Best Birthday Gift Ever


This story contains anal play, bondage, cunnilingus, discipline, fellatio, spanking and, of course, sex. If you don’t like these activities why in the hell are you looking at the story section of

This story is told from the second person point of view. It’s the point of the woman in the story. Just a heads up guys.

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All characters being used as pawns for our enjoyment in the story are at least 18 years old.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people, living or dead, is most likely the fault of the combined efforts of the NSA’s Monitoring Programs and Chinese hackers.

No animals were harmed in the writing of this story. Please ensure none are harmed in the reading of it.

This story is © 2015 by HonorableRogue. All rights reserved. But who are we kidding? The odds I’d actually find a plagiarized copy, retain a lawyer and purse legal action are even lower than the odds that the events of the story have ever happened to anyone, anywhere.


A few days before your birthday you get a note that reads “Wearing a dress will lead to a memorable birthday. Wear pants and I’ll know you’re not interested.” Thoughts of a wonderful meal at a fancy restaurant begin to fill your mind. French. Italian. Japanese. You waffle back and forth but after remembering last year’s celebration you decide you deserve much better this year.

It’s near the end of August so you pick a summery dress. Snug on the top highlighting your ample chest but flaring out to a looser fit on the bottom. During the entire drive to work your mind is preoccupied with where you’ll be going after and what you’ll be doing. You settle in at your desk, turn on your computer and look up at the clock urging the hands to move quicker. The clock staring is interrupted by a voice from under your desk “I see you wore a dress after all” and the touch of a hand on your right calf “Let the memories begin.”

You hear shuffling beneath your desk and feet appear on either side of your chair. Then a touch on your other calf. The fingers on your legs glide up to your knees and then back down. Back up a little past your knees and then back down. Up a little further and then back down. When they reach halfway up your thighs they stop, dance across the top of your legs to your inner thighs and the go back down. The fingers stay on the inside of your legs as they travel back up.

You marvel at the sensation while at the same time trying to recognize the voice that owns the fingers. Then as they reach most of the way up your inner thighs you suddenly realize you don’t care. It’s been awhile since anyone but you touched your body like this. The heat and wetness already radiating from between your legs tells you your pussy also can’t remember the last time you were touched like this by another person except in a dream or fantasy. The fingertips trace tiny circles then move back down again.

On the next stroke upwards they stop just short of the quickly dampening crotch of your panties. The fingers linger for a moment and glide back up towards the top of your thighs. Then as you feel what must be the thumb of each hand brush the wisp of cotton between your legs a soft moan escapes your lips.

The thumbs slowly begin their own up and down movements. Up as far as they can reach and then back down until the seat of the chair stops their movement. With each set of up and down they moved slightly closer to the middle of your pussy. You tilt your head back, sink lower in your chair and slide your hips forward as the next, slightly louder moan escapes your lips and you whisper “Don’t stop.”

As the thumbs reach the top you hear “Your wish is my command” and they slip beneath your panties. The skin on skin contact of the downward stroke feels like two lines of fire on your pussy lips. You feel the hands of your admirer, attendant, assailant – at this point you really don’t care – move and the soft teasing contact from his fingertips is replaced by the firm insistent touch from his palms that slowly forces you to spread your legs as far as the chair will allow.

He presses the tips of his thumbs together before starting another set of up and down strokes. After a few more strokes your entire pussy feels like it’s on fire.

“Now let’s see if we can find the secret toy surprise inside.” One thumb stops and the other shifts slightly before starting back up. You can feel the light pressure of the thumb beginning to part your pussy lips. As it reaches the top it lifts off your skin for the first time in what seems like forever but was probably only a few of minutes and the other thumb begins to trace upwards along your cleft, pressing a little harder and spreading you a bit more.

Just as the second reaches the top and starts to lift you feel the first make contact near the bottom and start upwards. This nonstop bottom to top motion continues, pressing harder and harder, sisli esc causing your pussy lips to spread open further and further. As the heat and wetness of your pussy continues to build your clit begins to swell and harden. Now every upward stroke ends with a thumb running along your still hooded clit. Every time a thumb makes contact you moan. Louder and louder. Sometimes words come out.




