“OH, YES…YES, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Janet screamed.

I was thrusting fast and hard into her pussy, grabbing first one tit then the other, pulling myself forward so my cock was in constant contact with her swollen clit. I was in complete control of her body and enjoying every second. Her legs were spread wide with her feet planted on the bed trying vainly to thrust against me, but I just kept jamming her ass into the mattress. Her hands were grasping at mine, either trying to pull them away or helping me squeeze harder. I didn’t care either way, because I was squeezing as hard as I could and wasn’t about to ease up. Her eyes were closed as she tossed her head in every direction.

“oooooOOOOOOOOOO,” She moaned as she ran her hands up my arms, digging her fingers into my biceps.

I could sense the familiar quiver in her lower belly just before I felt it in her thighs as the dam burst letting the love juices rush out of her body. The fake penis against my own pussy and the joy of knowing that I had provided so much pleasure for this lovely creature, who I loved with all my heart, caused me to climax at the same time. I pulled the dildo out immediately and dove for her pussy. I wanted to capture all of her sweet essence, cleaning her pussy thoroughly with my lips and tongue before moving up to take her in my arms. Janet was petite and I was fairly large, for a female, so it felt like I was holding a child.

It all began the first time I saw Janet. I was only 28 but already a department manager for a fairly large electronics firm and a lesbian, but no one at work knew this. I was very discreet about my few affairs, even dating the occasional male to keep up appearances, but I had never been in love. I had a reputation as a workaholic, so I think everyone believed I was more interested in my work than in my social life.

I was in a conference of department heads one day when this lovely young brunette about 5’2″ brought in some papers for one of the guys in the meeting. She was tastefully dressed but it was easy to see that she was well proportioned with a trim ass, nice tits and lovely legs. She brought to mind Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island”. It was lust at first sight…

After some discreet inquires, I found out her name, where she worked, that she was 21 years old and single. I started to contrive all kinds reasons just to get a look at her and say hello. Then I got lucky.

My administrative assistant’s husband got transferred to another city. I was praying Janet would reply to the job posting. The posting had to stay up a week before I could begin interviewing. I didn’t know what I was going to do if she didn’t apply. Janet’s request came in on the last day. I went through the motions of interviewing the other applicants, in order to keep up appearances, knowing all along that Janet had the job, whether she was qualified or not.

When she started working for me I was in heaven just being around her all day, but I still wanted to make love to her so bad that my panties would get soaked just thinking about it. I still had to be very discreet about my feelings at work, even refraining from touching her, but was constantly trying to think of a plan to get her in my arms. In the mail one day was the registration form for a trade show in Chicago. I knew then what to do.

“Janet, would you come in here please?”

“Yes, Ms. Richards,” she said brightly, as she came through the door, causing my heart to skip a beat, “What can I do for you?”

“If she only knew,” I thought.

“Would you like to go to Chicago?” I asked, praying the answer would be yes.

“Oh yes, Ma’am, I would love to go.”

“There is a trade show in Chicago in two weeks. I think it would be a good idea if you went with me so you could get a better idea of the different products we work with,” I said with a straight face, “If you are free, why don’t we go up on the previous Friday and do some shopping over the weekend?”

“I’m free and I love to shop.”

It seemed like two years until we finally arrived at the hotel in Chicago. I had reserved a two bedroom suite, paying for most of it out of my own pocket, hoping we would only use one of the bedrooms.

Entering the master bedroom, eyeing the king size bed with anticipation, I shed my clothes and took a quick shower. I put on my prettiest robe over my naked body and headed for Janet’s room. The robe was tailored to show a lot of cleavage and just tight enough to exhibit my big nipples.

I knocked on her door, calling out, “May I come in?”

“Sure, Ms. Richards, come on in.”

Janet sitting in front of a vanity, in bra and panties, moving her head around, rubbing the back of her neck.

“Are you okay?” I inquired as my nipples pressed harder against my robe, my pussy got wetter and my hands began to tingle with anticipation.

“I guess it was a little too cold on the plane. My neck and shoulders are really stiff.”

“Here, let me help you,” I said, trying to hide my eagerness, Ümraniye Escort “And by the way, please call me Maggie. Ms. Richards makes me feel like a dried up old prune.”

