I had a job to help with expenses while I went to college. I managed to get a job at a new department store they had built only a few months earlier and I was excited to start. For one thing they paid more than minimum wage, which was something new to me, and I just couldn’t believe that I would hate this job more than I did my previous one and I was right. The job got mundane sometimes but all my co-workers were great, even my supervisor. Everybody, at least in the department I worked in, got along which made my job easier and of course most of the girls working with me were hot.

One in particular who I found really attractive was Rosario. She was about 5’5″, brunette, and a tight body. She was incredibly fun too and I became good friends with her along with everyone else. At least once a month most of us would go to someone’s house and just drink and have fun. If Rosario was fun sober, once she got some alcohol in her she was a fucking blast.

Most of us were actually not old enough to drink legally but the older co-workers bought all the booze for us. Its not like we were fourteen, all of us were at least 18 and those of us who were sober enough to know better would never let anyone who we thought was drunk drive home no matter how much they protested.

I was usually one of those people. I was never much of a drinker even back then. I mostly drank enough to get a buzz and that was it. I still lived at home while I went to college and I did not want to deal with the problems that coming home drunk would bring. The couple of times I just drank too much I managed to sleep over and just headed home in the morning, which was better than being drunk. Rosario just got wasted every time and it didn’t matter to her even though she lived at home too.

We had all gone to Chris’ apartment, not our first choice since we had to be quieter so the neighbors don’t call the cops, but these nights were always fun. This night was typical, a movie was playing no one was paying attention to, everyone had some booze in their hand and we were all remember stupid shit that we had heard of or even experienced. It wasn’t long before everyone was buzzed and the first drunks appeared. Rosario was among them.

“You know,” she began to say to the whole room, “I really love you guys. I would have probably quit long ago if it wasn’t for you.” Her balance was off and I caught her as she stumbled. “And you, thanks for being so big, you can reach the things on the top shelves so I don’t have to reach. You even brought me down when I got stuck” She had once climbed the shelves in the stock room to bring down some merchandise but was unable to climb down. I grabbed the ladder and positioned myself so she could climb onto my back and I could bring her down. “You are my hero.”

“How wasted are you?” I asked.

“Not at all, why?”

“Yeah sure, where are your keys? You’re not driving home.”

“Wait, no… I need to go home, I got shit to do tomorrow.”

I didn’t listen and headed towards her purse and grabbed her keys out of it.

“No, what are you doing, I need to head home soon.”

“You will, in the morning. She can crash here right Chris?”

“Yeah, and I doubt she’ll be the only one, Eric looks pretty tipsy himself.”

“Hey, I’m doing fine, I just need a few hours to sober up and I’ll be fine.” Answered Eric as he supported himself on the wall.

“We’ll see,” I said, “but Rosario is staying here for sure. No fucking way your getting on the road like that.”

“Who are you, my mother? Now give me the keys before I take them.”

“Just try,” I said as I lifted them up above my head where she could not reach.

She jumped up but she couldn’t even get close. She grabbed my arm holding the keys and hung on trying to bring it down, but I was strong enough to carry her. She eventually fell on the ground and lay there laughing. She was drunk off her ass.

“You can’t do anything to give you your keys when you’re like this.” I said.

Still laughing she responded. “What if I promise to have sex with you?”

“WHAT!!” was the collective reaction followed by laughter. This was not unlike Rosario, she often says things she knows will freak people out just to see their reactions, but still, nobody expected those words to come out of her mouth.

“Well, it’s tempting, but I’ll have to refuse right now.”

“What? Why?” She almost seemed mad at me that I had refused her.

She didn’t really give me a chance to answer because she immediately rushed to the bathroom and threw up. I was actually amazed she made it to the bathroom before she threw up especially considering we were taking shots of tequila and she had taken much more than me and I was more than twice her size. Immediately a couple of the girls went in and helped her with her hair. Eventually I went in as well to check on her. She was sitting on the edge of the tub with Jen and Crystal on each side helping her out. She looked up and saw me.

“Ok, that sobered me up I can drive now.” She put out her hands.

“Is the offer of sex still on the table?”

“Of mecidiyeköy escortları course.”

“Sorry, but no.”

“Damn it, why? Do you find me ugly or something?”