They are all ignored. You begin to reach down to help and all motion stops. The voice beneath the table says “You are not in control of this. Put your hands flat on the desk, palms down now or this is over and I leave.” For a moment you think about ignoring him, in the next you think about calling someone but then you think about the pleasure building in your body. As a minor act of defiance you place your hands not on the desk but instead on the arms of the chair.

“It’s been months since you’ve had a good fucking and you’re willing to risk this one by not following simple directions?” As you start to lift your head he says, “Keep your head back and your eyes closed. There is no chance this goes any further if you look at me. That is the one rule you can’t break. Breaking other rules and disobeying commands has consequences but looking at me ends this. Do you understand?”

You nod your head up and down but don’t say anything. You listened carefully to every word of his speech and realize you have no clue who the man sitting under desk is, how he knew it was your birthday, how he got in the building and why he’s going out if his way to make your body tremble with pleasure. The only thing you do know is that you don’t want it to stop.

As you tilt your head back again his hands leave your body. You want to cry out, to tell him you did what he asked. In desperation you lift your hands from the arms of the chair to place them on the desk as he commanded. Your chair starts to slide back and you hear him shuffle out from under the desk. “Better late than never but that won’t prevent the consequences. Stand up and then lean over onto your desk.” Following his commands you stand up, take a half step forward so that your hips touch your desk and lean over until your forearms are on your desk supporting your upper body.

Then you hear your visitor slide something from under the desk and rummage around in what sounds like a bag, “There it is” he says. Suddenly your office is filled with a tearing sound you can’t quite place. It repeats more than a half dozen times.

You feel him press up against you. The front on his thighs on the back of yours. His hips and crotch pressing against your ass. He moves slightly and then you feel something draped over your right wrist. Your guest presses both thumbs against the center of your wrist and runs them down the sides. He smooths what feels like a piece of cloth about 2″ wide. You try to adjust your arm slightly and are surprised your wrist is pinned to the desk. Suddenly the clues fall into place and the shock of the answer paralyzes you. Your right wrist was just duct taped to your desk!

By the time the shock has worn off he’s applied three pieces of tape to each arm securing both of your forearms to the top of your desk. “That’s a good start. As things progress we’ll see if I have to secure your legs as well.” You can’t decide if you’re more nervous or excited. As if he read your mind he says “Let’s see how the simmering is coming along”. He steps back away from you and runs his hand up the back of your right leg, across your panty covered ass and down to your hot, wet crotch.

While cupping your pussy in the palm of his hand he says “Oh you’re at a low boil. Very nice. So you really don’t need these anymore.” He slides his hands under your dress, hooks his thumbs in the sides of your panties and pulls them down your legs. You lift each foot without even being asked as he says “These make an excellent gag but until you prove you need one I think they’ll make a better blindfold.”

He slips your underwear over your head until it’s snug and then folds the material back over itself a couple of times. “Good thing you didn’t wear a thong today. The only possible use for it would have been a gag.”

Once the “blindfold” is in place he asks “Can you see anything?” You shake your head from side to side. “You’re allowed to talk you know. I’ll only have to gag you if you start to make too much noise. Of course if you don’t mind your coworkers barging in, finding you duct taped to your desk and being fucked by a total stranger I’m happy to pass on a gag all together. As a matter of fact we’ll make that the next rule. When I ask you a question answer it immediately or there will be consequences. Do you understand?”

You start nodding your head up and down. Before the second down a loud CRACK fills your office and you feel a hard slap on your right ass cheek. You immediately yelp “Yes!”.

“Is that yes you understand or yes you like having your ass spanked? Or both?” Before besiktas escort you can answer he bends down and sniffs the top of your head. “What brand of shampoo do you use? It makes your hair smell great, just like an aroused pussy.” You let out a small chuckle. “See this can be fun” and then he slaps each of your ass cheeks hard again. “You forgot to answer the last two questions. I’m beginning to think you like having your ass spanked. Let me just slide your pretty dress up so that the next one is skin on skin.”