“Oh, you are not, I think you are beautiful.”

“Well, thank you for the compliment. For that you will receive my deluxe shoulder massage,” Thinking as I said it, that she didn’t realize yet how deluxe I wanted to get.

I held my breath as I touch her soft, bare skin for the first time. I stood behind her gently massaging her shoulders while admiring the reflection of this lovely brunette getting her shoulders rubbed by a big boned blonde with nipples vainly trying to burst through her robe. I massaged her shoulders and neck for a few minutes before subtlety moving her bra straps off her shoulders, nearly pushing the A cup bra, that was full of goodies, below her nipples. She was smiling, her eyes closed as her head was tilted back to where the top of her head was just below my yearning breasts. As my hands began to stray to the front of her shoulders toward to upper part of her breasts, there was a barely perceptible increase in her breathing, causing me to think my dreams were about to come true. But curses, foiled.

She opened her eyes and sat at little straighter saying, “Thank you, Ms. Rich…uh…Maggie, I feel so much better now.”

“Glad to be of service my dear,” I said as I squeezed her upper arms and kissed her on top of the head, “Why don’t you take a hot bath while I order room service.”

As we ate, Janet’s eyes frequently strayed to my bosom. It took a lot of effort on my part to keep my hands above the table while I had an nearly overwhelming desire to place them both on my pussy. After eating, we went to our respective bedrooms.

My thighs were so sticky I had to take a bath. I lay back in the tub and began squeezing my already distended nipples, fondling my breasts, repeatedly whispering “Janet”. Working on my breasts was causing my clit to throb. I scooted down in the tub until my mouth and nose were just clear of the water, putting my legs on the sides of the tub, placed my thumb against my swollen clit, inserted two fingers in my pussy and began fucking myself, wishing hotels had larger bars of soap. I lay there, exhausted, after two delicious orgasms, until the water became a little too cool. I feel asleep, with both hands between my legs, making plans for the next day.

After breakfast we went shopping, as promised. I knew of this shop that had all kinds of neat sex toys and very sexy, expensive, lingerie. Since Janet didn’t know her way around, it was easy to maneuver around the streets until we eventually, “accidentally”, walked past the shop.

As we walked in front of it, I said, “Look! Let’s look at some lingerie.”

“Okay,” she replied.

The signs outside indicated it was nothing more than a lingerie shop but I knew better. We browsed for about thirty minutes, looking at the various items and giggling. I picked different outfits, telling her that she would really look sexy in them, trying in vain to get her to model them. At first she would blush and stammer a little, but soon was finding outfits for me. I finally maneuvered her to the back of the store.

“Oh, look,” pointing at the batwing doors, “Let’s see what’s in there.”

Her eyes were as big as saucers as she realized what was in there.

She exclaimed, a little timidly, “Do you think you think we should go in there?”

“Sure, it might be fun.”

We looked at all the different toys, each one would eliciting a timid comment of disbelief from Janet, especially a 10″ black dildo. However, she was soon in the spirit of things again and showing an interest in different items. At one point with came across this black patent leather outfit consisting of a bustier, stockings, gloves and g-string.

I was mildly shocked when she said, with a wicked grin, “You would look positively lethal in that Maggie!”

“Do you really think so?” I laughingly asked.

Blushing, she said, “Yes, I do.”

I didn’t tell her the truth. I already had a similar outfit. I was getting hot just thinking about it.

On the way back to the hotel I told her to dress up, we were going to a fancy restaurant.

As I was taking a shower, I got so horny thinking about that black dildo and Janet at the same time, I had to relieve the pressure. Pressing my tits against the cool tiles, I spread my legs and masturbated with both hands while imagining Janet fucking me with that black monster.

As I dressed, I admired myself in the mirror. I had on a classy black strapless that fit me perfectly. It afforded a good view of the cleavage created by my 38C breasts, hugged my 32″ waist, covered my big, firm, sexy ass without showing a panty line (which I didn’t bother with tonight) and ended just far enough above the knees to exhibit my fantastic pair of legs, encased in sheer black thigh highs. The black heels added 2″ to my five feet eight inches, making Ümraniye Escort Bayan me look even taller. The single strand of pearls caressed the upper part of my bosom. That combination plus my blonde pixie cut made me look good enough to eat. In fact, I was more than ready to be eaten.

