best day of college every


i changed names for privacy- my other story has parts of this one due to me writing this first and the other story was to test the water

I ran off the stage and hid amongst college grounds on the science lab steps where my drama teachers Nicky and Kirsten eventually found me with my head resting between my knees alone and upset.
“James…?” I looked up as Nicky called my name she looked me in the eye and knew I was no happy she somehow knew me better then any other teacher and I love her for it. She asked me to come with her and Kirsten to the office I agreed because I knew I’d have to tell them what was wrong at some stage.
“So what wrong chicken” Nicky asked as Kirsten sat next to me on the desk
“well umm its ummm….mine and my girlfriends’ sex life has sought of disintegrated and basically a I’m in beyond sexual frustration going from 4 times a day to never isn’t easy and its been 2 months now.”
Kirsten looked at me and smiled “so you need some relief is that what you saying?” I nodded and Nicky and Kirsten looked at each other and Kirsten stood up to lock the office door.
Nicky walked to me and got onto her knees. She was still wearing her navy dress, with the skirt barely coming down far enough to cover her perfectly rounded arse. She had decided to wear her long black hair down today, which went down to her B-cup sized boobs, but because the outfit was so tight and her wearing a push-up bra, her tits looked more like C-cups.
Nicky reached up with her hands and began to unzip my jeans then pulled them down my legs, followed by my tight, white underwear. She looked in ore at the sight of my manhood as it was 7 inches flaccid.
She jus went straight for it wrapping her plump lips around my big cock. She started with just the tip and she soon realized that she must have been good as I was leaking pre-cum,
She pressed on with the task of getting my entire length down her throat and moved past the thick head and started to put some inches of the shaft into her 34-year-old mouth. She had accomplishing getting over half of it into her mouth when she started to have trouble putting more of the meat
into her mouth.
She kept it up half way down five minutes before saying “ I think you need a proper sluts mouth on this come her Kirsten and give our young boy a nice hard blowjob” in seconds a new mouth was wrapped around my cock and it felt so good. Being the problem-solver that Nicky was, she took two handfuls of Kirsten’s hair and forced her to down the remaining 5 inches of my
member into her throat, which she held in place while Kirsten’s face went red
from lack of oxygen. Nicky then forced her off my cock so she could take in some air before she slammed my entire length back down her gullet. Nicky continued to make Kirsten face-fuck me whilst Kirsten’s hand wondered down her of trousers and into her damp folds. Nicky let go of Kirsten and expecting it to suddenly stop I was in heaven as I realised Kirsten had no trouble with this it was a very simple task for her. Nicky removed he panties and began masturbating at the blowjob before her then just as I was about to cum in her mouth she stopped an stood up only to remove her clothes and reveal her sexy 29 year-old body with D breast and a wet hairless pussy she got back on her knees before me as Nicky crawled underneath her and began to tongue her fellow colleague and Kirsten was in heaven as she once again took my whole length down her throat and spurred on by her own pending orgasm was face-fucking me at 90 miles an hour until she felt my balls contract and knew my pending orgasm was about to occur and sped up even more nearly taking it all out of her mouth before plunging it to the hilt in her petit throat. Then it happened the first burst shot out, which she swallowed and the second she pulled of and let it land on her adorable face on her forehead, nose and chin.
I asked Nicky to stand on her desk so i could bend her over and be eye level with her arse without him having to bend at all. Nicky began to lick my cum of Kirsten’s face whilst I reached
underneath of Nickys skirt, flipped it up to rest on her back looked at her open wet twat for what seemed like an eternity so I could fully appreciate the beauty of it. Nicky had taken the time to cleanly shave her pubic region, she also had a small, bright pink pussy and a plump arse that was just as smooth as her mound.