You feel his hands touch your ass and then slide down your outer thighs until he reaches the hem of your dress. They slip under the fabric for the second time and come back up taking your dress with them. The soft slow touch of the dress easing up the back of your legs is a teasing agony. When his hands reach your ass they give each cheek a gentle squeeze. “Oh that looks nice and feels better. Yoga? Pilates? Just good genes?” and another squeeze of each cheek. A momentary pause and then he bites your right cheek. “What part of when I ask you a question answer it immediately don’t you understand?”

“I’m sorry, I’m feeling a bit distracted.” Then you hesitantly ask, “Who are you?”

“Who I am is unimportant. What I am is the real question you should be asking. New kinky co-worker? Secret admirer? Sociopath?”

You ask “So what are you?” as your mind races through the short list of choices he provided trying to decide which would you actually prefer.

“Ever hear of Candygrams? Or Strip-o-Grams?”

As he lifts a hand you break out of your own thoughts and reply “Yes. But I thought the last one was a joke.”

He gently place his hand back on your ass “Oh they’re real and so am I. I’m a Fuck-o-Gram. Someone hired me to come here, fuck you and then deliver a message.”


Your mind becomes a blur of activity. You’re caught off guard at the disappointed that he isn’t a new co-worker or secret admirer. Getting fucked on a regular basis again would have been just what the doctor ordered. You’re completely surprised how easily you’ve accepted a stranger is going to fuck you on your desk because someone paid him to do it. But who in their right mind would have done this? Who would have hired someone to break into your office and fuck you?

“It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it. Pays the bills and honestly it’s a pretty fun gig. No two jobs are the same and every one ends with a bang. Or two. Or three. Get it, a bang?”

Suddenly it dawns on you that all you have to do is tell him to stop. It doesn’t matter that someone paid him to come here, he can’t fuck you unless you give him permission. Without that it’s rape and he’d go to jail for a long, long time. Hell, what he’s done up to this point could probably get him arrested. You realize that no matter what he’s said or done you have the power. Just as quickly you choose to surrender most of that power and let this complete stranger do his job.

“No but I think I’m going to” you say with a grin. Tension you didn’t even realize you were holding in your body fades away.

He clearly senses the change “There we go. Now there’s just one formality before we begin.” He places something on your desk. “For the record please state you willingly accept delivery of message 382563 and the special delivery instructions the sender included.”

For the first time since being secured to your desk you move, leaning back and pushing your ass against your messenger’s thighs, “I willingly accept delivery of message 382563 and its delivery instructions from…” your voice trails off asking a question.

As he pushes back, you feel his hard cock pressing against you. “You can call me John. John Doe if you want to play doctor and get poked and probed. John Smith if I could be almost anyone. The janitor. The mailman. The pizza delivery guy. John Q. Public if you wish there was more than one of me, in here, fucking you.”

In for a penny in for a pound you think. “John Smith? That sounds familiar. Oh I remember. Our normal janitor was out last week and the temp service sent a fill in. I’m pretty sure his name was John Smith and I’m very sure that every time I saw him he was checking out every woman near him. I’m flattered that out of all the women that work here you picked me.”

You can almost hear his smile, “Really? You noticed me? And I thought I was being so careful and clever. But you shouldn’t be surprised I picked you. You’re exactly my type. I’ve always had a thing for older women. These days it’s women in their 40s. I’ve also always been a breast man.”

You feel his hands as they slide back under your dress and continue to slide it up your body. When he reaches your chest he cups a breast in each hand and gently squeezes, “And these babies are in my humble opinion some of the best one’s in your entire office.” He lightly pinches and rolls your nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and you can’t help but moan. “They looked good and feel great.” şişli escort He leans over and whispers in your right ear “Well they feel great in my hands. I wonder how they’d feel wrapped around my cock.” You moan again as he grinds his hips into your ass.

