Best Of Friends


My wife, Carrie, and I have known Geoff and Maggie since our early teens. Over 40 years. So it was not a surprise one wet morning to get a frantic call from Maggie who was having problems with a waste pipe. As Geoff was away and I was the only other plumber she knew she thought I might come and see if I could fix it. She said that she thought one of the old clay pipes had broken and was blocking up her sink.

When I arrived she showed me a spot in her lawn that had sunk and after a bit of digging I found and replaced the culprit. Just as I finished levelling where I had dug, Maggie called out that a cup of coffee was on the table on the back porch.

As I came up the yard she said, “I thought we better have a hot coffee out here seeing as you are covered in mud. I have got a hot bath running for you so you can get out of those wet clothes and warm up after your cuppa.”

This was not unusual as I had quite often cleaned up there over the years so I didn’t mess up my truck with mud and dirt. I always bought a change of gear just in case it was needed.

Maggie disappeared just as I was finishing my coffee and returned to let me know my bath was ready.

Getting up, I said, “I best strip off out here so I don’t make a mess in the house.”

Stripping down to my jocks I gave Maggie my dirty gear so she could put it in a plastic bag for me to take home and wash. I then proceeded into the bathroom looking forward to a hot tub on a cool day.

Maggie called out, “Everything should be there for you, but if I have missed anything just yell”

After calling out “Thanks” as I closed the door, I stripped off my jocks and sank into the hot tub of water covered in soap bubbles. After a few minutes of total relaxation I soaped up and washed off, revelling in the feel of the hot water warming my body.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Maggie called out, “Did you call out for something, John?”

I replied, “No. You must be hearing things. I am just about to get out.”

Maggie then opened the door and said, “Sorry, John. I must be going deaf. Did you say you wanted anything?”

When I stammered, “No, nothing that I can think of”, Maggie turned as if to go.

Then she quickly turned back, the front of the house coat she was wearing completely open, revealing her naked body and said throatily, “Maybe a back rub after all that hard work?”

Before I could respond she dropped the robe to the floor and began walking across to the tub. In surprise I could only lie there and take in her Rubinesque body. Maggie had always been attractive and had looked after herself over the years. Her large breasts swayed with the movement and I was a little surprised that they were still quite firm and stood out from her chest. Her dark nipples stood out from the light brown areola in open invitation. Her body was full, as is the case for most women in their fifties, and her pussy was hidden by a dense brown bush of pubic hair. Her long, tanned legs were still very attractive and attested to the vigorous hourly walk she did each day.

I sat up as she climbed into the tub behind me and I just caught a glimpse of pink flesh showing through her bush. My cock thickened slightly as she placed her hands on my back and stretched her legs out each side of me. Squirting a cool liquid onto my back she began to massage around my neck and shoulders as I slowly recovered from the surprise she had provided.

She said, “Does that feel good after all your hard work?” as her hands gently kneaded and pushed along my back. “You just stay there and relax as I practice my massage skills,” she said as her hands moved further down to the top of my arse cheeks.

This generated further movement in my cock which now felt half erect under the soap bubbles. For some minutes we sat there in silence as Maggie ran her skilled hands over my back and shoulders. Just as I started thinking that it wouldn’t go any further she glided her hands around my hips, over my ample belly and up to my chest. She began fondling my nipples as her body moulded to my back and I could feel her nipples pushing into my flesh as her pussy hair istanbul escort tickled my arse. She kissed along my neck and whispered into my ear, “You don’t know how long I have wanted to do this. I want you to make love to me slowly and sensuously, but we need to relieve some of the tension first.”

With that one of her hands took my now hard cock and began to slide along the shaft. Her long fingers massaged the swollen head before sliding back down the shaft and squeezing my cum filled balls. I was now her complete captive as her other hand pulled me back onto her until we were both lying along the length of the bath. Again we lay back in silence as her lips nuzzled my neck and ears, one hand caressed and played with my nipples and the other stroked and teased my straining cock.

Somehow she knew that I was rapidly building to a climax with her constant teasing. She pushed me up and said, “Stand up and face me.”

When I turned around she was on her knees and grabbed my cock taking it deep into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tortured head and a hand grabbed and pulled on my hanging balls. As I began to erupt she took the spurting shaft from her mouth and directed the creamy cum over her tits. I almost collapsed with the intense pleasure and watched in fascination as she licked the last of the cream from my cock and spread the remaining liquid over her ample chest.

Sliding back into the bath I said, “That was fantastic. You certainly know how to suck cock. Why haven’t we done this before?”