Janet was dressed in a lovely off white tailored suit. The vee of the jacket came to about mid-breast, offering just a hint of her breasts. The skirt ended below her knees, but was slit up one side to mid thigh. She looked so sexy that I thought seriously about forgetting dinner and taking her right there.

We went to a very expensive French restaurant, with the proper amount of lighting for a seductive evening… I had just enough wine to eliminate any inhibitions. When Janet began to slur her words a little I knew the time was near.

As I slipped my arm around her in the elevator, she leaned into me just a little. It took every bit of will power I could muster to keep from kissing her right there. We remained this way until we reached the suite. I opened the door and let her pass. When I closed the door and turned around Janet was facing me, a little wobbly.

“Thank you, Maggie, for such a wonderful dinner… and fun day.”

“I feel like we have been on a date,” I replied, searching for an opening.

“So do I”

“Well, shall we end the evening as a date is supposed to end,” I said, stepping close to placed a hand on her waist, “With a kiss.”

She didn’t reply as I bent to kiss her tenderly on the lips. Her lips were parted but she didn’t kiss back I raised my head and looked into her eyes. It was easy to see that she wanted another one. This time she began to respond. When I began caressing her lips lightly with the tip of my tongue, I could sense her sigh inwardly as her trembling hands went behind my neck, her tongue answering mine. When I moved my left hand up and began fondling her right breast, through her jacket, she wrapped both arms tightly around my neck, increasing the pressure on my lips. Our passions were beginning to increase as our tongues caressed one another.

After a few minutes of this, I backed off, “I want to make love to you.”

“Oh, Maggie, I think I want you to, but I’ve never done anything like this before. I am so afraid. I’ve never made love with a woman. I don’t think I’m a lesbian. ” She managed to reply while gasping for breath.

“Well, Sweetheart, I am a lesbian, but you don’t have to be to enjoy the pleasures of another woman. I will be very gentle with you and will stop anytime you want to.”

I led her to my bedroom and we began kissing, with more passion this time. While we were kissing I managed to unbutton her jacket and get a hand on one of her naked breasts. I could tell by her reaction that her breasts were very sensitive. I slipped her jacket off and held her at arms length.

“Oh, Janet, you so beautiful and your breasts are just as I dreamed they would be,” I whispered as I gazed on two firm, cone shaped, breasts, with rosy nipples, protruding from her chest.

“Oh, Maggie, they are so small,” She replied apologetically.

“No, Sweetie, they’re not. They’re simply lovely.”

I pulled her to me again, kissing her neck, nibbling her ears while softly fondling her tits. I was rapidly finding her sensitive spots. Each time I would touch one she would pull her arms tighter around my neck and emit a small gasp. Gradually, I worked my way down her chest so I could feast on her beautiful titties. Just my warm breath caused a reaction. When I took one of her nipples between my lips, she put a death grip on my neck, thrust her breast against my mouth and started moaning. When I took her whole breast in my mouth she shoved at me so hard I thought I would choke on it.

“Ohhhh, Maggie,… Maggie, …that is sooo good,… soooo good,… I love it, I love it, please suck the other one.” She managed to say while sucking for air.

I obeyed gladly. I ran my hands under her ass and lifted her off the floor and continued to suck. This drove her so wild that she put her hands on my shoulders and began moving one breast then other to my mouth. She tried to wrap her legs around my waist but her skirt was in the way.

Finally, I let her down so we could both catch our breaths.

“Do you want to stop yet?” I inquired with a wicked grin on my face.

“Oh, no, no, I never want to stop. You are making me so hot that I think I’m going to explode.”

“I hope so. Is your little pussy wet? Is it soaking wet yet?”

Still gasping for breath, she replied, “Yes… It is wet… it is wetter than it has ever been. My panties are completely soaked.”

“I can take care of that,” I said as I slid to my knees and unfastened her skirt.

I pushed it to floor and had her step out of it. She started to take off her shoes but I stopped her. They made her look so sexy. Then I put my fingers under the waist band of her panties and pulled them down slowly. I had Escort Ümraniye wanted to do this for so long, I really wanted to prolong the joy. When she had stepped out of her panties, I looked up at her and while I ran my tongue along her slit. I could see the naked lust in her eyes as she looked back, while rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

“Your juices taste so good, so sweet, ” I said as she pinched her nipples harder.

