Becky and Robbie Ch. 01


Everyone involved in sex in this story is over eighteen.

Chapter 1 – Teen Heaven

I had always thought I had a pretty normal life with a normal family, but little could I imagine how radically our lives would change very soon. And I might add that it was all for the good.

My life was pretty standard fare up until our later years in high school. I say “our,” referring to myself, Robbie, and my twin sister, Rebecca, generally called Becky. We were inseparable, doing everything together, since forever. We considered each other as our own best friend and our relationship was very close and platonic. Well, at least up until our teen hormones kicked into overdrive.

Becky was everything for me and neither of us would go anywhere without the other. She was as good at sports as I was, which was pretty darn good. She was a real tomboy, and I never expected that she would ever be anything else. We did everything together and couldn’t imagine it any other way.

We stuck together thru thick and thin and were always asked to take part in any sporting games, as we were good players and everyone liked us. And we loved sports. We were on a lot of teams in high school also and got invited to all sorts of parties, but didn’t have much interest in the parties.

Becky always dressed down, wearing more or less baggy clothes that hid her bodily attributes, so I never thought of her in any sexual way, and I didn’t know much about sex either, only a few stories I had heard here and there. She was just my best buddy.

She always wore some sort of sports tube top underneath her shirt that flattened her breasts to obscurity, kinda like when Amanda Bynes impersonated her brother in “She’s the Man.” I never for a second realized that hidden beneath those frumpy duds was a veritable goddess, with a hot body designed in heaven, that could stop any conscious man cold in his tracks and turn him into a slobbering idiot. I was totally oblivious to my bud Becky’s sexuality.

I did hear through some guys, who heard from some girls, who were in some of the sports programs with my sister, and thus shared dressing rooms and sometimes showers, that she had a really hot body. But I didn’t believe it, thinking they were mistaken or it was just typical guy’s talk. After all, I was her best friend and never had thought of her like that nor had any reason to think like that.

She never showed any interest in guys, never showed off her body and I never noticed any female attributes worthy of mention, so how could she be hot? I didn’t hardly think of her as a girl, what to speak of as a ‘hot girl.’ Of course this was all before I really started noticing girls anyway, but there was not much to notice about Becky then and nobody paid any attention to her as far as being a girl was concerned. And she seemed to like it that way.

Now, my other two sisters are another story. They are extremely hot from the get go, with beautifully proportioned bodies and nobody will question this. They dressed enticingly as teen age girls usually do, so as to enhance their already premium assets with the latest hot look.

My older sister, Sharon, had just arrived back home for the summer from her second year at college and is a stunning blond with a drop dead body. She is right out of Playboy, definite model material, a lot like Charlize Theron with way better breasts. Charlize is good, but Sharon is the best. She has the body that all guys dream about with firm pert breasts, a killer tight ass and belly and everything else a guy could want in a hot girl. I melt whenever she is around. She is the one I thought about first, that is, as soon as I started thinking seriously about girls. And this was just about the same time that Sharon showed up back home.

My younger sister Jenny was just entering the category of a class A teen hottie. She was tiny, yes, but had long muscular legs and an also perfect ass, always shown off with a short tight skirt, medium (half an orange) size upraised tits with nipples that stuck out prominently, and dirty blond hair. She was petite and oh so hot.

Before this time, I had never noticed girls at all, but that all changed the summer that this story took place, a real turning point in our lives. I would never be the same again — thankfully, I might add.

Just before Sharon returned home for the summer, my father, bless him, had a large swimming pool installed. With the advent of this swimming pool in our backyard and a totally private wall around it, it soon became a bikini haven, filled with an endless parade of total hotties, who were eager to tan their succulent bodies and show them off for whomever they could (notably males like me).

With three wonderful sisters, the growing circle of eager female teen friends made our backyard an endless parade of very hot scantily clad teenage girls.

Needless to say, this caused an abrupt and permanent change in my outlook on the opposite gender, and due to their innumerable and endless incredible female attributes Giresun Escort and its predictable effect on my libido, I was soon going totally out of my mind. Damn, they were so fucking beautiful and desirable.

