Becoming Her Wife Ch. 02


Part 2

It took us just about an hour to get to her house in the hills of Oakland.
“I can see why you didn’t want to drive back and forth, it’s quite a drive.” I
told her as we pulled into her driveway.

“You should try it during rush hour, or any time of the day. There was
very little traffic this time of day.” She said as she pulled the car into the
garage and got out. I got the bags out of the trunk and followed her inside.

Her house was twice the size of my family’s home that I grew up in. Best
rough estimate it was three thousand square feet. The first room we came to was
the kitchen. It was set up for gourmet cooking. All the appliances were
stainless steel and commercial quality. It had granite counter tops and white

We moved passed the living room, which was done in French provincial
style, through the entertainment room and into the master bedroom. She opened an
armoire and told me to put my things in it. When I emptied the suitcase that she
had packed I notice that there weren’t any of my boxers. Which wouldn’t be that
big of a problem except I didn’t own any pajamas. I figured I could sleep in the
nude if I wasn’t sleeping with her.

“Where am I sleeping?” I asked

“Here with me.”

“Well you forgot to pack my boxers and I don’t have any pajamas.” I told

“Oh did I. Let me think. Tomorrow we can go out and get you some new ones.
No sense driving back across the bay just for those. For tonight oh I know Misty
leaves some here for when she visits.” She said as she went into another
bedroom. A minute or so later she came back with a set of pink satin woman’s

“I can’t wear these. Their women’s pajamas” I told her

“Sure you can no’s one going to see you except me. Besides I think you’ll
love the way they feel on you.” I was going to argue with her but I really
didn’t see much sense to it. I knew that in the end I was going to be wearing
them, mostly because I didn’t have anything else.

While Josie went to take a shower I sat and contemplated what she had told
me earlier about me being submissive to her. I had to agree that I did always
deferred to her judgment and I always did as she asked. Just like I always did
what my lover wanted regardless of what I wanted. I just wanted to please them
and I found pleasure when they were pleased with me. I started to wonder if
there was something wrong with me. If I should seek professional help, but Josie
said she liked me this way. I know a lot of women that like me was because I
pleased them, so what was wrong with it. My one question I couldn’t answer was
do dominant women marry submissive men, or do they eventually seek out men that
are stronger willed. Of cause I couldn’t answer that question so I was left with
a nagging doubt.

After taking my shower I went to put on the top of the satin pajamas under
it I found a pair of pink panties with a note from Josie. In it she said it
would give her great pleasure if I put on the matching panties, she thought I
would love the way they feel, but if I didn’t feel comfortable wearing them she
would understand.

I was torn; I wanted so much to please her. She always seemed so happy
when she had gotten her way. I also feel strongly that a guy wasn’t supposed to
wear anything close to this. The pajamas were bad enough but at least there was
a good reason for them. There was no reason for me to wear these panties. They
were made of lace and in a French cut style. They were so feminine and to wear
them would mean I was no better then the girl they were designed for.

In the end I submitted to wearing them not because I wanted to wear them
but because I didn’t want to disappoint Josie. When I slip them up my legs and
tucked my manhood into them I started to become hard. I couldn’t figure if it
was because of wearing the panties of because I did as she asked.

Once I was dressed I went into the bedroom. Josie had me sit by her make
up mirror while she brushed out my hair. I wanted to ask her why she wanted me
to wear the panties. Was it because she saw me as a sissy that needed to be
dress like a girl or was it because she wanted to demonstrate her authority on
me so I knew where we stood as lovers. Or was it because she thought I would
like how they would feel against my skin like she had said. In the end I didn’t
ask I was afraid of the answer she would give me.

We lay down on the bed and kissed as our hands roamed each other’s body. I
cupped her ass cheek in my hand and felt her firm soft globes. She wore a baby
doll nightie that left her smooth soft legs open to my hand. I didn’t try to
touch her breasts or that what lay between her legs. Though I wanted to so very
badly. After a few minutes of frenzy kissing she brought my hand to her breast
and allowed me to feel its softness, it’s firmness. Her nipple hardened to my
touched and when gaziantep escort I squeezed it, ever so slightly she moaned into my mouth. She
then cupped my manhood in her hand and squeezed it then rubbed her hand up and
down its length. The satin and lace made her hand glide smoothly along its
surface. She was right I did enjoy the feel of the material on me.

