Best Fit Assessment at Work

Big Tits

Suzie was in her mid 20’s and assumed that because she was pretty and had a bubbly personality that everyone would love her. In fact, most of the office had decided that she was just too high maintenance. She was not good at her work, which was really only reception and answering the phones. She lost calls, called clients by the wrong names and generally pissed everyone off.

When I interviewed her for her three month review, at the end of her probation period, I had really decided that she had to go. Of course, I was willing to listen to her side and to find out if she wanted to offer any reason why I should not sack her. I am pretty sure that I did not tell her, that if she offered herself to me as my sex toy, she could stay. I don’t even think I even implied it, or hinted at it, though I have to admit that I had fantasied about it.

Suzie is hot. Dumb, but hot. She had the classic shoulder length blond hair that permanently had that “just out of bed” look, that probably took hours to achieve each morning. She was only about 160cm tall but had a tight firm body that suggested hours in the gym each week and firm natural breasts that she tended to show off a bit to obviously with low cut tops. The low cut tops were matched by short skirts that seemed to reflect her moods; sometimes they were so short that she was obviously careful how she sat, so as not to flash too much, but other days she was dangerously close to getting her arrested.

I guess that today, because it was her review, she had gone all out to impress, or maybe it was to distract, or just openly to offer herself to me. She walked into my office wearing a tight white button up top that was unbuttoned to the point where the firm mounds of her beasts were delightfully displayed and I could even see glimpses of her black lacy bra… not that I was staring. Her loose black skirt was about as short as I had ever seen, outside of some movies that I prefer not to discuss, and when she sat down in the lounge seat opposite me, and crossed her legs, it was obvious that she preferred stay up stockings to panty hose. She even dangled her dangerously high heels off her toes as though she was trying to hypnotise me.

I was strong. I avoided the distractions that she was flaunting at me, and I gave her realistic and constructive feedback and explained why I was letting her go.

She actually smiled. Then she just stood up and walked to the door. I had expected her to argue, or cry, or have some sort of reaction, but she just stood up Muratpaşa Escort and walked towards the door and I felt relieved. However, when she reached the door, instead of leaving my office, she pushed the door closed and locked it. She then turned to me and started undoing the remaining buttons of her top until it hung open, revealing more of her breasts, her exceptionally lacy bra, and her deliciously tight belly.

“I know how this works Peter” she said. “Most of my previous bosses were more blatant when they sacked me. If I fuck you I keep my job. Is that correct”.

As she was talking, she shrugged the top off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. Her bra was so sheer that I could see most of her nipples through the lace and I felt a natural stirring as my cock responded.

She continued to walk towards me and then knelt on the carpet in front of me, looking up at me.

“No, that is not what I meant. I really feel that you are not a good fit for this company” I explained.

“Do you know what I think will be a good fit?” she asked, “I think your cock will be a wonderful fit in my mouth and then in my pussy. In fact, I think that we will need to test just how good a fit that will be right now, and then at least weekly. I will schedule an hour in your calendar each Friday so that you can fuck we senseless so that you can confirm that I am a great fit and need to keep my job”.

As she was talking she ran her fingers up my legs, using her long fingernails to enhance the sensation. As she got to the top of my thighs, she pushed my legs apart and lowered her mouth to my half hard cock and used her teeth to bite me gently through my pants.

I know I did not ask for this. I know I did not threaten her. I know I should gently push her away and get out of this office as fast as I could. But of course, I didn’t. I ran my fingers through her hair and pushed her mouth harder against my cock, which was soon much more than half hard.

“Mmmm” she said as she came up for air. “So will we start with my mouth to find out if that is a good fit”.

She reached up, undid my belt and the button of my pants, then slid down the zipper and reached into my boxer shorts and lifted out my cock. The look on her face was amazing. She seemed to be genuinely excited at the sight of my cock and really wanted to suck me off. It showed in her eyes. She leaned down and licked the tip, then took the head in her mouth, running her tongue around the head. I leaned back on the Muratpaşa Escort Bayan low lounge chair, savouring the sensation of that young, wet, hot mouth teasing my cock.