All I could think about 24/7 were these very fine asses which were always popping out of the teeny bikini bottoms, the perky tits stretching the tiny bandaid like tops of these bikinis, with their erect nipples standing out like bing cherries and often peeking out by “accident,” when they weren’t supposed to. And also let us not forget that more often than not all these fine succulent pussies had been shaved as smooth as their fine asses, so that the hair wouldn’t show around the teeny crotches of these bikinis.

But even better, their puffy pussy lips were often visible in all their magnificent glory, because of the thinness of the (often wet) thong materials or directly, when the thong worked its way into the folds of their beautiful pussy lips if they moved around at all. Damn and double damn, I was crazy with lust for them.

I was so bewildered by all this eye candy and out of my mind with desire. I was one very horny and bewildered dude. I had to hook up soon, before I really lost my mind. I am normally a really mellow and peaceful guy and very little ever bothers me, but this did, a lot.

Of course Becky was oblivious to how much I was effected by all this. Whenever she went for a dip in the pool, usually after one of our endless sporting or other adventures together, she always wore cutoffs and some baggy top that pretty much hid her body from everyone. She wasn’t even considered or thought of as being in the sex game at all. It just never crossed my mind.

My relationship with Becky continued as it always had been, except that I was now perpetually horny. I soon learned how to jack myself off. So, several times a day, whenever I spent more than a moment staring at the amazing bodies in our backyard, I had to sprint to the bathroom to get my rocks off.

Oh, the countless fantasies I had about these beauties. As it developed, both of my other sisters (Sharon and Jenny) had lots of very hot friends who, as my sisters told me separately and confidentially, thought I was a hunk. Endless possibilities, yes, but I just had to do something now, today, about this.

Most of Sharon’s friends were a few years older than me, so I was a little afraid of them, intimidated with their college experiences and maturity. I felt like such a total goober in front of them.

They also knew right away how affected I was by all the lovely teen skin and thought it was endlessly funny to check my woody factor to gauge their hotness. They were always snickering and giggling about my regular hardons.

It was real cute to them, but major embarrassing and scary to me, so I had to sometimes resort to wearing a jock under my swimsuit. It was painful but it did solve the problem… sort of… sometimes.

Jenny’s friends were a little younger than me and that age difference made them all the more appealing, since they were at the peak of teen beauty, with great bodies and ripe breasts, but yet they still had some childish innocence, which makes them so much more attractive. Jenny’s eighteenth birthday was coming up real soon and all her friends were already eighteen.

And they seemed (surprisingly) to me to be inexperienced in sex. They were looking for action, adventure and experience. And who better to provide it than yours truly? Easier said than done unfortunately.

If I wasn’t always so much involved in activities with Becky, I would probably have ended up hanging out at our pool most of the day gawking and trying to score with these beauties, but we still got to log in a good amount of pool time anyway.

I soon decided that Jenny’s best friend, Abby, was the perfect candidate for my attention. She was really cute and had all the necessary qualifications: a fantastic body, she was smart, had a cute smile and a good sense about her. She always smiled at me, in an innocent yet provocative way, and took the time to talk with me whenever she could. And she was always around our house and pool.

It wasn’t long before I started spending some quality time with Abby and by the second day we were making out in a lounge chair. Becky left us, I thought, bored with the small talk and my preoccupation with Abby.

Actually she was really pissed that I was so turned on by our little sister’s best friend Abby. As we necked for almost an hour, grinding our bodies together hot and heavy, Abby was getting really turned on. I could tell she was ready for a lot more.

I invited Abby up to my room, which was upstairs next to Becky’s room, separated by our common bathroom. Well, we really got into it then and Abby was moaning and sighing like anything, as I kissed her in many places she never had been kissed before and rubbed and squeezed her tiny puffy breasts, her fine ass and all over her hot body.

Of course, I was as Giresun Escort Bayan inexperienced as she was, but didn’t want to admit that. I just went for it and had her in an orgasmic frenzy, without really getting too far in terms of scoring with her. But she was definitely really hot, panting and moaning loudly in her sexual frenzy.