With a smile she also slid back down the other end of the tub, her feet and toes toying with my now soft cock under the bubbles.

Maggie told me, “I have always been a little keen on you but have never been game enough to go anywhere with it. A couple of times over the years Carrie has bragged about your eight inch cock when she has had a few too many drinks. I didn’t know if that was right until last year when we went away to that resort in North Queensland. One night I couldn’t sleep and wandered around in the moonlight outside, just enjoying the quiet and the warmth. I noticed that the doors and curtains to your room were wide open and as I came closer I could see that you and Carrie were making love. Just as I got there you pulled out and ejaculated over Carries belly. I could see then that she was right and I almost climaxed at just the thought of having that cock deep inside me.”

Suddenly she got out of the tub and started drying off. She continued with “You see, Geoff’s cock is only four inches long but quite thick. Fortunately he is also very good at pussy eating and we have had some great sex, but I just need to feel the difference inside. Carrie also said you were quick off the mark but your recovery was very good. So now I have confirmed her first comment we need to get you back up and running to satisfy my curiosity.”

Now that she had finished drying she leant over and pulled the plug. As she walked out the door, stark naked, she called, “Time for you to dry off and put that cock to work. I will get us a drink and see you in the bedroom.”

Not needing any further encouragement I towelled off and made my way to the bedroom, my cock thickening a little with anticipation.

Entering the bedroom I saw Maggie lying on a large king size bed stripped down for our next session. She was lying on her side, propped up on one arm with a drink in one hand, looking at a porn movie on the large television.

She said, “Come and get your drink and lie along side me. I thought you might enjoy some visual titillation so I grabbed one of Geoff’s movies that he thinks I don’t know about.”

Taking a sip from my drink I lay facing Maggie in a similar pose, watching the movie for a short time before taking in the naked body next to me. With my free hand I lightly brushed my fingers over her soft breasts and circled her nipples which made them rise in anticipation. Maggie had been running her hand over my hip and arse cheek in a distracted mood while sipping her drink. When my fingers took her nipple and gently pulled she sighed and moved her hand to my now rising cock.

She escort fındıkzade said, “I am very sensitive there and love my tits being played with and sucked. I see Carrie was right and you seem to be recovering very quickly.”

In response I took her drink and put both glasses on the bedside table. I took her hand off my cock, moved up against her so that our bodies were pressed together, her soft tits pressing against my chest, and her pussy hair tickling my cock. We nibbled each others lips before some deep tongue kissing and caressing.

I moved down to kiss her neck and she rolled onto her back, guiding my head to her quivering breasts. I rolled over onto her, my belly rubbing over her pussy between her open legs. I squeezed her breasts together and kissed around the white orbs before taking a nipple between my lips sucking and licking as Maggie moaned with pleasure. I released my captive and did the same with the other nipple while I gently squeezed and fondled the large tits.

Maggie then started squirming and rubbing her lower body against me which caused her breasts to flow in rhythm with her movements. I slowly moved down her writhing body, kissing under her breasts, along her belly and down to her soft bush. I took the curly hair between my fingers and pulled gently which caused her clitoris to move along my chest. She squealed in pleasure and pushed up against my now damp chest.

I continued my journey down to the top of her thigh and kissed along the edge of her pussy lips, down her thigh to her knee. I could now see her pussy and continued down to her foot, kissing along the top to her toes. I then kneeled before her and raised her leg to suck her toes. While kissing her toes and foot I raised her other leg and held her feet together, legs bent and wide open. As I kissed and sucked both feet and toes I had a beautiful view of her exposed cunt.

Her pussy lips were slightly swollen with excitement and opened and closed as I moved her legs. Her clitoral hood was quite distinct and sat along the top of her pussy with the tip of her mini cock just showing above her opening. Her lips were smooth and wet with excitement with some of her fluids wetting the hair around them before flowing down to her arse crack and onto the sheet.

My cock had now expanded with this visual erotica and I began to kiss down the back of her other leg, licking the back of her knee and down her thigh. She was now squirming in delight and begging me to kiss her pussy. I reached her hot, wet lips and gently blew on them which caused her to scream in pleasure and lift her pussy to my teasing lips.

Pulling away I said, “You are not going to get your rocks off that easy. You will just have to wait in anticipation.”

Still moaning she let her body rest back on the bed and I slowly slid my fingers down each side of her pussy, just along the crease on the edge of her thigh. One finger then continued to the damp area between her arse and pussy before circling and just penetrating her arsehole. This created another spasm and Maggie moaned, “Please. Please. Pleeease.”

