his hand and made her look up at him.

“Lick it all of it. Slowly. Then take it in your mouth. I’ll slap you if you get it wrong,” he grinned and added, “softly.”

Beth did as she was told and leaning forward she went to it. He was shaved all over and that was cool she thought. She felt great as she opened her lips wide, taking in his thick cock, she could taste her own lipstick as it smeared on his member as her lips stretched to make room. She felt dirty, too. Even the slurping sound her mouth was making on his prick from her spit was getting her extremely turned on. Then Beth began to feel it, the tingling inside her, spreading, engulfing her lower body, she was slowly bucking her hips. Beth came. Hard. Her mouth shook on his dick.

“Oh, bitch!” The man said with surprise. “You just came didn’t you?”

She looked up into his eyes as her mouth continued its work and nodded.

“That’s great because I’m ready to bury my dick in you,” he started thrusting forward into her, “open that fresh throat and swallow, cunt!”

He came, too. Stretching her mouth even wider where the corners wanted to split. Beth didn’t know what to expect as his cum streamed from the corners of her lips and down onto her chin.

“Hey, dude, it looks like you’re having way too much fun over there,” said a voice through the glory hole.

As soon as she heard Beth pulled away from the guy. He reached out and took a handful of her hair keeping her right where she was. She tried to fight free from his grasp but he slapped her with his other.

“Where the fuck you going?” He put a finger to his lips. “Shush. We’re not done yet.”

He dragged her close the wall and kneeled başakşehir escort down to speak to the man in the other room. “Want some young attention on your dick. Stick it through. I was just about to take care of her other end and her pretty mouth won’t have anything to do.”

No words were said but there was an answer. Joe’s trick stuck his cock through the hole. The guy holding her in place pushed her face into it trying to force it past her lips. She fought to get away. Beth could smell the stench of the guy’s dick and felt the slime on it rub against her cheeks.

“I don’t think she wants it,” laughed the dude.

A hard slap on her ass made Beth gasp, she was pushed forward allowing the cock to hit home striking her in the back of the throat. She gagged. The guy’s balls rested against her chin. Her throat was burning. Finally, the guy backed up but before she could get a breath he shoved it back in again. Beth could hear muffled words from the other side. “Yeah… suck it… whore… right there, right there, Joe.” Behind her she could hear the dude taking his pants off as he held her in place with one hand and one leg against her ass. He moved, throwing his pants between her legs, and then kneeled down on them. His hands began playing butt cheeks, squeezing, pinching. Pulling her skirt over her hips he snickered.

“No panties. What a naughty little girl… here it comes, bitch!”

And with that last word came her first penetration. The dude had to lean forward with his weight to get in past her cherry, as he did this she was pushed forward, too, letting the guy’s dick stab her deep in the throat. She gagged again. The man in her mouth decided he wanted it rougher and since she couldn’t back away was forced to take the abuse. There was a slight discomfort as the dude’s thick cock broke through but the real pain came when he kept on going stretching her pussy as he bottomed out. She felt so full. Beth’s moans and grunts vibrated the dick in her mouth and the excitement made him explode. Beth gulped his cum down as fast as she could. The man wasn’t through though he continued to face fuck her until he went limp. He pulled out with a noisy wet pop sound. With the dick suddenly gone Beth fell into the wall and slid down to the floor. She tried to put her hands under her self to push up but the dude took advantage of the situation, grabbing her arms and pulling them behind her so he could lean further to get even deeper inside her. She cried as her face was pressed to the filthy floor, cum drying on her cheeks, her chin, and her lips. With the better position he pounded her cunt with all his strength, fucking her raw. Beth came. She was past the pain and the humiliation. She came, again. He let go of her arms and she just let them fall to her sides. Slap! Slap, slap! The dude began striking her across her ass and lower back before pulling out of her leaving slimy thin trails of blood and sperm. He leaned down as she lay there spent on the floor unable to move from the soreness with her ass still in the air and bite her hard on her left cheek. Not at all softly. Beth cried out, closed her eyes, and began to sob. Well, this was what she had wanted.

The guy got up, pulled his pants on, and just left leaving the door open. She just stayed where she was trying not to but thinking anyway about what had happened. A shadow filled the doorway; Beth opened her eyes to see the man from the counter.

“Well, well, well, Beth. What do we have here?”

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