She broke our kiss and said that we should stop now and try to sleep or
she wouldn’t be held responsible for her actions. I didn’t want her to stop but
I knew she would feel terrible until we received the results of our test. Josie
had me turn away from her on my side then she cuddled up to me. Her last word
before sleep took her was Thank you. For what I wasn’t sure, was it because I
didn’t force myself on her or because I wore the panties as she wanted. Till
this day I’m still not sure. She never said and I never asked

Sleep came quickly. I dreamt of Josie smiling at me. I saw her in all the
cloths she had worn. Each dream would end in the save way. Josie was standing in
front of me in a high collar white wedding dress. That vision didn’t scare or
frighten me, it just seemed so right. My last dream of the night did frighten
me. I dreamt I was standing in front of a sea of men as they screamed at me to
dance of them. Looking down my chest I saw I now had two huge tits sticking out
from my chest. I stuck my hand down into the G-string I was wearing and found my
cock had shriveled up to a tiny nub of a dick and my ball where little marbles.
The men continued to scream at me and throw money at me. When I tried to run one
of them tripped me and I crashed to the floor. In an instant men were all over
me holding me down as one of them tried to push his huge cock into my mouth and
another tried to shove one up my ass.

I woke with a start; my satin pajamas were stuck to my sweat soaked body.
My whole body seemed to shake from the fear I felt. I looked around me trying to
remember where I was. When I looked to the side of me and found Josie sleeping
peacefully next to me. Her black hair framed her face and a smile was on her
lips. I knew I was safe. I looked at the clock on the nightstand and saw it was
just past noon. Knowing sleep would not come back to me and fearing it just
might I slip out of bed. I left the bedroom so as not to wake Josie and went to
the kitchen to see if she had any coffee that I could make.

I sat at the counter with my coffee in front of me as my mind played the
dream over and over in my head. “Who are you and what are you doing in my
sisters house?”

“I’m Nick and I slept here last night. Josie invited me.” I told her.

Josie sister was almost as beautiful as Josie was but between the two
Josie was more so. She had the same black curly hair that Josie did, but hers
was shorter. She was taller that Josie closer to my own five foot seven. Her
body was slim, but she had bigger breast then Josie did. Regardless of the
differences between the two she was still a gorgeous woman.

“Well where is the lazy ass.” She asked with a slight smirk. She knew I
had been checking her out and I liked what I saw.

“She’s still in bed.” I told her pointing to the bedroom.

“That figures.” She said as she went toward the bedroom door. She pounded
on the door with her fist and shouted “Josie you lazy bitch get your ass up and
out here.”

She then walked over and poured two cups of coffee before she walked over
to stand across from me. She looked me over and said “You look rough around the
edges my sister must have really nailed your ass to the bed last night.”

“That’s none of your business, if you want to get you rocks off on
somebody else sexual exploits go rent a movie, Slut.” I heard Josie say from the
doorway to the kitchen.

They started hurling names at each other till Josie made it to the
counter and took the second cup of coffee that her sister poured. Then they
kissed and this was not the kiss that sisters used on each other at least my
sisters never kissed that way.

“Go brush your teeth your mouth tastes like shit.” Josie’s sister told her
as she pushed her away.

“Nick in case my bitch of a sister didn’t tell you, her name is Cathy and
while I’m gone don’t tell her anything about what we’ve been doing.” She told me
before she went back to the bedroom.

“So Nick how long have you and my baby sister been playing hide the
sausage?” I knew I wasn’t suppose to answer so I said

“So your her sister. I could have seen that with out being told. You two
resemble one another.”

“Yes we do but I’m the better looking one aren’t I?” She said as she swept
her hand through her hair.

“So what’s the weather like outside.” I said trying to get out of that
minefield alive. Cathy burst out laughing before saying.

“Good dodge Nick. Don’t want to get trapped in a quick sandpit do you? So
Nick who are you and where are you from and this time I want answers.”