“Oh no far from it.”

“Then come on and fuck me already so I can get my keys.”

Jen and Crystal looked away from what Rosario was saying. “Can you give me a minute alone with her?” I asked them.

“Is that all you need,” asked Jen.

“Oh, come on, give me more credit than that. Leave the door open but let me talk to her alone ok.”

“Fine, but don’t take advantage of her like this.”

“Thought never crossed my mind.” Jen and Crystal left the bathroom but I could tell they stood close by outside. “Are you really ok?”

“Of course.” She was not convincing at all.

I sat down next to her and looked closely at her. The signs of someone that was drunk were there. “You don’t look ok.”

“Just give me my keys I need to go.”

“No, not even if I get to have sex with you I won’t give them up to you.”

“Fuck, why not?”

“I’d rather know for a fact that you are going to be safe tonight than risk that and fuck you.”

“Come on, There will be almost no one on the road, I’ll be fine.”

“I’d rather be safe, I really rather not risk it.”

She didn’t respond and instead threw up again in the toilet. I pulled her hair back and rubbed her back. I picked her up and turned on the faucet and splashed some cold water on her face. She eventually started doing it herself. I grabbed a towel and dried her off and we sat back down on the edges of the tub. She put her head on my shoulder and took a deep breath.

“You shouldn’t have had so many shots.”

“Probably but where would be the fun in that?”

“Do you really need to go home?”


“Well, I’ll take you home in my car that’s the only way I’ll let you go home.”

“But how am I going to get my car back?”

“If it means getting you home safe, call me tomorrow whenever your ready and I’ll drive you back here for your car.”

“That’s too far.”

“Well, then you’ll stay here.”

“Fine, I’ll do it then.”

“That’s my girl.”

“Fuck you, don’t baby me.”

She was actually falling asleep on me.

“Give me a while to make sure I am sober enough to drive myself, and I’ll take you home.”

“Ok, thanks.”

It didn’t take long before I felt good enough to drive but Eric put me through a makeshift sobriety test and I passed, but then again he was drunk off his ass too so I might not have, but I was still the best choice to drive her home. I helped her to my truck but she was stumbling so I just picked her up in my arms and carried her the rest of the way. She surprisingly didn’t complain.

Her house was about 15 minutes away and she seemed to doze off for about ten of those minutes before she woke up and started to talk.

“Are we almost there?”

“Yeah, please don’t throw up in my truck.”

“Don’t worry, I just feel tired otherwise I’m good.”

“Good to hear, you know you worry me sometimes when you drink so much.”

“Don’t, I can handle it.”

“I think the toilet would disagree.”

“Hey, why didn’t you accept the sex offer?”

“I told you, I’d rather see you safe.”

“Don’t you want to have sex with me?”

“I wouldn’t mind.”

“Well, I would have fucked you, you missed an opportunity.”

“I don’t want to have sex with you like this.”

“All I need is a breath mint.”

“No, its that your drunk and don’t know what your saying.”

“Yes I do.”

“Well, you say that, but not sure I believe you. I never want to be a regret for someone so I’d rather wait for you to make the offer while your sober. Besides, you can’t handle what I got to give you in this condition, you need to be 100%.”

She laughed, “Promise?”

“Promise what?”

“That if I’m horny when I am sober and offer you a booty call, you’ll accept.”

I laughed at the question but managed to say an “I promise,” between laughs. I pulled up to her house and went around to let her out. I helped her to her door and gave her keys to open the door. She was still stumbling so I went in to help her in. I led her by the arm making sure she did not fall and into her room. I was really hoping I didn’t wake up her mom. It was very dark in her room but I managed to get her to her bed.

“You okay now?”

“Yeah, thanks sweetie, I am really lucky to have you around.”


She hugged me and then began to undress right in front of me. It was much too dark for me to see anything though and she climbed into her bed and threw the covers over her self. I made she was tucked in and kissed her on the forehead. I left quietly making sure I didn’t wake her mom and headed home.

Morning came and I slowly got up a little groggy from what I had the previous night but nothing to bad. I looked at my cell phone, which was blinking notifying me I had a text message. I opened the message and it was from Rosario.

“Thanx 4 last nite, call etiler escort me when you get this so we can go get my car and I’ll treat you to breakfast.” I got in the shower first and got ready before I called her.