I licked from her clit all the way to her puckered arsehole where I was met with a surprising sight that this arse had clearly been fucked many times over
“Well, well Miss Chambers it appears you have lied to us saying a Escort sluts mouth when clearly you’re the sluttier one here with a gaping arsehole” I pushed 3 fingers into it with ease and Nicky moaned. I reached up her back and undid the clasp of her bra and in one motion Kirsten removed both items of clothing leaving Nicky totally naked. I pulled at her ankles to move her to the floor where I put her head against the desk and draped my cock n her face. She opened her mouth and began to suck my slightly flaccid cock which in minutes grew larger and caused her to gag but unable to pull away kept it in her mouth as I began to vigorously fuck her face making her take most of it in her mouth. “Kirsten don’t you think she can do better? Help her out please” Kirsten grabbed her head and forced every last inch of my cock down her throat. “I think she needs inspiration your turn to much on some cunt”
Kirsten got on her knees and crawled between my legs so her pussy and arse were mille-meters under my balls, and began to munch of Nickys dripping cunt as I continued o fuck her mouth as fast as I could. “Did you like the taste of Kirsten’s pussy?” I said to Nicky “deep-throat my cock for yes, or lick the helmet for no” I watched as my cock disappeared into her mouth and smiled.
I continued to fuck her mouth whilst my hands pulled Kirsten’s rump higher so I could play with her pussy. In one motion I pulled out of Nickys mouth and entered Kirsten who let out a loud grunting moan.
Nicky pulled Kirsten’s head between her legs and started to push her head against her pussy. Whilst I continued to push my cock inside my teacher’s cunt. Kirsten let out a scream from between Nicky’s legs. Nicky kept pulling Kirsten’s head against her. Nicky’s moaning and the cock that was constantly making Kirsten squirm of pleasure made her hornier by the second, Kirsten slowly started to lick Nicky’s clit and rubbing her thighs. Nicky grinned and started to moan even harder. I was slapping my body against Kirsten’s arse, making it bounce and making a splashing noise from the sweat on her buttocks. Her juices were dripping on the floor as I pounded my cock deep inside her. Kirsten’s nearing orgasm made her suck Nicky even harder, the girl wasn’t prepared for that. Nicky’s body started to shiver and her grasp on Kirsten’s hair was getting tighter. She started to wriggle violently and shouting from the pleasure she felt, made Kirsten taste her juices. Even after the flood that Kirsten had swallowed, she kept eating Nicky out, in hope that she herself would come soon. ”Kiki… thank you…” Gasped Nicky, while caressing her hair in a relaxed moment. I was pounding Kirsten, gasping very loudly, sounding like I was about to explode. Nicky dropped down on the floor and kissed Kirsten, sucking her own juices out of her mouth. ”I’m gonna cum…” I moaned . Nicky glanced at Kirsten and remembered something. ”She forgot her pills…” I smiled. ”Not a problem…open your mouth” Nicky opened her mouth and I plunged my cock deep into her throat and sent spurt after spurt of cum down her throat.
Kirsten collapsed to the floor and I looked at her naked body whilst my cock still rested in Nickys mouth.
“so Kirsten how are your anal experiences?” I asked.
“im tighter then a virgin baby you couldn’t fit a little finger in it”
“well we are gonna fix that” throwing kirsten over the desk i slid my cock still wet from Nickys mout into her tight anal opening. Pressing the fat tip against her arsehole. I had longed to feel my dick inside
Kirsten’s tight arse, but never dared approach the subject with my lovely teacher, I let her have enough slack in her reigns to see Kirsten whip her head back to me, her eyes
wide open with alarm as my wet cock slipped inside her arse. Even as slick
as it was, I knew it was going to be a nearly impossible feat to get
my thick prick up that tight arse. Nicky yanked her head back and held it on her lap and i pushed with all my might. The first
inch of my shaft disappeared inside her arse before i could move no
further. Tears trickled out of kirstens eyes as she grinded her cunt againt the desk in attempt to over power the pain. Her arse was so tight the next inch was hard to fit in.