Then she lifted her head away and started undoing the buttons of my shirt, from the bottom up, kissing my belly as she went. My cock was rock hard by now and twitched with each touch of her lips on my skin. Soon she had my shirt completely undone and she leaned in to kiss my nipples and then bite them gently while at the same time she wrapped a hand around my cock. I sighed out loud.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth, or just have me play with you for a while so you will have a full load to empty into my pussy?”

“Play with me” I mumbled. “Then I want to fuck you on my desk”.

“You bosses are so predictable” she smiled at me. “What is it about your desks and fucking that you all like so much?”

I pushed her head back to my cock to stop her talking so much.

As she lowered her head back to me cock, she had me lift my arse so she could pull down my pants, to give her better access to me cock. This time she wrapped her lips around me and slowly lowered her head until her chin was against my balls. Her technique was definitely in the expert range. She started bobbing here head, taking various lengths into her mouth, using her tongue and hand to enhance the sensation. I started thrusting up into her mouth and I wrapped my fingers in her hair so I could pretend that I had control of her movements, but really, she was in control.

It was when she started running her fingernails over my balls while licking the head of my cock and stroking my shaft, that I felt myself getting close to coming in her mouth.

She looked up at me with a mischievous grin. “It’s your choice” she said as she lifted her mouth off me for a second.

I enjoyed a couple of more thrusts into her hot wet mouth, then pulled her head away from me.

“Bend over the desk” I ordered.

Immediately, she stood up and went over to my desk, put her elbows on the surface, spread her legs slightly and bent over, looking back over her shoulder at me. “Like this” she asked. Her skirt has short enough that in this position I could see the tops of her thighs above her grey stockings and I knew that I only had to lift that skirt a fraction to find out what type of panties she was wearing and to be able to admire her perfectly toned arse.

There is no cool or elegant way that a man can walk across a room with Escort Muratpaşa his pants around his ankles and with a raging hardon, so I did not even try, I just shuffled over to her and lifted her skirt. The panties matched her bra, which meant that they were black and sheer and I could see the skin of her arse through them. I stroked my cock for a few seconds as I contemplated this stunning woman’s body spread before me. I gripped her hips and ran my fingers down until they slipped under the elastic of her panties, then continued to pull down until her arse was exposed and her panties were stretched between the top of her thighs. She obligingly wiggled here bum and thighs around until the panties fell to the floor, then resumed her spread open position.

My cock had a mind of its own by this time. My head was saying “foreplay, get her ready” but my cock was saying “Now”. My cock won. I slid my cock up and down the slit of her pussy a couple of times and found she was already wet so I just pushed into her. My first thrust got about a third of my cock inside and elicited a moan that I hope was pleasure. My second thrust was just about all the way in and the moaning definitely sounded as though she was enjoying this. The third thrust was hard and deep and I moaned so load that I barely heard Suzie’s cry of pleasure.

I started thrusting into her, and she was pushing back against me, crying out with pleasure each time. I was a bit worried someone in the office would hear, but I was really too far gone to care. Suzie’s pussy was hot and wet and tight and she obviously loved fucking. Soon she had a hand back between her legs playing with her clit as I pounded into her. The sight of her bent over my desk, bra tight across her back and here skirt pushed up over her hips was incredibly erotic, but despite my arousal, she came first. Panting and pushing back against me, here thighs quivering with release. This was all I needed to make me come and I emptied myself into her, throwing my head back in release as I gripped her hips and let myself go.

I fell forward over her as I relaxed, my cock still hard inside her, but softening slowly. I gave a few more tentative thrusts, but she just laughed “Good try”.

Eventually I rolled off her and stood up, allowing her to get up also.

“You are a damn good fuck” she said and she stood on tip toes and kissed me on the mouth, our first kiss. “So, am I a good fit now”?

“Mmmm… difficult to say, I think we need at least weekly meeting to ensure that I am adequately monitoring your performance”.

She picked up here panties, pulled on her top and left my office. Within 20 minutes I had received a weekly meeting invitation titled “Best fit assessment”. And I had to work out how to explain to my partners, why I hadn’t sacked her.

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