Being Her Bitch

Being Her Bitch
It seems I had met this lady from the internet. We had talked a lot about different sexual things and let each other in pretty far, an uncommon thing for both of us. She had told me a few of her fantasy and I had told her a few of mine.

Finally we decided to meet. I went to her house, which wasn’t a far drive to see how well we would get along and if we were as attacked to each other as we thought we were on the computer.

We hit it off immediately. She just couldn’t quit staring at me or me at her. We talked for a bit and went to eat. The night ended with a hot secession of making out, that we both enjoyed.

I noticed the way she kept looking at me and how I always felt like she was a hunter and I was the game she was after. That thought had kind of left my mind until one night when we were together. This is the story of that night.

I had come over to her house and we were making out as normal. She suggested that we go into the bed room. We had gotten in the bedroom and we were undressing each other. She told me she wanted to play a game. Which as you can guess any male with hormones going full blast would just think was cool. I ask her what she wanted of me.

She told me to get on my knees at the end of the bed. So I complied and was on all fours wondering just where this was going. She pulled out a piece of rope and tied my hands to my legs. A position I found that I had little movement but would let me straighten out my back somewhat. She came around behind me and started tickling my balls and my ass. I got hard almost immediately. I had never had anyone play with my ass before and did not realize just how good it felt. This went on for about ten minutes. All the while she was telling me she wanted to fuck me. I was getting a bit nervous cause I had always dreamed about being taken by a woman. I just wasn’t sure my body could cash the checks that my mind was writing.

I was really getting into her playing with my ass and balls when we heard a knock at the door. I was thinking holy shit someone is here and here I am tied on this woman’s bed. As she got up to go to the door I thought I heard her mumble something like, “Right on time”. She was gone for what seemed like an eternity. When she returned there was a man with her. He too was naked, with a very large cock hanging down that was still in its soft stage. I had to be over six inches long and still soft.

He said, ” This is the bitch you wanna turn out. He doesn’t look like much to me. Hey boy are you a good cock sucker?”

I didn’t answer, my thoughts were running in overdrive. Here I am tied up like I had a choice what was going to happen to me. I saw a look of lust in both of there eyes. I was starting to get scared and had lost my hardon. Which she noticed and made a comment on.

“I think this piece of meat is getting scared, thinking what we are going to do to him. So tell me meat, are you a good cock sucker?” she said.

I just kneeled there and didn’t answer.


She had hit me twice on my up turned ass before I knew what had happened. The pain was running thru my body making me aware that I was about to be ****d and there was nothing I was going to be able to do about it.

She yelled, “Answer me bitch, you know you are not quite my bitch yet but by the end of the night you will be.”

I said, “I’m sorry but I don’t want this, I have changed my mind and I cant go thru with it.”

“Well too late now bitch we are going to take turns using you as we see fit. Now answer the fucking question.” She said.

“I have never sucked a cock and I don’t want to learn how to. So let me fucking go, RIGHT NOW!” I said as I struggled to get loose from my bonds.

“Too fucking bad, Ron here wants you to suck his cock. You will either do it or I’m calling a few more friends over and they will all fuck you till you need an ambulance to haul you off. If you bite him I will make the call too, so you better do as you are told and play along or it will be ten times worse.” She told me.

Ron came around to the other side of the bed with his dick just inches from my face. I could smell the musky smell of a man in front of me. She told me stick out my tongue and run it up and down his cock.

I was licking this huge piece of meat in front of me and it kept getting bigger. I was thinking, “My god that will not even fit in my mouth.” I was feeling it pulse with my licking and getting bigger by the second. As it got harder it started pointing up away from his body and I could feel precum on the side of my face. Then it happened.

She had gotten behind me and put on a strap-on dildo. I could feel her position herself behind me and start to push the head in. My god it felt huge, and by luck she had used some lube on it. I could feeling her pushing get stronger until the head popped in. I let out a scream in pain. She said put that cock in his mouth and shut him the hell up. I had tears forming in the corners of my eyes as I felt this huge piece of meat being shoved into my mouth.

I thought, “Damn my mouth is already full and I just have the head in there.” I was breathing hard thru my nose as I sucked this cock before me and felt her pushing every inch of the dildo up my ass. It wasn’t until I felt her thighs against me that I realized that she was all the way in. This dick in my ass seemed huge. It was at least 10″ long and 2″ thick.

I heard her say, “Ok bitch here we go. You better hang on for the ride of your life.” She began pulling the huge tool out of my ass, til just the head was left in. My god I felt empty when she did that. My ass was screaming like it was on fire. I was trying to scream but nothing was coming out other than a muffled scream because of this huge cock in my mouth. He told me I better get used to his dick cause by the end of the night I would be able to take him all into my mouth and throat.

She plunged that dildo hard into my ass which caused me to go forward and take more of his cock in my mouth. I started to gag as his cock hit the back of my throat. An act that cause me to start produce more spit and slobber all over his cock. I could here him laughing above me, “Hum, I think he will make a great cock sucker, now relax babe as we try the whole thing.”

He pulled his cock back out of my mouth and rammed it back in as far as he could. I could feel my throat muscles tighten around him as I was gagging and couldn’t breath. He just left his cock there until I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. He pulled out momentarily so that I could get a quick breath of air before ramming it home again.

I had tears running down my face as my ass was ****d and some man was ruthlessly fucking my face. I thought I was going to die, actually I was hoping I would die. I could feel this cock in my throat getting bigger and I knew what was cumming. He said, “Here bitch I’m going to cum and I want to blow it all over your face.” He pulled his cock out just as the first shots were coming out. It was so hot it felt as though it was burning my face. After about the six or seventh shot he told me to clean him up. He placed his cock back in my mouth, which was going soft by now. I worked my mouth up and down his tool to clean it the best I could.

When he thought I had it clean enough he pulled it out. He told her thank you for the great blow job, “This bitch can really suck a dick.” I felt her unsnap something, which I found out later was the straps on her strap on. She gave him a big kiss and was walking him to the door. On her way out she turn and told me, “Don’t move a muscle bitch cause I aint done with you yet!”

She came back into the room and pushed me on my back. So here I lay with a big dildo suck up my ass and my hands tied to my knees. She grabbed my cock, which by the way was hard as stone and the dildo in my ass. She started working that dildo back in and out of my sore fucked ass as she worked my cock up and down.

“Humm slut I think you really enjoyed being our bitch didn’t ya. You can’t lie cause you cock is telling me you loved being fucked and used.” She said.

I could feel myself getting close to cumming as the dildo in my ass was massaging my prostrate. I begged her to please let me cum since I was just on the verge. Next thing I felt was her lips going around my cock as I started shooting my load. She sucked me with a vengeance as my cock finally stopped jerking and cumming.

She came up to my face and bent down to kiss me. As our lips met she pushed my load of cum into my own mouth and ordered me to swallow. Which I did.

She said, “Damn you look like a slut that has been rode hard, as she got up from the bed next thing I remember is a big flash as she was taking pictures of me with dried cum and tears on my face as well as this big dildo sticking out of my ass.

“You are my bitch from now on, you understand?” she asked.

I just lowered my head in shame and said, “yes mistress.”

She told me, “Next I think I will get one of my girlfriends to come over and we will do you with strap-ons from both ends…and guess what bitch, strap-on’s never go soft.” That is a story for another time.

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