with no preparation she was unprepared for a battering ram of this size invading her arse. It was clear
that the I had no intention of showing her any mercy. She had
invited this sort of response, and now it was beyond her control. My rod
pressed further and further into her arse, stretching it beyond its limits
and sending waves of pain and perverse pleasure through her entire body.
Her Escort Bayan arse was being ripped open and yet, Kirsten continuously ground her hips
on the desk, desperate to cum and let pleasure overtake the pain.

I could feel Kirsten squirming beneath me and mistook her movements as
vain attempts to escape my invading member. At about three inches, her arse
simply stopped allowing me to penetrate any deeper. “Nicky open her up nicky lifted the sobbing limp body off of her lap and came round sticking a hand on each gorgeous firm cheek she spread her cheeks wider with strong slender
hands. This gave me some room to operate and another two inches of cock
slid into Kirsten’s backdoor in one stroke. Still, an inch remained outside
her body, and that is the inch that really matters. I was
determined that when Kirsten woke up the next day, it would be with the
knowledge, that she had done what the most accommodating whores in the city
had failed to do, take my full length in her arse. “Get ready Kirsten.” i
said stoically. “Here it comes.” With a final thrust, the I
completely impaled the beautiful teacher on my cock. I cried out in triumph
as my crotch touched the smooth skin of her butt. Her body squirmed beneath
me, effectively stimulating me even more.

Kirsten only vaguely heard my cry out as i buried myself in her arse.
Her mind was reeling in the middle of a marseive climax. With her clit now
pressed firmly against the sharp edge of the desk and her arse split open and
full of cock, her pussy spasmed again and again, in a series of explosive
orgasms unlike anything she had ever imagined. All she could do was quake
in her limp tearful state, but every muscle in her body quivered beneath her
attacker. As i began to fuck in and out of her tortured opening, Kirsten
found each stroke brought a new and greater climax. She was beyond all
pleasure and pain and the I abused her prone body.

I had celebrated my triumph for only a few seconds before the intense
need to climax took over and my hips began bucking, driving myself home
again and again. Kirsten was quaking beneath me and her arse gripped at my
cock every inch of the way. The I threw my head back, reveling
in the feeling of my inevitable climax. My own body began to quake as i
felt my balls tighten and prepare to unleash their long overdue load. At
last, i felt the hot rush of semen shooting up my long shaft and into the
walls of Kirsten’s arse. As my cock exited her with an audible pop, a stream
of thick cum sprayed into the gaping hole. I grabbed my cock and
stroked madly, feeling my shaft surge and throb with each blast of semen.
The streams sprayed out across Kirsten’s exposed buttocks and up her back.
It looked as if someone had turned a hose on inside my body,
letting loose an unprecedented load of liquid lust with incredible force.
Thick gobs of goo splashed around the teacher’s head and landed in her hair.
The heavier flow covered her back and arse, running slowly into a long pool
along her spine and dripping over her arse and down her shapely thighs. She
was an incredible sight, bound and covered in sperm. I smiled down at
her, watching a thin stream oozing from her arse. “This will make quite a
sight for mike in the morning.” I chuckled. Kirsten could not respond, her continuous
climaxing and the intense pain had been too much for her and she had parseed
“so James all the girls in our class there must be one you want”
“Quite a few if I’m honest wouldn’t mind ago on Meg”
With in seconds Nicky was clothed sweat dripping off of her and in minutes returned with Meg in which time I had taken to fingering kirstens wide gaping arse whilst she moaned in her unconscious state.
“Whats going on?” Meg asked in her high voice as I continued to finger kirstens arse
“well Meg we all know you’re a bit of a naughty girl and we all know you have to be good at sucking cock so…” she threw Meg to her knees and Kirsten forced my whole length down Meg’s throat she didn’t gag she did nothing except look into my eyes and attempt to smile around my shaft. “I wanna see your tits” I ripped of the shoulders of her top and removed her bra and her perfect tiny tits came into view.
“Kirsten do you think you could bring Emily, Tasha and Lucy through as well?”
“We may need to move to the dance studio Nicky said opening the door she ran through and blocked all windows and locked all the doors whilst I led Meg into the other room and Nicky fetched the other girls.
“Now Meg you seemed Bayan Escort very open to the idea of anal” Meg just looked at me as I led her to the desk with huge hifi system set up. Grabbing the back of her head and forcing her body down onto all fours. “There’s no way you are sticking that monster up my bum!” she told me. “You can fuck my pussy but please not in the bum, it’ll hurt”
Removing her skirt and her tiny thong i patted her head in a patronising manner.