Deciding it was time to give her what she wanted I ran a finger up her wet pussy lips and gently opened them to reveal the pink, scalloped inner lips. I ran my tongue along the open ridge and inserted it as far as possible, licking around her whole opening. Maggie was now moaning, “Yes. Yes. Yes. More please.”

With my fingers and face now covered in her flowing juices I inserted two fingers and curled them up searching for her G spot. Her pink clit now stood erect from its protective hood and I took it between my lips as my fingers continued on their quest. This caused further writhing and a quickening of breath. I licked the head of her clit as I sucked it in as far as I could.

Suddenly Maggie screamed in ecstacy, closing her legs on my probing fingers and holding my head over her clitoris. Her body stiffened as my mouth and fingers kept working on her pleasure centres and after another squeal in orgasm she slowly relaxed with short bursts of pleasure spasming her body.

Removing my fingers I raised my head to see her escort bayan rus smiling face. She said, “That was one of the best orgasms I have ever had. Thank you John, you really are a special lover. Now, I can see that your cock has risen to the occasion, so you just roll onto your back and I will take over proceedings.”

Observing that she was indeed correct and that I was almost hard again I rolled over to see what she had in mind. She kissed her way down my body, giving my nipples a tongue bath, and then took just the head of my cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the cum opening while her lips sucked it in and out, always stopping at the sensitive ridge.

Satisfied that I was now fully erect she sat on my thighs and slowly masturbated my shaft with one hand while rubbing her still wet pussy with the other. She moved up until her pussy was over my now engorged cock. She sat along the length of my cock with her pussy lips running along the shaft and her extended clit just rubbing the swollen head. She then massaged my cock with her pussy until we were both covered in her juices.

Moving back so that she was now just above my balls she took my cock in her hand and moved it up until it was pointing to the ceiling. She raised her body until the wet lips just engulfed the purple head before pulling it out and rubbing it along her clit. Once her sweet juices were running down the shaft and flowing over my balls she kneeled back between my legs, bent over and took the full length into her mouth and down her throat. It was my turn to beg for mercy as she licked the base of my cock and the top of my tender balls.

Slowly taking my now rock hard prick from her mouth she again held it up and lowered her pussy over the enlarged head. She again waited for her juices to lubricate my hot flesh before pushing down and taking me deep inside her. I nearly came at the sight of my cock disappearing between the wet lips. Now sitting on my thighs, with her arse cheeks rubbing the top of my balls, Maggie leant back until she was braced by her arms. I could just see the base of my shaft sitting in her pussy at an impossible angle, the rest of the shaft and head pushing along the inside walls of her cunt.

She then moved slowly up and down, like a reverse push up, which sent hot flashes through my body at the extreme pressure being exerted on my cock head. I sat up slightly and rubbed her giant clit which glistened from the juices which were coating it. She moaned in pleasure and slowly sat back up, taking my hand away. She then clenched and unclenched her pussy muscles as she rode my cock from the base to the head, bringing me closer to another orgasm.

Sensing that I was close to erupting she lay along me and whispered, “Your big cock feels so good and I want to milk all the cum from your balls. I want you to come inside me so I can feel your cock expand in my hot tunnel.”

She then closed her legs, entrapping me in her velvet vice, and commenced sliding back and forth along my hard cock. We kissed and licked each others mouth as her movement gradually quickened and I could feel her hard clit rubbing along my abdomen. I could feel the tension building and could feel the cum being forced from my balls. Suddenly I cried out as I ejaculated deep inside her, my cock head expanding and contracting in orgasm. Maggie stopped moving and pushed her pussy hard onto my body as she also screamed in ecstacy.

Both now panting with our exertions, she collapsed onto me and nibbled my throat and ears whispering, “I needed that. Such an amazing feeling. Having you so deep. We have to do it again.”

After some kissing and fondling she rolled off me and checked her clock. She said, “Thank you for giving me so much pleasure. I guess it is getting late for any more, but we will have to set up a foursome. I am positive Geoff will be more than happy to participate and I am sure I can talk Carrie into it.”

With my reddened cock now softening quickly I got off the bed and began to dress. I said, “I would really love that. I just hope you can talk Carrie into it.”

Once dressed I leant over and gave Maggie a last kiss. Leaving the bedroom I turned for one final look at her naked body lying on the bed in the soft light. She was drifting off to sleep and her hand cupped her open pussy as a small trail of white cum ran onto the sheet.

A foursome would certainly be fantastic.

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