“Hey, how’d you sleep?” she answered.

“Pretty good, it was the waking up that wasn’t as good.”

“You can imagine what it was like for me.”

“Yeah, how are you by the way.”

“Good, been up for a couple of hours and I took lots of aspirin.”

“Glad to hear it. Did you brush your teeth too?”

“Of course, but I can still taste the tequila.”

“So do I.”

“So, you coming over?”

“Yeah, be there soon. Oh, and didn’t you say you had something to do this morning which is why you had to go home?”

“Did I?”


“Don’t remember that part.” I laughed knowing that it was a little surprising that she remembered I was the one that took her home. “Anyways, I’ll see you here and thanks again for last night.”

“Don’t mention it. Be there soon.”

I hung up and headed out to my truck. I arrived and rang her doorbell. She answered the door dressed in a tight shirt and jeans.


“Hey, you ready to go pick up your car?”

“Yeah, and thanks again.” She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck. I bent down so she could give me the hug. “What would I have done without you?”

“Probably something stupid.”

She laughed and let go and I led her to my truck. I opened the door for her and we headed back over to Chris’s. When we found her car where she had parked it the night before but the car of Eric and Crystal were still there obviously they had done more drinking after I had taken Rosario home. We went to the door and rang the bell and Chris answered with bloodshot eyes.

“Hey guys,” he said obviously still not fully awake, “You here for the car right?”

“Yeah, we could have just taken it without telling you and have you assume it was stolen or something.” I said.

“Good thing you didn’t, it was hard enough to wake up,” answered Chris.

Rosario reached in her bag and pulled out some eye drops. “Here you go, these worked for me.”

“Thanks.” He led us in and he used the eye drops then handed them back to Rosario. They looked to the couch and saw Eric passed out on the couch with a bucket next to him and it wasn’t empty.

“Where’s Crystal?” I asked.

“Out like a light on my bed. I slept on the floor out here and let her have it. You know she can’t handle her alcohol. You guys want something to eat?”

“No thanks, we’re gonna go grab some breakfast right now.” Answered Rosario.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, but thanks, besides, we should let them sleep.”

“Screw them, that should teach them too drink so much.”

“Its ok man, don’t want to eat up your food. We’ll see you at work.” I said.

We left and Rosario got in her car. She asked me to follow her because she knew a great place for breakfast close by her house. We arrived at a diner and ordered our food and waited at a booth in the corner.

“So, did you drink enough to get a hangover?” she asked.


“Damn you. I swear I am going to get you drunk one of these days. I really want to see what you’d be like.”

“What are you going to do, tie me up and force whiskey down my throat with a tube?”

“If that’s what it takes.”

She laughed along with me. “Good luck with that plan. I’ve already seen what you’re like drunk and I wouldn’t actually miss it much.”


“You really worried me last night, as well as many other nights where you just got carried away and drank too much.”

“Oh come on it wasn’t that bad. You worry too much.”

“Look, I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you alright, whether its cause you were dumb enough to drive while your wasted or whether your liver gives out.”

“Are you always so protective of your friends?”

“Yeah kind of. If it was a guy though I would just kick his ass to get it through their thick heads but then again being a guy I guess I am just more protective of my female friends.”

“Aww, how sweet. I’ll promise to try to cut down a little, but only a little.”

“Yeah sure.”

“I will, I am getting tired of the hangovers anyways.”

“Plus the hazy memories. Believe me its more fun when you remember clearly all the stupid things people say and do while drunk.”

“Are some of those things stuff I did?”

“Yeah, actually, but you’re more than fun enough while sober.”

Our food came and we began to eat as we continued our conversation. “You know, I am not as forgetful as you think. I remember the promise you made me.”

I choked on my hash browns just a bit. “You were serious? I thought it was just drunken talk.”

“It was, but I meant it.” I was getting nervous. I never felt so nervous around her before. She noticed it too but decided to rub her foot on my leg anyways. “You’re getting nervous aren’t you?”

“Well yeah.”

“What was all that talk about needing me to be 100% to handle what şişli escort you got.”

“I meant that, its just I didn’t think you were serious.” She looked deep into my eyes and I stared back. I had always thought that she was hot, but the look that she was giving me was very erotic. “You really want to have sex with me?”