It sure seemed like I was getting somewhere at the time. Mostly I was just getting more worked up, squeezing and rubbing her fine body all over as we both got hotter and hotter, neither of us really knowing what to do next. We were totally absorbed in our frenzy, oblivious to the rest of the world.

If I had realized at the time how much this was affecting my dearmost twin sister, I would have certainly not kept this up right next door to her, but I didn’t have a clue. Becky was stunned as she saw us from her window, necking and grinding our bodies together. We were really humping each other shamelessly. It was incredible for me — my first real sexual experience.

When we moved to my room, Becky could not avoid hearing, through the adjoining bathroom, Abby’s loud moans and sighs and cries of ecstasy. Becky concluded (wrongly) that we had gone all the way and that I had fucked the shit out of Abby, her intense moans testifying to this erroneous conclusion.

Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t the case and really all I ended up with was a bad case of blue balls, for which I needed relief badly. That is really painful, believe me. And the longer you make out with a girl, grinding your bodies together, the worse it gets.The only cure is to get off and cum.

But the damage was done as far as Becky was concerned. She was devastated to tears and was totally miserable. She felt as if I had abandoned her, when in fact I never felt like that. I was just thinking with my dick, and had badly wanted to just get it on with someone, anyone really. It was nothing personal, just a normal teenage bodily need. This is definitely a guy thing, thinking like this, what can I say.

Things were never the same between Becky and I after that, but I couldn’t see this. I just thought she was getting a bit weird of late, but didn’t know why. God, if only I knew I was actually breaking her heart, that she was so attached to my friendship and felt that I had abandoned her. In her despair Becky even went so far as to think that I didn’t care for her anymore.

She was feeling miserable about this, but I didn’t have any of these changed feelings towards Becky, I was just trying to score with a hot babe, as I was horny as hell and getting hornier by the minute.

I never thought it would affect our relationship, but girls get attached in a different way to a guy I guess. Come on, she is my sister. I was still attached to her, but not as a girlfriend. I loved her as a friend, my best friend and buddy, my twin sister. But that wasn’t enough for her, as I was to find out the hard way.

Becky and I still hung together and did most of the things we always did, but I sensed some real sadness in her that I never saw before. She hid it well and wouldn’t reveal the source to me, and denied its existence, no matter how hard I tried to get it out of her. We had never had any secrets from each other ever before, so this was doubly mysterious to me. But I knew something was wrong and it really bothered me.

Every time we went back to the house to cool off in the pool, I got caught up in the flesh zoo and lingered. Becky just took a quick dip and was off to her room, where, unknown to me, she often watched with a sad heart and great curiosity, my attempts at conquest with the hot bikinied girls.

In reality, as I found out later, my passionate sessions were also awakening, along with her anger and disappointment in me, a deep lust in Becky, a new feeling she was totally unfamiliar with, a lust she didn’t understand and didn’t know how to deal with.

Because she felt betrayed by my attention to the hot girls in our backyard and particularly by my passionate sessions with Abby, on top of her awakening teen hormones, she was really confused. So, she made some really bad calls, with the expected unpleasant consequences.

A few days later, I was shocked when Becky announced to me that she had a date on Saturday to go to the quarry with Rodney. This was quite surprising, as she never had a date before in her life, had showed no interest in boys up to this point and on top of it Rodney was well known as only dating the hottest girls, those who were putting out, shall I say like minxes. His reputation was not good, a real pushy ladies man, who never had to take no for an answer, and he didn’t.

The quarry was the coolest teen hangout during the summer (besides our backyard which was fast catching on, I would add). It had real cold deep water and large rocks all over to climb on, jump from and as you walked back further from the main road the rocks gave as much privacy as you wanted, with lots of sun or shade as you liked.

It Escort Giresun was a perfect place to take your girl and get it on without worrying about anything. Many days, everyone was there and it was an all day party. Well, this little announcement of Becky’s started to worry me, but that was only the beginning of my troubles.

