Becoming Their “Girlfriend” Pt. 01


I had just turned 18 when I found out my cousins were coming to spend the Summer on our ranch. I had no idea that I was about to become their “girlfriend” and slut!

I was 5′ 5″ with shoulder length blonde hair. Life on the ranch had me in good shape and very lean. Due to our rural location, I had few friends and had never been with a girl… or thought I would have any interest in a guy.

Being a horny teenager who could not keep my hands off my cock, I spent many nights in my room, jerking and thinking about Shana, the girl from school with firm tits and a rocking body.

I protested when my parents told me I would be sharing my room with my cousins. So much for my frequent Jack off sessions!

They were going to stay the Summer as their parents went on a summer long assignment for the company they worked for. I was not excited about sharing my summer with my two cousins from the big city!

My parents both worked, meaning I would be spending my days teaching my cousins how things worked on the ranch instead of skinny dipping in the pond and spending my days naked and jacking off in the sun, something I found that I loved doing.

They were flying into the nearest city and I was told to go pick them up. I spent the three hour drive thinking I probably wouldn’t recognize them as I had not seen them since we were little kids.

Andy was the first one off the plane, 19, 5’11” 175 pounds, skinny, brown hair, and green eyes. His brother Dan was 21, 6′, 220 pounds, long “surfer” blonde hair and had well defined muscles. His piercing blue eyes made my heart race and made me feel funny inside!

We said hello and gathered thier luggage, loaded the pickup and we were on our way. It turns out they werent happy about being sent away for thier summer. They both gripped about being away from the girls.

Dan asked me if there were any hot girls around the farm and was dissapointed to hear there were none. Andy said he didnt think he could survive without pussy.

As we drove, they talked about their girlfriends and it sounded like they were both dating total sluts. When they found out I didnt have a girlfriend, Dan asked if I was a “homo.”

I nearly went off the road when he asked me! I was not… (yet) and was so shocked that when he followed up by asking if I jacked off a lot, I said yes before I even thought about my answer!

My palms were sweaty as I kept stealing looks at my two admittedly very hot cousins. I felt my blood pumping as they talked about sex with their girlfriends. my cock stiffened in my jeans and I shifted in my seat.

Andy asked me if there was a place on the ranch where they could jerk off since they were going to be without sex for the summer. I did not answer right away, shocked I was being asked that question. My mind was racing!

“So where do you jack at?” Dan asked.

I was not sure what to say. “My room, or by the pond” came out before I thought about it.

“Hope you don’t mind,” Andy said, “We usually jerk off every day when we dont get sucked or fucked.” His words made me uncomfortable, but my cock was now throbbing in my jeans!

“It’s okay.” He added, “We have shared a room for years and jerk in front of each other all the time.”

My mind raced the rest of the drive and I could not stop thinking about these two hot guys, naked and jerking off in front of each other.

We arrived home a couple hours before my parents got home and I showed them the room we would be sharing. They asked if they could shower and I went to feed the cows.

I came back in the house later and Andy was sitting on the couch reading a book. He was wearing shorts and a tank top, and I was distracted by his smooth tan skin.

Without thinking istanbul travesti about where Dan was, I walked into the bathroom to take a leak.

As I walked into the still damp bathroom, I immeadiately noticed a pair of underwear on the floor. They were a dark blue pair of bikini briefs, the first of that kind I had ever seen.

Without thinking about it, I picked them up. Again without thinking about it, I brought them to my nose and sniffed them.

The musky smell filled my senses and my cock immediately got rock hard! The sweaty man smell was intoxicating! I again drew a deep breath through the soft, sweat dampened material.

“What the hell dude!” my cousin Dan said. At that instant I looked up, seeing him in the shower, his long hair wet and his body glistining. My eyes automatcally went to his cock! Thick, soft and hanging about 5″ long with his thin, blonde pubes glistening wet. I do not know why, but I could not stop staring at his glistening wet cock!

I panicked and threw his underwear down. I wanted to run, but could not will myself to move!

I could not speak, I could not move, I just stared at my Adonis of a cousin! My mind blank as I stood there.

Suddenly, I stammered, “Sorry… I… Well, I… uhhhh…”

Dan laughed and I ran out of the bathroom, the immage of his hot, naked body, burning in ny mind! I wanted to disappear!