I told her what I did and how I came to be in San Francisco. I found out
that she had several Internet businesses going and was quite knowledgeable in
computers. We had a good conversation till Josie came back in the kitchen all
showered wearing a pair of tight jeans and a tee shirt.

“You didn’t tell her anything did you Nick.” Josie asked. I was about to
tell her I didn’t when Cathy said

“Oh he’s quite the blabber mouth Josie. I know all about your trampy ways
now and I’m going tell mother on you.” They both burst out laughing. “No he’s
been quite the gentleman and a pretty good dancer too. He danced around my traps
with out giving up the slightest secret.”

Then they both looked at me and I got the distinct impression my company
was no longer welcome. I excused myself and went back to the bedroom. As I
entered I realized that I was still wearing the satin pajamas. I was mortified
that her sister had seen me in them. After I calm down I realized that Cathy
either didn’t noticed or didn’t care besides what could I do about it now. She
seen it and that’s the end of it.

On the bed I found a pair of my jeans and a polo shirt, but on top of
those I found another pair of panties and a note. The note read.

“It was so sweet of you to wear those panties for me last night I was so
excited when I found that you had put then on for me. It would please me greatly
if you would wear these today. After my sister leaves we’ll talk about why I
like you in them. And if you’re worried about my sister seeing you in those
pajamas don’t be, she is of the same mind as I am I just hope she didn’t tease
you. Love Josie”

Well she didn’t tease me she didn’t reacted at all to them. I then took a
shower and got dressed putting the panties on as I was requested. They really
weren’t that bad after I accepted the fact that I was wearing them for my Josie.
I went back to the kitchen and said.

“I’m just getting another cup of coffee and I’ll be out of your way.”

“It’s okay we’re done talking about you, you can stay.” Cathy told me

“You are so bad Cathy, now Nick’s going to think we’ve been taking about
him while he was in the shower.” Josie said

“Well haven’t we?” Cathy said

“Yes but he doesn’t need to know it.” Then both girls burst out laughing
after looking at my expression.

“Well I have to be going. Some of us have lives to live, we can’t lie
around all day and do nothing.” Cathy handed me her card and said. “If you ever
want to live here permanently and need a job look me up I always need a good
computer geek.”

“Talking about geeks you’re the biggest geek I ever saw.” Josie told her
in my defense

“Your right I am but I made an awful lot of money being a geek.” She told
her then they kissed good-bye and she kissed me on the cheek and said. “Ask her
to take you to the party tomorrow night.”

“I am not taking him to your party. I told you that.”

“Ok but when Jolene find’s out you have a new man in your life you know
she’ll be coming over here to find out everything she can.”

“Only if you tell her.” Josie said

“You have a point there. But can you trust me not to say anything. Maybe
I’ll just tell Susie.” Cathy told her sister teasingly.

“That’s like broadcasting it on TV, that blabber mouth will tell everyone.
Including mom and dad.”

“Mom’s going to find out any way, you know that. I swear she has our homes
bugged. Nick if and when you meet our mother she going to seem like a tyrant and
for the most part she is, but she’s only doing it for the love of her daughters.
Anyway when you do meet her don’t cower from her but don’t try to stand up to
her she’ll squash you like a bug.”

“Nick is different he’s only going to be here a couple of weeks then he’ll
be gone. It’s not like there’s a chance that we’re going to be married.” Josie
told her

“If you think that’s going to make any difference then you don’t know mom
as well as you think. Do yourself a favor and take Nick out to see her, or at
the least call her and tell what you’re doing. Nick it’s been really nice to
meet you I do hope I see you again. Sis I’ll talk to you later.” They kissed
once more and she left.

“Well what are we going to do?” I asked after her sister was gone and
Josie had time to think.

“We? I’ll go talk to my mother next week while your working. Cathy’s right
she’ll find out sooner or later and when she does if I’m not the one to tell
her, she’ll have a fit.” Josie said and I could see she wasn’t too happy with
the way things developed.

“Why wait if it’s only going to make things worse. I think it’ll go better
if I was with you.” She looked up at me and said

“You want to go with me are you insane. No of cause your not you just
don’t know how my mother can be.”