Becky told me later that she was so disturbed by my actions that she cried her eyes out in her state of mixed emotions. This was her first experience with love. She didn’t even know about her deep feelings for me until I (so she thought) fucked Abbie, shocking her and drawing these feelings out from deep within. In the same moment she realized her deep love for me and that I was rejecting her.

She though, ‘Why would Robbie fuck Abbie? How could he do that, and he did it practically in my face. What does Abbie have that I don’t? How can Robbie treat me like this? Was it to spite me? If so, he is doing a good job.’ She just wasn’t at all experienced in love and sex and it really confused her and assured that she would make some big mistakes.

She hadn’t a clue as to the real situation and based on her incorrect assumptions, she figured that she better do something to try and attract me back from Abbie. She thought, ‘Lets see what this does to him,’ and made her plan, the same plane most often used by teen age girls: to make me jealous.

It wasn’t her nature to be calculative or sneaky, but this was different, the stakes were too high. She had to do something right away or she might lose her brother dear to her sister’s best friend.

As part of her plan, Becky asked me to help her learn how to kiss better, since she admitted she had never once kissed a boy, other than a peck on my cheek or dads once in a blue moon.

She said she wanted some instructions, so she could do it right on her big date. And I thought, ‘Fuck! She is going out with this guy who is one of the most expert seducers of women and girls? A guy we doesn’t know not to take no for an answer. This can’t happen, I can’t let it happen. It would be a disaster for Becky. A date she would really regret.’

But, this particular moment demanded some immediate action. I had to respond to her request. Alright, “Kiss me” I said, “and we will see what we can point out to help you.”

She latched onto me really hard, wrapping her body around mine in a tight clinging embrace and gave me such a soul shocking deep passionate kiss, that seemed to last forever, that I was totally dazzled. For the first time I felt her amazingly large and very firm breasts pressed into my chest, the nipples very noticeably hard. It was passionate, it was erotic, it caught me off guard and overwhelmed me. Damn, can she kiss nicely.

She gave me such an incredible passionate wet smooch that it sucked my feelings to the surface. I became dizzy and lightheaded. I had never really been kissed before except by Abbie in the last few days, but this kiss was really loaded, it was so powerful.

“Wow,” I said, my head spinning. “That was terrific.” She said, “Really? I never did that before.” “Well, you don’t need any practice, you are perfect as you are.”

Of course I didn’t know that Becky had put all her pent up feelings for me into that kiss, thinking that our whole relationship was on the line and that she better try and overwhelm me.

Well, she did. I was impressed, and captivated by her as a member of the opposite sex for the first time in my life. I experienced feelings I never knew I had, strong feelings of love for her, feelings that totally confused me because they were much more powerful than the love I already felt for her as my twin sister and best friend.

That kiss really did awaken something inside me. It shocked me really, that my sister, about whom I never had any romantic thoughts, could awaken such deep and strong feelings within me, feelings that were very powerful, feelings that I could not understand what they were or what they meant.

That first kiss was the start of my feelings of real love for Becky as a woman, or at least my realization of such feelings, which may have always been there. I guess they were always there, I just didn’t know how to recognize them or what they were. As you can see I was really confused, and looking back, I was almost as confused as she was. But she was a wreck at the time.

The next day Becky went off to the mall with Jenny and Abby and bought herself a new swimsuit, a bikini no less. This was something totally out of character for Becky and I hadn’t a clue where this was all going. But I was really afraid to think where that might be.

After returning, Becky insisted on modeling her new look for me and walked into my room to my utter astonishment. Now, she is the closest friend I have ever had and I have known her since our twin birth together eighteen years ago. I didn’t have a clue that she had a hot body, so seeing her incredible body for the first time in her tiny bikini was the biggest shock and turn on of my life.

I absolutely could not believe that this was my twin sister and just stared at her with my mouth open, ogling her up and down. I went into total shock and couldn’t say anything. What a surprise. Wow, was she ever hot. She was way more than hot. I was stunned.

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