I was too tall to really get at her pussy while she was standing, so I pushed her back until she reached the bed and sat on the edge. I spread her legs and eyed a lovely, tight crack covered with soft brown hair. I ran the tip of my tongue up and down her crack a couple of times, getting more of her love juice. Each time I did this I could feel little shivers in her thighs. When I felt her fingers in my hair, I looked up. She was staring intently at me with anticipation. I spread her labia with my thumbs and gazed upon the prettiest, pink pussy I had ever seen. I could see her little clit peeking out from it’s hood and a small round hole just waiting for my finger.

“You pussy is so beautiful and tight, are you a virgin?”

“No, not really,” she nervously replied, “I’ve only had sex once. It hurt so bad and the bleeding scared me so much I was afraid to do it again.”

“Don’t worry, Baby, I won’t hurt you.”

I started gently kissing her and softly running the tip of my tongue up and down, teasing her clit occasionally. At first she didn’t reacted but then started humping her pussy at my face harder and faster. When I felt her remove her fingers from my hair and fall back, I took a peek. She had her arms behind her, bracing herself on the bed, her head was flung back, her feet were firmly planted on the floor and she was fucking my face as hard as she could. I probed at the opening to her vagina, trying to enter it with my tongue, but it was too tight. I licked faster and faster, then put my lips over her clit and started lashing it with my tongue. She was yelling something but her thighs were so tight against my ears that I couldn’t make it out.

As she climaxed, she raised her ass off the bed. With her entire body being supported by her hands and feet, she rotated her cunt against my mouth. I could feel the convulsions begin in her belly and run down her legs. Her juices came pouring out and I sucked in as much as I could. I was so excited and overjoyed, I also climaxed. With no panties to stop my juices, I could feel them running down my legs. When the convulsions had subsided, she collapsed on the bed and emitted a loud sigh.

I was still dressed as I got up on the bed, pulled Janet into my arms, holding her tight as our breathing got back to normal.

Rolling Janet on her back, I got on one elbow and began caressing her face as I admired her beauty.

“Was it good for you?”

“Ohhh, yes Maggie, it was wonderful,” She said, barely above a whisper, ” I never dreamed sex could be like that. I think …I think I love you. …Is that possible?”

“Yes it is my darling. I love you too. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you…”

We lay there awhile, just touching and kissing. Janet was soon caressing and kissing the tops of my breasts, causing my nipples to get hard again.

Finally she said, ” I want to see you naked. I want to make love to you. I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel, but I don’t know how.”

“I will teach you. I’m looking forward to teaching you.”

“Come on, Sweetheart, I want you to see me naked too,” I said as I rose to stand by the bed, “Would you like to undress me?”

“Oh yes, Maggie”

She had her shoes off, so I stepped out of mine so I wouldn’t tower over her so much. First she reached up, unclasped the pearls and slowly took them off while grazing the tops off my breasts with her knuckles, creating a soft tingle all over my body. Then she kissed them before moving behind me to unzip my dress. As the dress fell to the floor, her arms came around, cupping and lifting my breasts, feeling my nipples, kissing my back.

“Oh, Maggie, darling, your nipples are soooo hard.”

“Just thinking of you makes them that way,” I replied as my breathing increased.

Janet moved in front of me, wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling my head down to kiss me. Her kiss was so sweet, I thought my heart would jump out of my chest.

“Tell me what to do. Tell me how to make love to you.”

I lay back on the bed, pulling her on top of me, saying in a soft voice, “Do anything you desire. I’m happy just holding you in my arms.”

We kissed for awhile, then Janet slowly moved down my body using her sweet lips, tongue and fingers to bring my passion to a higher plane. When she got to my breasts, she lifted each one in turn, kissing and kicking the sensitive under sides then sucking as much as she could in her mouth, teasing my nipples with her tongue. Other lovers had done the same thing to me, but had never created just a yearning. Her loving created in me a sense of serenity I had never felt before. She slowly moved down my body, kissing and touching everywhere, my belly, tonguing my belly button, inner thighs, finally reaching the core of my passion. I was shivering all over as she lovingly explored my pussy for the first time.

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