Ben and the boy Jacobs


Ben and the boy JacobsBen & the boy JacobsFor Ben- the inspirationIt was the usual mad scrum between classes, the corridors heaving with asea of schoolboys, “You’re not Usain Bolt, Jenkins.” and “tie, Phillips”. Jostling, obliviousto we wretched masters who were also struggling to get to our classes.Everything then, was absolutely as it always was and to this day I ‘m notsure what I noticed, if indeed I noticed anything at all, and why it stayedin my mind as it did. Ahead of me, his books an untidy jumble under hisarm, was the new teacher Ben. He had started the term before and to acertain extent I had taken him under my wing. We had several sharedinterests, including cricket, and as he was one of the few masters under150, we would often have a drink, or two in one of our studies at the endof the day.He was obviously off to form 3, he had the worried look that all mastershad when required to teach form 3; A small boy dashed out of a class roomand almost crashed into him. They managed to avoid each other and by thetime the boy reached me he had slowed to a walk and was grinning broadly.”Steady there Jacobs, I’m sure Mr Schwarz, doesn’t want to be spread-eagledby you.””Yes, sir, sorry sir” and Jacobs went on his way.. He was an attractivec***d, bright, always cheerful and with a smile that lit up one’sday. There are some boys not made of” snips and snails and puppydogstails”; but not many.For some reason, perhaps the winning smile that Jacobs gave me, thisutterly inconsequential event seemed to stick in my mind, and I wasreminded of it the next week when coaching the younger boys in the nets. Iwas coaching the batsmen while Ben had the unenviable task of teaching theart of bowling. Young Jacobs, immaculate Escort in his white flannels, was tryingto bowl far too fast for his young body to support. Ben came over to him:”get your left arm right up, right up like this,” he stood behind him andraised Jacobs’ arm as high as it would go,” and now look over your arm downat the batsmen. Like this. “At that he lowered his head so that it was nextto Jacobs’ and cheek to cheek they looked down the nets.They saw me watching them and they saw that I had seen something .There wasa closeness there that was unmistakeable. The demonstration over, Jacobswalked back blushing furiously while Ben came up to me.”k**s, they’ll neverlearn to get their arms up high enough.” He may have convinced himself. Hehadn’t convinced me that there was nothing going on.That evening, just before boy’s supper I thought I would have a word withBen; he was a new teacher and it isn’t unheard for teachers to get perhapsa little too close to students. Nothing more than that.As I entered his room it was clear that there was quite a bit more thanthat. Ben & Jacobs were sitting side by side on a sofa with its back to thedoor. I could see nothing, but the clear disarray and chaos caused by myentry told me that something had been going on.”I’ve just been going through Jacob’s prep with him.”I could see, by the small tent in Jacobs’ trousers and Ben’s half openedzip that my arrival had been too late, but I tried to appear nonchalanteven though I could feel myself stirring.”Perhaps you had better finish.” I felt my voice grow hoarse as I continued” I’m sure Jacobs won’t mind, and judging by your state of dishabille itlooks as if you would have no objection. I take it you wouldn’t mind Escort Bayan if Istayed Jacobs?”He was bright red, his cheeks enflamed and his lips so pink and engorgedthat it was all I could do not to kiss him myself.”Well carry on.”The young boy’s hand stretched out and slowly slipped into Ben’strousers. He removed a glistening cut cock that was growing in hisgrasp. Its streamlined head now pointing hard out was the colour of Jacobs’lips, and as I watched, my own cock now hard in my trousers, Jacobs loweredhis head and wrapped his succulent lips around Ben’s cock. I didn’t know inwhose shoes I would rather be, either sucking on that gorgeous prick thatwas even now pushing its way deeper into the boy’s mouth or to have my owncock between those rich sweet lips, to feel his tongue search out my ownpiss slit and run over my swollen head.Ben’s eyes were closed, he was lost in a world of his own delirious making,but I saw Jacobs look up at me as he moved his mouth over the deliciouscock. It was clear he read me like a book, for with his left hand he undidthe zip on his white flannels and revealed his own prick If Ben’s cock wasall that I could have desired in a man’s, and it certainly was, Jacob’s putsimply the most beautiful boy’s prick I had ever seen. Straight and hard,the rounded head the colour of strawberries and cream, perhaps 4 or even 5″long and with the first few curls of soft pubic hair at the base. Hisfingers moved up and down the slim shaft all the while he was looking atme. He was wanking as much for my delight as his own.I could bear it no longer; much as I would have liked to join them I knewthat this was, for Ben at least, a private encounter, perhaps even a loveaffair; nevertheless Bayan Escort my cock needed to feel the air, to feel my handwrapped around. And I quickly took it from my trouser and began to strokeit as I watched over them.Ben opened his eyes and seeing what was happening leant forward and tookJacob’s darling young cock between his fingers and lifted it towards hislips, The boy flinched as Ben’s tongue tasted at his head, darted into thesmall piss slit already leaking sweet precum. I could see Ben’s tonguerunning gently down the small purple vein beneath the cock, kissing theboy’s small sac. With one hand he ran his fingers under the sack. A furthergasp told me that he had found the boy’s hole and was even now pinching andnipping at that most secret sweetest hole.Jacobs grasped Ben’s cock and began to wank it furiously. I could see thehead grow and the delicious slit open up. My own too was coming close toclimax as I stood over them; to have tasted either of their sweet cums wasso tempting, to have felt their hot spurts upon my face just as much so,but even as I bent forward it was too late. A spurt burst from Ben’s cockand then another and another; a moment after and the boy buckled as he cameinto Ben’s mouth. Ben fell back as the boy finished his orgasm and I waslucky enough to see the final jet slip out of his cock and hang on thelivid cock head. It was the work of an instant to scoop it from there andslip into my mouth. It was the sweetest nectar and as I tasted it I beganto cum and jet after jet of pent up lust poured from my cock to landbetween the three of us.There seemed to be a huge collective sigh from the three of us and then themost extraordinary and wonderful thing happened.Young Jacobs stood up, his cock, that beautiful pretty cock hanging halfhard and almost comically from his flannels, and he kissed me on thelips. No tongues, but a hard long kiss.It is that kiss, almost more than anything else that I took with me to mybed.

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