My folks got home and made dinner. After we ate, dad asked me to take the Jeep and show the cousins the ranch. Still embarrased, I agreed.

I took them on a tour, showing them the ranch. They were excited to see the pond when I told them I swim in it nearly every day. (Not remembering I told them I jerked off there!)

We ended the tour at the barn. As I showed them around, Andy pointed to a ladder and asked, “What’s up there?” pointing to the hay loft. I told them to climb up and I would explain.

Dan went first, and I found myself staring at his tight ass as he went up the ladder. Andy was next and I foond myself looking at his ass as well. Smaller and skinnier than his brother, clad in tight denim, I felt my heart racing again!

I followed Andy up the ladder, my face inches from his denim covered ass. He stopped before reaching the top and ar first I did not notice. My face suddenly burried in his ass! I froze and as he started moving again, I noticed his musky scent. Different from his brothers, but very manly.

We got into the loft and they looked around. Bales of hay, neatly stacked, with an open area from the hay that had already been used.

“Dude, this would be an awesome place to fuck some girls brains out!” Dan said, moving his foot through the loose hay on the floor.

“No shit,” Andy said.

I had never seen anyone talk openly about sex, and it got me very hot!

“Hey, this would be a good spot to rub one out too.” Andy said, grining.

“I was thinking the same thing.” Dan said as he started undoing his belt.

Andy quickly started opening his pants and sliding them down, exposing his bikini style red underwear, the outline of his beautiful cock plainly visable.

“What are you doing?” I said, starting to panic.

“We are going to jack off dude.” Andy said, “Whip it out cuz, lets do this!” he added.

I panicked, having never been naked in front of another guy, but my hard cock was betraying me.

“Dude, we can see you have a hard on.” Dan said. “Get that shit out and get busy!”

I looked down, startled to see my jeans bulging and my cock head printing thru my old jeans!

Andy and Dan started throwing thier clothes onto a bale of hay. Andy was now naked. While skinnier than his brother, he had a nice body and an impressive cock that was only half hard and istanbul travestileri already over 6 inches.

Dan also stood naked, his cock was hard and standing up straight, exposing the thick vieny shaft. He looked to be about 8 inches and had big beautiful balls.

They sat on a hay bale, only three feet from me and started stroking thier cocks slowly.

“Come on dude, join us!” Dan said almost ordering me. His tone made me want to strip quickly! I began taking my shirt off, then my pants.

I was uncomfortable being around two naked guys, but my cock thought differently. It was harder than it had ever been and I was leaking pre-come already!

“Looks like your good to go little cousin.” Andy said and I noticed his cock was now equal in size to his brothers, a little skinnier, but had a big mushroom head.

I sat down and grabbed my cock, starting to slowly stroke. I was staring at my hot hung cousins while jerking off and it felt good!

Suddenly, Dan threw me his underwear, landing on my chest.

“What the hell?” I asked, stoping my stroking.

“Sniff them dude, like you did before.” he said.

Without questioning, I raised them to my face and inhaled deeply, taking in his musk. The embarrasment of before came flooding back, along with my load of cum!

I shot three strong bursts of cum, the second landing on Andy’s leg!

“Fucking awesome!” Andy exclaimed.

“Our little cousin is a cock loving perv!” Dan stated as he looked at me while stroking his rod. My face burned with embarrasment, but my cock stayed hard!

“Do you suck dick?” Andy asked.

I said I never have and didn’t know why dan’s briefs made me shoot or why they smelled so good. I was confused, but very turned on watching these two jerking off in front of me.

I watched Dan’s cock as he worked it up and down. I couldnt stop staring! I watched his balls pull up to his body and he stood up.

Before I knew what was going on, he stepped forward, now about a foot away and his cock erupted. His first rope of cum hit me in the center of my chest, his second landed on my nose, upper lip and in my mouth! his next spurt landed on my still hard dick!

I didn’t know what to think, I could taste his warm, salty cum and knew I should spit it out, but rolled it around with my tongue, coating my mouth! I wiped his cum from my face. (except what landed in my mouth) and then grabbed my cum covered dick and began beating it hard! The taste of his salty cum and the slick feel of his sperm on my cock changed something in my brain!

“What a dirty bitch!” Andy said, as I became lost in my furious jerking. I desperately wanted to cum again!