“Lick your fingers and shove them in your arse” I ordered her and she did as she was told as I videoed it on my phone. ‘Look at that fucking tight arse’ I thought. I held her enormous arse cheeks apart and I pushed my cock into her arse and she screamed as I pushed and pushed, finally penetrating her. I reached around and grabbed at her clit, roughly rubbing it as I tried to push my cock even further up her arse. She may have been objecting verbally but her body wasn’t talking the same language. She pushed her butt back at me and I finally managed to get most, if not all my cock into her anal passage.
It was so tight and the heat from her internal rear passage was so hot on my shaft. Her deflowered arse rippled around my dick, and I could see her pained expression, small whimpers emitting from her as her nipples were pressed against the cold desk shooting blood to her nipples erecting them.
I kept spitting saliva onto my cock to help and managed to get a slow rhythm going. She pushed back onto me in time with my forward thrusts. “No,no,no” she kept saying as I fucked her but she still kept going. The tightness of her anal muscle was pulling at my cock each time I tried to withdraw, the intense pleasure of taking her anal virginity and the tightness of her rear passage soon had me cuming.
I shot cum into her, load after load; I didn’t know I could cum so much. Meg’s feeling my hot cum, squirting inside her joined me in her own orgasm. “Oh my …fuck fuck fuck” she said as I finally finished cuming and took my cock from deep within her.

Lucy moved her head forward and kissed the head of my cock. Then she licked up and down the shaft and all around it. Eventually, after more urging on my part, she took about four inches of my cock into her mouth. She was clearly an inexperienced cocksucker. As I looked at her distraught face sucking my cock I thought , “Yeah I won’t cum in your mouth tonight but before this deal is done you will taste my seed and feel my semen coat your rectum,” I thought to myself.

As I lifted Lucy’s chin up and my cock slipped from her mouth she spoke, “You are really big.”

“It’s not that big and there are plenty of guys with bigger cocks than mine,” I replied even though I was very proud of my prowess.

“Well it is the biggest I ever been around,” she added.

“And soon to feel inside you,” I said smugly.

I wanted to throw her down right on the desk , shove my cock all the way up her arse and fuck her until I filled her rectum with semen.
I put her on all fours. Lucy agreeably moved into the doggy position and accepted my cock in her pussy. As I fucked her slowly I rubbed her tits and played with her asshole. I easily inserted one finger in her arse and then with my other hand I diddled her clit as I fucked her from behind, Lucy went wild again with all the stimulation and she began bucking her hips as her orgasm took over her body. As she was bucking I slipped my cock out of her pussy and quickly pushed it in her arse. Lucy bucked and humped through her orgasm before she realized that my cock head and about two inches were in her arse.

Lucy panicked and pleaded, “No please not that. Take it out. You know I don’t want to do this. Please take it out!”

But I didn’t take it out and I ignored her pleas as I pushed more of my cock into her arse. I added more saliva and pussy juice as I fucked her and shoved more cock into her arse. Lucy tried to break loose but I held her hips firmly. Another push and my entire cock went all the way in her arse. Her asshole opened up from the reaming and I was then able to slide my cock in and out with ease. I marveled at her shapely hot arse as I watched her impaled on my cock.

“James please don’t, I don’t want to do this. Please don’t cum in me,” Lucy begged again but not as urgently this time.

Once again I ignored her pleas and I picked up the pace. I could feel my own orgasm approaching and I knew it would be a big one since I was so turned on fucking Lucy’s beautiful arse. My hips slammed into hers and her arse jiggled as my cock went balls deep into her asshole. I felt my balls tighten so I pushed my cock all the way in her arse and then I released torrents of semen into her rectum. Stream after stream of semen filled her asshole as I flooded her bowels with my load.

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