“All I know is if it’s going to cause friction between us I rather nip it
in the bud. I think if we show your mother the respect that she requires, things
will go a lot easier in the long run. Besides do we have anything to hide?” I
said to her

“No we don’t and your right it would be a lot easier if you were there. I
was just hoping that I could avoid this since you are only going to be here a
few weeks. I’ll call her to see if they’re going to be home this weekend. If you
don’t mind I’d like to make this call in my den. Then we can go and get
something to eat.”

“How about if I make you breakfast while you talking to your mother. You
seem to have enough food here.”

“Ok if you don’t mind. You can thank my housekeeper for the food. She
keeps it stocked in case I ever get the urge to cook something. She hasn’t
figured it out yet I don’t know how to cook.”

“What does she do with the food you don’t eat?”

“She takes it home just before it goes bad and then replaces it.”

“I think she’s already figure it out?” I told her she thought for a second
then said

“Your probable right. Oh well she’s a really good house keeper.”

She kissed me and then went into her den. I later found out that her den
is where she does her business. She buys and sells stocks online so she really
doesn’t have a job so to speak. The den is her office and I’ve never been
allowed in there except to see to her needs.

I made us ham and cheese omelets with orange juice and some pop and fresh
biscuits “Dam you did all this? Do you want to marry me?” Josie asked after she
called her mother.

“Why don’t we live together for a while and see how it works?” I said
jokingly then I asked, “Well did you talk to your mother?”

“Yea and I think you may have score a point or two with her. I told her it
was your idea to go out there and show her the respect that she deserves and she
said. Well it looks like you finally found someone that knows how to show

“Does that mean we’re going to Napa?” I asked starting to get a little

“No, they’re coming here for the football games. So we’ll meet them at my
sister Jolene house, she has the most room and it’s Bobbie’s turn to be the
hostess. He lost big last week.” I took her empty plate and my own and rinsed
them off in the sink and put them into the dishwasher. Then I poured her another
cup of coffee and said.

“I would like to know why you just use the word Bobbie hostess and he in
reference to the same person. And some how I have the suspicion that this all
ties into the fact that I am now wearing panties.” Josie thought for a minute
and said

“Your wearing them has nothing to do with anyone else but me. Let me set
that straight right now. I like you wearing them because it’s a way I can exert
my authority on you that nobody else knows about. You know your wearing them
because I want you to and I know your wearing them to please me. They’re just a
thing between you and I. Now on to Bobbie and that’s spelled with and “ie” and
not a y. My family is really big football game watchers. They really don’t care
who’s playing as long as there’s a game on. The husbands have bets with the
wives on each game there no money involved because that wouldn’t be much fun.
The bet is the winner gets to tell the loser what to do for a day or a week
whatever the bet is. And the winner gets to tell the loser what day the bet will
be satisfied. We also have a bet were the person who loses the most games on the
weekend has to host the next weekends get together.” Josie explained to me

“So Bobbie lost the most last week?”

“He didn’t win a single game. I though he was going to cry by the end of
it. So he owes Jolene sixteen bets plus he has to be the hostess this week and
with my brothers in law that mean he has to take care of their sexual needs as

“Wow that’s pretty heavy. Are all your brothers in law bisexual?” I asked

“They weren’t at first but they can’t displease the wives. And that’s part
of being the hostess. If one of the wives husbands doesn’t live up to their
duties as hostess then the wife must do it. You see where I’m going don’t you?”

“The husband doesn’t want to have his wife perform the duties so he does
it to please her.” I said


“What happens if a wife is the big loser?” I asked

“Again the husband doesn’t want his wife to have to submit to the other
husbands so he becomes the hostess for her.”

“It sounds like the husband are always on the losing end.” I said

“Not really. You have to remember that if the wife is the big loser then
yes he has to become the hostess, but he still has his bets with her to collect
on. This may sound a little strange to you, but I think most of the guys like
being the hostess. I know you think that’s wrong but I’m sure they get pleasure
from it. I know Bobbie blushes terribly whensome one mentions her sweet mouth.
So she must give pretty good head.”

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