I looked up and saw my cousin Andy standing right in front of me, jerking his cock quickly. I had no desire to move away!

“I’m gonna nut!” he said.

Why I did it, I don’t know, but I leaned forward and took the head of his cock in my mouth! The large spongy head was was slimy wet with pre-cum and tasted good! I worked my tongue around his cock head and he let go of his cock.

I began sucking his cock as I yanked on my own aching dick. Before I had time to think, my cousin dumped his large, thick load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed each shot and kept sucking until there was nothing left. His cum coating my mouth and tongue, and I savored every drop!

As I sat back and realized I had just blown my cousin, my cock erupted again, spitting my teenage nut onto the floor.

“That was amazing’!” Andy exclaimed, “you suck dick better than my girlfriend!”

I looked at my cousins, feeling both embarrased and excited, and knew the summer was going to be a good one after all!

We got dressed as Dan and Andy talked about how they travesti istanbul were going to love having me as their cocksucker for the summer. I knew I was going to enjoy it too!

After dinner, my dad suggested we go fishing in the pond. My cousins had never been fishing and dad said they should try it. We loaded the gear in the Jeep and drove around the end of the hill to the pond as the darkness settled in and the moon light took over.

We never went fishing… As soon as we got out of the Jeep, Dan called me over to him and told me to get on my knees.

“I need to see if your as good of a cocksucker as my brother thinks.” he said as he pulled down his pants and presented his beautiful cock.

I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking as his cock began swelling. My hands cupped his beautiful muscled ass as I gave myself to sucking his cock!

Soon his fat cock filled my mouth and his scent drove me to be the best cock sucker I knew how.

I worked his cock for about five minutes, managing to get most of it into my throat. Dan grabbed my head and began slowly fucking my mouth as I tried not to gag and breathe through my nose.

“Fuck, he is a natural!” Dan said approvingly as I began to caress his balls. Soon he spoke up again.

“Here it comes, be a good girl and swallow.”

I was both shocked and excited by being called a girl! I managed to take his entire load and did not loose a drop! His cum was thinner than his brother’s and coated my mouth and tongue, even after I swallowed.

After sucking every drop from my stud cousins dick, I leaned back to catch my breath.

“You are not done yet.” Andy said, standing next to me with his pants down and his hard cock ready for my mouth again.

I blew my cousin Andy for the second time, and found I could take him all the way to the pubes! Unlike his brother, he did not thrust, but let me do all the work!

I was soon fed my third load for the day and swallowed all of his load as well.

Rather than fishing, we stripped naked and swam to clean up and cool off. The three of us played and swam, as I enjoyed my cousins grabbing my ass under the water! I enjoyed the attention for a while, but soon I got out, my hard cock pointing the way as I walked and sat on a log to dry off.

Dan came up to me, his big meaty cock swinging while he walked. I could not keep my eyes off of it!

“Your all right buddy.” he said, adding, “Andy and I want you to be our “girlfriend” for the summer. But we will want more than a cocksucker. Do you like to get fucked?”

Excitedly, I told him I never had, but may want to try later. He pointed to my hard cock and said he thought I probably more than wanted to try.

Dan reached over and wrapped his hand around my cock and began stroking me. It felt increadible, and I was overwhelmed by the feeling of having someone else stroke my hard dick for the first time.

“You want to be our special girl, don’t you he said as he began jerking me faster.

“Yes!” I grunted as I felt my body reaching the point of no return. My cock exploded, shooting cum powerfully, all over my cousins hand.

Dan slowed his pumping of my dick until it began to soften and looked at his cum covered fingers before offered them to me. “Be a good girl and lick up your mess.”

I sucked my cum from his hand, noticing I did not like the flavor of my own, but was so turned on I would not have stopped if he told me too!

That night when we went to bed, I came in the room wearing shorts and a tee shirt. They had me strip naked and told me I was going to take turns sleeping with them! The first night I laid there naked with Dan’s arm over me, his thick soft cock laying between my ass cheeks.

As I laid there, with my own cock throbbing hard, he wispeted in my ear, “Tomorrow, we are both going to fuck you and make you our slutty girl for real.”

My cock erupted, without being touched! I felt my cum running down my thigh and couldn’t wait!

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