“I might regret asking this later, but why?”

“Because, You’re tall, handsome, and just the fact that you have always been a complete gentleman to me and really care about me turns me on.”

“There must have been someone else that has treated you like me.”

“Yeah, but you were always my friend first and never really made an attempt to get in my pants, I knew all the compliments you gave me were sincere.”

“Well, I…”

“Don’t worry, I still want you as a friend, but I want to be friends with benefits.” I was trying to comprehend what she had told me. “Are you okay?”

“Just trying to accept what happened. It’s a little hard to get my mind around the fact of how lucky I could be.”

“Great, so you know, my mom isn’t home right now.”

I got her drift and we left with still a lot of food on our plates. We both raced to her house and were lucky that we didn’t come across any cops on the road. She ran into her house with me close behind. She closed the door and jumped in my arms. I picked her off the floor as she attacked my lips and slipped her tongue in my mouth. I slowly walked over to her room with our mouths locked together. I fell on her bed with her on top. She immediately took off my shirt and ran her nails across my chest driving me crazy. She stripped off her shirt and tossed it aside. Her bra cupped her breasts so nicely that I my hands wanted to experience the same.

I reached up and cupped her breasts. She then grabbed my hands and made me squeeze her tits hard. “Don’t hold back, I like it when a guy is rough,” she said. I just smiled and used he tits to bring her closer and kissed her on the lips. My hands reached around and unclasped her bra. She reached between us and tossed the bra aside. I kissed down her neck and then onto her breasts. I kissed and licked her nipples and then started nibbling on them. Her squeals told me she liked it. I switched to her other breast and did the same. I was driving her wild and she finally pushed me away when I still had her nipple between my teeth. This cause me to pull hard on her nipple and she gave an “ouch”. Her smile told me it wasn’t a bad “ouch”. She quickly went for my built and pulled off my pants with my boxers. She looked onto my hard cock pointed proudly upward.

“Ooh, nice.”

“Obviously I have no complaints of what I’ve seen of you either.”

She grabbed hold and stroked my cock up and down. She stared at it so hard that I didn’t know if the pleasure was coming from her hand or her eyes. She then dipped her head and pulled me into her mouth. Her tongue worked wonders on my cock as I desperately resisted the urge to climax. I had promised her an experience that would require all her energy and I was determined to deliver. She then began to lightly play with my balls and I knew I had to make her stop. I pulled her head up and tossed her on the bed. I tried to take off her jeans but they were tight on her and I wondered how she moved in them. She laughed and helped me out and I finally got them off. She was wearing no panties, which explained how well she looked in those jeans.

She spread her legs giving me a full view of her wet pink pussy. My mouth watered despite the cottonmouth the alcohol had given me, but the pussy juice I would soon have my tongue on would have cured that anyways. I knelt down beside the bed and she put her legs over my shoulders. I moved my hands up and down those silky legs and she tried drawing me in with them. She didn’t want me to tease her, but I decided to anyways. I kissed the inside of her thighs tenderly and when it looked like I was finally going to where she wanted me I went higher and kissed her navel.

“Damn it, don’t do this to me!”

I finally gave her what she wanted as my tongue went out and licked her clit. I guess I caught her off guard because she suddenly jumped and tensed up. I continued my assault as I licked and eventually sucked on her clit. She ran her hand through my hair and wrapped her legs tightly around my head so I could concentrate on her burning pussy. I managed to get my hand up and inserted a finger into her scorching box. That was all she needed as she climaxed and squeezed my head tighter. She I could barely hear because of her legs around my head but apparently she’s a screamer.

When she finally released my head she just laid there totally relaxed and a smile on her face. I was proud of my work, but I was far from done. I kissed up her belly and between her breasts and onto her lips. She kissed back and gave me that erotic look again. She reached down and took my cock in her hand and pointed it to its target. I went in slowly as I parted her pussy lips and plunged deeper into her. When I went in as deep as I could I just stopped and let my cock roast in the fire of her most inner regions. She did not le me stew inside her long. She grabbed hold of my ass and tried to force me further in which was impossible. I started my stroke at a steady pace, but it was obvious that was not what she wanted.

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