best buds


best budsWhen we were in jr high, I had one friend that was inseparable with me. Gary and I grew up 3 doors from each other and knew each other from 5 years old. We did everything together. One night while sleeping at his house, he got sick and his mom and dad had to rush him to the hospital. My dad came and got me and I didn’t sleep well that night. Gary had an appendicitis. He almost died due to the break before they cut him open. His fever was quite high and I was worried sick he would die. His mom and dad kept my parents informed. he was in for 15 days. When he came home, I was overwhelmed with emotion. He was too. we hugged and I sat with him almost all day long for a week. His doctor allowed him out on the 8th day home. we left and walked to the park. we sat at a picnic table and we talked about everything for the first time alone. He said there was an orderly at night that came into his room and Jacked him off. I really never thought about someone jacking another person bornova escort off, so it took a while to sink in. He said it felt cool and on his last 2 nights there the orderly sucked his cock and jacked himself off in front of Gary. He said the k** was about 18 and slim with blond hair. He said the guy had a huge cock. I was hard without realizing it until Gary asked if that sounded cool to me. I said I think it does cause my dick was hard. We talked about jacking each other off and then he said lets go into the woods and we found a clearing that was dry. we took off our pants and It was the first time either of us saw the other hard. My cock was about 6 inches. Gary’s was about 7 1/2 inches. I think i got harder than ever at that moment. Gary just grabbed my cock and jerked it off. I reached for his and we stroked each other for a while when he said do you want to try sucking each other. I agreed and he said let me suck you first. I let him and bornova escort bayan he sucked me down to the pubes. I asked if he sucked that orderly. He said yes but just that one time. I was loving it as his lips sucked up and down and his tongue wrapped aroung my head. I felt his finger rubbing my bunghole and i lost it. I shot a was in his throat and started apologizing. Gary never stopped and he swallowed like he never realized I came. I was delerious as he finished me off. He said well, did you like it. I said yeah and was gasping for breath. Gary said ok now me. I held his cock and he scooted forward and I went down on him and began a slow experimental journey up and down licking and sucking and then I remembered his butt hole and slid my finger across it. He shot a huge load in my throat and I almost gagged. He hedl my head and ZI let some out dribbling down his cock. He was breathless as he stopped oming and he laid down on the ground escort bornova and said that was great. We laid together for an hour naked from the waste down and he leaned over and kissed me. I changed my whole outlook that day. Wow I was feeling what I thought was love but it was lust. I continued to suck Gary and all of our buddies for the next 4 years until I got Gary’s sisted alone and she fucked me. I didnt know how to act around a girl but she had a crush on me for 3 years and finally got me alone and we fucked almost as much as I sucked Gary. She knew we were having sex. She was turned on by it and talked me into letting her walk in on us. I agreed and she said she would black mail us into letting her fuck me and gary had to lick my ass while we fucked. I was in such lust. we carried on for weeks until one day Gary was so hot that he joined us and fucked her sloppy seconds. she was so turned on that she didnt stop him. We carried on like this for another year until Gary went into the service. I got a job on afternoons and she found a boyfriend. She talked her boyfriend into letting me fuck her while I sucked his cock. She told him she had a fantasy about doing that. He didnt ask any questions and we all got it on for a few months until I found a girl friend.

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