He releases you breasts and stands back up, sliding his hands back down to your waist. “And over time I’ve become an ass man.” He grips and begins massaging a cheek with each hand. “The more time I spent fucking women from behind, the more enamored I became of their behinds and the more ways I found for both of us to enjoy them. I hope both of us will get a chance to enjoy your spectacular ass.”

“Sometimes they just need a good squeeze.” He puts his words into action and you can feel each finger on both hands firmly gripping the flesh of your ass. “This comes in handy when it’s getting pretty rough or when you’re hanging on for dear life as one or both of us are cumming really hard. It’s also useful for making a little space between the cheeks.” Again he follows his words and you feel your ass spread slightly. You feel him move and while you’re trying to figure out where this is going you feel the unmistakable touch of a tongue in the space between your pussy and your ass. He starts licking up, further and further into the gap between your cheeks. You clench your ass but his grip is so firm that all you do is contract and flex your sphincter. His tongue continues its journey and the feeling of it passing over your asshole is surprisingly pleasant. You immediately relax your ass.

“Well that’s interesting. At first I was pretty sure your ass was one way only but now I’m thinking the other lane might just be under construction. Since it seems the jury is still out and you picked John Smith we’ll leave the workmen to their job. But if you had picked John Doe or John Q. Public we’d be opening that second lane up pretty quick. It’s not too late to change. Still want Mr. Smith?”

Before he licked your ass the answer would have been easy but the surprisingly arousing feeling has you reconsidering your decision. Then you remember just how long it’s been since you had a good fucking and decide to stick with John Smith. Before you share your answer you feel a hard smack on your ass. “Sorry that was sort of a setup. I knew it would take you a second or two to decide and then I’d be able to use your breaking of a rule to illustrate another fun thing to do with an ass.

You can spank them hard.” CRACK “Or you can spank them soft.” SLAP “Or you can just sort of rub them all over.”

Just the words describing the things he’d like to do you was arousing enough but as he continues to demonstrate each thing he’s saying you’re nearly overwhelmed by a burning desire and need to be sexually satisfied. You can feel him rubbing and caressing your ass. Feel both hands, palms flush, sliding from the bottom of each cheek to the top. His thumbs slide up the middle of your ass just like they slid up the middle of your pussy. When they brush your asshole a jolt runs from there back down to your pussy. You’re almost disappointed as his hands reach the top of your ass, glide over your hips and down to the top of your thighs. He moves again and you feel a gentle kiss on the same spot he spanked hard before.

A tangible silence hangs in the room. You’re the first to speak, “Is that it?”

He moves back against you, leans over and whispers in your ear, “Do you want that to be it?” You know you don’t but part of you is afraid to say so. As you work up the courage to finally answer he asks “Do you remember what my job is?”

“Yes” you reply in your own whisper.

“Can you tell me what my job is?”

“You deliver Fuck-o-Grams”.

“Gold star for the sexy student. I take great pride in my job and make a sincere effort to offer customer service and satisfaction. Do you know what the most important part of each delivery is? It’s the fuck. And since you haven’t been fucked yet the answer is no, that’s not it.” You breathe a sigh of relief mingled with excitement.

“I was just taking a moment to admire the very attractive female form stretched out on the desk in front of me. I wasn’t joking or making empty compliments when I said I found you very attractive. Your smile is captivating, your tits are devastating, your curves are enchanting and now that I’ve seen and touched your luscious pussy and ass I feel like a kid in a candy store. I really can’t decide what to do next. Well I take that back, I know what I need to do next for me I just don’t know what I should do next to you.”

He steps back and you hear a zipper and other sounds that make it clear you’re no longer the only mostly naked person in the room. “Ah, much better. Things were getting a little cramped in there.”

After two sudden spanks on your ass “You missed a couple of answers” he steps forward again and you feel the unmistakable sensation of skin on skin as the front of his thighs touch the back of yours. Then you feel something smooth, hard and hot laying on the crack of your ass. You know what it is but for some reason the image that comes to mind is a hot dog in a bun and a jingle from your childhood comes unbidden to your mind. You wiggle your ass a bit, causing the “hot dog” to slip a bit deeper into the bun, and then singing in a hushed voice.

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