Being Adonis for My Baby …


“Standing there like Adonis, I simply cannot resist you, I love you to death and ever more, you are my rich and I am the poor, but more the better because I have you, you make me feel so rich and wonderful, Baby, be Adonis for me, stand there with your strong thighs apart reveal your all, whilst I pamper and admire you, crouched before you on my wooden milking stool.”

In my mind Louise is the richness I seek in just the person she is, and me? I am all the richer for it, richer in the essence of true love which bestows all that we do in token of our love…

She plays the role of milkmaid today and I shall deliver the cream on top.

She whispers; “I run my fingers over your thighs and feel you quiver, I brush my lips down them. Wanting to kiss you all over, to feel your warmth and tease your being, wanting to make you even more my Adonis, my man, with the wonderful manly compliment.

“I begin to stroke you, the way you like me to, I am your milkmaid remember?, crouched on my stool to milk your all, to knead your strength with my busy fingers, and to see you grow like this is a sheer delectable delight.”

“Then I shall be whatever you want me to be, Baby – you my milkmaid escort bayan kağıthane looking so dutiful and a delight. Feeling the way you feel me through the night – and now the added pleasure of your sitting there, me just standing there for your pleasure, I feel so cool, complete and so ripe for you as you raise me to the helm, my mast arises like a rigid pole, awaiting your pleasure to behold.”

We share our love so intimately and I am flushed with the pleasure of which you have just anointed me, for our love consumes our very beings and you thrill me so much when you smother me after your deep searching French kisses.

“You have no need to say anything, it is instinct now, what we both enjoy and what we both like to pre-empt our lustful bond.”

So standing there for you pleasure I taste her still and her nectar surrounds me like a beautiful pink and red aura – and seeing her begin to touch me with those full lips I take a deep breath and wait for the sheer sensual feeling you always bestow.

She take my cock with silky soft hands which she has embellished with moisturising cream for full sensitivity she maintains – and as she begins to squeeze escort bayan taksim and feel me I know what she means.

“I so adore you. Peter – my Adonis, I so live to explore you all, a little bit wider, Baby and let me seek all of you.”

I open wider and feel her inquisitive fingers cradle me underneath, her delicate hands gently squeezing as she starts to take my cock into her mouth and gently suck.

“That nice?” she asks taking a pause.

“It is perfect Baby, just perfect ” and then she closed her eyes and simply enjoyed, Pausing occasionally to tell me just how good I tasted and how I was just perfection for her.

The feeling as she cradled and sucked me was heaven and as she started to stretch me back – then forward and tease my very sensitive p-hole with the very tip of her tongue, wetting her small finger with the moisture from her heavenly pussy and touching it there, teasing it around and around until I moaned with ecstasy. making those wonderful sounds of pleasure I love to hear as she enjoys me.

“Feed me, feed me, baby” she asks as she begins to wank me, her fingers holding me tighter and in a more demanding way, she licks and sucks everything, şişli escort bayan I feel the build up come, it will be there soon – her food of love, she knows that, she knows just how to jerk me the right way to make me spurt.

The short delay first when I hold my breath just a second or two before the climax, then I feel the gush like a sudden volcano shoot its load and there is my baby taking her daily feed. But she has cum too, I hear those certain sounds and the wetness between her thighs as I touch and feel her tells me so.

It is such a wonderful foreplay so when we fuck it completes a wonderful adventure and something we both cherish and adore.

She tells me it sooths and restores all the tensions she has and I tell her how much I love to do it with her in every way.

“Tell me baby do you like squirty cream?”

I hesitate not quite knowing why she would suddenly ask me that, but her gestures tell me and Wow! What an adventure that would be.

I said yes I love it.

“Okay on one condition, Pete” she announced – that you come with me to Ann Summers and help me choose what we would both like.

The thought aroused me and I wanted her rich fuck once more. Filling her up she whispered that she must not forget to buy that special present we agreed on, something she would like to do for me on my birthday.

Just the thought of her and that strap-on drove me wild, I wonder how it would be real life?

I just can’t wait …

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